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Wife wants to swap

Wife wants to swap

I asked my husband that if he gets an opportunity to fuck another girl, will he fuck me in front of me?

My name is Akanksha Jain, my name is 27 years old. I am from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Everyone at home calls me Ashu. I am the mother of a married child and a young woman.

This is my true and first incident, which I am sharing with you with my husband's permission.

In spite of my having a son, I have preserved myself a lot. My figure size is 32-30-34. My husband loves me very much. Even after 4 years of my marriage, it seems like today, we still have a new marriage.

Today, my sexual desire is very young by reading some pornsites and sexual stories. I love having sex in every way and having sex with my husband for a long time.

The only thing is that I did not do after marriage. Far from sex with a non-man, I did not see anyone raising his eyes. Yes, it is different that everyone sees me once, then keeps watching. But I ignore everything.

It is definitely that along with my husband, I keep watching porn videos with them in their mobile phones, and I continue to have a lot of romance and fun.

once upon a time. We both husband and wife were watching a sex video in our phone. There were two couples in it, who were having sex with each other's women. That thing enveloped my mind that day.
I jokingly told my husband that if you ever get a chance, would you like to have sex with someone else in front of me?

Then my husband said - yes why not… if it can happen, then I would absolutely like to. If you can bear all this then I have no problem. If something like this happened in life, then I will not miss that chance. At that time, who can stop themselves? Maybe I will try too… I can do everything, my heart is going hard for you.

Suddenly turning my hand in my waist, pulling and said - Now you come here.
Saying this, he pulled me to his side. Took me in my arms and ripped off my Bermuda, underwear, T-shirt. In some time I think I put my penis in my hand.

My husband said- First you suck it quickly… Since when is being tortured for you.
Before I could say anything, he grabbed my mouth and put his penis near my lips. When the husband pressed my cheek, my mouth opened and sir, he put his cock inside my mouth. They started licking me.

I also started sucking cocks. After sucking the cocks for three to four minutes, they pulled the pallu of my sari out of the rash and started removing it. Took out my sari and threw it aside. After this the blouse's hooks were also opened, the blouse was also removed and thrown, without opening the bra's hook, it lifted it up and started sucking my mummies.

I said, "Oh, please be patient ... Let the matter be fulfilled first."
He said - don't stop me now… first have fun ... then will talk.

We both had oral sex for a while. By now I too had become hot. Siskaris started coming out of my mouth.

Then he came directly on top of me and at the age of 69, started sucking and licking my pussy like a very thirsty and hungry person. I also started sucking his hard penis.

This went on for a while.

Then he lifted both my legs and inserted his penis in my vagina with a jerk and started smoking.

From my mouth, the cries of 'Ahhh… Ayehhhh…' started echoing all over the room.

In this way, my husband cuddled with me for about thirty minutes and slept.

After this incident, whenever we had sex with each other, we used to keep talking about some other couples and non-men or women, due to which we had a lot of fun in having sex.

It happened accidentally one day. A young couple came to live here from our neighborhood Sharma ji. Sharma ji's house is very big. So they kept tenants in a part of their house.

The couple will be around 28 and 30 years of age. The special thing is that the man in that couple was very attractive. I just kept looking at him. He was very young, smart and tall. He was also handsome in appearance. Also his wife also looked very beautiful. At one glance, I kept looking at him too. She was wearing a red colored open sari on a sleeveless blouse. She looked very hot and doom in a red colored saree.

When I looked at it diagonally, my husband was also going to see it. I distracted them and said - Where are you lost?
He said - Hmmm… nothing, let's introduce them.

Both of us also went to him. Then the four of us introduced ourselves to each other. The young man's name was Rahul and his wife's name was Roshni.

That day was cut like this. In a few days, Roshni and I became very good friends and my husband and her husband also started getting a good friendship. Then we started going to the restaurants garden, etc. together sometimes.

