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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Virgin buri fuck first time

Virgin buri fuck first time

Read in the story of virgin Burr's Chudai, how the girl living in my neighborhood, forced by her sexuality, surrendered her kamasin body to me.

Hi Friends, My name is Sumit Sharma. Although I am a resident of Datia, but due to my job, I currently live in Indore. My height is 5 feet 8 inches.

I have been married for two years. My wife is very beautiful and is very caring for me. Our married life is going well. I and my wife enjoy sex from the beginning. We have had fun in many ways and new places. As I told you that my job is far from home, I live here with my wife.

This story is 6 months old. There is a poor family in front of our house, four members in the family are husband, wife, their daughter Sonam who is 19 years old and younger son Pankaj who is 11 years old.
I stay outside all day because of the job, so my wife only calls Sonam for the minor work of the market. And Sonam also happily comes to her aid.

We came to this house 2 years ago. I had never paid much attention to Sonam then.

But when I was leaving for duty a few days ago, I saw Sonam coming from the front. Her breasts were full of 32 curvy and her ass was 36. Seeing Sonam, I could not believe that this is the same Sonam who used to be thinner when I came here. I understood that Sonam's body is in full bloom during her youth.

A few days later, my wife had to go to her maternal home due to poor health of my mother-in-law. I left him and came back. Due to lack of TV in Sonam's house, Sonam and her brother used to come to watch TV at our house almost daily. Sonam's family and we had no objection, so these people used to watch TV till 11-12 in the late night.

Sonam and her brother were also watching TV that day. My wife was alone due to absence. That day, Sonam's brother started sleeping at 10 o'clock and he went home to sleep.

Now there was only me and Sonam in the house.

Until we realized this, everything was normal. But when we realized that I and a young girl are alone in my house at night, we both became a bit uncomfortable. But both of us kept trying to show normal and enjoyed the film coming on TV.

The film coming on TV that day was also full of more erotic scenes. In the film, the hero heroines were kissing each other and putting their hands in each other's clothes. Seeing all this I was in a bad condition and maybe even Sonam was barely able to show herself normal.

My cock was standing inside the pants and was leaking a little bit. When I could not keep up, I got up and went to the bathroom and beat my mouth to calm my lust.

When I came back from the bathroom, I saw Sonam putting her hand in her salwar and rubbing her bur. I understood that this girl is yearning for her bad sex.

Seeing me back, he immediately took out his hand and started trying to look normal again.

But now she was unable to control her sharp breath due to teasing her bur. His sharp breath was telling me the whole situation of the lust of fire inside him.

This time I consciously sat very close to Sonam and lifted her hand lightly on her thigh. He did not respond to this.

To be honest, I was not even daring because till today I had not even touched the eyes of any girl other than my wife. But today I was not able to stop myself by getting Sonam to myself. In any case, I wanted to make Sonam my own today.

That is why I dared once more to put one hand on his shoulder and lightly pressed it. This time my effort was successful, Sonam took a long breath and rested her head on my shoulder. She looked into my eyes with hopeful eyes and the next moment she started watching the sexy scene on TV.

Then after some time bid- Uncle ji, do everyone do the same after marriage?
I kept a finger on her lips and said - Uncle ji do not speak… only say Sumit.
He gave a small smile, then turned and hugged me with his head in my chest.

I also pressed him tightly in my chest. Now I could feel her huge breasts on my chest.

Now I held her mouth a little and kissed her lips with her lips, she was also supporting me.
While kissing, I put my hand in her kurta from behind and started caressing her back. Probably for the first time by now a man had touched her lips and her bare back, so due to this wonderful joy, her eyes closed and she started taking Siskaris.

After some time, she realized that she has been seduced by lust and she stopped me, bid - Sumit ji let it not be!
But even after refusing, she could not forget the joy she received from the man's touch, so she lacked confidence in her voice while refusing.

I asked her what happened Sonam?
They bid - it's 10:30 in the night. If anyone comes to know, I will be very infamous.
And saying this, she had tears in her eyes.

I kissed her on the forehead and told her - Sonam, don't you worry, your slander is my slander. So nobody will know anything. And anyway till 12 o'clock you watch TV. But if you are still afraid then let it be, I will not force anyone.

My talk reduced her fear and she once again came in my arms. Now I started kissing her whole face and kissed her ears and kept rubbing her back on top of clothes.

I started caressing her boobs from above the clothes. He was beginning to have sex and his fast breaths were giving evidence of this. After caressing it from above, I put my hands in her kurta from above and pressed her boobs on top of the bra. When there was no opposition, I lifted her bra inside the kurta and pressed her bare breast in my hand.

For the first time, the sensation of a man touching her breast arose and her breathing became faster than before.

Now without delay, I lifted her kurta from the waist to take it off. Sonam held my hand and said softly - Please do not let me go.
But her voice was not a disagreement but a girl's shame.

I removed her hand lightly and raised her kurta again. This time Sonam raised her hands and provided her happy support in removing the kurta. Now I had a naked breast in front of me, which was chubby and light brown on the nipple, seeing her nipple, I remembered my honeymoon.
Her nipples were very beautiful.

Now I started sucking her nipple without delay. With the thrill of this wonderful feeling, his hand automatically rubbed my head. Sonam 'And suck… and suck!' Started to murmur.

I separated her white bra from her body while sucking her breast. Now she was completely naked from above. I was alternately sucking both her breasts and she was eating dives in this infinite joy.

Now I separated from him, looked at him from top to bottom.
He closed his eyes with his hands with feminine shame.

