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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Sex enjoyment with neighbor aunt

Sex enjoyment with neighbor aunt

Hi Friends, I have brought before you the true story of my life of sex with Mohit my neighbor aunt. That is. I am from Kuchaman We are 4 people in my family. Me, my younger sister and mommy dad.

A family lives in the house near our house. I call him Uncle aunt. Uncle Aunt had been married for 7 years and he also has a 3-year-old boy.

Our house is next door, so our relationship with them is like home. Aunt keeps coming to our house. Aunt is the mistress of a very beautiful body, figure of the aunt is 34-32-36, when aunt walks, her ass and booby makes everyone crazy.

I loved aunt very much from the beginning, aunt used to keep coming to our house, so I used to talk to her very well. Aunty also knew about my girlfriend. The aunt was very open-minded, so I sometimes used to turn my hand on the neck and ass of the aunt, which I liked very much.

One day the aunt's phone was damaged, then she came to our house and started calling from our home landline phone. But the aunt did not get a call, then he asked me to call me. On the pretext of putting the phone, I started to shake the phone after touching the ass of the aunt and setting my phone from above on the ass of the aunt started calling. I called the aunt and gave it.

By the time the aunt was talking, I went to the bathroom to kill the aunt's name.

I sat in my room and the aunt also sat down with me and we both started talking and we started talking about sex. I asked the aunt about her sex life.
Then aunt told - your uncle does not have sex at all, just keep on working all day. They only fuck me 10-12 times a year. Nowadays, they do not have sex at all.

Then I jokingly told the aunt - should I help you?
The aunt went to her house with a killer smile.

Then after a while when I went to aunt's house, aunt's baby was sleeping and aunt was correcting the bedsheet in another room. I caught the aunt by going from behind the aunt.
Then the aunt started speaking to me - this is not right, someone will come.

In the meantime, the aunt turned around and my lips met her lips as soon as the aunt roamed. I started kissing, but aunt started trying to get rid of me.

And when I did not leave, the aunt also started supporting me. Now I started pressing Bobe on top of aunty's kurta and aunt started taking out ahhhh. In the meantime, my mother got a call, so I had to go and I came to kiss the aunt and said to them - you look very good in a salwar kurta.

Then the next day aunt came back to call with her baby. Then she came in a black salwar kurta. What a doom she was feeling in that dress, what should I tell friends!

At that time there was no one at my house and aunt told me to call me.
So I put the phone and gave the phone to the aunt. And today I also sat near the aunt and started playing with aunt's body. Sometimes I used to turn my finger on his lips, sometimes on the neck, then slowly I put my hand inside the kurta of the aunt and pressed his bobe. While pressing his bobe, I opened the hooks of the aunt's bra and now I started cutting the aunt's bobe from my lips from the top of the kurta.

Then slowly I started licking the navel while turning my hand on the navel and the aunt also started slowly warming up and she too started putting her hand in my T-shirt.
Then I slowly opened the pulse of aunt's salwar and started caressing aunty's pussy from above the panty.

I saw that the aunt's pussy had become watery. Then I gently put a finger in the pussy and took it in my mouth and then gave the same finger in the aunt's mouth. Now I removed aunt's panty and started looking at her pussy.

At this point, the aunt disconnected the phone and started kissing my lips very hard. Aunt started supporting me completely and slowly removed all my clothes.
The aunt kept looking at my 6 inch long and 3 inch thick land, then she said - My husband is only 4 inches.
And she started caressing my land.

Then I brought the aunt to my bed in the dock and lying on her bed, we both started kissing each other.

But luck did not support us. At this point, the son of the aunt started crying and someone rang the doorbell.
So I quickly dressed and I went to see outside, then the postman came out to give the post. I came back with the post.
But by then the sister-in-law also got her clothes corrected and she went to my house by saying sorry to me because the aunt had to go to take her sister-in-law, then she left.

Now because of her sleep, I could no longer go to her house.

Then 2 days later my family moved to our village for 5 days. Someone was married there. I did not go with them. So the mother went away speaking to the aunt to take care of me.
Uncle also went out of his business. For this reason, aunt's sister came to aunt's house.

So I was alone at home, then aunt called me to her house to eat food. I left. At this time, aunt was looking cool in a black gown. I was thinking that I am going to hold my chod now… but I could not do it due to my sleep.

Then we sat and ate food and talked for a while.
Then aunt said - You too sleep here. We are both alone at home.
That's why I stayed there too.

Then aunt and aunt's sister-in-law and their baby slept in one room and I slept in another room.

I was not feeling sleepy, I was just reading the stories of intercourse on the mobile and beating the mouth of the aunt's name, that was when the aunt came into my room.

