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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Sex for the first time: the story of broken seams of cumsin pussy

Sex for the first time: the story of broken seams of cumsin pussy

Read in my sex story for the first time how a boy of a relative of my aunt took me to the hotel room and broke the seal of my kamasin bur, made me flower from bud.

Hello readers, my name is Parul and I am 21 years old. I am from Delhi, I am a very cool girl. Boys go mad after seeing me.

Today I will tell you my first sex story, when I had sex with someone for the first time. I will tell you the whole thing in detail.

This is the case of those days when I went to my aunt's house on holidays. I stayed there for a few days. When I went there, some other relatives of Bua also came to the same day. A boy had also come with him, his name was Raj.

One night while I was preparing to sleep. We were all fixing our beds to sleep in the same room. Also, we were all talking among ourselves. After some time we all fell asleep.

At that time it was around 11:00 in the night. Then Raj, who was sleeping near me, touched my foot. When I said nothing, he started to touch his feet more often. All this went on for a while. Then I turned away from him, but he was still coming to me. This is what happened that night. But why did he not like me?

The next day he took his bed closer to me. When I looked at him, he pressed me lightly. I smiled on my lips.
He became happy.

That night when all the people slept deeply, then he came to me. As soon as I came close to it, I was scared at first. He held my hand and kissed me. I loved it somewhere, because of which I remained silent.

After some time we both fell asleep. After an hour, he broke away from me and slept, but while leaving, he rubbed my tits and placed a kiss on my lips. I loved it all.

The next morning he was going to his house. He gave me his number and then for a few days we kept talking like this on the phone.

Once he asked me to meet him too, so I said yes to him. Then both of us made a plan to meet in Delhi and we came to meet in the hotel.

I did not think at that time that I would have sex with her for the first time. I went to meet just like that.

As soon as we both went to the room. Raj started kissing me. He was kissing loudly on my lips. I was feeling very good. Then he started insisting on taking off my clothes. I refused at first, but the way he was touching me, he could not stop me. I took off my clothes.

Then the secret started kissing me everywhere. After a while he was sucking my moms very hard. I was enjoying it very much. I was starting to feel his erect cocks too. Something like that was starting to flare up in me.

For some time, he continued to suck like this, he kept sucking my milk and kissing me from place to place.

Then Raj took off his clothes. Seeing him like this, I got mad and hugged him. He was a very cool man. His wide chest started filling me with lust.

The cocks were being drowned in his tights. He held my hand and put it on his cock and stuck me on his chest. My bare milk was rubbing from his chest. I was not conscious at this time. My hand was being caressed by his cock.

He dropped me on the bed and climbed on top of me and started kissing me, sucking my mummies.

With this my sensual lapses started coming out. Then he hovered over me and started rolling on my pussy. It made me feel very good. I felt so good on my pussy that I can not tell by writing if I want. I was now going to sex for my first time.

Then he put his lips on my pussy while going downstairs. I just got mad. Siskaris started coming out loud from me. In his own tune, he was sucking the slices of my pussy and pulling it very hard. I too had fully opened my legs and started grabbing her head with my hands and pressing her in my pussy. I had no awareness of what was happening to me.

My sex was very much increased and my sighs gave color to the atmosphere of the room with lust.

He too, without wasting much time, set himself in the position of fuck between my legs.

Then he rubbed and lured the betel nut of his cock into my pussy. His cock was very hot, due to which my sensual ah became even faster.

He started putting it in my pussy while pressing on the cocks.

Today, I had never had sex before, so his fat cock was not going inside my pussy. He tried many times, but the cock did not go inside.

Then he caught me vigorously and stretched my pussy with a little hand and slowly stuck my cock. Now he held his hands on my shoulders and slowly started jerking. This time I felt that his cock was going in my pussy.

After some time, when half of his cock penetrated my pussy, I felt as if my pussy was torn from below. I started getting pain and I started crying.

I told him- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… there has been a lot of pain… please don’t.
But he did not agree.

He pushed a little more and inserted his whole cock into my pussy. I screamed with pain as soon as his entire cock penetrated. He stopped immediately.
I painfully told him - ah I died… you get it out quickly ..

He stopped, but he did not pull the cocks out. Now he started kissing me and started drinking my boobs. Then when I became normal, it slowly started jerking off.

Now I started having fun and I started running my ass. Sound started coming from my mouth- Ah Raj… Do it loud and fast .. I am enjoying it.

He started to fuck faster. I was enjoying it very much. I was very mad. Raj was now starting to jerk very loudly. After a while I became so mad that I started jerking him down.

The storm subsided shortly after. We both broke free.

After the loss, I woke up and saw blood coming out of my pussy and was in a lot of pain. He cleaned my pussy and lay next to me.

We lay like this for a while.

Then he asked to do one more time. I was scared

But he started kissing He was sucking my lips, my neck, boobs everywhere. He even put a finger in my pussy.

I again became uncontrollable and started kissing her.

He told me - this time you come over me.

I did that, I came over it. His cock was feeling on my stomach. The cock was very thick and very tight.

He said keep your pussy on top of it and sit down.

I was afraid to take cocks, but I was also having a lot of fun. So I grabbed his cock and put it on my pussy and started sitting on it. I still had a little pain, but I didn't care about it. I took all his cocks in my pussy and my siskaris started coming out.

I got mad and started jerking off loudly. Now I was enjoying it very much. I was feeling as if I had got all the happiness of life. It is really fun to have sex.

Raj was speaking from under me - Parul jumped loudly!
The more he spoke to speed up, the more I used to bounce and the louder my siskaris were coming out.

While doing this, after ten minutes I felt as if there was mud in my pussy. All the water of Raj was left in my pussy. Then we both separated. I cleaned everything. We both fell in love for a while. Then got up and put on his clothes and came home.

I still remember everything for the first time. I was very happy that day. In this way both of us had sex many times.

How did you like my first sex story, it is absolutely real. I feel very much about having sex now. Any reader who wants to know more about me, or wants to talk to me, can email me.

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