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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

True Story of First Time Sex

True Story of First Time Sex

The true story of my first time sex is with my boyfriend when he took me under the cocks for the first time. At that time, I was 19 years old. I was in a lot of pain.

Hello my dear readers… My name is Riya, my height is five and a half feet. My boobs are 36 size, waist is 29 and ass size is 38 inches.

I am going to tell my first time sex story, this is my first story with my boyfriend when he took me under the cocks for the first time. At that time, I was 19 years old, now I am 22 years old.

The first time my boyfriend put cocks in my pussy, I was in a lot of pain. At the same time, I took my boyfriend's cock in my mouth for the first time and also drank his juice.

It happened that my boyfriend wanted to celebrate honeymoon with me, I was also ready to have first time sex with him. But both of us were not getting any such safe place where we could quench our thirst.

Then one day my boyfriend told me that the place has been arranged, you plan to come to me soon.

I was also trying to get Chudwane from my boyfriend, so I made a plan.

One day I came to know that Papa's mother has to go out for two days, then I told my mother that I have to go to my friend's house. I will be with her for two days. We have to do a group study.

Mother also said yes. But he wanted to ask my friend who else would be in this group study.

Since my friend is very close to me. I had already told him by phone that I am going to say all this at my house. So that my mother would ask him, she would tell my mother everything I had decided.

My friend told her mother that only two of us will stay at home and study… and no one is going to come.

My mother approved me. I was very excited that day, my honeymoon which was set to happen. I was going to enjoy first time sex.

The next day, as soon as mother and father left, I too went to my friend's house.

From there I went to a shop and bought a very sexy and very small red color bra panty. This panty was so small that it was just making a lid on my pussy. The area of ​​my ass was clearly visible. In it, a triangle-shaped cloth was placed over the pussy. Everything else was just lanyard. Since my ass is also very sexy, so I wanted to keep my ass open on this occasion.

My friend loves my ass too. He has not wanted to kill my ass since.

After purchasing the undergarment, I went to a beauty parlor. There I got a full body wax, in which my pussy was also cleaned and smooth. I also got my makeup done.

Then I came to my friend's house. After coming to her house, I wore a red sari like a new bride and put on dark red lipstick. My friend was taking me twitch repeatedly.

Now I was ready to take my friend's cock. He came to pick me up at 6 in the evening. When he saw me, he was stunned. Then we both went to his friend's room with his car.

He had already made all preparations there. One room was very well decorated. Today we were going to accept our honeymoon. He went to prepare himself, asking me to go to that room.

I went to bed in the room and sat down like a bride.

After some time my boyfriend came inside the room, dressed like a groom, and our honeymoon started.

Seeing her, I got down from the bed and stood up. He made me sit on the bed, he himself came to me and sat down. I was feeling very ashamed.

At first he started praising me. He said - You are looking very beautiful and sexy… Today I am going to love you very much.

Today I was also very happy that I will take his cock for the first time with whom I love. Thinking of this, my pussy had become wet. Then he hugged me and put his lips on my lips. He started sucking my lips very well. I also felt very good. I also started supporting her and started sucking her lips.

He ate my red lipstick completely. My lips are without lipstick. He was kissing me French, he was moving his tongue in my mouth. I was sucking her tongue too. I had lost so much with her that I did not know that she removed my sari.

Now he came after me and started kissing on my neck. I was really enjoying it. Erotic smokes were coming out of my mouth.

'Ah ahhh lov u darling ..'

Intoxicating voices were making the room even hotter. Then he started pressing my moms loudly from above the blouse. I was just sobbing in voices like ahhhhhhhhhhh

Then he unbuttoned my blouse buttons and also pulled the pulse of the petticoat, which made the petticoat loose. My friend pulled the petticoat from my legs, so I let him remove the petticoat by supporting it. Then she also removed my blouse completely.

Now I was only in bra panty, she was also so small that just after seeing my pussy covered in a line like panty, she went crazy. I am very white, so I was looking very sexy in this red bra panty. Seeing me like this, his cock was completely erect. Which I could see in his pants.

Now I am close to him. The button of his shirt started opening and took off the shirt. I also took off her vest and started turning her hand on her chest. After this, I started licking her chest with my wet tongue and slowly started going down. I opened the button of his pants and pulled him, then he lifted his ass. I took off his pants. Now he was only in tights.

