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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Real sister's daughter Teenage Girl Chod quenched thirst

Real sister's daughter Teenage Girl Chod quenched thirst

Friends, my teenage niece came to stay at my house for a few days. He was 19 years old. She was very good to see. I had never seen him with this vision before today.

Today when I notice one thing, she was talking to me a lot. When my wife and I used to talk, she kept looking at me and smiling again and again.
I am 42 years old. I have a wife and a son in my family.

Those were winter days, one day in the evening I was sitting talking with my wife and my niece. The three of us were sitting on the same bed and had blankets on our legs. Suddenly, my leg went between his legs and started hitting his legs. I thought that it was my wife's feet, but after some time I came to know that my foot was hitting my niece's legs and she was not opposing me. Rather, he had placed his thigh more on my leg.

Just friends, from here on my mind changed thoughts for him. When I started caressing her thigh with my money, she smiled upon seeing me. After that we started preparing for sleep. My son was asleep next to my wife.

I would like to tell you that my wife is very open minded and she speaks sexy things to me. Regarding fucking others, she also says that if you fuck someone, I will be very happy to see you.

Meanwhile, I jokingly told my wife and my niece, man, the winter is not too much….

On this my wife jokingly said - I do not, ask your niece.
Then my niece said - Mamaji, when I am refusing. You have to sleep, sleep anywhere… come to me.

Without delay, I immediately came to my niece's bed and lay down with her. I turned off the room light as I lay down. My wife had understood that I would enjoy the erotic body of Teenage Girl.

After about 10-15 minutes I felt that my niece had fallen asleep, she was backing towards me. Only then did I resist him and put his hands on him, so he did not protest. Now I lay exactly behind him and lay down. My cock was erect and seemed to be in the crevice of its cocks. My cock was completely erect and was touching my niece's pussy. She was still not protesting.

Then I took one hand forward and applied it on her mummies. Ah… there were cool boobs for the perfect round-up. Friends, now my courage was increased. I put one hand inside her suit and grabbed her bare mother and started caressing slowly. Seeing no opposition from him, I straightened it out.

She was now lying down. I slowly put her kurti up all over and bare both the cocks. After barefooting both the mummies, I gently put my lips on one of her feet and started sucking her in my mouth.

His heartbeat had intensified. I knew that she was awake and enjoying herself. His breath was also fast.

After sucking her mummies for some time, I shoved one hand in her salwar and placed it on her pussy, then I realized that her pussy was wet at all. I understand that it is hot.
I thought it was a virgin right now, no sex with anyone… There would not be complete play here. My son also slept in this room. The second room was almost empty. I caressed her pussy for some time.

When I realized that it is completely hot now, I said softly in his ear - let's go to the next room.
As soon as I said this, my sister got up and reached the equal room. I also reached the room from behind. On reaching the other room, I put the bed down.

Meanwhile, I lightly opened the window that opened from that room to another room so that my wife too could enjoy our fuck. As soon as I went to another room, I laid him on the bed below. Then he and I took off all our clothes. We were both completely naked. My niece was absolutely desperate to fuck me with cocks.

After naked my sister's daughter, I noticed that she looked very sexy and beautiful. His legs were absolutely round and hard. Her pussy was very bulging. It was fun to see the bloated bur.

I could not control myself after seeing him. I immediately licked her and climbed on top of her and started sucking her mums again. She was slowly taking alcoholic cigarettes.
Now I asked my niece - how do you feel?
He said - Mama ji is enjoying a lot… Do something next.

After sucking her mummies for some time, I came down and saw her legs spread, so that her pussy was bulging with water. I spread the cracks of her pussy with both fingers and then widened.

What a sexy scene… I can't say. It was absolutely pink pussy. Mild cries began to appear on her pussy. The puffy pudding looked like a perfectly puffed bread. I kept looking at Bhanji's pussy like my daughter. I was getting it right in my pussy, I will give my cock in the pussy, but I knew that now it is without fucking… so I will have to fuck with a lot of love.