So I started kissing the aunt loudly with my arms. She was also supporting me. Then I used to kiss aunt's gown and started pressing her boob.

Then I took off the aunt's gown and started pressing and licking her 34 ″ mums from above the bra. At that time aunt looked very beautiful in black bra panty. Then I removed the aunt's bra panties.
Aunty also removed all my clothes and we started seeing each other's naked body. Now I and aunt were ready for sex.

And again we both started kissing each other. Now I started rubbing the aunt's boob with my hands, pressing the boob of the aunt with one hand and sucking the other boob in the mouth. I started to take such turns and aunt also started taking Siskaris very loudly.

Now I started caressing aunty's pussy with my one hand. Aunty's pussy had become watery. Now I started licking Auntie's pussy. Putting my hand in my hair, she started pressing on her pussy very loudly and lashed out loudly while taking ah uhooh siskaariya.
I cleaned her pussy with licking.

Then aunt also started licking my lund in the mouth. She was licking my land like a porn video, sometimes she used to lick the tongue on the top of my land, sometimes she would take the whole land in the mouth. When the aunt was licking my land, I had gone to heaven only.

In a short time, the aunt left my semen in the mouth and the aunt cleared my lund of chaat chaat.

Then both of us started kissing again. Now I started rubbing one of the aunt's hands with my hand and started sucking the other bobe in the mouth.
Then the aunt started speaking - could not bear it anymore. Give a quick fuck

Then I put some oil on the aunt's pussy and put some oil on my land and put it in the aunt's pussy. But aunt had not had sex for a long time, due to which her pussy was tight.
So I pushed the land with one hand with a tight grip. The topa of my land went into aunty's pussy and she started screaming loudly Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… and she started speaking to get out the land.

I put my lips on aunt's lips and started kissing for a while. When the aunt was normal, she started to back her Gand.

Then I slowly started pushing. Then, with a loud push, my land went to the roots in the aunt's pussy and tears started coming from the aunt's eyes. Then I stopped for a while and kissed the aunt.

When she became normal, I started fucking her slowly. In the meantime, the aunt got into a fight with the Siskar. Now due to the loss of the aunt, the voices of pach pach started coming from the pussy, which were echoing all over the room.

And now I also accelerated the speed of the bumps, so now my land was hitting the aunt's daughter directly, which made the aunt enjoy it more.
Now I was going to be, so I asked the aunt - where should I put my juice?
So she said - put it in my pussy, she has been thirsty for a long time!
Then, with a few minutes of banging, I and Aunt both collapsed simultaneously.

Then I lay on the aunt for a while.

I kissed the aunt, lay down on the side and started talking to the aunt.
Then I told him to fuck her sister-in-law, then she said - I will talk to her.

Just then I got my eye on the gate. Her sister-in-law was watching us at the gate and was pressing her boob.

I ignored his sister-in-law and started fucking Aunt aunt very hard. The sound of Fuch Fuch was echoing throughout the room. Aunt was moaning while I was fucking aunt.

Auntie opened her legs and said - Ah is enjoying… and fuck Chodo and loud!

When my semen came out, the aunt at that time also released her water. All my semen came out in his pussy.

Now the aunt was afraid that if she does not get through her stomach, then the next day she had also taken a kiss from her husband and aunt became pregnant. I got a son from my fuck, which later he told me that this is my only child. After the baby was in the stomach, aunt had left from there.

Well, that is the latter case, I will tell it again sometime.

Right now, the aunt first got her ass full of fun. Then when I told him that your sister-in-law is also a child.
They asked me - how do you know?

I turned the face of the aunt towards that window, where she was standing and mashing her mother.
Auntie was hesitant for a moment, then she asked her sister-in-law to come into the room, she came in the hot laundry room.

Then both of us together tasted the sex of aunt's sister-in-law. Since her sister-in-law was still sealed packaged goods, the aunt felt that the opening of her pussy was necessary, otherwise it could have slandered her.

I filled her in my arms and started kissing her. In no time, the aunt took her completely naked. I took him under my cock.

As I wrote that this was her first time sex, so as soon as I caged cocks, she started screaming very loudly. Aunt pressed her mouth and told me to fuck at full speed. In a while, her sister-in-law's seal broke and she too started enjoying sex.

In two days, I gave all holes from her ass to her pussy and mouth.

Now all three of us were enjoying sex with fun.

Five days later I came to know that the mother would take two to three more days. I just got these watches for fun and for a few days.

Aunt had become like my mistress, I enjoyed all kinds of fuck with her.

How did you like the story of sex with aunt, please tell me by writing a mail.

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