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Saturday, May 16, 2020

The daughter herself broke the seal

The daughter herself broke the seal

Story ahead of daughter's mother's fuck

When my eyes opened, it was ten and a half. Rupa was not in bed. But the night I took off her bra and panty, I was still lying on the floor. Of course I had to lie down with the bed sheet, but inside the sheet, I was completely naked and in the morning my cock was also full.

Then Divya came in the room and said good morning father and kept the cup of tea at my head.
Once, I was very ashamed, oh brother, I was naked in front of my daughter and my trunk cocks made the sheet a tent, which Divya had also seen.

Having tea, Divya picked up her mother's bra panties lying on the floor and went away.
I started drinking tea, what would this girl be thinking that her mother was fucking her non-male all night. Rupa's screams, siskaris, all must have heard this too. But I ignored it.

I got up after drinking tea and went to the bathroom. When I came down after getting ready to take a bath, Rupa was fully prepared after washing her bath.

As soon as I came, he touched my feet in front of his daughters, after that he had breakfast, we all had breakfast, but I saw both girls had a mischievous smile on their face.

I had a holiday that day, so that afternoon I also once Chupa Choda, the same thing happened again at night.

Right now Ramya was somewhat calm, but Divya was very happy with this, she had expressed her happiness to kiss me many times. Papa used to stay around me all the time.

The next day Divya was applying oil on my head, I was watching something on my mobile. When she had applied oil, I wanted to lie down, so Divya kept my head in her lap. I did not find anything strange in it.
I was busy in my mobile in a hurry that Divya suddenly kissed me.

I was shocked. I was very surprised - Divya, what did you do?
I asked him.
She said - You love your mother so much, so I thought how can I thank you!
She looked a little scared.

I said - But son, your mother is giving me all this, you do not have to do or give anything separately.
She said - why father, can I not give you anything from my side?
I said - but son, the kiss of lips is for him, the person you love very much, that person is your boyfriend or husband.

Divya was silent at first, then got up and started crying a little - whatever your wish is.

My gotte came in a cry that 'Hey man what is happening, this girl of tomorrow is also ready to give.'
Now the problem in front of me was that from the very beginning, I used to say and understand Divya as my daughter, so all this with her? No no… how can this happen? I will explain it to him.

After that I tried to convince Divya 2-3 times but it had the opposite effect and Divya herself agreed that she loves me.
I said too - but you call me Papa?
She said o-o, I will not say later today.
I explained a lot but that girl insisted on stubbornness.

I also told him - you had promised me that I will never cheat on your mother and now you are provoking me to break that promise?
But the girl did not listen and said - mother go to hell. I love you, so I love you!

It was a big struggle for me, but then I thought, 'Why should anyone hurt me?' Which one is my own daughter and which one is her real father. The real father is real and the fake father is fake.
Just these thoughts came to mind and the next moment I started feeling perfect for my 19 year old daughter, sex. In a single moment, I started seeing many shortcomings in Rupa's body, and the same goodness in Divya's raw body.

After that whenever I used to go to Rupa's house and Divya would hug me, I would deliberately adjoin her with my body so that her soft and soft mama would be attached to my chest and I could smell the smell of her soft virgin body.
Rupa used to think that this father is the daughter's love, but now my eyes had changed for Rupa's daughter.

Meanwhile, I got a chance twice when I took Roopa, Divya and Ramya to go with me. Of course Rupa and the girls wore jeans, but still walking in the market, I told Divya - Jeans were worn by all girls, but nowadays it is fashionable.
She said in a tweet - So take father, give me one nick.

I took them to a shop, I took everyone there with jeans, but chose a nicker for Divya herself.
When she came out of the tri-room wearing a knicker, I said staring at her beautiful white thighs - Son Nikar is fine, but you have to get your waxing done to wear it.
She said - what is this big thing, she will do it even mother.

However, there were no more hairs on Divya's legs. I asked him to walk only wearing a shorts. Many people in the market were staring after seeing him in the nick.
She also said to me - Dad, everyone is staring at my legs.
I said - you do not care, these are all you can do, if you stare, let me stare. Rather you think that if there is something special in you, then all these are watching you so carefully.

My talk had an effect on Divya, and after being quite free, roamed the market and came home and wrapped me and kissed me on my cheek and said - Papa, really, the fun that came in the market today, never came before.
I thought in my mind, 'Hey Pagli, I am giving you pimple, making you so cool that one day either you will fuck me or else you will get some man or your pet and get him to die. I am spoiling you in a way.