I used to praise Roshni in front of my husband the next day. Sometimes I used to say that today she looked like this, today she was wearing a black color dress, so she looked very hot in it. Today Roshni wore a pink color saree and was wearing a big neck blouse… what was really looking… I cannot tell. She was wearing such a blouse, half of her boobs were peeping out of it, she looked very sexy.

My husband had also started taking more interest in it, he also used to praise Rahul the day he came.

One day I got out of the light. I suddenly jokingly told him - why don't we exchange the husband for a few days and have fun in some new way.

He laughed and said - Kaminey… I knew… Something similar is going on in your mind.
Then she became silent.

I was a little scared of her. In that only, she said - Hey Baba, I have no problem, nowadays it has become normal and common.

I said - will my brother agree to all this?
He said- Since when he has floated on you… I often notice this. They look at you secretly and often keep talking about you. This time I will talk to him. Look or not.
Then I also said- Yes, I also speak in front of them with any style.

Then I had sex with my husband the same night and asked him - should I talk to you with the light?
Hearing this, he was not happy. He said blossoming - Yes, do my life… but you will not have any problem?
I said - otherwise… There should be a lot of enjoyment and something new in life.
He said, man, I have been dying for that since.

I used to say something when he himself went ahead and said- You too should have fun with Rahul.
Before I used to think or say anything, he said - then the four of us will continue to do well.
He said - will Rahul and Roshni agree to this thing?
I said - I will talk with the light tomorrow.

In my mind too, laddoos were bursting to fuck Rahul. Will there be anything new in life… how will it happen… what will happen, etc.

That night both of us had become so hot that we had sex with full enjoyment twice. Then he slept, but I was not able to sleep with Rahul.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I was ready and met with the light.
I said - I have talked to him, he has agreed. He is too excited to get you. You should also talk to Rahul.
He said- Yes, I have also spoken. Rahul has also agreed for tonight. It is not understood where to start now.
I said - Let's make some plans.

Then the four of us together made a plan that we all go out somewhere.

The four said together - yes it will be fine.
Roshni said- We will take 2 rooms in the hotel, there will be roaming and all arrangements will also be done.

The next day we all went out for a walk on Sunday. There was a lot of fun on the way. How we got there, nothing was known. Book two rooms by giving our ID in a good hotel… There was also a restaurant below, ordered food from there too. It was becoming difficult for us to find a single moment. By the way, everyone was wondering who would start.

First of all, we all sat in a room and had a light breakfast.

Then after talking a little here and there, my husband touched on it - as everyone knows why we have come here. Now all of us will have to leave the shame, we will have to come to the real issue. Do you four have yes or no?

Everyone nodded yes

Now my husband said- First the light will come and sit near me. Ashu, you sit down with your new partner.

Right now I am allowed to talk. Permission to touch and no other permission is allowed. Yes, it does not matter if the mood is known.

In the very next moment, Roshni sat near my husband. My heart was beating every moment… Rather my heart started beating with a lot.

I also slowly sat down with Rahul. As soon as I sat down with Rahul, my mind thought that what will it do now… will touch me or start doing something right away. Don't know if i can do it

But in this, Rahul said- Ashu, if you sit on my lap… it will be better.
I looked slowly towards my husband and sat down in his lap.

Roshni also sat on my husband's lap. Rahul removed the pallu of my sari and started kissing it from the back of the neck.

Both of them started doing the same thing. After this, he put his lips on my lips and started sucking. I also started supporting him in it.

I also started warming up slowly. A headdress ran inside me. Don't know where I was lost. I was experiencing something different in a different world.
There was a strange intoxication in me. I completely forgot myself.

I did not know when she opened the buttons on my blouse and also opened the hook of my black colored bra. Now my bra was stuck just between my two hands. She also removed it separately. My 32 size chicks were completely free. He started sucking my milk. He was constantly being sucked… like milk was going to come out of it.

I had forgotten that both my husband and Roshni are also in this room.

Now I only had a petticoat left on my body. Turning his hand over my belly, he also cleverly opened the pulse of the petticoat and removed my petticoat too. Now I was left in a panty with a black color net.

Rahul said- sweetheart, now take it off too.

