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Saturday, May 16, 2020

I have not yet become a mother, what to do?

I have not yet become a mother, what to do?

My name is Riya. I live in Delhi I am a housewife.
I'm 25 years old. I have been married for three years. My husband is very good

But my problem is that I have not yet become a mother. When I got my body examined by the lady doctor, there was no shortage in me. Then my husband got his examination done, then the doctor told him that he would never make me a mother.

Not that my husband is not capable of having sex. My husband gives me the pleasure of full youth every day. On our honeymoon, he had fuck me four times. They often give me a break by reaching the climax.
I never had sex before marriage. I had kept my virginity as a carefree for my future husband.

The doctor has told some deficiency in his semen itself, which cannot be cured even with medicines.
But my husband's mother i.e. my mother-in-law says that if you cannot give me the heir of my family, then leave my son.
My husband and I have also told her about the lack of a husband, but she does not agree to this.

For this reason, there is an atmosphere of tension and tension in the house at all times. My husband loves me very much and I love him too.

When I talked to one of my friends about this, she would say that she should have sex with a non-man and produce a child.
But I found it very bad because I cannot cheat my husband.

But apart from this, I do not see any other solution because we do not have enough money to try pregnancy through modern methods like IVF in expensive hospital.

Now sometimes in my mind, I have started thinking that I should have sex with someone and produce a child. Then I think of my husband's love.
My husband loves me so much that he cannot even imagine me going into someone's arms.

What do i do now There are millions of readers on this welcome site and are quite intelligent too. Please help me in dealing with this problem. I hope so much from you Tell me what do i do

I am not able to give my email id to maintain privacy.
You can reach me by writing your opinion in the comments below.
I will be very grateful to you all.

It is also my request to you that do not make me sad by writing anecdotes. I am not a regular teacher of this site. I was suggested by a friend of mine, after telling me about this site, I told me to send my problem here. Many people here are very intelligent who will definitely help you.

Thanks for reading about my problem.

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