Thursday, May 28, 2020

I see my cousin bathing naked

I see my cousin bathing naked

My love friends, my name is Mustafa Khan, I live in a small town near Bareilly. I am 27 years old, I am married, my marriage has been four years. My wife is very beautiful and beautiful. She is like a fairy of paradise. I want him very much. She also loves me dearly. Both of us are made for the same couple. We have not yet had any children.

Our house is in an old locality. My uncle's house is connected to our house. There is a wall between 5-6 feet high between the two houses. Stairs are built on this side of the wall, that is, to go to the top floor on our side.

My room is on the first floor of the house, that is, I and my wife keep coming up and down using the stairs several times a day.

Now I will talk about the real issue. It was hot in those days. That day I had to leave my work at some early time. So I was coming down the stairs to get ready at about eight o'clock in the morning that my feet stopped completely. Actually my gaze fell on the window of the bathroom on the lowest floor in Chachazan's house across the middle wall.

The bathroom in the bathroom was almost open and inside I saw that my cousin Shabnam was bathing naked. I think at that time the supply of electricity was not coming, then he must have opened that window for light.

I lost my consciousness on seeing my young cousin bathing in a bathroom, forgot my job and I kept watching that naked young man silently for about seven to eight minutes.

Shabnam is about six years younger than me, studying in BA in college. She leaves to go to college at around nine o'clock every day. I also leave at the same time.

Then since that day, after getting up early every day on the pretext of taking a walk, I have seen my sister taking a bath often. My sister takes a bath at almost certain time. In our Uttar Pradesh, due to the lack of electricity, the light often remains. So most of the bathroom windows are open.

At that time in my house, my wife is engaged in the work of making breakfast etc. in the morning. If my Ammi Abbu stays in her room, I have no fear of being caught. On the other hand, no one is outside even in Chachajan's house.

When I see my sister naked, I enjoy it and my cock gets erected. But later when I remember sleeping in the night when I remember the naked body of my sister, I also feel embarrassed about what I am doing. At that time I decide that from the next day I will not do this. But the next morning my lust again makes me stand on the stairs. Even after wishing I could not stop.

I think this work is wrong.
Do you tell me is it right or wrong? I do not understand how to leave this dirty habit of mine?

I am not giving my email id so that my identity remains hidden.

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