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Thursday, May 28, 2020

My step mom's fuck game

My step mom's fuck game

This sex story is of my step mom. My mom is very sexy If my father lived outside the house, I thought that his thirsty youth would be longing for cocks.

Friends, my name is Sonu. I'm 20 years old. There are 4 people in my house. My sister Kusum was 22 years old, mother Kunti was 36 years old and father. My father is 48 years old, if he works in another city, then he comes home only for two days in a month.

Mommy is not my real mother My real mother had gone missing, so my father had married a girl who was 12 years younger than her, who belonged to a poor family.

It takes a 30-32 year old sexy woman to see my mother. Seeing him, Armaan should wake up in the heart of an old man His size is 38-24-36.
Then I am a young boy who always saw him. From my point of view, you people can think what my situation will be. I always kept staring at him.

Mummies wear saris at home, all their blouses are deep cut. Looking at them from behind, mountains of their big big cats are seen. The entire back is almost bare due to a thin strip of blouse from the back. From the deep-necked blouse, her teaspoons look as if she was going to get out.

I used to stare at him often and my mother also knew this. But neither did she ever oppose me nor try to hide her mother from me.
This gave me more courage.

One day Mummy was cooking dinner in the kitchen in the evening and Sister was in her room. I got an opportunity and went to the kitchen and started caressing my mother's back.
Mother said- What is the matter, the son is falling in love today.
I said- Mommy, if you love us so much, then we can also love a little bit.

My hands were still on my mother's waist and I was stroking her. I was thinking that if I get a chance to fuck my mother, then it will be fun.

Mummy said- that is fine… but I still have a lot of work to do. Son, you are getting a lot of love, so when the work is over… then love it as much as you want.

Hearing this, I came back to the hall and started thinking about what the mother meant to say. Was this a green signal for me or did I say so.

Then I thought that whatever happens, the danger must be lifted today. If my mother agrees, then the door of heaven will open for me… and if not, I will have to scold more and more.

After having dinner at night, we all went to sleep in our respective rooms. After a while I came to the mother's room.

My mother was lying on the bed. Night light bulb was burning in the room. I took the armament of Mammi's fuck in the heart and lay down next to her and put her hand on my mother's stomach and started caressing it.

Mother looked at me and smiled and said- Son, how much do you love me?
I said - Mommy, I love you so much… If you allow me, then I should make up the lack of father along with the love of the son.
Mother said with a laugh - OK baby, you have become so big, who will make up your father's deficiency… and how will you complete your father's deficiency, just tell me?

Mommy's first attempt at fuck
At this point, I put my lips to the lips of the mother and started kissing them vigorously. Simultaneously, he started suppressing his mother with his hands.

Mummy nominally protested, then calmed down. She also started supporting me. After some five minutes our Chumchatti came to an end.

Then I told my mother - I will complete the deficiency, I love you very much.
Mother said - Your papa will not be filled with this much… You will have to work very hard.
I said, mother, if you order, I will work so hard, I will work so hard that you will forget your father.
Mother started laughing and said- Son, you work hard today… I see how young my son has become.

Hearing this, I felt as if jackpot. I started sucking Mummy's lips. This time the mother also supported her. The tongue of both of us was going into each other's mouth and both of them were sucking it.

This time our kiss lasted for about 12 to 15 minutes. Then I started cutting mummy's mums from above the blouse.
Mom said with a shudder- Why is the son getting so rapturous… First let the clothes open… then drink milk whole heartedly.

I stopped. Mummy first opened her blouse. Mummy wore a red bra inside the blouse. What was sensual in Mummy's blonde body red bra… His cunts were shining even more in the slow light of the night bulb from above.

Then the mother opened her bra and freed the mother. I too broke down on his mother and started drinking loudly. I used to cut her milk from time to time, due to which the mother used to be very upset.
Mom was turning her hand on my head and saying - Ah… Drink son… Drink your mother's nipple completely… eat it.

I was also being heavily weaned. After this I opened the pulse of the mother's petticoat and set it aside. Now the mother was in a small panty in front of me.

