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Young girl with sexuality medical store

Young girl with sexuality medical store

I kissed a young girl full of sexuality at her instigation in her house. She used to work at a medical store and looked very simple.

My name is Vijay, I am a resident of Gurugram (Gurgaon). I am a graduate unemployed I like to have sex with privacy.

There is a small shop inside my colony and that is where I live my life. But my mother's health is not good, so I always have to bring medicines for them. I always bring his medicines from a medical store near my house.

One day I went to the medical store to get medicine. I gave them a medicine form. He took the form and saw the medicines written on it.
Then he said - you will get some medicines today and the remaining medicines will be available to you after two days.
I told him - but you must get this medicine.

I came to my house and at home I gave the medicine to my mother. I explained everything to my mother.

I then went to my shop. While I was sitting in my shop, Verma ji came to me at that time.
Verma ji stays in our colony, he has retired. Earlier he used to work in a bank job. Whenever they have a mind, they often come to me.

I told them - Sir, you sit!
I gave them a chair and sat inside my shop.

They were talking with me and started telling me - how are everyone in your house?
I told them - just tell me sir, it costs a lot in mother's medicines. Whatever is earned, they are used only in their medicines.

They started saying - Look, Aakash Son, this is all with life. If you don't do it for them, someone from outside will come and do it.
I told them - you are saying this absolutely right. But the cost of their medicines is increasing day by day and my earnings are also limited. I still do more than I can.

Verma ji is very good at heart, he started telling me - Akash, if you need money, then tell me.
I said - Mr. Varma, if I need money, I will definitely tell you.
Then I asked him - how do you listen to everyone in your house?

He himself recounted the past and said - the situation is very bad at home, my boy's wife talks to me as if she is doing me a favor.
I laid hands on Dukhti that day like Varma ji.

He told everything about his son's wife and started saying - I have made a lot of mistake that got his relationship with his boy. I did not know that she is so lazy and steals her life from working. If you say anything to her, she says that you do it yourself.

When I heard this thing, I told him - in such a situation, I do not even want to get married. And if I get a similar girl, I will never marry her.
Varma ji said- Son, today's society has changed… everybody thinks about their happiness.
I told them - this is not the case… You are a very nice and gentle person. If your daughter-in-law is treating you like this, then it is not at all appropriate. And going forward may not be good for them either.

Varma ji sat with me for a long time that day and both of us kept talking for a long time that day. When he left, I came home sometime after that because I didn't feel like it either.

When I went to take medicine two days later, there was a new girl there.
I told him - I had ordered this medicine, has this medicine arrived?
She started saying - wait, I tell you after seeing you.

When he told me after seeing me, he had ordered that medicine. I gave her the money and came back home and gave the medicine to my mother.

I often had to go to the medical store in connection with medicine, so I got introduced to that girl too. Her name is Rihanna, she is a educated girl and she is working there just to keep her expenses.

One day I told him - you are very well educated. Why don't you see a job in a good place?
She started telling me - My house is near here so I cannot go far. And my father never lets me go anywhere. For this reason, I thought that I would do a job here due to sitting empty.
I said - Come on, it's a good thing that you think about your family.

As time passed, my conversation with Rihanna started getting better. Rihanna also came to know about me.
She started telling me - you are very courageous who is spending so much of her mother's cost.
I told him - it is my duty, I can turn my face a little with these things.

She gets very impressed with my words.

One day it was probably itching in her pussy, she told me - can you leave me home today?
I told him - is this your house nearby?
But that day she wanted to take me to her house because her pussy was fluttering for my cock that day. He said - yes, it is nearby… but today I am tired of standing in the shop, today work was too much, was it not?

When I went to leave her house, I found that there was no one at her house. He called me in and asked me to sit. I sat down.
When both of us were sitting together, she would put her hands on her breasts again and again and look at me with a smile. From her eyes I felt as if she wanted to take my cock in her pussy. I felt that the sexuality in that girl is filled with the code. She herself was inviting me to do something with her.

I also started to wiggle my cocks from the top of my pants, so it hit me. He gestured by hand and asked me to take out the cocks.
So I too, without delay, drove my cock out.

When she saw my cock, she brought her hand to my cock and started moving it with her hand.
I told her - Reva, I used to consider you a very decent girl, but you are very stubborn?
She started telling me - I too have a heart, I also have sexuality. And sometimes even my mind wants me to do something with someone… But till date I have never talked to any boy because of my father. And seeing you, I felt that I should get my wish fulfilled.

Saying this, Rihanna took my cock inside her mouth.

She started sucking my cock. When she was sucking my cock, then I started getting excited.

Rihanna took my cock out of her mouth and said- Your cock is very fun, I will enjoy taking it in my pussy.
I asked him- have you ever had someone kill your pussy till date?
She started saying- Yes… My uncle has fuck me. But now they do not live here, so no one can erase my itch.

When I naked Rihanna, I was excited to see her naked body. I lied to her and came over her. He himself grabbed my cock by hand and put it on his pussy hole. I was surprised to see the sexuality of this girl… I just hit forward like a jerk and put my cock inside her vagina.

I was in pain as if my cock had been scratched… my sob had gone, umm… ehhh… hhh… oh…
Rihanna's vagina was very tight. When my cock was outside inside her vagina, she would also enjoy it.
She is also supporting me completely but I had great fun by hitting her pussy.

After that, as if she had become my permanent jugaad… whenever she had her mind, she would have called me or if I had my mind, I would have gone to her.
We are both meeting each other's needs.

One day he told me - My family has made my relationship somewhere.
I told her - will you have sex with me even after marriage?
She started telling me - now I am used to your cock and without your cock I cannot live even for a moment.

Right now, her wedding day is over. She has sex with me fiercely

Once I was fucking her in the shop. That day Verma ji also came and saw me having sex with him.

Email me to tell me how I felt my first true sexuality filled sex story.

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