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Train sex story of a young girl

Train sex story of a young girl

This train sex story is of a young girl who met me on a Delhi to Mumbai Rajdhani train. My mind was already mad at her and that too did not diminish!

Friends, the Immigration Story site is a great place to share your sex experience. It is great to read the story of the authors here. I also want to share a story of mine here. I hope you all like this story of mine.

my name is Sumit. I am 28 years old, 6 feet in length and I am a bit fat according to the body texture. I am from Delhi and am preparing for a government job here. This thing is about 3 years old when I was going to Mumbai for an interview. Around five o'clock in the evening, my ticket was in the Delhi-Mumbai Rajdhani Express.

The train was not very crowded that day. My reservation was in the second class of air conditioned bogies. There was a woman in my lower seat who would be around 55 years old. My seat was on top of that. Both the seats in front were empty, there was no one on them, so I sat down.

The aunt started talking a little and around 8 pm, she ate food and slept with medicine. Around 9.15 am, a girl from Kota station came and stood with the seat. She came to me and said that this is my seat. I asked him to vacate the seat below.

Then that girl started setting her things. I was looking at his body. My eyes were measuring his body, but I did not let him realize that I was admiring his body. It was fun to see his round balls filled inside his T-shirt.

His ass was also very cool. She looked absolutely amazing in jeans. I was admiring his whole body that when he looked at me, I started looking at my phone screen.
He said listen.
I replied - you called me?
That quote- Yes, I have a lot of stuff, so please help me a little bit in getting the stuff set.
I said yes, why not!

I started getting his stuff set. When all the stuff was set, I too started panting. He removed the water bottle from his bag and asked me to drink water. I started drinking water sitting on his seat. She was also sitting next to me. There was a stir in my mind.

Friends, that girl was around 27-28 years old. It was very beautiful to see. I was sitting near him but I did not have the courage to talk to him.

Then after drinking water, I returned the bottle to him and called him thank you.
She said thank you so I should speak to you. You helped me
I said - no problem, what is the matter of saying thanks in this. If I had someone else in my place, he would have helped you too.

Then she listened to me and smiled and took out a packet of chips from her bag and opened it and started eating the chips. He also asked me to eat chips, so I also took out two-three chips and started sitting with him.

After that we started talking. I asked her about where she came from and where she was going. Then she started asking similar questions about me. Both of them kept talking while giving general introduction to each other. For a long time, things happened between us and after that she became very comfortable with me.

After talking for a long time, I saw the time when it was 10.30 in the night. I told her that you too must be tired. Take some rest. I also go to my seat and make my waist straight.
She said - okay.

I sat in my seat above and sat down drinking water. I was not feeling sleepy but I was wrapped in a sheet. The aunt on the seat below me was also asleep and the sound of her snoring was coming to my ears, so I put headphones on and started watching movies.

After half an hour I started urinating, so I got up and went to the restroom. After that when I came back, I saw that the girl was sitting on her seat. She was talking to someone on the phone and while talking, tears also came out of her eyes.

I was surprised what happened to him suddenly. Till now it was lying down comfortably.
Curiously, I stood there. She kept talking on the phone for a long time.

When he called, I asked - what happened? Is everything alright in your house?
She said - everything is fine in my house.
I asked - then this tear in your eyes?
She said - I got a call from a friend. His mother has passed away. She was crying on the phone itself, so my tears also came out.
Hearing this, I sat near him. Keeping his hand on his shoulder, said- this is very sad news. But who can avoid Honi… Do not be sad.

He put his head on my shoulder and started crying with me. My throat also got bit. That girl was very sweet, so seeing her crying, my heart was also sad. I started caressing her shoulder. He began to console her.

After caressing the shoulder, I started caressing his back. While stroking on his soft back, my body started to tickle. Attachment had taken the place of compassion. I deliberately turned my hand on his back. I thought that maybe my desire for sex in the train will be fulfilled today and this train will become my sex story.

She too had become silent and put her arms around my neck. I could feel his feet touching my body. My cock was now erected. Now my hand was rubbing his back well. I was also repeatedly pressing his shoulder.

Don't know what was going on in her mind, but she was still wrapped up with me like this. Then he put his hand on my thigh. I got up like a storm in my cock and I dared to move his hand inside my jeans and tucked my cock. He laid his hand comfortably and hugged me tightly.

Now I too had understood his intention, so now there was no danger, so I started putting my hands on his cocks and pressing them. Now his hand started pressing my trunk cock. Both of them breathed fast. But there was also fear of sleeping aunt together, so that girl herself turned off the light.