But where was that silly understanding of my devious tricks?
And the question remained of her mother… every week I used to turn my cock in her puddle, then she was involved in that weaver. He also did not know that I would keep an eye on not only him but his young daughter when he would fuck me.

My efforts were paying off, Divya was getting closer and closer to me. Growing up grew even more that in the talk, I told him that I have accepted his love.

One day I got a chance, when I and Divya were sitting alone, I told Divya - should I say Divya once?
She said yes father?
I said, man, what you did that day was very small, did not enjoy it, will get another?
Divya blushed and looked at me and said - Free only?
I said - so what should my life say?

She said nothing but went a little far and stood facing the wall. I also got up and went after him, and stuffed him in my arms from behind, turned him towards me and lifted his face and put my lips on his lips.

That girl did not resist and I sucked both her lips very well, not only sucked lips but also pressed her little mummies. After that, when she escaped from my grip, once stopped near the door, looked behind her, gave a big smile and then ran away.

I happily fell on the bed, mother was set, daughter was also set. Now in my mind I started weaving dreams of fucking Divya.

But one thing I did not yet understand is that Divya studies in college, many boys must have studied with her, so why did she not get along with a boy of her age?
I was older than his father in his age, then what did I see in him?

But this thing was sure that now I had laddus in both my hands, whenever I had the chance, I would catch it. Within two or four days, I touched every part of Divya's body by touching it. Rather one said to him- Divya, I want to see you absolutely naked.
So she went to the bathroom and took off all her clothes inside and then opened the door slightly and looked outside.

I was alone in the room outside, Rupa and Ramya were in the kitchen below. When I gestured to her, Divya came out of the bathroom and came right in front of me.
Beautiful slim skinny girl with 19 year old divya physique. But his standing mummies, and tight butts made me crazy, I saw both his mamma and the rest of the body.
My cock got tanned and I told her - Divya, now you will have to fuck.
She said - Papa, I am your daughter, when your heart wants to
She went back to the bathroom with her small butts matati.

After that she came again wearing clothes.

I asked him, Divya, tell me one thing, you are beautiful, in your class too many boys must be hitting you line, then what did you see in me and anyway I am having an affair with your mother.

She said- Papa, you liked me from the beginning, but only some relationship between us became different, you became my father and I became your daughter. And that night when you stayed in our house, everything happened between you and my mother, both of us sisters heard it. To tell the truth, I got so excited after listening to the mother's screams and screams that I calmed myself with my hand. I also often feel like if you do with my mother, how would you feel if you did with me, and I used to think that I would die on you. I myself was thinking how should I say this to you, but you said it is fine, I did not have to say, and you are my very dear father, so I will not hide anything from you. You can ask me anything, you can say. Now when the daughter has become naked, what does the fake father need, to pretend to be sharafat.

I said- will Divya do sex with me?
She said - you do anything, I will not refuse you.

I took my tongue out to check it and put it in the mouth in a straight divya and my daughter sucked my tongue. I pressed both her mums tightly. But more than this I could not do anything with him because Rupa was always at home. And how could I fuck her daughter while she was there.

The yearning was complete when I got a chance and when I would enjoy the tender body of this virgin girl. But now I would have been able to hug and kiss Rupa in front of Divya too.
And that too, seeing how smiling I am going to enjoy her mother's youth.
She also knew that whenever she gets a chance, I also fuck her mother fiercely, she would get excited by hearing her mother's screams.

Then again one day Divya gets a call- Papa, Mummy and Ramya are going to see Babaji, I have falsely pretended my paper and I am not going.
Meaning she will be alone at home, at home.
I jumped with joy.

The day Rupa and Ramya went, I myself came and offered them both, saying, don't worry, I will take Divya to my house.

But I first offered them to Rupa's house. Divya was sitting there, I filled her in my arms as soon as I left - oh my dear daughter!
Having said that, I took a lot of kisses from him.
She was also very happy- Hey dad, what is this, you got impatient.
I said, oh my love, who would not be impatient to see your raw virgin body.

I kissed her a lot, sucked her cheeks, sucked her lips.
Then I assumed myself that hey man where this part has gone, I have till evening, do it comfortably.

I told Divya - son, do one thing.
She said - Dad, sir?
I said - this evening both of us will go to my house, but before that we will do all that we were thinking in our mind for so many days. So I wish that if both of us spend our time in this house by staying completely naked in the evening, so that I can see you nakedly with my eyes.
She said - you are my father, how can I refuse to talk about you.

