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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Niece and her friend fuck-2

Niece and her friend fuck-2

I was getting hot after listening to pornographic stories of my niece and her friend. I used to tell both of them to fuck my pussy. So what did i do?

The first part of this sexy story
niece and her friend Chudai-1
So far you have read that my niece and her friend were enjoying wine and cigarettes on the terrace. I was getting hot after listening to both of them. Then I came in front of both of them while shaking my cock.

Now further:

I said while shaking my cock in front of him - I just wanted a pussy to kill, here there are two. Now say, whom should I kill?
Saying this, I removed both my paint and tights. Now I was wearing a coat from the top, but I was naked from the bottom.

The girls were also cool, but could not decide who should take the initiative.

I said - Insha, you are my daughter, come and go, you come first.

I grabbed her arm and pulled towards me, then she bent down and sat near my feet. Now my cock was directly near her mouth, so I held my cock in her hand. Just like she was waiting for this. The next moment, my 52-year-old cock penetrated the mouth of his cumulative laundia.

What fun she really had, how cute and innocent her lips were. There is really a lot of attraction in a young girl.

Seeing Insha sucking cocks, Shifa also came close, so I pulled her towards me. I filled her in my arms and started sucking her lips. The smell of cigarette and alcohol was coming from his mouth, but I used to drink everything myself, so I liked it even more.

I had this one chance, so I licked all of Shifa's face and put her hands in her blouse and pressed her mummies. Putting her hand in her skirt, her fist, ass made everyone suffer, so that even if it retracts at the last moment, I still have no qualms.

I sucked Shifa and made her sit down and then picked up Insha. Now I caressed all her body and sucked her a lot.

I was tempted to suck a girl like her daughter. The one I saw growing up in front of my eyes, growing from small to mum, butts, thighs… now I was in my possession. I gave him lots of encouragement.

Now the heat was already very much, so without any further delay, I made Insha a mare and pushed my Aloda from behind in her puddle. I was thinking that the girl is still small, will be a virgin, but not. She was already fucked.

I asked - Insha, who broke the seal?
She said boldly - to her maternal uncle's son.
Then I asked Shifa - and you?
She said - from him.
I said - So both of them broke the seal with the same boy?
Shifa laughed and said - that too together.
I was shocked - when?
Insha said - it's been two months, Fufu!

I was very sorry that I could not make these girls' petals. But I got Chodne, what it was less.

After fucking Insha for some time, I also made Shifa a mare. Both girls were very strong puckers. I think Chodta to one, and the other looks great .. Chodta to the other one does not think the first one was good.

I was repeatedly fucking both. Plenty of paella, both of them have fun. Both of them shouted a lot. But I did not have any mercy on them.

Then when I got married, I dropped my merchandise on both girls' asses. Both of them also did not clean my juices, instead they reduced their ghats and went fresh in the bathroom.

After that I also came to the wedding.

Now that the matter had already been opened, then after that I had Chodha several times to Insha and Shifa. Whenever I get a chance, I would call them, but after some time, I got a little knock from those girls.

Then one day both of them told me that after today they will never have sex with me.

Then I showed them the pics of that night, now I had hidden the video. Now she was compelled and then the poor thing started fucking me.

But now I started showing a lot of demeanor. Do not know why my heart used to be relaxed by showing my generosity to those delicate girls.

Then one day it happened that Insha told the whole thing to her mother, that is my sister's wife Farzana.

Now Farzana tried many times to talk to me, but how to talk. What would she say that you leave my daughter to fuck. Here I was also making a scheme to fuck Farzana herself.

Well one day Farzana dared. We were both alone, so she was saying insha, something about you? I explained to him that Rasul Fufu is like your father, he wants you very much. But she was speaking a bit like a sarcasm. There was a mistake in a marriage, then Fufu has started harassing me.

I understood that she wants to save her daughter from me. Now I either leave his daughter, or else take it in a wrap.

Such a beautiful woman is standing in front of you and you also have a trap to catch her, so why should Syed be kind to anyone.

I told him - look Farzana, I tell you all the truth. All this happened in Akil's wedding. I will show you something, you look and understand… and then tell me what I did wrong.

I took out my mobile from my pocket and showed Farzana all my pics and videos with Insha and Shifa on it.

