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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Padosan bhabi ki chudai in bathroom

Padosan bhabi ki chudai in bathroom

Read in my Bhabi's Chudai Sex Story! The fun of romancing Bhabi is different. How I beat a Bhabi in my neighborhood and instilled her passion.

Friends, Aryan Aggarwal Namaskar to all of you. My age is 35 years, color wheat, normal height and I am fond of going to the gym, that is why my body is strong. I am a resident of Panipat, Haryana.

I am writing my first story on this site. The size of my cock is 5 inches but I can satisfy anyone. TV me But Bhabi dreams of Chudai by running a blue film, because by doing this, both hearts can fulfill their desire.

By the way, I have been reading every story for the last about 8 years, maybe there will be such a story that I have not read. But I enjoy reading stories of Bhabi differently
because you all know that the fun of romance with Bhabi is different.

That is why I am presenting to you all the real story of Bhabi Chudai that happened in my life:

This incident is about 5 years old from today. In those days, if someone does not take a bath twice, its condition is like a laborer doing one thing.

A family came to live in my neighborhood. The family consisted of Vijay Kumar, his wife Meeha (name changed) and a 4-year-old boy. Our family knew Vijay and his family well because Bhabi used to come to our shop to get the goods and sometimes brother also came to get the goods.

I used to greet Namah Bhabi on the way. I gave them my phone number so that if needed, they can call and get the goods from our shop.
Miha Bhabi's age was almost 24 years old, 34 ″ of her outcast and her cool ass that could have gone crazy. While Vijay Bhai was around 40 years old.

Her husband Vijay used to work in a government department. He had a habit of drinking alcohol daily, causing his health to collapse at all. Brother used to go to a very rare job despite being a government job.

After a few days, I got a call from an unknown number on my number and started saying - I am speaking. Can you come to my house
Bhabi asked the market to bring some medicines. When I went to Bhabi's house, Bhabi gave a slip and some money.
I brought medicine and leftover money from the market and gave it to Bhabi.
Bhabi thanked me and Bhai Sahab also thanked me.
I told both - there is no such thing with thanks. You can call me whenever you need me.

In this way I started to meet him and he started trusting me. Sometimes Bhabi would call me and ask her to bring home the goods. With this excuse, I started going to her house and sometimes touch her softly, sometimes inadvertently press her pussy. Bhabi never considered it bad, but used to laugh.
Bhabi too was now beginning to understand my gestures.

I knew that due to the illness of brother, Bhabi would not be able to fuck then her youth would be thirsty.
Once I asked him to meet me and said - I am a married woman and this thing does not suit us.
But after repeated insistence she agreed with me and asked to come home at 8 o'clock in the night.

I made an excuse to the housemates that I am going out with a friend and will come late at night.

Then at around eight o'clock on the same day, I reached his house and started talking to Vijay Bhai.
Bhabi, in a matter of fact, indicated me to go to another house. He has just bought a house behind his house in which he was going to shift in a few days. She told her husband that she was going to clean the other house and would later take a shower.
I had already come to that house.

After a while Bhabi came and started telling me - I just take a shower.
Bhabi Ji did not deliberately set the bathroom latch.

I could see the open door of the bathroom sitting in the bedroom because the bathroom was close to the bedroom.

I was sitting in the room thinking that why not have fun in the bathroom with Bhabi.
I quickly took off all my clothes and grabbed Bhabi's cool pussy from behind as soon as I went to the bathroom. Bhabi was very happy to see me in the bathroom. Both I and Bhabhi were bathing each other with soap.

While taking a bath, I started sucking one of Bhabi's nipples in her mouth and pressing the nipple of the other one with her hand.
Bhabi was speaking while kissing her chutche - and loudly my king… oh… ah… and loudly… Sara… squeeze them all!

Now Bhabhi stroked my cock and started sucking my cock with great love. As soon as he took my cock in his mouth, I started walking in the seventh sky.

After kissing for a while, I left all my goods in the mouth of Bhabi, that too lovingly got my goods drop by drop.

Again we got into caressing each other and I again asked her to suck cocks, so she started sucking my cocks without any delay.
After 5 minutes my cock was tight, so I laid it on the bathroom floor and put my cock in Bhabi's pussy. My cock went very hard in Chut because her husband used to fuck Bhabi very rarely.
And he said - loudly… loudly my king!

During the fuck Bhabi's children were hanging like mangoes hanging on a tree branch. I was sucking one of his nicks in the mouth and pressing the other one with the other hand. Bhabi was also taking a sigh - ah… ah… ah… loudly… tear my pussy… ah!

After about ten minutes he left all his goods in his pussy.

After that we bathed for 10 minutes and went to the bedroom.

As soon as we went to the bedroom, we started kissing each other and Bhabi said - Let me do what you have to do, you lie down comfortably.

Then Bhabi took out a bottle of honey from the bed drawer and put it on my cock. She was sucking my cock like a boy lollipop.

I also put honey on both her nipples and sucked her crazy.

He asked me to enter the 69 position. I did 69 with someone for the first time in my life. She was good at sucking my cock and I had her pussy.
I sucked her salty water 2 times while sucking her pussy for ten minutes. I also drank all his water.

I asked her to become a mare and she immediately became a mare.
As soon as I started putting my cock in her pussy, my cock slipped and went into her ass and she started shouting - Uuiui mother… leave me… I was dead… ah… it is hurting.
Bhabi said- I have not killed my ass till date.
I told him to do it slowly, now there will be no pain.

Then I slowly kicked her ass. After about ten minutes she started supporting herself. After a brief breakup, I left my goods in his ass.

In this way, that night I fuck Bhabi thrice.
She was very happy to see my fuck and said - Your brother does not make anything. They do it once or twice a month. At the same time, they get rid of it and I remain thirsty. Today, you have added love to my life, due to which I am happy.
That's how I had fun with him.

After we gathered for a while, we put on our clothes and secretly I came out of his house.

After that, two of his friends living in his neighborhood also got me fuck.

Her husband has died due to excessive drinking and he has remarried again. Now sometimes when I get to and from the market, I shake my neck and greet him. After that I did not get a chance to soothe her heat.

How was my Bhabhi's Chudai sex story? This was my first experience on this site, which I shared with you all. You can also mail me your thoughts.

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