I did not say anything He also removed it while not delaying.

Now I was completely naked and Rahul was also completely naked. He had already taken off his clothes.

Then my eyes fell on him. His cock was being puffed up and down. His cock was very fair and long. My eyes were wide open.

In this, he did not delay and put the cocks on my mouth. I unwillingly opened my lips and started sucking cocks. I kept sucking Rahul's cock for about 5 minutes.

There was some sound coming out of her mouth ah ah ah ah.

Then I got my eyes on it. On the other hand, my husband and Roshni too were completely naked. The two were kissing each other in a lost kiss. My husband turned his tongue above the back of the light and kissed him from top to bottom.

From there my husband said - Roshni you are very hot… beautiful… very sexy… your filthy waist and mum… ah you are more sexy than my wife… I swear you suck very good cocks. You are not broke, number one is a fun thing.

He was saying all this to tease both of us.

Then Rahul said to me - why have you not met me till date… I would have got it already, such a good thing was in front of me and I did not recognize it. You are very cute, very sexy… Your boobs are very round and beautiful… I live to drink all their juice… Do not leave them at all… It is forever to keep you with me.

Then my husband said, "O my life, take my lund, take my cock for you, drink as much juice as I can, I will always make you my chandelier, whatever it may be ... tonight." I will fuck you by making a whole lot of scrubber.

In this way, Rahul came over me and started lying on me, turning his tongue on my whole body. While licking me he came down from my mummies. By putting tongue inside my navel, I started sucking, then moving further, he put his tongue over my pussy and started licking pussy.

I was very hot. I also started feeling a little wet below. I felt like taking a trip to heaven. It was really fun. It was that my pussy was being sucked. After licking her pussy completely, she turned completely upside down.

Now his cock was near my mouth and his mouth was above my pussy. We were both in the age of 69. My husband and Roshni were also doing the same thing.

For about 15 minutes, all four of us kissed a lot. Then I realized that another room, which we had taken… it is lying empty. Will that room remain like this?

Then Rahul put his cock on my pussy and started trying to put it in lightly. His cock must have gone in a little bit and Ummh… Ahhh… Huh… Ohh… came out of my mouth. Then he put cocks with a little more next shock, then I started having fun.

Now slowly he started to push up and down. Cool voices were coming out of my mouth.

On the other hand, the voices of both of them were echoing to our ears. He also started sex.

For some time, there was a fierce smoke in the room… When I was ejaculated, I did not know. Today I was feeling different.

Rahul too got ejaculated after giving me some shock and he started panting.

On the other hand, both my husband and Roshni were still having tremendous sex in Doggy style. Tits of light were swinging back and forth downwards.

There were loud voices coming from the mouth of Roshni - Oooh Ahahahah… Ooohhh Oohhh… Enjoying… And Bright Chodo… Ah Chodo Enjoying… Ahhh… I went!

My husband said, "Ahhhhhh ... my life… just take me, it's going to happen too… Lights take my life, take cocks".
After a while, both of them also collapsed.

Then all four of us were smiling at each other. So both of them also came to us. On our beds and all four of us sat on the same bed without clothes and started laughing.

Then we all decided that we all have to take out the whole night. You and Roshni both go to your room before the hotel person becomes suspicious. We will both stay in this room… so that no one will have any doubt. Then he did the same. He went to his room, I mean me and Rahul stayed in this room.

Then throughout the night, we filled our heart and had sex 4 times in every posture. Rahul loved me and loved me in every way. I also enjoyed his cock very much.

After this, all four of us used to meet inside every twenty-five days or a month and continued to enjoy the importance of sex in life. But now I am afraid that no one will know.

A few days later, Rahul's transfer took place elsewhere. He moved to another place.

We still have a wish, but it is difficult to believe every couple or non-male. Life of our people is going well, just looking for a new couple… which is trustworthy… consider our privacy as our privacy and enjoy life.

Next, if we ever find a cool pair, then we will think of adding it with us.

How did you like my sex story, please do match.

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