I kissed him by removing his hands from his eyes and hugged him and said - I love you Sonam!
Sonam also said 'I love you to!' Kissed me by speaking Sumit.

Then I picked him up and took him to his bed and very lovingly laid him there. On top of the bed, Sonam looked no less than a nymph.
Now I removed all the clothes except my underwear.
Sonam was mesmerized seeing my chest hair.

I lay next to Sonam and started kissing her from top to bottom. After drinking her boobs kissed her navel. She was just closing her eyes and sighing.

Now I loosened her salwar and pulled the salwar down. He supported his ass in getting out of Salwar.
Now she was only in panties.

Her panty was brown and a little torn near the elastic. His panties were completely drenched with Burr due to his work. The virgin was getting ready to fuck Burr.
I licked her work juice from the top of the panty in the crack of her bur, then she woke up a chinook and started enjoying the ass.

Now I put my two fingers in the elastic of her panties to remove the panties. Holding the panties, she stopped her bur from being naked, said- Don't do it!
I looked at his face and the expressions of fear and shame were clearly visible on his face.

This fear of Sonam's face was not of the slander of the society but her first fuck. I removed her hand lightly and slowly removed her panty.
He lifted his hips slightly and ended the protest, letting the panties go.

Now that whole naked was lying in front of me.

His bur was a little bulging and light gray, his small jhonte was soaking in Bur rasa. Burr's lips clung to each other. Burr's crack was as if someone had made it with a pencil.

Seeing his bur, it was understood that after Sonam I was the first lucky person to see his beloved Bur.
I kissed Sonam's bur and saw her face.

Sonam's breath became sharp once again with a kiss on Burr.

Now I also removed my underwear and gave salute to Sonam, gave her 8 inch cocks in Sonam's hands. Sonam trembling and grabbed my cock with hands.

Sonam looked back and forth well as if a person sees something new for the first time and kissed the litter of the cocks.

Now I came down and sat with my legs spread between the legs of Sonam. I put my tongue in Burr's crack and started sucking his Bur.

With this attack on Burr, Sonam started going crazy and grabbed my hair and started pressing on her Bur.
Anyway my wife says that I suck Bur very well.

After kissing Bur for a while, Sonam lost control over herself and lick… suck… drink all my water… make my bur suck red… ”it all started to rave.

In a while, Sonam started pleading for the fuck of Burr and said- Please give me Chod, otherwise I will die. Please… please… please… do not fuck me… tear me away my evil… no longer tolerated.

Bur Chudai
I too did not think it better to delay the virgin burger and put my cock on her bur hole. There was no lack of smoothness due to Sonam's Burr Juice and my cock's prickam.

I said to Sonam - if this is your first time, then there will be some pain, later it will be fun.
Chudai was on fire inside that thirsty youth, he said - Sumit, don't delay, just tear it, I will bear all the pain of my evil.

I thought 'okay what do I do… when she is still speaking!' I set the cocks on the bur hole and pushed the lighter.
Sonam got a little pain and her sigh left but still she said - Sumit please hurry… tear me away.

Again I did not delay, pushed my two hands firmly on Sonam's shoulders, half of my lund teared Sonam's virginity and fell into her bur and she started cracking like a fish without water.

Sonam started pleading - Sumit please leave me… do nothing to me, I will die.

His bur had really burst and there was blood in it which had wet my cock.

I did not tell Sonam about her evil, otherwise she would not let me proceed.
In the same stage, I lay down and stroked her boobs. When his pain subsided, I started taking out half of my cock.

After a while, he started having fun, then I told him that only half the cocks have gone inside. If they say it, I should put it in full
Sonam said - now there will be no pain?
I said - will be a little bit. But once every girl has to bear this pain. There will be no pain after today, only fun will happen.
He said - okay but pour it comfortably.
I said ok But I knew how to insert cocks.

I let the cocks in and out for a while and kept playing with her boobs.
When I thought that Sonam was back to normal and ready to bear the pain. Then I pressed her shoulders with both my hands and with full force put my cock in her bur.

Tearing the entire walls of Lund Burr hit the straight clitoris.
Sonam's scream came out, her eyes were torn, her body swelled and she became almost unconscious due to pain.

I got scared and kept lying on her for some time and kept caressing her. After some time, when his pain subsided, I slowly started to push.

When she too started to enjoy it, she too started raising bum and gave her support in Chudai. Now I was fucking him hard, my cock was hitting his baby girl. Now his pain was completely gone. She was enjoying her first fuck with ah ah.

After about 10 minutes of humiliating sex, Sonam and I clashed together.

I kissed him and lay down beside him. The virgin bur had been fucked.

When he saw his evil, he was completely swollen. A mixture of his water and my semen was coming out of the bur and his blood stained a very big stain on the bedsheet.
When she got scared after seeing the blood, I explained to her - for the first time every girl has blood, there is no fear in it.

There was a lot of pain in her bur due to which she was able to walk limp when she got up. I gave him a painkiller and said - now you go home because it is 12 o'clock at night. Let no one suspect.

She went home.

The next day I gave her a contraceptive.

Even after this incident, Sonam kept coming to our house but that never happened again because I was afraid of Sonam's infamy.

Sonam got married just 2 months ago. I greatly assisted her father in her marriage.

Whenever Sonam comes to her maternal home, we definitely come to my house to meet my wife and greet me with a smile.
He is very happy with his in-laws and I am also happy to see him happy.

Friends, this is my first and true story. How did you like the story of virgin Burr's fuck, tell me by mail.

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