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Friday, May 15, 2020

Marketing manager

Marketing manager

Salute my cocks to all the cocks of intercourse, I am an old reader of intercourse sex stories and wanted to write my Hindi sexy story for 4-5 years, but could not find the time. I am 30 years old unmarried and live in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I am a 5 foot 7 inch person of a simple height. At present, I do my business, this story started when I started a job in a Mumbai company in 2009.

By the way, friends, I am a bit lazy in writing, so forgive me if any mistake happens in the story .. But this is a sex story.

In 2009, I had a girl friend of other religion… and she was married by her brothers in June because they came to know about my relationship with me and their sister. Because of this, I went into depression for two months. After that I thought that I am doing harm to myself, so I joined the job of Area Manager in a Mumbai company.

In this company, my reporting company used to take a woman from the state head. He was 39 years old, and his name was Sarah (fictional). By the way, I did not meet Sarah, I was joined by HR of the company. Since I was in sales, I had a field job and I had to give daily reporting by mail. And even during the day Sarah Mam used to call me 2-3 times and take information.

When Sarah used to call Mam during the day, sometimes I was sad, then she started asking why did you look sad.
I could not forget my girlfriend, so I used to cry sometimes. Finally, on one day Sarah Ma'am asked for more. One day I asked him to give the number of my girlfriend and also emailed the photo.

Now whenever Sarah Ma'am's call came, most of the talk was about girlfriends and she used to explain to me. Madam had sympathy with me. Sarah also gave me her personal number and said that you can call me anytime.

When Sarah Maam used to go home after her leave from office, she used to call me after sitting on the local bus and used to talk to me for 40-45 minutes .. till her stop came.

Now she used to call me for about 5-7 minutes in the evening around 9 pm. When her husband used to go to the bathroom to take a bath.

Surely so many things used to happen in both of us, but no one had proposed anyone yet.

Sarah Mam's husband is in a government job, so he would go on duty at 6 in the morning. After his departure Sarah Mam used to talk to me for an hour on the phone.

One such day, both of us were talking on the phone in the morning, then Sarah Mam said that you did not have sex with your girlfriend?
So I also said - no, only on phone.
Hearing this, I am surprised to hear Sarah said - how can all this happen on the phone .. And if it is possible then do it with me today too, but promise you will not cry by remembering your girl Fred, I will give you Want to see happy

I was not happy to hear this and I started a phone sex chat with Sarah. In about 25-30 minutes I made Sarah so excited that her pussy had left water.
Sarah Mam was very happy and also surprised that sex can be done on the phone too.

Now Sarah used to call me as soon as she left the house for office and until her office came .. the talk would go on. It used to go on even after the holiday. Now it was a routine. Then after four to five months, I was screwed with my commission from the company's MD and I quit the job, but I kept talking to Sarah Mam.

Sarah Mam now started insisting on meeting me that you can come to Mumbai quickly and meet me.
But I always avoided it.
After a few days Sarah Mam's husband started a 10-day training program, then Sarah Mam told me - my husband is going out of station for ten days, now the opportunity is good, you come.

I also felt that I would not get such an opportunity again and again, Madam was sure to get her pussy, I also booked a sleeper ticket after telling my travel agent and my train reached Mumbai on the scheduled date and time.

I too went to Mumbai for the first time. Sarah Mam came directly to the railway station to receive me.

Till now we had not seen each other, but due to mobile, there was no problem in identifying each other. We took a taxi from the station and reached the house of Sarah Mam directly. When I reached Sarah Mam's house, both her children went to coaching. But I did not know this.

When I stood after drinking water, Sarah Maam attacked me on my lips and started kissing me. I started supporting with a little care, but after two minutes we both separated.
That evening, both of Mam's children fell asleep after having dinner, but both of us just kept talking all night .. Slept in the morning.

The next day Mam took leave. When both of Sarah's children went to school, Mam was making something in the kitchen. Madam was wearing a thin hosiery gown, she was also loosely molded… I went and grabbed her from behind, I touched my cock in her ass crack and started grabbing her tits and
Madam looked back smiling and Bid - Getting very impatient?

I said - Madam, fourteen hours have passed, I have come here and nothing has happened yet, still you say that you are getting impatient? And how much will I test for my patience?
So Mam tapped my cheek with one hand and said - So let's go to the bedroom.

I came to the bedroom with Sarah. I started kissing Sarah's lips. After about 3-4 minutes I took off Sarah's gown and looking at her 32 size mummies, I was surprised that the mother of two children and the figure was so cool.

Well .. I also removed Sarah's bra and I started kissing on her mummies. Friends, what should I say, friend, I forgot myself while drinking sarah. I started drinking his cock like I have been thirsty for years. Sarah was now only in panties.

While sucking Sarah's mummies, I inserted one hand in her panties and started fingering Madam's pussy. Madam's pussy looked clean clean at once, I felt like my hand was slipping on butter.

Then Sarah said - Let me see your cock too.
So I lower my lower and said - take it out yourself. Sarah moved my cock out while sliding my trunks down.
Sarah became happy after seeing my cock and said that it is just like my husband, equally long and thick!

Sarah started to hold my cock in her delicate hand and back and forth, I was enjoying it very much.
After some time, I also removed Sarah's panties and laid Sarah on the bed. The whole naked Sarah was lying in front of me, my cock was saluting after looking at her smooth body, Madam caught her again in her hands and said - this is getting very rash.
I said, man, I see my target in front of it.
Madam bid - so what is the delay, come!
I said - not so fast, so much is left now.

Then I asked Sarah - is there no honey in the house?
So Sarah said - it is in the fridge .. Take it out.

I went to the kitchen and brought honey. I spilled a little honey on Sarah's navel and started licking it. After that, putting honey in the mummies and on the side also started licking.

When I swirled my tongue by putting honey on Sarah's thigh and next to her pussy, Sarah's whole body started shivering. Sarah could not speak anything due to excitement.

Now I was licking the thighs of Sarah and next to the pussy with great delicacy and pressing Mmmon as well.
Friends, now I dripped a little honey in the middle of Madam's pussy crack and as soon as I inserted the tip of my tongue into Sarah's pussy, the scream of Sarah came out and a lot of Saraha came out of the thick cheetah, which I Licked only with honey.

Now Madam became restless, started saying - Just now, she played a lot, now let her lion enter my cave.
I also understood Maidan's yearning and took off my shirt. Lower and tights had already landed me. I did not even wear the vest.
The entire nude I lay on top of Madam's lying naked body. My cock was knocking on Madame's pussy, I did not bet any sooner, I started sucking Madam's lips comfortably, inserting my tongue in her mouth. Madam started sucking my tongue. But Madam was getting anxious to fuck her, so she herself grabbed my cock with her hand and started applying it on her pussy.

I asked Madam to widen her thighs, she spread her legs right and left, opened her thighs and set the target of my cock in her pussy hole. They shoved their butts from below to enter the cocks, but how would the cocks get in… When I hit a blow from inside, my cock penetrated the wet pussy like a hot knife in butter.
Madam came out of her mouth- Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh…

Just after this, the pain of Sarah was strong but friends, now I cannot write more than that .. because my Lund King has come in his blood and it is necessary to calm it down.

I will wait for all your email suggestions .. especially women and girls .. contact me on my email. My email address is.

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