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Play same role new-10

Play same role new-10

The previous part of this Hindi sex story
game same role Nayi-9

I had read by now that after welcoming the new year, we all started a program in which a screenplay filled with sex was to be staged. In it, first the scene of euthanasia is presented and after that the boy's brother pats the girl's sister and brings her to bed for fuck.
Now further:

Kamal Nath stripped Rajeshwari's clothes one by one and removed her own clothes as well. Both were completely naked.

Then Kamal Nath started the initiative.

Kamal Nath- Come now let me tell you what boys and girls do after marriage.

He laid Rajeshwari on the bed and spread his legs and said - this is your sister, the same hole belongs to your sister… and as my cock is like that of my brother. In this, brother put his cock and fuck your sister.
Rajeshwari - will you fuck me now too?
Kamal Nath- Yes… and you will enjoy it very much… as your sister does.

After this, Kamal Nath said that before intercourse, the man and the woman should remain warm and for this, they will have to lick Rajeshwari's vagina. Then Rajeshwari will have to suck Kamal Nath's penis.

Rajeshwari was ready.

Then Kamal Nath started licking Rajeshwari's vagina by lying on her stomach. Rajeshwari started heating up in a few moments. Her erotic giggles started to disappear. Kamal Nath was constantly licking her vagina while putting two fingers inside her vagina.

Rajeshwari was so excited now that she started pulling the sheet and started jerking her whole body.

For about 10 minutes, Kamal Nath drank the juice of her vagina and then stood on her knees. Rajeshwari immediately got up and leaped and started sucking Kamal Nath's penis all over her mouth. Rajeshwari was so hot that the penis started sucking as if she was hungry.

She sometimes stroked Kamal Nath's cocks, sometimes stroked the testicles, and sometimes shook the penis back and forth in a fist. She was engaged in repelling her tongue on Supaide.

Kamal Nath's penis was also hardened and looked like a stone due to being sucked in this way. Now the situation was that both of them were disturbed for sexual intercourse.

Kamal Nath quickly stopped Rajeshwari and put her on her back. Then widened his legs and sat inside him. In an instant, he held his penis upright and started pushing into Rajeshwari's vagina. Rajeshwari's vagina was already so wet that within 2-3 times, the entire penis reached inside.

Kamal Nath placed his two hands next to Rajeshwari's head and started bending and pushing.

Rajeshwari also raised her legs in the air with a shock and caught Kamal Nath's waist and started to push the bumps.

Kamal Nath was so excited that from the very beginning he started hitting deep and powerful. I was happy to think in my own way that my pair did not get along with Kamal Nath, or else he was pushing so hard that it would be difficult for me to tolerate it.

Rajeshwari does not know how she was tolerating it. But his pain filled groan showed that there was a lot of strength in the bumps.

As the rash progressed, Kamal Nath started to look more fierce in excitement. On the other hand, Rajeshwari started to look uncomfortable due to spreading legs for a long time.

Although his longing for the climax was not over, but due to this discomfort, that rhythm was not seen in him, which was visible in the beginning.

Rajeshwari asked Kamal Nath to change his posture and asked him to move away from himself.

Like Kamal Nath knew what was going to happen now, so without any talk, he lay down on his back. Kamal Nath's penis testified how wet Rajeshwari's vagina was.

Rajeshwari also knew what her job was now. She spread both thighs near the waist of Kamal Nath and sat down from the back. Meaning Rajeshwari's back part was towards Kamal Nath and the face part was towards the feet.

In this way, we could clearly see the penis entering Rajeshwari's vagina. Rajeshwari started bouncing her pussy and we started to see her penis entering her vagina.

The penis was getting out in the sky and both started diving in the ocean of joy. During this time, the sounds of panting and groaning continued continuously from Rajeshwari's mouth, which seemed to indicate how much she was enjoying.

The rest of us were also so excited that everyone's face started sweating.

Then Ravi said to Rama - now man is not tolerated.
He held Rama's hand and placed him down on the ground next to the bed and took off his pants and put his penis in Rama's mouth.

Rama and Ravi were in the role of a common husband and wife, but the story for them was that the girl's mother, ie I, who lives a widow, also had a desire for work sometimes. In this context, I tell my agony to Rama, who was a devarni. On this, she suggests that her husband, who was in the role of my brother-in-law from the relationship, should fulfill his libido by having sexual intercourse with her.