Mother said- Take off your clothes too.
I said - why not mother….

Opening all my clothes, I got naked in front of my mother. Mummy said, looking at my fat long cock, wow, your stuff has become bigger than your father. You have become really young.

I said - yes mother… today I will show you the glow of my youth.
I removed my mother's panty and stripped my mother completely.

Mummy had very big and thick hair on her pussy and her pussy was not visible at all in slow light.
I said - Mother, why don't you cut hair?
Mother said - If your father comes, I clean it a day before. After they leave there is no need. What did I know you would fuck me Come today, fuck your mother… you will get smooth pussy from tomorrow.
I said - Mommy, I will give you Chod today… but you suck my lollipop first.

Mummy grabbed my cock and I put my cock in Mummy's mouth. She also started sucking with full cock in her mouth. While sucking cock I was caressing her pussy.

After a while I said - Mother, I am going to fall.
Mother said - Put your son out in my mouth… I want to drink it.

I also put all my water in Mummy's mouth and she also drank all the semen.

Now it was my turn to drink water. I put my mouth on my mother's pussy, but due to thick hair I felt strange. Mother too was so hot now that she could not stop.

She said, son, do not torture me now… Quickly put your thick pestle in and give me pussy.
I also thought it was right to start fucking mommy and spread both legs of mommy and came in between. Setting your cock on the pussy and pushing it, then the cock slipped.

Mummy said- Son, son was first pushed easily, when it goes inside a little, then it will be full.

I set the cocks again. This time, the mother put herself on the cock and placed it on the mouth of her pussy and said- Yes son, now he was easily pushed.

When I pushed for the first time, I went inside a little bit. Then I made a strong push, then my cock went more than half in.

Mummy was in pain from her mouth - Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh…
So I asked - Mummy you have been fuck many times, so why are you hurting… Your pussy is looking very tight too.
Mummy said- If the son is not fucking for a long time, then the mouth of the pussy starts sticking… so the pussy is tight. But you start your work, it is fun to fuck in this pain.

Then I started licking my cock back and forth.
My mother was also picking up my ass and supporting me and was saying that Ah Chod son and loud Chod pel give all his cocks… tear my pussy, tear my son… my mother's pussy.

I was also fucking a mummy, but my whole cock was not going in the mother's pussy.

I put a pillow under Mummy and put her feet on my shoulder. Now when I started mummy's fuck again, all my cock was going in mummy's pussy.

Mother was also enjoying it now. Mummy was taking slow sobs. She was being 'ah ah aa ..'. After some time, his body began to stiffen… and his sobs and speech also became faster.

Mummy was starting to speak - Ah… Chodo son and give Chod loudly… Ah and Chod loudly and loudly… Tear the whole cock and give it to me.

I also started pushing hard. In a short while, the mummy collapsed and calmed down… but I still had no water. I started sucking and pressing mother's pussy. He started kissing her lips. After a while, the mother again died.

This time I asked Mummy to become a mare.
Mother said- No son, I will not take it in the ass.
I said - Mommy, I will go in the pussy… but I want to do it from behind.

Mummy agreed to fuck from behind and became a mare.

I set my cock on the pussy and put the whole cock inside in one stroke. Due to the wet pussy of the mother, she went easily into the pussy. I started chudai in mommy's doggy style. Mother was also supporting him.

After some twenty minutes of this fuck we were both going to fall.
Mother said - Put the son inside, I want to feel my son's semen.
I also left all my semen in Mummy's pussy. Mummy's pussy was filled up and semen started coming out.

After Chudai's mother, I lay for a while. Then I asked my mother, how was the mother… Papa's shortage fulfilled or not?
So mother said - Hey son, where is your father's left? They have now got the disease of sugar, no… so now they do not stand. You have fun by fucking your mother now… but now you go to your room…. Otherwise, Kusum will not think about seeing you here in the morning.

Then I went to the bathroom to clean my cocks and went to my room wearing clothes and went to sleep.

How did you read my mother's pussy fuck? Your mail will be waiting

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