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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

My first fuck story -2

My first fuck story -2

Till now you had read the first part of my Chodai Kahani in
my first Chodai Kahani-1
that I was heartbroken by a married girl named Rubina and wanted to fuck her.

Now further:

When I came back home, I could not feel my mind. I was thinking only when the story of my pussy fucking would be complete.

The whole day passed in similar thoughts. I kept waiting that his call would come, I would talk to him. But no call came that day. I fisted in his thoughts and went to sleep.

Stressing ended by hitting the mouth and I did not even know when to sleep.

Then suddenly I woke up. I saw it was 7:00 in the evening. When I looked at my phone, there were a lot of missed calls in it. I called him immediately after seeing so many missed calls.

All these calls were from him. When I called, she spoke before I said anything - where were you till now? Made so many calls… Did not let me do anything in the morning, did I get angry?
Then I explained to him that I have not been angry… I was waiting for you and I did not know when I fell asleep.
He said that there is no one at my house right now, you come now. We finish our unfinished work in the morning.

It was about 8:00 pm. I picked up my bike and drove straight to her house. I parked the car away so that no one could see. Because there were people of my life there too.

Going closer I called him and asked that I come straight in?
So he said no… Wait… First let me see, if there is anyone outside… If someone sees it, it will be difficult for me to stay here.
I said yes look, I wait.

After some time, he got a call. He said there is no one, come quickly.

I went straight into the house. While entering the house, I saw him. On seeing this, I stuck to it. Embraced him and kissed him. At that time, I was mad, I could not understand anything. Kiss was being done just like crazy.

He stopped me and said - will you do everything here? Let's go to the room.
Then I became aware. I handled myself

We both went to the room. As soon as I entered the room, I turned around and kissed him in the neck. By then my cock was erect. I was moving cocks in his thick ass from behind. He was pressing her mums with her hands from the front. I was pressing so hard that I had just got to press milk for the first and last time.

She was telling me - Ah, do it slowly… I feel it.
But where was I going to hear something. I had just woken up to the devil inside me. Not a single voice was coming from my ears. At that time, I was just standing and feeling that I should quickly enter cocks in the ass.

I lifted her sari from behind and I set my cock in her upright ass and pushed it. Cocks were not going inside without giving cocks without any experience. He was laughing at my actions.

He asked me - what are you doing for the first time?
I said yes… I have never had sex.
So he said don't worry, I will teach everyone.
I said - do not teach quickly.
He rubbed his hand, while twitching on my cheek and said- Let us go to the bathroom… there we will.

Till now our clothes were not removed. Only my cock was taken out of paint. He had not even seen my cock yet.
When I said yes, let's go inside.
She turned to me His face appeared in front of me.

When his eyes slowly fell on my cock, he said, "Oh my God… You are trying to put such a big weapon in my small hole, but you don't even know how to put it."

Hearing such things from her mouth, I started thinking a little bit about how much of a girl this is… how shameless she is talking.

I thought it good to move forward, not paying attention to his words. Then she grabbed my cock and took me to the bathroom. I started getting drawn in with my cock with him. At that time, I felt how amazing licks are. He had only caught the cocks and my whole body was under his control.

I was starting to tingle while holding his cock. What is happening… There was such a feeling that something was not understood at that time. Caught in his cock and got excited.

Then I went to the bathroom together. As soon as she entered the bathroom, she opened the zip of my pants and sat down holding my cock in her hand. She started looking at him.

I said what are you looking at?
He said- I was longing for this and I did not know what you said that day. I did not even talk to you.
I said- Never mind… whatever happened happened… let's do it now.

Then he put my cock directly in his mouth, as soon as my cock went in his mouth. I started shivering, I started feeling strange. I could not understand what was happening… because for the first time at that time this girl touched my cock and took it in her mouth. She was taking my cock in such a mouth, as if she got a very cool thing, for which she was hungry for years.

My both hands were not in my bus, his hands were on my ass balls and my cock was in his mouth. She was trying to push my ass back and forth with her hands. I understood that it is telling me to be back and forth. I grabbed his head and started to ass back and forth, so the sound of oak oak oak started coming from his mouth.

Then after sucking cocks for some time, he took out my cock.
I told him - I have to put in.

As soon as I heard this, she started kissing me. When I kissed her, I started removing her saree with my hands. Slowly I removed the entire sari, she was left only in blouse and petticoat. I slowly opened her blouse.

My mind immediately rang and I remembered a dialect of childhood when some bastard friends used to look at a girl with a big cock and call them Love School. This same love school had not come before me today.

My eyes were torn and torn, I had never seen such sharp points. I started going crazy for sucking milk. I looked awful and started pressing her mummies with both hands. I was getting mad at myself that I do not know what happened.