After being almost naked, she could not keep up with it and she grabbed my bra and pulled it. She tore my bra and started pressing my big mums with her strong hands.

I was also just doing 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… ’, after hearing that, he started pressing my cock more and more loudly. I was in pain due to the issue of my mother, but I was also having fun.

I bid - Ah dear, I am yours… I am not going anywhere. We have full two days.

He said- Yes my prostitute… I will fuck you in two days by making my own rand.

I also felt so good to hear such hot words from his mouth.

Then he started sucking one of my milk in the mouth and started to grit his teeth on the nipple. At the same time, he was pushing my second boob very hard with his hand. I was completely hot and having fun.

After some time he looked at my pussy. Seeing my smooth and hairless pussy, he became absolutely cool.

He said - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… today I will tear it up nicely.

I said - see what you are doing, my love… now don't delay.

He put his mouth on my pussy and licked all the water of my pussy by licking it.

He put my pussy in two fingers and lightly twisted them and started to turn inside. It was as if I had felt a paradise. The pussy which I had touched with my fingers till now, today it was being overjoyed by the touch of my friend's fingers.

Within two minutes he reached my live spot. I could not bear much and my water ran out. A little of my Susu also came out of my water. He licked all my juice.

I said- you really know the weak vein of women. I had just come into paradise.

He said - I do not know other women, I only know you.

Listening to his heart touching thing, I became very excited and started kissing him. I stuck it on my chest.

Now he was rubbing one of my breasts and sucking one. Simultaneously, he started to finger again in my pussy. I was completely mad. My hand reached over the trunk on his cock. His cock was very hot and tight. His cock was like an iron rod.

Then he turned me down and hid his cock in front of my mouth. He said to love his cock. I first refused to suck cocks but then I agreed. I caught his thick cock with my hand, then he came near my mouth.

I put her underwear down and her thick cock was exposed to my eyes. The lump of his cock was like a big tomato. I had a mouth watering after seeing a thick-skinned nut.

I immediately took him in the mouth and started sucking. He too closed his eyes. He grabbed my head and started hitting me with a cock in the mouth. His cock was coming up my throat. My eyes started watering.

The sound of 'Guac Guac ..' was coming from my mouth.

Taking out the cocks, I said - now fuck me quickly, I am not going.

He said - I will suck my cock for a while.

I started sucking cocks again. Then after doing this for some time, he pulled out the cocks. I smiled and opened my legs. He quickly came between my legs and spread my legs.

As if my pussy was blowing water to fuck with his cock. He put my legs on his shoulders and put his cock in my pussy. His supine was very thick and his cock was completely fit in my pussy. Like it is made for my pussy only.

The next moment he hit the cock, then his cock penetrated inside, spreading my flanks. Ahh came out of my pain 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… ’

Man’s desire to get my first time sex fulfilled as soon as my cock went inside


He stopped for a moment and started caressing me. I got a little restrained, then he started to lightly hit my pussy lightly.

His cock was coming rubbing against my pussy walls. In every one of his bumps, the sound of my sigh used to come out. I was in great pain, but I knew that after this pain I am going to have sweet fun, so I endured this pain.

When his cock was adjusted in my pussy, then he accelerated the attack. In this pose, he fucking me 5 minutes. With this, he sucked my nipples and turned them red.

Then he took out his cock. I saw that his cock was completely wet. I immediately took his cock in my mouth. The mixed taste of his cock and my pussy water seemed very good.

Then he made me a bitch and started rubbing me with cocks in my pussy. Then he put his cock in my pussy and started rubbing my mums with my hands and started fucking me. His fuck was giving me a different fun.

Now the fucking was started. I was also fighting with cocks by lifting my ass.

In our 30 minute fuck, I showered 2 times. When he was about to leave, he took out the cocks and removed all the goods on my mouth.

I tasted a little semen, it tasted so good. His test was like butter. Then I came clean my face. I said - really enjoyed it.

I gave him a deep kiss. He started pulling me in love again. He said - I will do it this time.

I understood that it will kill my ass now. In the next story I will write how he made my ass.

This is my first time true story of sex, for which your mail will be welcome.

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