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Sexy Stories: Junior Gives Her Pussy

Sexy Stories: Junior Gives Her Pussy

Free Hindi Sexy Stories I like it very much. I am telling you the story of my girlfriend's first fuck, in which I broke her seal. Have fun!
My greetings to all the readers before starting the story. This is my first story on the Sexy Stories site, so if there is any mistake in my writing, I am apologizing in advance.
I live in Satara, Maharashtra. I have brought before you an incident of my life. This incident happened a year ago in my life.
This is in those days when I was in the final year of graduation (B.Sc). My subject was Mathematics… I was very smart in reading and always used to stay second or third in class. I was also fond of sex along with study. Whenever I got time, I used to beat my mouth when I saw a blue film at home.
One of our aunts, who were a little educated, had a relationship with me. But she used to let her do it from above only… meaning she was limited to pressing milk, she would not let her do anything in her pussy. They were afraid that they might have children.
When I used to come, then I used to press her breasts and sometimes I used to do whatever. Aunty could not give me much time due to her family. I will explain all the activities done with him in detail in my next story. Now i come to my story
Our sir came in class one day and said that some students of the second year have some doubts. … And I have to go to the meeting now. I am asking Jayant to remove all their doubts. He will help everyone.
Then he called me and said- You should remove the doubts of all your junior colleagues in the class, I will explain the question in which you will not be able to help.
I said - okay sir.
I went to second year class that day, so there were only girls there. I asked him - which problems are not being solved by whom?
The first two girls asked for their problems. I solved them and told them. Those girls left.
Then one of them was a girl named Varsha (name changed). She came to me. I looked at her carefully, Rain was dusky in appearance, but she looked no less than a white girl. She was very straightforward, meaning she did not dress very much. Seeing her, I started feeling like a little bit of henu from the day she came to college. But I had never spoken to him.
When she came close to me, I was a little lost on seeing her. He did hello to me and woke up like I was from deep sleep. I blushed for a moment, then became restless.
He explained his problems. Apart from her, no one else was left to ask any problems, then the other girls also left the class.
I started to show how to solve all the problems of rain. It took me a long time and my hour was gone. But what I knew was that I was going to get Gurudakshina for this one hour.
In no time, college also got discharged, so I had to finish my class.
She started telling me that she gave her time for me.
I said - no such thing… while teaching you, I too have revision.
Hearing me, she started laughing in formality. While going he took my mobile number.
I gave the number, then he said that I can ask you the solution to the questions on the phone, isn't it?
I laughed and said- Of course you can ask me anything.
After that she would call me everyday and keep asking her problems. I would keep answering him.
Friendship had started growing in our midst, which we had not been aware of. But the whole college came to know. Both of us used to talk about education and the whole college started giving it the name of love. It was not known when we both fell in love while doing so.
In the meantime, she started speaking to me with love, because she used to learn mathematics mostly from me.
While doing this, one day I raised the topic of sex while chatting, then she went offline.
The next day I tried to talk to her in college, but she ignored me and went away. On the same night, his message came that I respect you, these things are not good between us right now. Will see all this after marriage.
I requested that I do nothing else, I should get my Gurudakshina.
He did not reply anything.
I was wondering if I had done it sooner. But I did not know that he took my words seriously.
Four days passed after that. Then one day his message came and he asked- Can you come to my house?
I asked - why?
His reply came - you have to give Gurudakshina.
I asked - will there be other people in the house too?
So she said - you come and go… everyone else will understand.
I understood what I had to understand from this. So I immediately said yes. I knew that something could happen today, so I took a packet of condoms while leaving.
I forgot to mention one thing here. Everyone knew about me and his friendship in his house. The people of the house of Varsha had a lot of faith in him too… so I knew that there would be no problem in my going to his house.
I reached her house and rang the bell. When the door opened, I could not control my cock. Was she looking good mast… She was 19 years old, but I was looking like that girl. He wore leggings below and a T-shirt above.
But as soon as I went in, my mood deteriorated. Because his younger brother was at home.
I sat on the couch. Rain gave me water and for a while we sat in the hall of the house. Varsha then reminded her brother of her tuition. He's gone.
After this Rain and I moved to her bedroom. There I started explaining the problem to him.
So my brother came and said - Didi I am going for tuition… Today is two hours of tuition, I will be late to come. You lock the door.
I was very happy to hear that. As soon as Varsha went to close the door, I went after him. As soon as he closed the door, I held him tightly from behind and pressed his breast.
Suddenly he felt like a current. But she kept herself and turned back, she said to me - what is the hurry… all of them walk slowly inside.
I picked him up and brought him to the bedroom. We locked the bedroom door… because her mother was going to come the same day and mother had the extra key of the house.
As soon as the bedroom was locked… after that I started kissing him. We kept kissing each other for the next ten minutes.
What a great feeling… We both had our eyes closed for ten minutes on their own and were playing their tongue with my tongue. I used to kiss her boobs too.
After that he removed all my clothes and took out my cock.
She got nervous on seeing the cocks and said- so big?
I asked him- how do you know how big it should be?
