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Lust of my mother and sister

Lust of my mother and sister

If my father is in the army, I used to live in my house with my mother and sister. I saw the actions of both of them, mother used to treat her lust at home.

Friends, my name is Aditya, everyone in the house calls me addicted. I am a 23 year old youth. I have been reading stories of conscience for a long time. Now if I read the story, then I also kill the mouth.
Now you will say what is special about this. All the readers who read stories on, mostly do it by hand, whether it is a boy, man, girl, woman or elderly, this is a normal thing. But a lot happened in my life, which was not normal, which made me unusual.

Now this is what happened, I am going to tell you, this is a matter of beginning, but even after this a lot happened, which changed my life itself.

I live with my mother father and elder sister. My sister is 4 years older than me. This thing happened about four years ago, when we built our new house.

Dad was in the army and often his posting was outside.

Father had built the house, but his boundary wall i.e. the outer wall could not be built. The back of our house was open, but there was nothing special in the house, only a buffalo was tied.
Mother used to milk her in the morning and evening. We kept some milk for ourselves and sold some. Due to this, there was also an income of four paise in the house.

Buffalo was also kept because father thought that if there is milk in the house, then the children will be healthy. Mother's habit was that once she used to extract milk at 5 in the morning and once at 5 in the evening. Mother used to wear a suit in the evening, but in the morning she was always in night.

When she used to extract milk, she lifted her nighty knees, put the bucket under the buffalo and pulled her udder and pulled out the milk.

Some houses in the neighborhood would take milk from us in the morning, some in the evening. Some women used to come, some men used to come. There were also one or two men, who often used to laugh at the mother. His words seemed to be in his eyes, as if he did not look at the mother with good eyes. But we were small, we did not understand these things.

There was a shop with a house in our neighborhood. The shopkeeper used to keep the groceries in his shop. But behind the shop was his warehouse, in which he had filled the straw.

Often both our siblings and mother used to go to his shop to fetch many things. That Lala loved us too and spoke very fondly to his mother.

Once he came to our house and said to mother - sister-in-law, give us half a liter of milk, we will also make our tea and drink it.
Mother asked father for this, then father said yes.

From the next month, Lala also took milk from our house and in return for milk he would send straw for buffalo.

Sometimes I used to get straw, sometimes mother used to bring straw from the warehouse behind her shop. But there was one thing that Lala would always come to get milk in the morning.

When the mother used to sit with her daughter picking up milk, her body would have a large round shape of jism on her sitting.

Of course I was small, but I used to understand so much. Like Lala used to see her mother. If the mother's neck was sore, her white back was seen. And if it had happened in the future, there would have been a lot of cleavage of their white and white mothers.

Lala would stare at the mother, but the mother does not like to know, or she did not care about it. But Lala was getting closer to her mother day by day. I thought this thing bad, didi also did not like this thing. But if we ask mother, how can we say that.

Whenever we wanted to eat something, Mother would send us to Lala's shop and Lala would also feed us free of cost chocolate or chips. He used to feed me for free, but sometimes he would put his hand there with Didi and in the greed for food, Didi does not mind this thing.

My heart would also do that if I touch the ups and downs of Didi's body. Earlier, her T-shirt was straight like me, but now she started lifting from the chest. Two small small prototypes were clearly visible. The mother's rise was very big, but the sister's had also been made from small samosas.

Once our buffalo screamed a lot, she continued to buffalo all night. When Lala came to get milk in the morning, she started asking her mother - Your buffalo is very happy, what is the matter?
Mother said- I don't know brother, it has been troubling since yesterday.

Lala wandered around the buffalo and then looking at the mother, put one finger of her hand in our buffalo's backyard and bit back and forth.

The buffalo fell silent. Lala smiled profusely upon seeing my mother and said - Ajee this is needed. See, it became quiet with the finger. It has to be made sua.
Mother also understood .. She said - Now where should I take it?
Lala said- Hey sister-in-law, I have a knowledgeable person, get his buffalo to get engaged.

He took our buffalo that afternoon and brought it back in the evening.

When he came back, he said to Lala Ma- sister-in-law, your buffalo seemed very thirsty, stood silent silently, came to Buffalo very comfortably and did his work. She agreed in a minute.

