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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Sex with boyfriend in hotel

Sex with boyfriend in hotel

I had sex with my boyfriend in the hotel! how? My office friend has many boyfriends, she kisses them a lot. He aroused my lust by telling me things and…

Hello friends, my name is Sony. In my family, I and my mother and father have a brother. I have a simple family but we live very well. my brother is older than me. My mother is a housewife and the father has his own work and the brothers work.

I also work in a good place which my brother has got. My brother and I both go to work together. I used to go to office with my brother and used to come from office with my brother.

I keep myself very well meaning I am very beautiful. My figure is also very good and my ass is a bit sexy. Meaning that when I walk, my ass moves up and down. My nipple is very big and I eat and drink at home, so my figure is very good.

I keep a lot of people staring at the office. In the office, a girl named Maulishree became my friend and we both mingled with each other. The girl was very active and had many boyfriends in the office. She enjoyed the most.

I also started talking with a boy Jagesh in the office and while staying with him. My brother did not know that a boy in the office has become my friend. My friend Maulishree used to talk very openly and while staying with her, I was also open.

One day when I was sleeping in my room, the light was on in my brother's room. Brother always forgot to turn off his room light, so I went to his room to turn off his room light and saw that brother was beating his mouth after seeing porn in his mobile.

I came out seeing this from the window. Seeing my brother, I also wanted to watch porn in my mobile, so I started watching porn in my mobile.

There was already porn in my mobile because the girl who became my friend in my office used to send me porn forever. When her boyfriend used to send her porn videos, she used to send me. I had become so bad only after befriending her that I used to sleep only after watching porn on mobile and finger my pussy.

While staying with my office friend Maulishree, I sometimes used to go to hide in hiding from my brother. Maulishree used to live some distance from my house and she used to come from her scooty, so both of our friends used to go for the day when we were away.

I used to talk to my office boy and on the advice of Molly, I started going with him.

We both went to hang out one day and Jagesh asked me to make him his girlfriend. At that time I did not say anything to him, but the next day after asking my friend, I said yes to him.
And now both me and Jagesh started talking with each other everyday.

My sister Molly used to tell me how she enjoys sex with her boyfriend, so I also wanted to fuck her and my pussy would get wet. I used to ask Molly how she would tell everything openly.
The lust in me was awakened and I wanted to fuck me too. I used to finger my pussy every night but now I wanted to have sex more than my finger.
My friend told me to go to the hotel and have sex with my boyfriend because she too used to go to the hotel with her boyfriend and have sex.

One day, my boyfriend Jagesh told me while doing that he wants to have sex with me. We were with each other for a long time. I also wanted to have sex, so I agreed. Both of us decided to go to the hotel told by my friend. I was very happy that today I will get to fuck with cocks because I was completely bored while doing finger in my pussy. I used to feel like fucking with cocks.

Both me and my boyfriend went to the hotel and took the room. After going to the hotel room, we started kissing each other. He was pressing my ass while kissing me.

Then we both removed each other's clothes and we went naked. I had become so hot that my pussy had become wet, water was coming out of my pussy.

My boyfriend Jagesh took me to bed and started sucking my nipple. After sucking my nipples, he put his tongue in my navel and started kissing her. I also got hot and started taking Siskaria.

Now he put his tongue in my pussy and started licking my pussy. I started filling Siskariya with more enthusiasm Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… and started rolling my fingers in her hair.

We both started getting restless for having real sex in the hotel room. After licking my pussy, putting half of my cock in my pussy, my pussy started fucking. I was in pain initially, but when he put all his cocks in my pussy, I started taking Siskariya loudly. He put his lips on my lips so that my Siskaris would not go out of the hotel room.

He started kissing me and putting his cock in my pussy stopped for some time. When I became normal after some time, Jagesh started fucking me. I also started supporting him and after picking up his ass, started taking his cock in his pussy.

Both of us lovers started having sex. Sometimes we were kissing each other and sometimes we were hugging each other loudly.

I was missing my friend. She used to say that it is very fun to have sex and it is really fun to have sex.

I was taking Siskaria along with having sex with my boyfriend. He pressed me tightly Chodate Chodte my Siskariya became more sharp. My boyfriend was fucking me and I was rashly fucking him.

Shortly after, both of us were having sex and fell for a while.

Once after having sex, Jagesh ordered coffee and after some time the waiter brought coffee for us. When the waiter came to the room, I went to the bathroom because I was naked and he went away with coffee and my boyfriend gave him a tip.

We both tasted coffee. There is a big TV in the hotel room. Was engaged and we both T.V. Started watching We both love romantic songs so much, we were watching romantic songs.

My boyfriend and I were both naked and he was pressing my nipple with me in his arms. Me and my boyfriend, we got hot to have sex again and we started kissing each other.

My boyfriend was kissing his lips and I was kissing his lips. We were kissing each other. After kissing me, Jagesh started rubbing my boobs and I started shaking his thick cock.
My boyfriend started licking my pussy after rubbing my nipple and after that he put his two fingers in my pussy and started going out inside.

I started taking Siskariyas and I felt like having sex. He put his cock in my pussy and was pushed hard into my pussy, then I screamed and in a while I started filling the seats - ah ui ui ah!
And he put his cock in my pussy and started fucking my pussy.

My life was lost because he was pushing very hard. His cock was going inside my pussy and I was making loud sounds. We were both having sex and I was lifting my ass and taking my boyfriend's cock in my pussy.

Then while doing sex we changed the position, I became a mare and my boyfriend followed me and after licking my pussy, put my cock in my pussy. Jagesh was rubbing my ass and fucking me.
In a short while we had sex while having sex, our water had gone out and both of us were tired and lay in bed. We did not know when we got sleep after doing such a powerful pussy fucking.

It was already evening when we both woke up. I was feeling great after having sex twice.

I went to the bathroom to clean my pussy, cleaned myself well and after that I put on my clothes.

Jagesh had also woken up, he returned to the bathroom and after some time he put on his clothes. We both sat and talked in the hotel room for a while and after that we came out of the hotel room.

I had hidden my face with a cloth tied over my mouth. We came out of the hotel and went to a garden and while sitting there for some time kissed each other's arms.
And after that, my boyfriend and I came to our respective homes.

When I told my friend about my hotel sex to Maulishree, it was too hot and she too went to the hotel the next day for sex with her boyfriend.

Now both of our friends share their sexuality. We both work in the office together. Maulishree has changed a lot of boyfriends in such a day, but I still fuck her.
My friend tells me to make new boyfriends. If I made a new boyfriend, I will definitely tell you my sex story.
How did you all like my hotel sex story? You all mail me and tell me. If you give all the feedback, I will tell my other story too.

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