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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sister's friend showing off panties

Sister's friend showing off panties

My greetings to dear friends right now. I am Rakesh from Nagpur. I am a 31 year old newly married man. I am a regular reader of immigration and I read all the stories that come in prayer.

Today I am going to narrate the true story that happened to me. This is my second sex story on immigration. I always love sex and some of my older sister's friends had also used it. Yes .. My sister's friends made me enjoy sex. You must have got some idea after reading this, which way my story is going to go.

This incident happened to me when my elder sister's friend naked me and had sex with me.

At that time I was nineteen years old. Then I was lean and did not talk to anyone much. Was the youngest and the least innocent in his class I did not understand some things quickly .. But when I grew up, my cock was always puffing up. My sister used to bathe me till the small class of school, then my cock used to stand up slowly. But I never thought wrongly then. That's why I considered everyone in the house and colony quite innocent and I was too.

Now I came in twelfth, my elder sister was also in big class. But by the time I reached the twelfth, I became very aware and interested in sex. I had also killed my cock several times, but till now I could never see any real pussy. I used to see fuck pussy mamma only in porn etc.

In my colony, there used to be a classmate of my elder sister, whose name was Preeti. Preeti and Didi used to go to college together and sometimes came to my house to study. That is why I used to talk to him only.

Preeti must have been some 20 years old, but her body was very big and magnificent. His milk was also very big and taut. I thought that anyone would shake his cock after seeing his sizzling tits and raised ass. Preeti had such a sensual body.

Due to good identity with Preeti, I used to visit her house many times and she used to call me as her younger brother. Initially, I always considered Preity as a sister. But later when I started having sex, I always started looking at Preeti's alcoholic body and started beating her mouth.

Whenever Priti used to call me to her house, after seeing her, she used to rub her bra or panty directly on her cock in her bathroom and hit her mouth.

It happened that Preeti was alone at home that day and was getting very bored. I also saw him coming from school, so he called me home with a voice.

When I went there, Preeti said - Today I am alone at home and I am getting bored.
I asked - where did Uncle Aunty go?
He told me - My mother and father have gone out for a wedding, so you come to my house after washing your hands and eating food, both of us will play cards.

I enjoyed playing cards with him. Why when I bent down and distributed the leaves, I used to become fond of my Titsi.

I went home early and after having dinner, told my mother and went to Preeti's house.

Preeti was probably waiting for me. I saw that she had changed her dress and now she was in front of me wearing a small frock. His little frock was showing the entire area from below his knee. I saw with hidden eyes that his leg had light hair and the whole leg looked absolutely blond. Seeing her feet, my cock was getting hard, but I could not do anything right now.

We both sat down playing cards on the bed. That day I came to Preity's house wearing half pants. Preeti was wearing a frock anyway, her frock reached her thighs just a little while sleeping. Seeing his soft white fair white muscular thighs, laddus started bursting in my mind. As soon as he sat down he hid his thighs by lowering the frock. By doing this, my mind got up from the cards and started going to sex.

Till now I had never seen a pussy, so my mind was getting very distraught. Then while playing, suddenly Priti's frock got up automatically or she did not know, she had deliberately lifted it, only she knew it.

Well, we started focusing on playing cards. We were also joking with each other while playing cards.

Then he said - Man, sitting here, I have swagger.
Saying this, she resorted to pillows and fell on one side. With this he folded his one leg completely and kept his other leg folded on top of it. By doing this, her frock did not go up much, but her panties started appearing straight to me.

Seeing her panties, my cock started to stir. My tent was made over my pants. Now my condition started getting thin. Instead of playing cards, my mind stayed on her panties. She was wearing pink panties. Perhaps he had not cleaned the hair of the pussy, so some dark black was visible from the top on the panty.

Preity did not stir much but she was showing her panties to me again and again.

I could not bear it now. I pretended to go to the bathroom and went to her washroom and started licking Muth with Preity's name. In a while, I took out the entire semen from the penis. Now I got some satisfaction. Only after seeing her panties and white legs, my cock had come out.

When I went back to the room, she was lying on the bed and asking - what were you doing in the bathroom for so long?
I postponed the matter and came back home in a while.

After two days Preeti came to my house and started saying that even today she is alone, so come to play cards.
When I reached her house in a while, I played the bell of her house. He opened the door.

I was surprised to see her .. Maybe today she did not wear a bra. She came out wearing a tight frock and her light nipple highlights were visible from the top of her tight frock.

We got busy playing cards again. Today I too did not wear underwear and went to his house wearing half pants and shirt like this.

After playing for a while, she again sat down with a pillow on one side of the bed and said that my waist is hurting more today.

With her sitting like this, I started seeing her panties again. My whole mind was about to open her panties and see her pussy. Today she was wearing blue panties. Now my mind was not playing cards at all. All my attention was on her blue panties.

After a while, she said that now I do not feel like playing cards, play some other game.
I also agreed.

Then he said - man, my waist is still very painful.
I also said to him- Bring me oil with a good massage.