Mother was shy when Lala passed by, then Lala said - You don't know when you will understand.
Mother turned around and looked at Lala and went away smiling.

That day, I think, maybe mother and Lala had a setting.

The next day, mother washed clothes and put some clothes on the roof to dry. That day a mother's panty flew down to Lala's house, so mother sent me to take her. When I went, Lala was sitting in her shop and she had mother's panties on her lap.

If I say according to the understanding of today, then he had put mother's panty on his cock.
I told Lala - give
me mother's clothes. So she gave me two chocolates and said - Hey, you had to take more stuff, tell your mother, come and take your things and take your clothes too.

I came home and told my mother. Mother does not know why she smiled a lot and then asked us to do homework and went to Lala's shop.

From there, Mother came back after about an hour, but mother had only her panty in her hand and no one was there. But there was one thing, that mother was very happy.

Now, because of Dad's army, he used to come home only twice a year. Mother used to sleep with us. Mother used to sleep with me by sticking with me in winter. So often my mother's big mummies would be attached to my face, or sometimes when she lay back on my side, she would sleep with her big butts close to my waist.

I would still have felt that my lullaby would go on air, but I would have made a short distance from my mother, fearing that mother should not put a piece under her ear to see if this lullaby is following me. But then my heart would do a lot to touch my mother.

Gradually Lala got very intrusive in our house. Now he used to flick on us like his father. We children always missed the lack of father, which Lala had fulfilled.

But with the sister, he would show more love, because on the pretext of love to the sister, he used to touch her here and there.

Nearly 2 years had passed. Now mother had started putting both of our siblings in a separate room. The reason for this was that sometimes Lala used to come to our house at night. I came to know about this much later.

One day during the summer, I had a desire to urinate at night. I woke up, so I got up and went to the bathroom. But before the bathroom, I saw that Didi is seeing something in Mummy's room and with her hand she is shaking something inside her salwar.

I asked Didi - what are you doing here?
So he scolded me and drove him away. But my heart did not listen. I thought that the sister is watching.

I also wanted to see, so I went there again. Didi's salwar was now falling down, she was still rubbing her Susu place.

I also stood near. Didi looked at me and said angrily, what is it?
I said - what are you looking, I have to see also.
Didi said- Take me and see you too.

I looked with the glass of the window and looked, the view inside was something else. Inside, my mother was naked and Lala was also naked. Mummy had raised her legs up in the air and Lala was beating her mother's waist. I understand this much, but what were they doing.

I asked Didi - what are you doing?
Didi grabbed my lulli and told that Lala has put her, mother's in it.
I asked - what happens with this?
That quote - crazy .. elders enjoy it a lot.
I asked - and what are you doing?
She said - I am enjoying myself.
I asked - how?

He grabbed my hand and put it on my Afuddi and told me how. He has to put his big finger inside his Susu. I started doing slowly, so didi enjoyed it.
She said - make it faster.

But I did not feel good at all, it was rather strange. When I didn't do it properly, Didi removed me and started doing it herself.

I also stood close to my mother inside, and sometimes looked at my sister outside. But I did not know when my lullaby also stood up.

I told sister - Didi, see what happened to her?
My sister caught hold of my lullaby and looked at you, my brother-in-law. Hear what the mother is doing, let's do it like that.

I nodded yes Didi lay there on the floor, I also lay on her.
Didi said- Now put your lulli in me.
I tried a lot, but every time I felt a lot of pain and was not put inside.

Didi beat me and drove me away. I returned and slept on my bed.

Since I and Didi used to sleep together, Didi often started teasing my lullaby. My lulli used to be very tight just by putting her hand. Then I also used to suppress sister's booby. We both siblings would often fall asleep playing with each other like this.

I sucked my sister's boob many times, when she rubbed her hands with her hands, she would tell me to suck booboo and hold my lulli and pull her very much.

Sisu's place below the sister would get very wet. She used to give me very tight jiffies. Used to suck my lullaby in the mouth, she used to kiss her puddle too. But I do not like them all, so I refused.