With his mother's mouth, he started sucking. By now my cock was sucking very hard while sucking. One of his hands was holding my cock back and forth. I was enjoying that time very much.

Since I was going to fuck for the first time at that time. This was all new to me. Then he stopped me, removed my paint and also removed the T-shirt. I was standing completely naked in front of him.

She got mad after seeing my body and started saying- I have not seen such a body till date… You look so sexy.
I said - you are the first girl who has seen me like this.
He said that if someone sees you, then he must be mad.

As soon as he spoke, I started kissing him. I tore her blouse from behind because I was very excited at that time. At that time, I was feeling like that, how could the strength had doubled in me.

She started saying - what have you done… you tore the blouse… Have patience… I am not going anywhere. I am yours and will always be yours.

I hooked him to the chest. I started to hug him so hard that I started feeling his nipple spit in my chest. When I felt her mum from my chest, I felt as if my body was rubbing.

I was enjoying it very much. Then I tried to open his petticoat, but did not open it from me, so he opened his own petticoat with his hands. She was not wearing panties inside. I sat down looking at her naked.

I was mad after seeing a very soft buttered pussy. Know what happened to me that I started spreading her pussy with hands. Her pussy was pink from the inside. I do not know what happened that I entered my mouth and started sucking her pink lips. With so much power, she started sucking her pussy that her breath started to stop.

Then she pressed my head and forcefully between her legs and she started sitting down slowly. When she sat down, my head was still inserted between her legs. By then I too was late.

Then he stopped me and said - Now put
it in . As soon as I said this, I made a position and ready to put my cock in her pussy.

As soon as I started putting cocks in, then the sound of someone coming from outside started coming. We were both inside the bathroom.
Hearing carefully, someone came in the room and was speaking.

She said in a whisper- My husband has come… Now we are trapped inside. How will we go out… Today I died.

Started doing many such things. Hearing this, my ass started exploding. I did not know when my erect cocks were about to sit.
At that time she was saying - if we go out, then she will catch us.

Then suddenly her husband's voice came - where are you?
So she said from inside that I am in the bathroom… taking a bath.
Her husband said that what was the need of bathing on this night?
She said that my sari had become wet. I started taking bath

I felt a bit comforted after hearing all this. Then I thought whatever would be seen. Let's start now.

By then she was standing up and I too had erected the cocks. I leaned it from behind and set the cocks on the pussy hole and put the whole inside directly.

She screamed as soon as she entered the cock. Her scream was so loud that her husband listened from outside.

Seeing this, I started feeling afraid that her husband might come inside. At that time it remains in the mind that if something is going wrong in our eyes, then it will be wrong in the eyes of the person in front.

Husband shouted from outside - what happened?
He managed himself from inside and said - nothing happened, I was a little slipped.

Then as soon as I heard this, I started licking the cock back and forth. She was also enjoying every stroke of my cock. I too did not know how much fun I was having. Then slowly the speed of shaking my cock started increasing, then he stopped me.

Now he said - I will make you lie down.

Pointed me to lie down. I lay on the floor. She came over me. He set my cock on the pussy. He took my whole cock in the pussy. My cock had disappeared in my pussy before my eyes. I thought in my mind that how deep the hole would be in the pussy, which made even such a big cock disappear.

After that, she started getting down on top of my cock. I started having a lot of fun… because for the first time in my life, my cock got penetrated in some pussy.

Then she started fucking up and down at such a speed that the voice of Pach Pach started coming.

At that time, I did not even think that the voice could go out and someone was sitting outside.

She started getting down on me in her own tune. I hugged myself while I was down. Then I stopped playing top down. She hugged me tightly and said that I am done.

At that time, I did not understand what she was saying.
I said yes no problem.

I put her under me and I came over her. I sat in her legs and started looking at her pussy. She was still a little more raised than before.

I asked him why this has happened?
So he said that for the first time today, a cool stick has gone in my pussy and has satisfied me in Chodai… In such a situation, this pussy always swells with happiness and gets cuddled.

Hearing this, I was happy and I inserted my cock directly into her pussy.

He said - what happened? Hadn't you happened yet?
I said - Look how much is standing. You are so yearning to go inside.

I started banging him while kissing him. After some time I started to see the ass and her pussy from below. She started lifting ass. I increased the speed and started banging.

By then he had done it one more time. Then I hit him at full speed and told him - my water is going to drain.
As soon as I said this, the water of my cock came out in her pussy. I lay on top of him tired.

Then I told him - how to get out of here… Your husband is sitting outside.
So she said- I go out and send them out. You leave after they leave.

Then after that he made a voice from inside that you bring milk, no… till then I go out and put clothes for you.
Her husband went to get milk from there saying 'Ok ..'. I quickly put on my clothes, kissed him and left.

After that whenever we get a chance… we enjoy pussy fucking.

So friends, how did you like my first story… tell me by mail.

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