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Teenage Girl Met And Fuck

Teenage Girl Met And Fuck

Today I am sharing my experiences with teenage girl with you, but before telling myself, I want to tell about myself.

I am from Sonepat district of Haryana adjacent to Delhi, although I do not want to tell more about myself but just want to tell that I am from the area of ​​Kundli Tehsil of Sonipat. I am not going to tell any girl to contact me for fucking. I leave it to them to decide for themselves after reading my story.

Let me come to the story:

This is the story of a teenage girl from me and my neighborhood village.
Let me tell you something about myself, my name is Mohit (changed). Height 6 feet full body… I have no interest in gym but I go to village gym with friends. By the way, I forgot to tell about my younger brother. Younger brother means my cock which is 7 inches long and 3 inches thick.
Let's start the case.

The story is of November last year when I started coaching a government job in Delhi.

When I started taking coaching, I did not know that this girl would take admission in my own batch because I saw her when I went for admission with my friend.

We both left the house very quickly, both of us went to the center and talked, but the mind was closed as it were. Then we thought that wherever we go and we will come there, we also liked it and we took admission there.

Then both of us were feeling very hungry, so we both went to a hotel.

When I called the waiter to place an order, he also joined me. I could not see his face. But the voice thought that she would be a pretty girl. So I tried to get up and look at him and I kept looking at him, he had put on a black shirt and blue jeans. My mouth was left open. Then my friend gave voice, so I sat back.

He asked- what happened?
So I jokingly said - son! Your sister-in-law is sitting there.
I had said this jokingly but she really became his sister-in-law.

My class started on 20 November. Some days after my start, I had just gone and made some new friends and I had forgotten that girl too. I was enjoying my life and study.

I met her in the DTC bus one day. When I was standing in front of him, he said from behind - do you have to get off?
When I got to hear the same voice again, I also immediately turned back and saw the girl standing behind me.
I told him - no I do not get off
And I put it forward.

When I saw her ass, I thought that it was absolutely sealed. Then it came to mind that even today, one can remain unconscious.
I did not see her again that day.

But the next day I saw him going to my class on the stairs.
Hey friends… I forgot to tell about that Hasina.
His name is Kajal (changed), his height is 5'9 ″. His figure is 32-28-32, the eyes are just like that, if someone looks once, they are lost.

When I saw her on the stairs, she too saw me and just gave a small smile and grew.

When she went to class, I looked for her but she did not see it. Those brothers who have taken coaching in Delhi will know that students are kept there like dogs.
Well let's proceed

Now he and I started meeting almost daily. When she was waiting for the bus, I used to go to her and talk to her. He told me his name in the talk and I took my name from him.

Then one day she was waiting for the bus to go to the class standing on the stand of Azadpur. The bus was very crowded that day. So I boarded it. But I left.
How I got into coaching. So at first she did not say anything.

While going, I went to him as usual. But I was not speaking anything today, so she herself spoke - I would have been late today if you did not come!
Then he finished saying he thanked me.
I felt like a current.

Then when the bus arrived, I boarded it again in the bus; He again gave the killer smile.

I was just dying. Till now I had treated him just like a friend. But what she was doing day after day, I was getting more attracted to her.

Then the next day he told me from far away; The two four prisoners who were standing there all looked at me.

I quickly went to her and took her in an e rickshaw. But the day had come quite early.
When I asked, he told that his watch was damaged, then he did not know the time.
Well I too left early that day.

Then I started talking to him because we had 2 hours to start the class.
He told that his father is an inspector in the Delhi Police and his brother is a sub-inspector.

In the same way, if I asked him for his mobile number, he refused. But he gave me his Instagram ID. Now we both started talking for hours.

Then he told me that his nineteenth birthday was coming.
I asked - when is it?
So he told.

Then his birthday also arrived. I asked her for treatment, at first she refused, but after saying enough she agreed. Then when we started going I gave the bill and I gave him a chocolate and a rose flower.
Maybe she too started understanding my feelings; He took those flowers without saying anything.

We both started sharing everything with each other. Then both of us sometimes started bunking class too.
We both went to the Red Fort… sometimes somewhere… sometimes… we had roamed all over Delhi.
February finally arrived.

I offered it to Mughalgarden on the 14th and he also said yes.
We were both very happy.
Now things started happening even more.

Our coaching was just one month away from completion.
I started talking about sex with her now and she used to enjoy it too. But she never gave a direct answer to those things.