Yes I love playing with Didi's booboo and sucking them. Sometimes the heart would think that the mother's mother is bigger than her sister, how much she will enjoy it by sucking it. But Lala used to suck them, press them.

After that I saw many more times, when Lala would come at night, both me and didi would watch. Mummy Lala's thick black lulla or say cock .. she would suck it in her mouth. Lala also used to lick Mummy's doll.

Now I started to understand this whole game. But during this time, Didi had become a boyfriend. Now sister did not tell me anything. Perhaps she started getting everything done with her boyfriend.

Earlier I used to play with Didi's mums, but now she did not even get her hands. Now whenever Lala would come, the light in Mummy's room would also go off. I did not see anything of my mother, nor did she let me do anything.

It was very difficult.

Mommy and Lala's love got very good. When the father was not there, he was our father. If I had also called him Papa many times, he would have been very happy. But it was not just here, some other friends of mother were also formed. They too would sometimes come at night, or in the day when we would have gone to school.

Didi used to talk to me about her boyfriend, she was also spending her youth on her boyfriend.

Lala still used to call Didi to come to the shop to get some goods under some pretext, but the sister does not give any price to Lala. She was now happy with her boyfriend.

Time passed, Didi was getting her fuck done, her mother. My lullaby was now becoming cocks, my heart also used to tell me that I could not talk to my mother, but my talk was open with sister.

A couple of times I told Didi of lust, that my heart also wants me to do something like Lala.

My target was didi, but she said - make your girlfriend… do it with her.
Didi did not hand me over even though I wanted to. When I was not able to make any kind of fudge for myself from any side, I started my own lullaby and started enjoying it.

Gradually, I automatically learned how to kick my mouth. Then my seal broke like this too. My topa came out of my cock. Now when I hit the mouth, thick white semen would come out.

Many times my sister saw me licking her face and she refused. But how do I stop myself?

Whenever a friend of my mother would come at night, I would take care of this.

When Mummy was in the room with her, I would see it secretly and would see her fuck me. Now I understood what didi used to do after seeing her mother at night. Mummy also probably knew all his adventures.

With time, I also understood that as much as my mother is cocky, my sister's lust is no less than that.

Then Mummy Papa married Didi after seeing the boy. Now I and my mother were left in the house. Now the mother would sleep in the afternoon, then I would stand near her and stare at them in her disregard. Many times I asked my mother's nightmares, her salwar. His bra panty rubs with his cock.

It had been two years, Mummy and Lala were still in love. Of course, some friend of the mother used to come to our house every week in hiding at night, but Lala also used to come twice a month.

In the summer I used to sleep in my room, but in the winter I used to sleep with my mother, because if the mother felt cold, she would call me in her quilt.

This would be the most fun for me, because I used to sleep with my mother. When my mother was in deep sleep, I would secretly put one hand in her naity and play with her mummies and slap my other hand.

My heart was very keen that I also have sex with my mother, but this was not possible. I would also like to fuck on the same bed as Lala, by raising the legs of the mother or by making the mother a mare, or sitting on her own. Because of the buffalo, the mother has to wake up early in the morning and do household chores all day, so she sleeps very deeply.

I have tried a couple of times to see my mother's cock by putting my cock in it, but as soon as something seems to happen to her, she gets shaken quickly. Just here, my car stops.

Fearing that they might not wake up, I go back and just sleep with my head down.

I have not yet had a girlfriend, I am not getting married. I talk to Didi, she also has a stitch with her brother-in-law and sister is also fit with the guard in the society in which she lives. That means mother and daughter are fucking both the biggies and they are fulfilling their lust. I am the one who has not had any luck

Don't know when I will take it. Then I tried to beat Lala's daughter, who is now young.

But Lala came to know and once he called me and rebuked me a lot and said - brother-in-law, if you guys were kind, I would have married your daughter, one would be your mother Randi and the other your sister. Seeing your mother, do not think that either of you two siblings will belong to your father. I will kill myself if my brother-in-law is seen somewhere after today, even around my daughter.

Perhaps she would have scolded her daughter as well, after that she also cut me off.

Do not understand what to do, seeing my own mother and sister, I am destroying my semen.

How did you like the story of my mother and sister's lust? I am writing my email id to send mail.

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