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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

New sex story of padosan bhabhi

New sex story of padosan bhabhi

Read in the new sex story how my neighbor sister-in-law caught me red-handed while hitting the ceiling. Then after a few days I went to the sister-in-law's house.

My name is Rakesh, I am from Sonepat. All girls are requested to read my new sex story after taking off clothes and finger in your pussy and boys shake their lund.

There used to be a Punjabi family in our neighborhood. There was a beautiful sister-in-law of 25 years, Prabha. They had been married for 3 years but had no children in their house. His mother-in-law harassed him for not having a child.

Ours and their roof were mixed and there was a small wall in the middle. One day I was sitting on the terrace in solitude. Then Prabha Bhabhi came right away and she caught me red handed. I started falling at that time, so I could not stop and the edge of my semen came out and had to go away.

They threatened me hard - what are you doing? I will tell your mother.
I grabbed the sister-in-law's leg and apologized and also said that I will not do it again.
He lovingly patted me on the cheek and said- You are only 18 years old. By doing all this, there is weakness in the man.

The talk has come, but whenever she found me, her cheeks would turn red.

One day her mother-in-law was going to the wedding for 6 days and she had to be alone at home as her husband also went out for a month. So his mother-in-law told my mother to send Rakesh to sleep for a few days at night because the daughter-in-law would be alone in the house.

After dinner, I went to his house. Sister-in-law wore black nightie.
Sister-in-law gave almond milk to drink and said- do you not do devilish past?
I was absolutely scared and said - No sister-in-law, now does not.

Sister-in-law said - Your brother had been doing the same since childhood; Now they have weaknesses and now they do not produce children.

Overall it was time to sleep and we slept on the same bed.

At night, when I woke up, my sister was stroking my bed and my land was about to burst.
Seeing me awake, sister-in-law said - Raj, my husband's semen is weak and he cannot produce a child.
He said that I should have sex with him and produce a child.

Sister-in-law gave her tit in my mouth. I sucked both nipples in turn. Then sister-in-law started sucking me in the mouth. I was going crazy.
Then sister-in-law said to lick pussy with the gesture of finger and we came to the position of 69 and played a lot of kiss.

Then sister-in-law said - I saw that day after seeing the edge of your semen, you understood that you will become the father of my child.

After that, sister-in-law spread her legs and lay down and said- My secret, now put your weapon in my pussy!
I put a little spit on the front part of the land and a lot of salty water was dripping from the pussy. As soon as I put the topa of the lund on the face of the pussy, the sister-in-law filled up very fast and after picking up the pussy, she became desperate to take the lund in the pussy.

I also put a little emphasis and started going into the pussy. Friends had a different feeling!

Prabha sister-in-law started banging from below and started to sit. I just happened to be crazy. After hitting a sharp blow, I took the full lund in deep pussy and started to shoot fast and together sister-in-law pointed to press my hand on her breasts.

I started to enjoy her by pressing her pussy and I left the train of bumps. Sister-in-law collapsed twice in a 10-minute fuck. After that we slept nakedly.

That night I fuck her sister-in-law 3 times. After that, her sister-in-law was kissed several times in 8 days.
In this way my new sex story was completed.

And then one day it came to know that the sister-in-law has been pregnant.
After that, when she met me, she loved me very much and took my best puppies.

In time, a beautiful child was born to her sister-in-law.

But later it was learned that the sister-in-law told this to her sister Jyoti. One day he introduced me to Jyoti and told that he is the father of Munna, your brother-in-law.
I went to Sharma.

In the evening I said to her sister-in-law, I also want some gifts for this child.
So they asked- what?
I told- sister-in-law, after that honeymoon, I have developed a hunger for sex and if you are busy with the child, then solve my sex problem, get someone to do my sex.
So she said - I talk to Jyoti. She lives in this city and I think she has an interest in you. Because the day I introduced you to her, she was watching you with great attention and was saying, 'Prabha, you have beaten a lotus!'

Friends, I liked my new sex story or not… commenting.
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