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Story of my first fuck-1

Story of my first fuck-1

This is my first story of Chodai with a woman from whom I had never met, nor had I ever thought anything about her, that such a woman would come in life.

My pace was so fast that if something was kept in the middle, it could break even. I was jerking with such a loudness that the sound of Pach Pach was coming from that pussy. Both of us were so lost in fuck that we did not know where we were… We forgot that someone was sitting outside.

Sorry… I started the story without telling you.

This story is between me and a woman from whom I had never met, nor had I ever thought anything about her, that such a woman would come in life.

Let me tell you about me first. My name is Dharmendra, I live in Udaipur. My height is 5 feet 9 inches. I am a 24-year-old handsome man who can see itching in everyone's pussy. Dear girls, looking at me, all of you can also finger in your pussy… because many girls and women have said this to me.

I do gym, so I have a good body.

This is the first internal story of my life. I have been thinking of writing a sex story for a long time. My friend was the first to tell me about immigration. I also started reading here's sex story. I started feeling good, so I made up my mind to share the incident that happened with me with you.

Since I am writing for the first time… if someone does not understand… or if there is some mistake then forgive.

When I was younger, I used to feel like a lot of sex. When I wanted to have sex, I used to watch porn movies secretly. When I used to watch dirty movies, I used to have a lot of mind to fuck pussy, but age was small, appearance was not good at that time… so no girl used to give me emotion. Neither did she see from the front.

At that time, I used to feel disgusted with myself why I am like this. Why i don't look good

Due to all these reasons, I had a lot of problem in my childhood in getting a girl. I shook my hand and satisfied myself. As age progressed, I began to understand. Although I still did not know what women want… or how girls are happy. How should girls get beaten up?

Then slowly I started going to the gym and made a good body. After that I started getting good response.

This is a living, living spice. Which is absolutely true and there is nothing but the truth in it.

One of the girls that I suddenly met who I had never even seen, and thought that I had come in such a life after that time when I used to go to the gym in the beginning. There was a beautiful girl near the gym, whose name I will not take… but she was an amazing girl in appearance. Whatever you praise him, it is less.

Was his eyes as deep as a cool lake to look at once, he got injured. His figure size was 36-30-36. When she used to walk, what was her ass… Was Mast a hot ass. Seeing her ass, the cocks of good people should be erected. Seeing his ass, I felt like just inserting my 7-inch head inside. Let her scream out. Just like this, the days used to come.

Whenever I used to go to the gym from there, I would not miss a chance to see it. Used to be happy just by looking at him. I only saw her, yet I knew nothing about her, who she is, where she came from… what is her name… what does she do. I did not know anything till that time.

One day I was watching him that he also saw me. I turned my eyes down and did not know what to take out the pen from the pocket, wrote my phone number on a piece of paper and threw the paper with my fist. After this, looked at him and went away.

I did not have much hope, just once the mind said and threw away the number.

However, nothing happened to him. Now this was my daily job. After returning from the gym, he used to come to his room… see him in his fantasies and sleep by killing his name. I used to pray in my mind that one day I will get it and press it on Chod. But our luck was tied with donkey cocks, nothing good was ever to be done. I had hoped that if something happens, something bad will happen… Good fuck has never happened. Where can I get such a good girl?

But you must have heard that if you want something from the heart, then all the work goes on trying to match it with you and it is not just the dialog, it is also a reality. Because until I did not have an accident, before that I used to think that nothing happens by wanting, there is no work.

Then suddenly something happened that I started to believe that it happens.

Do not turn the matter too much and come straight to the point.

I was lost in his thoughts as usual. Suddenly a call came on my phone. From there it was said in a mild voice- Hello.

I started wondering for a moment who is calling me.
Then I also replied - Hello… Say yes!
So she said that I am speaking Rubina.
(This is his fictitious name.
I will not reveal the real name) I asked shocked who Rubina?
So he said that I am the same rubina you see everyday and do not even talk. You were the one who wrote the number and threw it on the road.

As soon as I heard this, laddus started bursting in my mind and I started thinking about myself, why brother-in-law I have not talked to her yet… while she was ready to talk to me.

While handling myself, I said that I do not see you… I just work with my work. Go through there and come back

She said - Why… Let's not make it now… I know everything, why do you see me?
I also asked - you tell me no… Why do I look?
He also said mischievously - Don't be so naive now, as if you don't know anything.

This is how things started between us that day. Then he told that I am married here, my whole day is spent in this house. Neither do I ever go out, nor do I go anywhere. Just spend the whole day in the same house, doing household chores. My husband is also someone who does not have time to work, pay attention to me… love me… sex me, fulfill my needs.

I heard everything from his mouth.

When she told that her husband is not able to give her the happiness she should get. So I understood that the deal is without danger. It's just a matter of letting it have fun.

Such things started happening to us. She would tell me her sorrows. I also had to listen… because I had to kill her pussy and ass.

One day I told him - don't do such things, it is a straightforward thing ... I have wanted to have sex with you since I saw you.

Hearing this, she got angry and said- you keep thinking about me like this… I thought you were good… but you turned out like this. Do not call me after today

It is not often that the girl is sitting expecting something else from us… and we are sitting with some more. I had to have sex with him, so I said it openly. She too did not know or somewhere, because of the happiness she did not get from her husband in herself, it was okay to talk to me. She also needed sex, but she could not tell me.

Although she did not want to open up on the matter of sex so soon. Maybe I should have taken some more time to talk. But I did it very quickly.

When he told me not to talk to me, the matter spread. He stopped talking to me.

I thought how good the goods were received and what a mess they made, man… the goods were yours… Had you kept a little patience, everything would have been done.

Still there is tension in tension. I started to see her like before, but I don't see her like everyday. I started getting more upset.

Then suddenly four days later, he got a call at 4:00 in the morning. As soon as he called, he said - come to see me soon.
I said - so soon? What happened?
So she said - there is not much time… my husband is still asleep. Come here quickly, I am waiting for you. I am outside the house

Getting up in a hurry, I took out my bike and went near his house. I reached there in the dark of morning. As soon as I reached, she hugged me and started crying.

Rubina - Forgive me, I did not talk to you.
I said - I should apologize. I told you wrong, I should have thoughtfully said what you want from me.
She said- I want what you told me, but I do not know what happened at that time. I stopped talking to you

As soon as I heard this, I started kissing him. I was standing on the road and she was also standing with me. I could not think of anything there. I just started kissing him. This was the first time for me.

She knew everything because she was married. It seemed to me at that time, as if I had got the greatest happiness in life. I had never felt such feeling before today.

She was sucking my lips like this for many years.

Sucking her lips made my condition worse. My cock was so hard that if I penetrate the wall, then there is a hole in the wall. He had felt my cock.

I had caught him tightly and started licking the cocks in his stomach while standing there. As soon as I tried to touch her mother's mother, she stopped my hands.
Now he said - We are standing on the road.

Then I came to my senses and took care of myself.

He said - everything else later…

I was very angry at that time, but what could I do. I had to be disappointed… I came back home.

Now friends, the rest of the story in the next part. How did I fuck her and Chudai, then her husband came and then what happened… I will write you all in the next part.
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