This was so that the matter of the house should remain at home and Devrani could also get some rest from the daily sexual intercourse. On the other hand, the girl's father-in-law i.e. Nirmala and Rajasekhar were bored with their daily sexual intercourse and they wanted to do something new. Rajasekhar, who used to be my relative in the character, had his eyes on me. Because I was the only woman.

Secondly, Nirmala could not support Rajasekhar in sexual intercourse. For this reason, Nirmala agreed to persuade me to have intercourse with Rajasekhar… to save my married life.

But the kind of story we had made, could not be done with Rama and Ravi, but due to Ravi's eagerness, the two started together.

On the bed above, Kamal Nath was trailing Rajeshwari and below, Rama and Ravi were starting their lust game.

After ten minutes, it was becoming difficult for Kamal Nath to strike. He was holding Rajeshwari's thighs while staying. During this time, she would tremble for half a minute. Perhaps she would not have been able to balance herself in the order of loss, but this happened about 4-5 times.

When it started being impossible to push her, she rolled over and fell on the bed.

Kamal Nath too showed great agility and immediately spread the legs of Rajeshwari and came in the middle of it. Kamal Nath entered his penis in one stroke and started pushing in a rhythm.

At the start of Rajeshwari bumps, like a goat, Mimiyane and Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… started sobbing.

The entire room started buzzing with the sound of thump and it lasted for about 10 minutes. But in a few moments Kamal Nath's breath was also responding, the longing to reach the peak on his head was not letting him loose nor weak.

He was going to hold Rajeshwari with full force and having sexual intercourse while lying on top of it.

After so much hard work, that time has finally come. Finally, Kamal Nath woke up loudly and in one strong shock, by eating his entire penis in Rajeshwari's vagina till the end, began to stop. His whole body trembled and Rajeshwari also started to moan with that happy pain. He wrapped his legs around Kamal Nath's eunuchs and tried to take him in himself.

After this ejaculation process of about a minute, both of them loosely cling to each other. Slowly when they separated, they felt that there was no power left in both.

On the other hand, Rama and Ravi had started their game and both were now naked. After sucking the penis for a long time, Ravi grabbed Rama by the arm and lay on one side of the bed on his back.

The bottom of Rama's waist was out of bed. Ravi held her legs and placed them on her shoulders and came to her knees and put her face to Rama's vagina.

As soon as Ravi flipped his tongue into the crack of Rama's vagina, Rama woke up, jerking his entire body. Ravi's penis was blushing at this speed… as if he was very eager to achieve his goal.

Now Ravi was a little late while loving Rama's vagina that Rama got very excited. Rama grabbed Ravi's head with both hands and legs started to wave in the air. She sobbed again and again, lifting her head and tasting her vagina, started watching him.

After a while and this oral sex, Rama started pulling Ravi towards her. It was a hint that Rama has become completely hot now and she is ready for sexual intercourse.

Ravi too recognized the time and stood up. He placed Rama's legs on the shoulders while kissing and put a spit in his hand and rubbed his penis into the spade. Then, holding the penis by hand, he started showing the direction and inserted the penis in the hole of Rama's vagina. As soon as the penis's supra entered Rama's vagina, Rama showed it as if he did not know how relaxed he had got.

Now Ravi grabbed both his thighs with one of his hands and while pressing down from his waist, removed the entire penis in Rama's vagina. Rama was enjoying that relaxed moment with fun and closed her eyes and got lost in the imagination of the happy moments.

Ravi slowly started moving the penis back and forth and after 20-30 bumps, his speed started showing up. As the bumps started gaining momentum, so did Rama's sobs start turning into intoxicating groans.

After intercourse at the same speed for about 20 minutes, Rama said in an excited tone - Now it's my turn, I'll ride your cock.

On hearing this, Ravi left Rama immediately and lay down in bed. His penis was erect like a pole. Rama immediately spread both his legs and sat on the penis.

No help was needed in Rama's wet vagina. As he lowered his huge circular butts, the penis began to appear in his vagina. Finally, the entire penis disappeared in her vagina.

After this, he placed his hands on Ravi's chest and started pushing the waist in the direction of Ravi's mouth. Rama started having sexual intercourse with great sexuality. The way she was banging, her butts looked very breathtaking. Rama was very experienced in sex. She knew how to give orgasm pleasure to a man… and she was doing the same at this time.

She was hitting the rash, as well as kissing Ravi periodically so that the rhythm would be maintained.

In a while, both were now starting to get sweaty. Rama's hair was drenched in sweat, showing him even more erotic. The two were so lost in each other that it was as if they had forgotten that we were all watching them.