He pulled the blanket and put it on both of us and lay down with me. The next moment, both of us were sucking each other's lips. I was not stopped, then I put my hand inside her top and started pressing her hips over the bra.

She started caressing my cock on top of my jeans. We were both hugging each other. I was enjoying it so much that my luck had opened up. I was drinking the juice of her lips vigorously and was also enjoying her tight body.

Then he opened the chain of my jeans and put my hand inside my jeans and filled my cock in my hand from the top of my underwear. I also opened the button of her jeans and started caressing her pussy from above the panties.

After that she removed her jeans on her own and started pointing at me to be down. I understood that it is pointing towards her pussy. Both of us were doing all this quietly because the aunt was also sleeping next door. I moved slowly between his thighs and went.

By removing the panties stuck in the thighs, I sniffed her pussy by putting a nose on her pussy, and there was a pleasant smell from her pussy. Her pussy was getting wet. When I started sucking her pussy, she started caressing my hair.

Now she too was completely hot. I put tongue in her pussy and started fucking her pussy with my tongue. After that I shrugged my pants down with one hand. After taking down my underwear, I took out the cocks.

After bringing the cocks out, now I was finding it difficult to stop. I came back up on her and started sucking her lips and putting my cock on her pussy. His ass started to push towards my cock, so I understood that now it is ready for sex too.

I grabbed the cocks with my hand and placed them on the pussy and while adjusting, started inserting the cocks in her pussy, she secretly came near my ear and said- It is not safe to have sex here.
I said in whispers - then where is it safe!
She bid - Walk in the toilet.
I said - OK.

Then we both slowly got up and went to the restroom. First I went and after that she came inside. I stood out by taking the cocks out. She came in and started caressing my cock in her hand and started sucking my lips.

I made him sit down and gestured to suck his cock. She sat down and started sucking my cock. After sucking cocks for five minutes, the veins of my penis got to burst. I picked him up and started tightening his body tightly. Sometimes he used to suppress his boobs and sometimes his ass.

She also started sucking and biting my neck. I lifted her T-shirt and started opening her bra from behind. She helped me open the bra. Taking out her bra, I put a tease in my pocket and then started to drink her nipples after putting her T-shirt up.

His feet were very soft and soft. I started sucking her nipples in my mouth. She started getting mad. Her hands reached my ass and she started pulling my ass towards her pussy. She was desperate to fuck.

But I was enjoying drinking her juices juice. I cut her boobs red. Her nipples became perfectly tanned and absolutely pointy. I removed my mouth from her nipples and mashed her nipples in a pinch.

He bitten my cheek with his teeth. Then I put my hand behind her jeans and started pressing her ass and both of them started sucking each other's lips again. His saliva was coming in my mouth and my saliva was going in his mouth.

After kissing and kissing for a long time, I removed her pants and stood on one side and lifted her leg and set my cock on her pussy and stuck to it. Pushing my ass, I started to insert cocks in her pussy. She wrapped my chest and started filling my back in her arms.

Lund had penetrated that young sexy Chudkad's wet pussy. Ummh… Ahhh… hhh… oh… I took recourse with one hand and started to fuck her pussy while pushing the cocks with the help of my ass in her pussy. Since it was night time, the lust was greatly increased.

One advantage was that by that time all the other people had slept as well and there were less people in the bogie. So we both started enjoying sex in fun. She kept sucking my lips, taking the cocks in her pussy and I kept pushing her in the pussy.

After about 10 minutes we both collapsed together. Except for the semen in her pussy, what I received that night, I cannot tell here. Both of us were panting. She hugged me for two minutes. Then she separated from me.

We put on our jeans and then I sneaked out. Only two minutes after that, she too came out of the back. Both of us sat in our seats. He lit the light and smiled looking at me.

I also gave him a flying kiss. Then after getting up in the morning, I took his number and he took my number. Then we started talking often. After that incident whenever she had to go to Mumbai she would tell me and I would go with her.

Whether I used to work or not, I used to go on a journey with him. Many times during the journey, we used to get the opportunity to pursue this train sex story but could not get it many times. If we did not get a chance in the train, we would go to a guest house outside and enjoy sex.

Many times I fuck her pussy and enjoy her. During almost a year she kept chudwati with me. Then suddenly his number switched off. I tried very hard to contact him, but never met him again nor could I talk to him.

But whatever, that sexy girl gave me all the fun. Even today, when I think of him, I feel like killing him. After that incident, I often keep trying to make this train sex story during the train journey in this way.

So far I have not got any more pussy. Whenever you meet, I will definitely tell you through a new sex story. If you liked this story of mine, then give your feedback on this train sex story of mine. I love you guys so much. Keep enjoying life.

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