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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My sister fuck story

My sister fuck story

This sister's story of Chudai is when I took her to another city for exams. I was surprised at the form of my sister there. What did I see?
Friends, my name is Abhi and I am from Delhi. My sister's name is Antara. She is dusky in appearance. Her height is not much, but her mummies are very big. On seeing her mother's mother, I kill my name every day.
When Antara's exams were going on, I had to go with her to get her exams. There was a total of 7 days exam and due to the examination center away from home, we had rented a room there.
There was no bed etc. in the room, only there was a sleeping arrangement. In the room next to the room, 4 people came to give exams. All four must have been 20-21 years old.
The first day exam took place and by the same evening, I became friends with those four boys. The four boys had any setting, due to which they used to get the answers to the questions coming in the exam. They all came to correct their exams.
The second day also left. In the evening, one of those four told that I will give you questions and answers.
Hearing this, I became more good friends with them. He used to call me brother and called Antara by name.
Antara was the younger of them all and now got mixed up with the four boys. In the evening, I used to sit and study with Antara.
It was a day before the last exam. That day was Sunday, so it was a holiday. Everyone was at home. All four of them came to my room and started studying with Antara.
Seeing those people reading, I left Antara saying that I am going to watch the movie. The bus will come in 3 to 4 hours. You study and take rest.
After saying this I left. But I did not get the ticket and I came back for the room.
When I came back to the room, the door of the house was locked from outside. When I went in, there was no interruption. I thought I must have gone to the bathroom or gone to study.
I started to relax When it was 15-20 minutes, Antara did not come, then I understood that she must have been studying with those boys. I got up and went to see Antara.
When I went to the boys, the door was closed from inside, I got suspicious and I started trying to peek inside. But I could not see any solution.
Then I remembered that his room is visible from the bathroom. I went straight into the bathroom and started looking through a hole in the bathroom. Everything was clearly visible from that hole because that hole in the bathroom was a bit big.
When I looked inside, there was a bed in front. Three boys were sitting completely naked on the bed and were stroking their cocks, but Antara could not be seen anywhere.
I started recording them from mobile. Then I got my eyes on the boys, who were seen on one side. I looked the same way, so I was stunned.
My own sister Antara was completely naked and was getting her burnt on the table. The boy who was fucking Antara was named Sonu. He was sucking Antara's teat in his mouth like a baby. He was sucking a cock and was pressing it with one hand. He had filled one of Antara's milk in his mouth and was engaged in licking it in a tremendous way.
Then I saw that he took his other hand on Antara's pussy and inserted his finger in his bur. The boy's finger became wet. He removed his finger and saw that my sister was getting rash on her own.
Then I saw that Antara closed her eyes. Sonu started sprinkling Antara's burp seeds. Mast Siskaria started coming out of Antara's mouth.
The boy turned him over on his knees and wanted to fuck Antara in doggy style. He put his trunk cocks on the door of Antara's pussy and started rubbing his burp with betel nut.
Strong sobs were coming out of Antara's mouth. Then Sonu pushed his pestle-like cocks lightly, then his cocks went inside.
Antara got a strong snot from her mouth, Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… and she started to fuck her pussy. Sonu's cock slowly penetrated into Antara's bur.
I was very angry at my sister's fuck and her fun. Antara's mouth was hurting and mixed groans from work. After a while, she herself started to fuck her pussy.
The other boys were also not sitting silent, they were also ready to jump into the ground. One went near Antara's mouth and asked him to suck the cocks in his mouth. Antara burst and started sucking her cock in her mouth. On the other hand, Sonu was now getting hit with a bang. The pieces of his cocks were going straight to Antara's grubby and stopping like a drummer.
My sister's face was getting loud, as if there were cool seats playing in her fuck. Sonu used to push his cock out loud, which caused Antara to scream.
Seeing the fuck of my real sister here, I felt that I too should give Antara a fuck. Further, Antara's mouth was full of cocks.
Just then, Sonu extended his hand and grabbed Antara's mummies and started squirming loudly. Suddenly the speed of Sonu's bumps became very fast and he gave up the cock of his cock loudly in Antara's pussy.
Antara's eyes were closed with fun. Sonu licked Antara Chut.
Now the third boy Akash, whose head of cocks was raised on the sky, came and started inserting cocks in Antara's pussy.
He placed his cock on Antara's pussy door and gave a loud push. The whole of his cock got entrapped in the root of Antara's pussy.
Antara was loudly stuffing with pleasure.
Now listen to the boy, whose cock was sucking Antara, a sudden sigh came out of his mouth and he left his thick white semen in Antara's mouth. Took a taste of semen coming out of the cocks. Still some goods came out of his mouth and started flowing on his cheeks.
I understood that my sister is a dirty cock.
The fourth boy Munna, whose cock was the biggest, came here as soon as the boy who sucked that cock came out. He replaced the third boy and Antara started sucking his cock.
Now the boy who was fucking Akash Antara, he was pushing with full force. He had rounded Antara's round fists in his fist. He was pushing in the pussy with full force and speed.
After some time, he too fell and Antara's pussy became a lake of complete semen.
The fourth boy Munna freed Antara's mouth. He lays Antara on the bed. He put his legs on his shoulder and placed the cocks in the front forward position on the door of Antara's pussy. After this, he gave a very loud push. His pestle type of cock went inside more than half of the pussy in the first jerk.
A sharp scream came out of Antara. But after eating three cocks Antara's pussy was opened. Therefore Antara too next took his hand on his back and gave a loud push from below. Due to this shock, the rest of the boy's cocks were also completely absorbed.
Then the boy named Munna took both his hands under Antara's clits and gave them a pillow-like support and started playing the song of his cock loudly.
Antara became mad due to the pleasure of Chudai and strange strange sounds were coming out of his mouth.
Munna took a full 30 minutes to fuck Antara. Then he too piled on top of 'Ah ah ..'. He dumped a large amount of his semen into Antara's pussy as a squirt.
Antara had drained her water several times during this period. He had to clean everyone's cocks and suck them. All the boys also licked Antara's pussy. Meanwhile, Antara got hot again and fell.
I had recorded all this on my phone. When my sister's fuck was complete, I left.
When I came back after an hour, Antara was studying in her room. I did not say anything to Antara.
The night I showed her the video, she was absolutely scared. She said - forgive me brother .. Now this will not happen.
I will forgive on one condition. You will have to fuck me.
She went shy. I took her in my arms.
She said - I did not know how long I was dying to fuck you.
I asked - why?
She said - I have seen your cock, it is very big.
I said - then why didn't you ever speak again
She said - I was ashamed not to get angry.
I said- How long has my dear sister been fucking?
That quote - done for the second time today.
I asked - who did it for the first time.
She said - Now the response to this question is very long, I will tell you all later.
He promised to tell me the story of breaking his seal later. I will definitely send you the story of my sister's seal breaking.