Now when I had already paid Shifa and Insha Chodna, what was the problem in Chodne later also.

Farzana watched all the videos. In one video, he even saw me naked. I also notice that Farzana's face had changed color after watching Chudai's video.

I once felt that now as Farzana has seen her daughter's blue film with me, if I put my hands on it too, will Farzana also take me away. But there was a lot of risk in it, maybe, he would slap me in the face that ruined the first daughter, now I also have a dirty eye on me. But you have to take risk, how can it become a matter without taking risk.

So I told Farzana - look Farzana, look at one thing carefully.
Saying this, I played that video again.

Me- Do you think that I have done any excesses with these girls, both were already drinking liquor and cigarettes, both were talking dirty things. Was already banged. I had drunk too, so it all happened in the drink. Now look at this, when I am sucking Shifa, then look down, Insha is holding my cock in her hand. Look at this… carefully.

I deliberately turned Farzana's attention towards my cock. She was also looking and was also shy, but she did not refuse to see nor did she turn her face to the other side. Due to which I thought that perhaps Farzana has also come out of fun after watching this video and now it can be put on hand.

Thinking this, I said- See, it is human nature. Now look, while talking to you, my cock has also become erect.

While saying this, I showed him by holding my cock from above my salwar. She blushed, but also smiled.

Just on his smile, I shot my next arrow - Farzana, if you want, this erect cocks can be yours too.
She woke up immediately - Oh no, Bhaijaan.

She stood up a little away, but back towards me. I looked at you and did not look, opened my salwar and went to shake my cock and took Farzana from behind.

That little bit of swear - no brother, no life… Leave me.

But where was I going to leave now, yes if a jiggling slap was on my cheek, I might have left it. But now there was only a verbal refusal. Just I leaned it forward like that. Then from behind, her burka, all raised up and first hit her tightly on a round buttock. The next moment, keeping his cock and pushed it in his Afuddi. At the very first time my topa got entangled in his bust.

The entire house was open, all the doors were also open and I was fucking my wife's wife. My wife, my children or anyone else could come, anytime. But bypassing all this dangers, I put all my cocks in Farzana's Afuddi.

That sister-in-law, remained a mare comfortably, kept her hand on the wall in front and took cocks.

I grabbed her waist from both sides from behind and started fucking her while grasping her white body. I did not know that Farzana would accept it so easily.

Now I have asked her - Farzana, you came here to save your daughter from me .. And here you started eating my cock yourself?
She said yes, I came here so that I could save my daughter from you, but when I saw your video, I knew that my husband has nothing. He is totally lazy in your competition. I had long wanted to see some great man, but I did not know if I would get that great man in my house.

I said- So my life… Now enjoy the openings of your domestic friend's Alore… Now, the same car should continue to run. Leave worry about insha, she played a lot at this age. Now if she saves him from me, then she will start fucking someone else. Leave her worry, just keep pleasing me and I will make you happy.
Farzana said- But what shall I tell Insha?
I said - let's do this, I do not say anything to Insha, but Shifa is not from our family. Tell Insha that Rasul Fufu will not tell you anything from today, but Shifa should keep coming to me.

Farzana agreed to this. After that I picked him up on the bed and lying down there, I choaded him with full fervor. First Choda, when my water ran out, then after that Choda again.

I fuck her twice in a row. Her clothes were tight, so she could not take her mother out. But I pressed her mamma very high from above.

In the second fuck, Farzana herself sucked me a lot, went till my lips chewed. My cock too was sucked and promised to meet again next time.

Now I do not fuck Insha, call her dearly daughter, daughter, but I talk about sex with her. She also talks about sex very openly like a friend, because now she brings Shifa to me.

I fuck Shifa in her knowledge. Sometimes she jokingly asks me - Why did Fufu have fun today?
Let me also say- Everything else is fine, man .. but there is nothing as powerful as yours.

Till now Insha did not know that I am fucking her not only her mother but also her mother. I think what will happen if I know someday. Then I start thinking that if I know, then I am gone .. What do I do? Maybe, without this, I can also enjoy fucking both mother and daughter together.

How did you like this story of my chudai in my simple flat words, please do mail it.

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