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Love and sex with salhaj

Love and sex with salhaj

My brother-in-law was not satisfied with being married to a girl half his age. I also had an erotic look on her. After all, how did I fuck her? Read and enjoy!

My Anil is and my Salhaj's name is Visakha. My advice is very beautiful, I was the one who married my brother-in-law. My sisters-in-law are older than me, when I got married, my brothers used to work in the telecom sector. Although he was not married at that time. After my marriage, my father-in-law told me that you son-in-law should get my elder son married somewhere.

I said OK and started looking for a girl for my brother-in-law. One such day a relative of mine told me that I have a girl in my eyes, she is very good, but is still giving her XII exam.
I asked what would be the age of the girl?
He said - is nineteen years old. But she belongs to poor family and she will be married only in a couple.
I said - Come on, we can only get married.

Here my brother-in-law had turned 35 years old. I told my relative that the boy is old, you talk and see, if the matter is made, the brother-in-law will get married.

The girl's father was a little poor, so they gave yes to get married.

When I went to the stage with the groom at the wedding, my Salhaj was thinking of me as a boy. She was trying to put a garland on my neck with this mistake, then I blushed when she pointed.
His actions impressed my heart. After marriage, we came back.

I had become very hot due to his actions. When I reached Susral, I gave four times to my wife.

Wife said- What is the matter… in the joy of the sister-in-law's arrival, are you ready to make my pussy Bhosda?
I laughed and took his kiss.

After a few days of marriage, my brother-in-law lost his job, due to which there was a daily battle in Susral. Her wife was probably not even sexually satisfied with him. The reason for this could also be half the age difference. I understood that Visakha could fuck me. I was just looking for a chance.

One day my father-in-law called me that I am sending your brother-in-law and his wife to Delhi. It will get you a job somewhere, you will have a big favor.
I also said that what is the matter of benevolence in this, I do something. You will send both of them here.

Salahj's cool youth was still in my mind. I started to feel that if my brother-in-law's job is taken away somewhere, then I can fuck Visakha.

When both came to me, I told my wife to pay special attention to both of them. I told my brother-in-law that you should find a comfortable job… I also do something for you. There is no problem at home. I am your brother-in-law, both of you be comfortable here. You and your wife have no problem here.

Friends, first of all let me tell you about the figure of Salhaj Visakha. At that time, her pussy was of 34 sizes… behind her waist 26, her ass was 32. His eyes were very sensual towards me. I understood his sex. Wife's eyes were saved, even while joking with her, I used to touch her, so that she could see me smiling.

My brother-in-law got a job in Noida. From where he used to take so long to come. Since there was a private sector job, there was no definite time to come to sleep. I used to come soon and used to laugh at Visakha and used to beat him.

It is a matter of one day that my brother-in-law called me and told me that today I will not be able to come to your house, work load is high, so take care of Visakha.

That poor thing was sleeping alone in the other room at night, when I was fucking my wife at night, I felt that someone is hiding me. If I saw it, she was probably Vishakha. I continued to fuck my face by showing my cock. At that time, I had been fucking my wife… but I was feeling that I am fucking my wife.

After some time I left the water, then Visakha moved away from there. Now I could see that clearly. My suspicion was right, that was not anyone else… My Salhaj was Vishakha, but I did not tell this to my wife.

Wife said after fuck- man, I am feeling cold.
I also gave him two sleeping pills with a fever medicine. My wife slept after being tired of sex and selling horses drunk for sleeping pills.

When I woke up at two o'clock in the night, my Aloda was tight and hard like an iron rod.

I saw my wife sleeping in deep sleep, I went straight to my Salhaj's room. That poor Chudas had only a bra and panty soi. As soon as I kissed him on his lips, he tightly clung to me with his raised fingers.

Visakha started saying - I was liking you from my wedding time, but I was afraid to speak. When I saw you today, I was quite upset. When I saw your Aloda, I was fingering it since then. Then I did not know when my eye caught.
I also called him 'I love you'.

With this, putting his tongue in Vishakha's mouth, he started sucking each other. Then I opened her bra and sucked her white blonde nipples in the mouth.
Visakha said to me - brother-in-law… I have to suck your cock.

I agreed So, he excitedly opened my knicker and started sucking my long and thick cock like a hungry prostitute.
In this way, I too came in 69 and started licking her velvety pussy on the tongue. Then I put her finger in her pussy and warmed her completely, so that juice came out of her pussy. I completely licked her pussy juice and she also drank the juice of my cock.

After this, both of us came to the bathroom. After some time she again started sucking my cock with her mouth. He made my cock stand in two minutes.
Now Visakha said- My gold… Pay your Alore quickly in the young pussy of your Salhaj.

This time, I started spitting it in her pussy by putting a lot of spit on my cock. Her pussy was very tight. Cocks were not penetrating. I stuck Aloda in the pussy slices and pushed it. Half of my cock penetrated her pussy due to this shock. She shouted loudly, but I stopped putting her hand on her mouth. Then he started pushing the cocks out inside without stopping.

Visakha's voice was emitting 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Ohh… Aho Ui Ui ’. But after some time she started fucking with fun. I was brutally rubbing his white blond pussy while sucking cocks. She was loving me drunk.

When my semen was about to come out, I asked where to take the goods?
She said - Please drop in my burr.
I said - in such a situation, you will stay away from your stomach.
So she said - I am already pregnant, it has been only a month.

As soon as I spoke this much, I dropped all the goods in his pussy.

Then we separated and I went to sleep in the room. In the morning, my wife took her sister-in-law to do a routine check-up with the doctor.

When my brother-in-law came back from his friend in the evening, he told that my job is done in UP. So we will go back after two days.

Then that day has come, my wife left me and left. I was very disappointed

But God felt that I should meet my lady again, this is what happened. Incidentally, my transfer took place in its own state.
I told my wife that my transfer has taken place in your maternal home.
She was also happy to hear this.

Then we left for Susral. When I reached Susral, my eyes became happy seeing my beloved Salhaj Visakha. This time when I saw that Visakha's cries had now become around 36 D, because she had become the mother of a baby.

We had rented a flat. Since I was now in my in-laws' city, my wife used to go more with her mother.

After a few days, I knew everything at which time my in-laws stay alone. When no one lives in Susral, I secretly reach Susral and fuck my Salhaj Vishakha.

This time Visakha did not go to live with her husband… because her baby was still young. This made two things fun. One, Visakha's pussy used to be like a cock without cocks. The second thing was that milk came out of her nipples, which I enjoyed drinking.

Friends, how was the story of my sister-in-law Salhaj, please tell me… please mail me.

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