When she got up to unbutton her clothes, I stopped her and stripped her by stripping off the same T-shirt, her lower, under-shirt and tights, and then herself was completely naked.
Father daughter today both were standing naked in front of each other.

I got Divya attached to my heart. She too clung to me and my cock was rising up by making its place in the middle of both of us.

Then I kissed all of Divya's body, kissed her mummies, kissed her belly, back, thighs all over the place. His whimper was also licked, his ass was also licked.

Of course, I wanted to do everything comfortably, but where did the greedy person have patience… I licked her girl with my tongue, she licked so much that she started to release water and I licked it with great fun.

Then I told him- son, will you suck my father's cock?
She said - I have never done this work, and to be honest, I find it all dirty.
I said - okay, don't suck, but if you do it will suck you?
She said - don't know, father

I went straight to the Diwan and took him upside down. Now I opened both his legs, set his cock on my mouth and before putting tongue in his hair I said to him- Divya son, hold Papa's cock in your hand and keep it near your mouth, if you do, then suck it. .

I knew that when I would lick it so much that it started to release a lot of water, then this girl would suck my cock on her own under the charge of work.

And the same thing happened… Hardly I would have licked his cock for two to three minutes, the grip of his thighs tightened on my face and the grip of his hand on my cock. And then I had a soft feeling!
When the touch of her soft, pink lips hovered around the top of my cocks, my heart woke up, my daughter had taken my cock in her mouth. I did not have to say anything to her, she herself kept licking and sucking my cock in her style.

It was also very hot and I too… then what was the delay!
I stopped him, took him straight on the diwan and said- Look son, now I will put my Aloda in your virgin girl. This is your first time, maybe there is some pain, so, my daughter, if you have pain, tell us, we will stop. But it is so sure that today I want to remove all my cocks in your cock, if you supported me, otherwise it is right.
She said - Dad, just do it comfortably, it even entered my mouth with great difficulty. There will be pain, but I will try to tolerate it.

I put a lot of spit on my cock, wet it well and then put it on Divya's virgin pink puddle.
Once the heart came 'Oh man, what is tearing a girl like daughter, but then I once looked up and said to God' Of course I am doing wrong things in the eyes of the world, but in my view it is fine, So keep your grace and give this girl the power to bear it all.

And then I thrust my waist, tearing my virgin Alvida's virgin hair and entered inside.
As if his eyes have come out.
Holding my shoulders, she only said this once - Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh… Papa… No!

But by then, the father of the father's cock had entered the daughter's cloak. She was in complete shock, but I was completely obsessed with work. Regardless of his pain, I pushed harder and penetrated my cock and his cock.

But now there was no painful scream from Divya's mouth, her eyes were torn, and face was torn and I used to force my cock in her body.
By the time Divya returned to her senses, I had pushed all my cocks into her Afuddi.

I had a strange pleasure in my mind, perhaps to break the seal of a 19 year old girl at the age of 50, or to have sex with my own daughter, to fulfill my desire for sex, or to have my own sweetheart daughter Chodane , Don't know what it was, but I was very happy.

I did not care about the pain of that girl, I could only see the happiness of my own heart.

After taking a little Divya said - Dad, what have you done?
I asked - what happened son?
She said - Papa looks like someone has ripped me in the middle, cut it with a sword. It looks like I will die.
I said nothing will happen son, this happens for the first time with every girl. But the next time you have sex, you will be very happy. This is just the first time, it will not happen again.

That girl was lying down on me imprudently. Looking at his face, he could feel nothing, except pain! And I was engaged to enjoy that erotic lustful prostitute, that girl like a prostitute.

I did not stop and kept fucking him till my goods fell. I got very relaxed by dropping my thick semen on his stomach, feeling of manhood.
Leaving him in the same condition, I went to the bathroom. First I saw myself by standing in front of the statue, then the mirror.

There was a disorder in my mind- oh wow, you tore the raw bud, what is it, brother-in-law, you are too big man, that too at the age of 50!

When I came back to my heart to be happy, Divya got up and went to the bathroom and stayed inside for a long time.
Then came out.
I fed him a glass of bournavita with warm milk and massaged his body with light hands with oil.
Then she became comfortable somewhere.

Around 5 o'clock in the evening I went to her house and told her wife - its health is bad, take care.
I once felt that my wife understood everything after seeing her situation.

My wife did her good service like her daughter, but she did not know that her husband and Divya's fake father are responsible for her situation.

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