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I am a tenant

I am a tenant

Hello friends, my name is Rekha. I am an old teacher and writer of the Antarvana Sex Stories site.

I am from a good family, but I am a very active girl. I love walking with boys. All my friends are also like me.

I am present with my new Hindi sex story. I will tell you in my story of chudai how I have calmed the fire of my pussy and ass from my tenant. When both of us get a chance, then how do both of us have sex.

Now I am married. My husband serves. I do not have any children yet. My house is very big, due to which my husband has rented four portions. Service class people were in everyone's house. Among the tenants, husbands used to go on jobs and their wives were either in the houses, or some of them would leave the house due to their work.

In this way, my whole house was almost deserted during the day.

By the way, I talk to all my tenants very well. But what to do, when my pussy is itchy, I start thinking of getting fuck from my tenant.

My husband is very cool in bed anyway. Whenever he got a chance, he used to fuck me. But I used to feel like having sex everyday and my husband used to fuck me only twice a week because of work in the office. Because of which my fuck could not be done properly.

I do all the household work in the morning and when the people of the house go to work, then I remain alone at home. I talk to my tenants in the afternoon. When most of them used to leave the house, then I started feeling very bored.
My friends had fun, because they used to call their boyfriends or neighbors at their home and get them kissed.

There is also a boy in my tenants. His name is Suresh, he is alone now. He is not married. Both of us soon formed a relationship like friendship. I started liking her very much. We both used to joke with each other. By the way Suresh was a good boy.

Since that boy goes to work at night, so I talk to him in the afternoon. Whenever I used to dry clothes, Suresh also followed me and both of us used to talk on the terrace.

When my conversation with him started getting more, that boy started looking at me and started talking about double meaning. I had given him a discount, so he became even more cool. I felt like a victim for myself. I started thinking of throwing him into the trap of my beauty.

Suresh started to like me, even then I could not even call him to my house. So I used to enjoy myself by talking to her. Slowly my and Suresh's relationship started changing into love.

By the way, I always wear a salwar suit. When it was very hot, I used to wear maxi too. The size of my nipple and ass was visible in Maxi. Suresh used to stare at me in a maxi. Sometimes Suresh used to look inside my maxi while talking to me, so he could see my nipple. He used to talk close to me only to see my Tits. I was also attracted to him, so I used to show him everything more than before. He too started coming after me more than before. I knew that Suresh likes my body.

Sometimes both of us could not talk to each other, then we smiled after seeing each other. There was a deep meaning hidden in this smile of both of us, which was understood only by me or Suresh.

I had to go to them to collect rent from tenants. Suresh's best thing was that he used to pay his rent to me on time, so I too used to give him a discount in the rent. Sometimes I used to go to her room to talk to Suresh. I used to see that he also kept his room well and my husband was also happy with him. We had no complaints with that.

There was no one at home that day. Two tenants had gone out with their families and one monarch had gone on duty. His wife also used to go to work somewhere in the afternoon. I had a big cock that day. I took a shower and went to dry clothes on the terrace.

I was drying clothes, then Suresh came from behind and caught me. I started to refuse him, but he was not agreeing. He said to me - sister-in-law, I have become obsessed with your body. I also know that you like me.

It was true of him that I too started liking Suresh. He started kissing me. I was refusing to stand up… but I loved her kissing me very much.

In a short time my protest was over and I started supporting her. Now she kissed my nipple while kissing me, so I also got very hot. Now I also started kissing him.

After some time I kissed him and separated from him because sometimes people from my neighborhood also come to the roof to dry their clothes. If a neighbor could see me doing what he did to my tenant, then I would be disgraced.

I came to my room. I came into the room and started remembering the moment with Suresh and my pussy started heating up. I too felt like having sex with Suresh. I lay down remembering that Suresh started knocking on the door of my room.

I asked who is it?
Suresh's voice came from there - I am sister-in-law.
When I opened the door, Suresh came inside and kissed me and started pressing my nipple.
I said to her that you go to your room… I come to your room right now.
He agreed to this.

