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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Pyaasi Jawani's Hindi Chudai Story

Pyaasi Jawani's Hindi Chudai Story

In the Hindi Chudai Story of my thirsty youth, read that after my first fuck I was torturing for two years. Then I made Facebook a friend and…
my dear friends, today I want to write my Hindi Chudai Story. This story is from my younger days.

My name is Neelam (fictitious name). I am from Nashik. When I was nineteen years old, I had sex with a friend of mine for the first time. At that time, my youth was very strong. My height is 5 fit and the color is fair. The size of the mummies is 32 inches.

At first I did it just to know what it is like to have sex. But after that, I started wanting sex from myself. But there was no man in my life. In this way, I was yearning for sex for two years.

This Hindi Chudai Story is of my second chudai.
I befriended a boy on Facebook. Earlier both of us used to talk only normal things, but slowly our things started becoming personal. He started telling me what boys want in a girl.
I used to think the same way as told by him. I used to love sex a lot, but how would I tell her that I want to have sex?

While talking like this, both of us fell in love. I started telling her my heart. I told her that I have been craving for sex for the last two years.

At this he told me about masturbation how boys calm themselves. I did not even know that if a boy wants any sex, then he masturbates.

She then told me that girls can also masturbate. But my brother was afraid to do that. I did not have the courage to put a finger on my bad, the matter of doing something was far away. He sent me a video of himself masturbating. Seeing his cock, my brother started to panic. How long will it go inside? I was very nervous with her big cock. He used to excite me by speaking about sex.

I was not going to stay, so I made a video call to her and started masturbating in front of her. Slowly I started putting my finger Then I took a pan and started putting it in it, but my desire was not diminishing.

I thought of calling him.

My Facebook boyfriend lived in Poona. He was very handsome in appearance, if any girl would see him, then he would die. I was very impressed at that first sight. I was starting to become very fast with that too. Intimacy between us had begun. I thought to call him.

When I asked him to come, he himself said that I wanted to meet you myself, but I was hesitant until something came from your side.
I died completely on this innocent thing of his. I asked him to come.

When I asked him to stay in a hotel, he said that no, my friend lives there. I will stay at his house and meet you there.

I was relieved to hear that at least the fear of slander that could happen in a hotel was over. Then started thinking that there should be no wrong with me somewhere on the friend's room… or he just goes to meet me, do not fulfill my wish with me.

Meaning there was a two-sided thing going on in my mind. On the one hand, I also wanted sex with him and on the other hand I was thinking wrong about him so that his friend should not force me too.
I did not say anything to him… because there was no reason to talk to him about it. I could not tell her how you would be able to give me the pleasure of sex in the presence of your friend. I kept quiet.

I had told that day at my house that I am going to visit my friend's house. If I am late in coming, then I will stay at his house tonight.

He came on time on fixed day, I went to take him to the railway station. For the first time we were meeting directly from the front. I still wanted sex, but I was nervous.

Then I took her to the garden, where I kissed her a lot. He was very expert, it seemed. Then I moved it all over the city. He also had sex in his mind. But he was not telling.

Then he took me to a friend's house. We both ate food there, but still there was no talk of sex.

I felt that nothing will happen today. After some time his friend left. We were both watching TV. It was a long time, but neither of us were daring.

I told her - I am sleeping.
I moved to another room, that too.

I told him that I have to change, you go out.
He left, did not say anything.

Then I took off my jeans and put on a long T-shirt and pajamas… Then I called him inside.

There was only one bed. We both sat on that bed and started talking.

He gave me chocolate, then he insisted on taking another chocolate from his mouth. But I started telling him that I should not do this.

But he was not agreeing. In front of his stubbornness, I laid down my arms and took the chocolate from his mouth as he said. There was an excuse to have chocolate. We both started kissing now.

Then he slowly put his hand in my T-shirt and started trying to suppress my milk. I was not able to resist too much. Then he started kissing me with my T-shirt up. I had sex before, but did not. Today in my body there was a lot of shivering.

After some time she removed my bra and kissed one of my milk nipples. I was getting hot and started enjoying her antics. I was feeling very big.

Then he put chocolate on my nipple and started sucking the nipple. My hair was standing. He also took off his clothes. He was left only in his underwear.

I asked him to remove it too, but he did not speak.
He said - If you see me from now, you will be scared.

He started kissing me. Removed my pajamas. I was just in panty.

After kissing for a long time, she also removed my panty. I kept my pussy clean. He started looking at my pussy with intoxicating eyes.

After this, he started to turn fingers on my bur. My yearning was constantly increasing with that much action.

I started talking to her pussy. But he wanted to torment me more. I removed her underwear. Seeing his erect cocks, I was very scared once. I did not speak him for fuck. But he was not going to accept now.

He explained to me that nothing will happen, I will do it very comfortably.

Then we started kissing. He came slowly while kissing me and started to kiss on the bur. I was enjoying it very much. Then he started licking my bur, it seemed that he would lick my bur.

I got very excited in the Burr mat for a while and started falling. My water swelled I was relaxed.

After a while, I started watching her with love. He asked me to lick my cock.
I refused, he did not say anything.

He started licking my evil again. Then he turned back up and started licking my pussy. In this situation his cock was coming towards my mouth. Still I did not lick his cock.
He started speaking - I want fun like you too, kiss me once.

I was feeling like, but don't know why I was hesitant. Like how I kissed his cock after making sure.

After this, he put chocolate on his taut cocks and despite not wanting, I took his cock in the mouth.

Now I started enjoying a lot and I started sucking his cock. Within five minutes, all his semen came out in my mouth.

Then we lay down for a while and started watching the blue film. Ten minutes later, his cock was erect again. He started licking my bad, I started licking his cock.

After this, I looked at him with a clear eye. So he came in the position. He slowly stuck his cock in my burrows and put it inside with a slight shock.

After two years, my pussy was cocks, so I was in a lot of pain. His cock was too big.

He did not stop, started pushing forward and started kissing. After some time my pain also reduced and I also started enjoying sex.

He started fucking hard. After about five minutes he took out his cock.
When I looked at him angrily, he shot me in the eye. He said - now you sit on top of the lund.

I started to sit with the cock in my pussy. He made me understand the way and so did I. His cock had penetrated my pussy. I started enjoying more.

Then he made me stand up in doggy style and started cuddling by cocks from behind me. I started enjoying it even more than before. I had fallen twice so far.

Then he took out his cock and said to take me in the mouth. I filled his cock in my mouth. He started fucking me. At the same time, he released semen from his cock. I was also a Chudasi, all his juice got trapped.

I had sex with him like this.

On the same night we had sex three more times. The next day I left her friend's house.

Now I have often started enjoying sex with him. Whenever I wanted me, I started calling her and having sex with her.

But after a few days we had a breakup because he lied a lot of lies to me. He only wanted sex from me. I also needed sex from her, but being a girl, I also wanted some intimacy with her.

Whatever it may have been, but he had me expert in sex. Now I use his teachings in my second relationship.

Soon I will write my Hindi Chudai Story with my current boyfriend. I will wait for your mail


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