She said - I have also seen such a video.
I asked why did this… I was thinking you a good girl.
She said - My first fuck with a priest of lust like you who is going to happen. I knew and I understood you very well.
I smiled lightly. She also started laughing at me.
I said - now remove this wall from among us.
She smiled.
At the same time he started sucking my cock. She kept sucking my Aloda for the next 5 minutes. I fell in her mouth, she drank all the semen. I started to wonder that this was its first time, it also sucked cocks and ate the goods without any hesitation. I started to think that there is no meal in the house. I started to guess that it is not what it looks like. Then I thought that I should enjoy it now… I will count the kernels later.
After that I removed all his clothes. She did not wear bra and panty inside. I just kept looking at him. What his boobs were looking like.
I could not keep up, so I started sucking a mango. What started sucking milk… That alcoholic sizzle started filling up. I was also repeatedly biting her mummies with my teeth, which caused her a sweet pain.
After a while my cock was erect again. Now I took my mouth towards her pussy.
Hi, what was her cool pussy… She had also cleaned her pussy, she was shining more than that. He told that he had also done this cleaning by watching a video.
I licked her and started fucking her with my tongue in her pussy. In the beginning, I got a little dirty smell.
After that I said to him - let's go to the bathroom… and clean your pussy first.
She understood and went towards the bathroom.
I followed him back. I started cleaning her pussy with water myself. While cleaning the pussy, I put a finger in her pussy. She shouted as soon as her finger was inserted, so I panicked. I felt that no one could come by shouting his scream. So I took out my finger and sat back on the bed in the room.
After that I came to notice that there is no one in the house, so I panicked.
I started going towards the bathroom again, but by then she herself came out.
As soon as he came, I picked him up and started kissing. While kissing, I put her on the bed and started licking her pussy again.
Now I was having more fun than before and she was now filling up with loud cops. She was pressing my head with her legs. I was also having fun… I licked her pussy for ten minutes, then she fell. I drank all his water.
After that, neither of us was going to live. Taking that action, he said - Guruji, I am not tolerant anymore… You break my seal with this big weapon.
When I put a condom on the cocks, she said - I have to see if I enjoy sucking the cocks after applying the condom.
As soon as he spoke, he put my condom in his mouth and started sucking cocks. I did not feel anything good… but he was feeling good. Because I offered a condom with strawberry flavor and she loved strawberry.
After about five minutes, he said - now go ahead Guruji.
I was waiting for the same thing. I spread her legs and set my cock on her pussy. If I pushed, the lump of cocks got stuck in the pussy slits.
She screamed loudly and started pushing me back, but I thrust my cock in harder again.
This time she shouted more loudly Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh… because her seal was broken at the time of this shock.
When I took my cock out, a lot of blood came out. I cleaned the blood with a cloth, but my cock and her pussy had not calmed down yet.
Once again we started fucking. This time she started supporting me after a little pain. I grabbed her breast with one hand and started pressing. Here we started doing anything with Chudai. Because of this, the pain was over. But my cock was still not able to go inside her pussy.
After some time I put a pillow under her waist, so that she came in the right position. Then I set my cock and started fucking him.
At this time, she became very sexy and a sweet voice started coming out of her mouth.
"Ah Guru my darling ... wipe out the fire of your rain today my sexy teacher, give me Chod!"
She started talking a lot with pussy fuck. I was also enthralled by his lust filled Siskar. Now I started to put my shots and with full force inserted my cock in her pussy, so she screamed very loudly and started pushing me away.
But I continued my game. Slowly she started supporting.
After about ten minutes of fucking, I released the semen. After the loss, he and I stayed on the same bed.
After some 15 minutes she got up and started going towards the bathroom, so she was not even going to go.
I told him - come here.
I could see her ass now. I said that I have to put cocks in your ass.
He did not burst. She said - I want one more time, but take Chod Chod, but will not let you put it there.
I pulled him on top of me and took position again, I was going to put my cocks in his pussy.
Then she said - change the condom then Guru Ji.
Both me and he started laughing.
Then he changed the condom and we both started fucking again. This time after 15-16 minutes I released my semen.
She said - Now just do it ... it's time for the mother to come.
I said - okay.
I went to the bathroom to come fresh and she also came fresh.
But my desire to kill her ass was incomplete. When I spoke to him, he said - OK… but do everything from above this time… meaning the whole will not be naked.
We both took off our pants. I told him - will you get some oil?
He brought oil. I put it on her ass. I installed the last remaining condom. Despite the smoothness of the condom, he applied oil on it and slowly pushed the supara in his ass.
This time she started screaming a lot, but I applied a little more oil, due to which she started screaming a little less.
I fuck her ass for about 5 minutes and now I and she came out in the hall after being fresh.
His mother arrived in the next ten minutes. We had good luck
Mother said, son Jayant, you have not gone yet!
I said - No aunt, that rain has become a little weakness, so she said that stop till mother's arrival.
Rain also said yes to me. After that I went home. But the rain could not come to the college the next day due to weakness. After that, whenever his family members used to stay in the house… only he could do it at that time. But when no one lived in the house, I used to fuck her fiercely.
After that, I fucking him many times. Then to a friend of Varsha, how I Choada… I will tell this in my next story.
How did you like my story, let me know. Keep reading free sexy stories and keep enjoying.

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