I had a selfish interest in it, because I had to see it naked.

She quickly agreed to my point and went to the kitchen to get oil.

Then Dorbel rang and his cousin came home. The dream of seeing my picture could not be fulfilled even today. I was shocked But one thing understood that maybe she wants me to do something.

Two days passed like this. Finally on Sunday, my elder sister sent me to her house to return Priti's notes.

As soon as I played the bell of his house, his mother opened the door. She said - Yes, come in, Preeti is inside, she was saying to come for you. I am also going to Preeti's aunt's house. Preity's marriage is going to be confirmed, I have to go talk about it. Son, I will be late to come, if you have time, then you stay at my house.

I did not say anything to him, just smiled lightly and came inside.
At this time, Preeti's father was also on duty. Meaning that today she was alone again.

Preeti became very happy on seeing me. He removed the deck of cards and we started playing cards. I did not say anything about her marriage. Just today I was determined to fuck Preeti.

After playing for a while, she again put her feet on the side of the bed and today I started seeing her pink panties. My cock stood up again and started to twitch.

I was just thinking the way to see her pussy that she showed me her panty while raising her legs and said- Dude, my back pain is not going, today there is more pain. You suppress it a little bit.

I quickly asked him to lie down and pressed his hand on his waist.

Then he also said to press the back. I kept pressing her waist and back with all my heart. Although touching his body for the first time today, my cock was completely erect.

She then turned around and started speaking to press me on her feet and up. I slowly reached her thighs while pressing her feet. My cock was full and ready to tear pants.

So suddenly she got up and pulled me towards her. I could understand that she started kissing me from all sides. Perhaps she was too much for sex. I also started playing with his body. Both of us were not saying anything, just clinging to each other and taking pleasure in rubbing.

Then he slowly put his hand on my cock from the top of my pants. I also quickly put down my pants and gave him my cock.

Now the condition of both of us was getting worse. I also quickly lifted her frock and lowered her panty. Eventually, I got a glimpse of his pussy. She also had light hair on top of her bloated pussy.

The pussy I was always yearning for. That pussy was in front of me now. As soon as I put a finger in her pussy, she started to strut. 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… ’started coming out of his mouth. His pussy was heated like a hot furnace and white water was slowly coming out of the pussy.

I was now stroking her pussy and she was playing with my cock. Suddenly he turned the supara of my cock, it also caused me a little pain.

Then we came to the 69 position and we started kissing and kissing each other. She started caressing my Alore and I started licking her pussy. I also told him to suck my cock, then he refused. I did not say anything.

Now both of us were not going. I straightened him and started slowly inserting cocks in his pussy. She was also having pain while getting cocks inserted, but she was also getting cocks full of her pain. In a while, my whole cock was penetrated in her pussy.

After this, she started telling me to stop sucking my cunts. I started sucking his cunts while inserting cocks.

In a few moments, she faced the cocks and started licking her ass. He was not hurting anymore. When I pushed, she started bouncing ass from under me, with great fun getting my cock inside her pussy.

From his mouth 'Ah ah ah .. fuck me .. tear my pussy .. ah tear my pussy .. Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… ’was starting to come out. She was screaming all this again. My cock was made to tear his pussy, so I too was busy tearing it off in full swing. I had learned that maybe Preeti's pussy might not be found. Because it is going to be married.

Thinking of never getting him again, I started fucking him. Hot fuck started happening. Preity had fallen once in ten minutes of fucking. Eventually my cock gave up and I left all the semen in her pussy.

Both of us were filled with sweat and gasping and clinging to each other and fell down in the bed. Both of us got complete satisfaction. After some time we both separated and went to the bathroom and cleaned each other.

I stayed till his mother came to his house and he had to come back by late evening.

Due to this, after some time, I got charged again. She started playing with my cock lying on the bed. Lund's supra started to be lowered down again and again. Perhaps she too understood when cocks could be found again or may not be found, so she also did not want to leave this opportunity.

After lingering for a while, my cock became fully erect. She started telling me to lick pussy, so I came on top of her and started licking her pussy very leisurely. Now I also started to feel the juice of his pussy very well. I started biting her lips. This made her happy. I took her to paradise while licking her pussy. In a short time, he removed a lot of water from the pussy. I drank all his juice.

After this I asked her to suck my cock, but she started to refuse.
She said - you put it in the pussy, I can not suck cocks.

Finally, I thought it appropriate to put cocks in his pussy and started fucking him. This time the fuck was very good. She was also giving me fun after two breaks.

I got it four days later. Stayed. Her pussy was swollen due to a day's fuck and my cock was also starting to ache. But we both had great pleasure in fucking.

After that he did not get a chance to fuck because he got married soon.
I miss that fuck even today. I am also married, but still a dream remains incomplete that someone should suck my cock.

How did you like my story, please tell. After receiving your mail, I will write you stories of some of my sister's friends. Now allow me, soon I will be presented with a new story again.

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