Friends, let me tell you that my cock is also 7 inches long and quite thick. I knew that it would have to be open with lots of love. This big cock will not be able to take it comfortably.

I spread her pussy crack with finger and started licking her pussy with my tongue.
My tongue bounced as soon as it was in her virgin bur.

I started licking her tongue by putting some tongue in her pussy. His pussy was already soaked with water… There was absolutely salty water, which I was licking. The smell of tenderness was felt by the pussy. I was getting completely wet pussy to lick me. I was licking her pussy with fun. She was taking Siskariya by leaping ass. She was putting her one hand on my head and pressing my mouth on her pussy.

Then he told me - uncle, now I am not tolerated… do something quickly!

After licking her pussy for some time, I said- My dear niece, enjoy licking my cock too.

As soon as I said this, he immediately started sucking my cock with my mouth. My cock was drenched with water, but she had licked the whole cock and cleaned it. She was licking my cock like ice cream.

After licking my cock for about 5 minutes, he took the cock out of his mouth and said - Mama ji, it is very fat, my mouth is sad… Now please do something below.

I made him lie down and widened his legs. Sitting in the middle of his legs, with the fingers of his hand spread the crack of her pussy. The betel nut of his cock was set on his mouth and pushed lightly.
Due to this attack, my cocks were covered in her pussy.

Then I asked him, then he said- Yes, Mamaji is feeling a little bit of pain.
I explained to him - there will be mild pain, after that it will be fun. You don't scream
He nodded with consent.

I started sucking one of her nipples in the mouth and started pushing the pressure of my cock forward. Some more part of my cock had contained inside her pussy, she was suffering a bit.
Then I stopped my cock there and started to lighten back and forth, then his pain also decreased and he started enjoying it. Now she was enjoying bouncing her ass occasionally from below.

Only then, using my experience, I pulled my cock out and gave it a strong stop, so my cock was completely covered in her pussy. With this I pressed her lips with my lips. Due to this, his slight bitterness could come out. But my cock was completely covered in my real sister's daughter's pussy and her seal was broken.

I stuck my cock in her pussy and lay on her and started sucking her mums repeatedly with her mouth. If something normal happened, then I started taking my cock out a little inside.

Now his alcoholic curses started, I understood that now my niece is enjoying sex. I increased my speed and started fucking her.

Now my niece and my niece were enjoying chudai. We were both lost in each other. I stopped myself and pulled my cock out of the pussy and saw that there was light blood on my cock. I cleaned her and cleaned her pussy too. Then again by putting his cock in her pussy started fucking.

Meanwhile, when I looked in the open window, my wife was watching and enjoying both of us.

Both me and my niece were immersed in fun. I was talking to my niece slowly and asking- how do you feel?
She was supporting me in chudai and was enjoying things. She was talking to me freely. Lund was speaking the words of Chut Chudai. She was enjoying hot chudai.

Meanwhile, my niece told me - uncle, there are strange cramps in my body… and something is happening to me.
I had understood that it is going to fall.

Then he grabbed me tightly and said- Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… Mamaji… Fuck me hard… and fuck me loudly… I am getting something… Ah I am cut… Something is happening below. Yes… please please…

Then she calmed down. I understood that it fell. After that I pulled my cock out of her pussy.

Then I dressed him and let him go to another room and called his wife in this room and started thinking of enjoying her sex… because the water of my cock had not come out yet.

My wife became naked as soon as she arrived and she removed all the clothes. She told me that I am watching all your fuck from the beginning. See how much water is there in my pussy.
When I saw with my hand, my wife's pussy was absolutely wet.

I immediately licked my wife and licked her pussy and drank water. Then put his erect cocks and fuck him and fell in his pussy. Now I too had calmed down.

Then my niece also came in the same room. He sucked my freckled cock. My wife took him to bed. After this, I started the next round with a nudge of niece to wife's pussy. Enjoyed this three-some sex.

Friends, after that, my wife and my niece together we started enjoying sex every day. This sequence is still intact. My niece is not married yet and the three of us are enjoying sex together.

How did you like my teenage girl sex story, tell me definitely. 

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