The same happens when two bodies meet each other and adopt each other and only joy is joy.

Now it seemed as if between them both were wrestling and their only goal was to achieve their climax.

As Rama was moaning with the bumps, it seemed that now she would cry. Seeing both of them, fluid started leaking from my vagina as well. And even so, why not… such a provocative and erotic scene, which was going on in front.

Now half an hour had passed. I think Rama must have fallen countless times by now… because the froth started to form around her vagina. This happens continuously due to friction of the penis and vagina. Dropping one drop from Ravi's testicles, he fell on the foam bed and spread.

Suddenly Ravi pushed Rama down and dragged her over. Then he bent Rama like a bitch.

Rama was not protesting at all, rather it seemed like she had become Ravi's maid. Seeing this aggressive form of Ravi, I understood that now he is not far from the extreme. He pushed the penis vigorously in one go and slammed it into the depths of Rama's vagina.

This raised Rama loudly.

Then Ravi covered Rama's hair with one hand and held it in his fist and held his shoulder with the other hand. Then pull out half the penis and hit it with full force.

Rama moaned again - Ahhhh… she died ..

I think Ravi's penis must have gone to the end of his vagina with this bombing. Then the next moment the same type of Rama got another strong push.

Rama screamed again - Ahhhhhhhhh ..

I understood that Ravi will now have sexual intercourse in this way.

I started counting. Rama was moaning with pain, but she was hot. So according to me he must have felt this pain too sweet. She was enjoying this joy… that is why she was neither protesting, nor showing any discomfort. Rather, she was shaking her fists at every stroke, as if she wants to execute the next one after assessing the previous one.

Rama was really very experienced and was giving immense pleasure to Ravi. That is why it seemed from his actions that what was lacking in the previous attack should not be in the next attack.

When I started counting, I found that between 1 2 3 to 4 seconds of Ravi was getting hit. All the bumps seemed to be of the same type and with the same strength.

Ravi was also so experienced that he would pull the penis out to the same extent and push it with the same strength… as if he had such a habit.

This habit of his can be understood in the same way, if we are eating food, at the same time the power goes out and it becomes dark, then we take as much bite in our hands… as always. We don't even have to find our mouths for our morsels.

I really enjoyed watching them mating. My condition had become such that my hands were sometimes moving on my breasts… or on the vagina. Once or twice, I felt that I would fall on my own. But I stopped myself and kept counting.

For 20 minutes, the rash continued on Rama and my count reached 400. As soon as my count reached 401, Ravi's butts started moving back and forth like a machine. When my count reached 457, Ravi stuck his penis in Rama's vagina and lay down on Rama's back.

Rama's sobs and moaning screams had changed the atmosphere of the entire room.

I noticed that Ravi's penis is still stuck in Rama's vagina and his testicles slowly shrinked and became smaller. It is possible that by the second time, his semen bag was completely empty. When Ravi removed from the top of Rama and pulled the penis out, his semen flowed out of Rama's vagina.

The semen was not much… but the liquid of viscous water started falling on the bed through both the thighs of the flowing river like Rama.

This was proof that Rama had not enjoyed any less. She too had collapsed more than once. Ravi was already panting after falling on the bed. After that Rama also became straightforward and started taking long and long breaths. There was a look of satisfaction and comfort on both of their faces.

If I say in my own way, it was a successful sexual intercourse, in which two people supported each other. Do not let your physical pain and fatigue come in between the goals. In the end, both of them crossed the climax, supporting each other.

In sexual intercourse not only the woman suffers… but also the man. Most of the people feel that only during the breach of virginity girls suffer and blood comes. But this is not the case. As long as a woman remains active in sexual intercourse during her lifetime, there is pain. Sometimes due to lack of moisture in vagina… or sometimes due to lack of mind… sometimes due to wrong way or excessive force. But if a man wants, then through his experience and manner, this pain can be turned into happiness. If the man has done this, then the woman will fall in love with pain and despite suffering, will give extreme pleasure to her male partner. At the same time, men also have pain in the penis due to long time friction. Because the male partner takes responsibility for the bumps during sexual intercourse, the woman should keep taking responsibility for the bumps by changing posture from time to time to keep the joy of sexual intercourse and giving the man time to relax a little. With this understanding, sexual intercourse can be made successful. As Rama and Ravi showed.

If one of the companions became selfish during this time, then the joy in this union would be lost and only formality would remain.

Rama and Ravi may not work as per the story, but a sensual scene is definitely shown to everyone.

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