One day, I told him - let's go somewhere, go for a walk!
So she said yes and we both went to visit Purana Qila.
I had made this plan because I knew that the Couples are sitting in the old fort garden.

So both of us also sat there. We both sat down on a tree. At some distance from the bush 'Uhh ... Ahhhh rest easy ... it hurts!' The sound was coming.
Kajal started speaking to go from there.
So we had to leave.

Then we went to 1 such place where no one was there. So I wanted to kiss him, but he refused and said - I am not going to do all this! Okay?
And she started going.
So I also let him go and I cut him short.

She now started trying to talk to me. So I used to speak to him 1 or 2 times. Now he also felt that he should have let me do it.

Now we both started talking sex related things again. She also openly started supporting me. Now she was letting me kiss. I used to kiss him whenever I got a chance. The fire was on both sides.

I somehow convinced her to have sex. At first she was not agreeing, but I too was a bastard, swore and refused.
Then Kajal asked- where shall we go?
I said - my friend has a flat, we will go to that.

Then I called my friend at night, but she also said yes. The next day we both went to his flat at 9 o'clock.
Kajal looked hot that day.

I opened the room's folk and gave him a cold drink on the bed.

Now I put my lips on her lips, she was also supporting me. Now both of us continued to kiss each other for a long time. I gently pressed her nipple then she sighed loudly and hugged me.

I kissed him for 10-15 minutes, then we both separated. I removed her t-shirt, now she was only in bra. She was wearing a red netted bra.
I asked her - you did not have it.
He said - had taken it yesterday only. I knew that you must be planning somewhere.

And as soon as she said this, she started kissing me and I was pressing her nipple. She was constantly shouting Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Ohhh….

Now I removed her bra; So I was lost in my dreams; I kissed him loudly and said - Till now I have not seen so much fun.
The teenage girl said, "Take Le Mohit ... After today, you have the right over them." They are waiting for you. Suck them and suck them hard!

Siski started coming out of his mouth- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… no longer going… do nothing fascinate… I will die.
Now his Siskaris started getting louder.
I told him - today I will fuck you as your bride.
He said- Whatever you have to do, hurry, I am not going now.

I removed her jeans and now she was left only in panties. I fingerfucked the panty so it was completely wet. I quickly removed her panty and started licking her tongue.

She was screaming loudly- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… Aaahh Ooohhh haha ​​ha!
He now started moving his finger in my head.

After licking pussy for 5 minutes, she was now pressing my head on her pussy. I understood that it was going to fall, so I started sucking it harder. He showered so loudly that my mouth was completely wet with his Kamaras.

She was calm now. I asked her to suck on my cock and did not agree. Then I thought leave it… Now this is our own property, I will kiss you when I want to.

Now I started rubbing my cock on Kajal's pussy, she started heating up again.
I went to Kajal and said in her ears - there will be some pain, take care.
He cleared me in the eyes.

When I pushed, the cock slipped.
She was smiling a little bit. I thought 'Maestro is making fun of this.'

Then I pushed again this time, only Topa got into her pussy.
She screamed loudly 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… ’
She said - do not make me take this out now.
When I explained to her, she agreed and if I kissed her, she became normal.

Now when I pushed another thrust, half the cock entered her pussy. Now his eyes were filled with tears.
I kissed her in the same way and when she became normal, she took another blow. This time the whole cock penetrated her pussy and the membrane was also torn and blood was coming from it.
I did not tell him about the blood.
But now she was crying.

I likewise started back and forth after stopping for 5 minutes. Now she was also supporting me. I was dying her pussy very loudly and she was saying - aaaah uuhhh ha ha ha… and loudly Chod my hole was very much under fire when I saw you in it.
I said - when did you see me?
So he said- First calm my fire; Then I will tell you comfortably.

I was also dying her pussy loudly and she was also supporting me by lifting her ass. She had fallen 2 times so far, but I was yet to be.
I was also scheduled to arrive after a 15-minute push up. I told him just where?
He said - inside.
And I fell inside him.

I lay on one side. Both of us were breathing very fast. We both were soaked in sweat. When I looked at him, there was a feeling of satisfaction on his face.
I asked- enjoyed it?
He said - I am yours from today. And when you say we will have fun.

We had sex 2 times that day. I kissed him and gave him his clothes. When she went to the bathroom and came out a bit fine, we both left. She went to her house and I myself.

I have fuck her many times but today she is not with me for some reason. I found out that he was married only two months after separating from me.
Now I do not try to contact him.
So friends, this was the true story of teenage girl in my life.

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