Fuck my sister

He said - Don't delay now brother. I am having a lot of fun.
I stroked Antara's pussy and laid her sister naked and laid her head down. Then I removed my Aloda and tried to enter Antara's pussy.
But my cock was at least two inches longer than those four lumps and it was too much fat. That's why my little cock went inside. Antara was in pain with her, but since she had been cured during the day, she did not make much shouts. But I started getting pain due to sucking cocks in her tight pussy.
Even then I somehow started putting aloda in Antara's pussy and it was successful too. Antara also helped me in taking cocks. He himself was enjoying taking my cock. I pressed my sister's pussy and sucked her lips too.
After that, I poured full cocks and started jerking off while jerking my sister Antara. Antara's pussy was still very tight. Later I inserted my whole aloda in Antara's pussy. I started putting my cock inside Antara's pussy. She too was enjoying me very much.
I started pressing Antara's pussy, she also started kissing me. Then I pulled out my supra up to Antara's pussy and started giving it to him. I was enjoying it very much.
After some time I removed my cock and asked Antara to suck it. Antara did not delay for a moment, put my cock in her mouth and started sucking.
By licking the cocks by Antara, my cock became harder. My goods were going to come out in a while. I removed the juice in her mouth without telling Antara. Antara also drank her like juice.
Then both of us clung to each other and started kissing. For some time, we kept lying down like this and kept sucking each other's tongue.
Now Antara said - Do not torture anymore .. Just extinguish my whole fire.
I put my cock on Antara's pussy and pushed hard .. My cock went all the way into Antara's pussy.
Antara shouted loudly - Come .. Ummh… Ahhh… Huh… Ohh… Okkkah .. She died .. Ray burst ahhhhhhhhhhhut… Ahhhh.
I gripped Antara very hard and started sucking her mums. When Antara became silent .. then I started to lick my cock inside and out.
Antara started screaming loudly, I ignored his voice and increased my speed and kissed Antara's lips. Antara's voice was also reduced by pressing the lips.
That day I kept fucking Antara for twenty minutes. Antara had fallen twice during this period. Then I left all my juice in Antara's pussy.
My sister enjoyed a lot with her brother. Both of us were exhausted and were lying down. We did not get to know the time in our sex program.
I was thinking of Antara and Chodane, but at the moment our sister's fuck left in the middle but it was not left for long.
Antara was without clothes in the second time because we had no fear of anyone now. I was also ready to open my clothes and fuck Antara. Antara started kissing me and we both enjoyed sex.
That night, we enjoyed the fuck of sister thrice throughout the night. Antara then put on her clothes.
Today Antara was so happy that she was not leaving me. Like this, this process of our pussy fuck continued for 4 days.
After this, the program of sister's fuck is going on till today. Whenever I get a chance, I definitely calm Antara's pussy. Whenever Antara gets more upset with the itchiness of her pussy .. So I take her out somewhere and fuck her pussy and calm her down.
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