I went to Suresh's room after some time. I saw that Suresh was in only one underwear and his cock was standing in his underwear. He dragged me to bed in his room and pushed me down on the bed. He ran and closed his room and came back and kissed me.

I was absolutely free at this time. All the people in my house had gone to work and the remaining tenant and his wife had also gone on the job.

After Suresh kissed me, I removed my maxi and I got into bra and panty. He rubbed my nipple over my bra for a long time. After that he started licking my panty. Water was coming out of my pussy, due to which my panty was drenched.

Suresh grabbed his cock and started licking and after that he removed my bra and panty. Now I was naked in front of her. Seeing my big boobs, he was very upset. He started sucking one of my nipples and rubbing the other. After that he started sucking my second nipple and mashed the first one.

After this, he happened to be down and started licking my pussy. I was taking alcoholic cigarettes. I was desperate for fuck. After licking my pussy, he started to finger my pussy. My pussy had very light hair, so she was enjoying it.

After the initial conversation, both of us used to keep talking about adult jokes and sex topics while talking to each other, so both of us were supporting each other well.

After fingering my pussy, I started speaking to suck my cock. But I refused to suck him cocks. He agreed after killing After that he started to finger again in my pussy.

Water started coming out of my pussy. I was excited and was speaking to finger her in my pussy and inside. He started to finger my pussy loudly. I too had started taking Siskaris loudly.

After that we both became absolutely ready to fuck. I told Suresh not to delay now, first quench my thirst, then take up the game.

Suresh agreed and he laid me down. He agreed to fuck with his cock in front of my pussy.

When I had opened my pussy, he put his Aloda on my pussy slices. With the touch of his cock, my pussy was completely bent to fuck.

After putting his cock on my pussy, he started rubbing his cock. After that I gestured to fuck him with one eye, then he put his cock in my pussy. As soon as his thick cocks were gone, a sizzling came out of me 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh… ’But my pussy soon tolerated his cock.

After that he put all his cocks in my pussy and started fucking my pussy. We both started having sex.
After some time, he put both my legs on his shoulder and put his cock in my pussy till inside and started fucking my pussy.

Both of us were having sex with fun and kissing each other together. During sex, he was rubbing my nipple… Sometimes he used to press the nipple into his lips and suck.

Fucking was started. It was noon, so both of us were drenched with sweat having sex. I was sweating profusely. Suresh was sweating more than me. Before the fuck, my pussy was very hot and his cock was getting out in my pussy, due to which my pussy was feeling strangely good.

After a long time, I got a chance to fuck with a big cock. Suresh too had not had sex for a long time and he was fucking me very hard. Which made both of us feel very good.

Suresh's lund was quenching the thirst of my pussy… Danadan Chod was giving his thick lund to my pussy.

While thinking of Suresh, I had thought that if my husband does not fuck me every day, then I will come to Suresh's room and kiss Suresh.

Suresh was sucking my pussy by putting all his cocks in, due to which I was enjoying more and I was also getting peace. I was lifting my ass and fucking Suresh.

After about twenty minutes we both started having sex while having sex. Although he was about to come to the peak at this time, but even then he was fucking me with full force. My Siskaris were also getting faster.

That's when both of us started to fall in love. We both had sex for a long time. After this, both of them had given up their water together… due to which both of them had great fun.

After that I tired and lay down with her for some time. Both of us were breathing fast. Both of us were completely naked after sex. After some time I woke up and I wore my bra panty, after that I started wearing my maxi and went to my room.

Suresh stopped me and kissed for some time and after that I came to my room.

Now both of us started having sex every afternoon. My husband and everyone in my house used to go to the office, so I used to go to Suresh's room and get a kiss. He used to fuck me very well. Whenever my husband had night duty, I would tell Suresh beforehand.

After that night, I used to enjoy openly with her. Now I started having oral sex with her. I liked to suck his cock. He also opened my ass. I will write you the story of how my ass was inaugurated in my next story.

Both of us still have sex in the afternoon. Suresh still lives in my house on rent. I feel like being abandoned now.

How did you like my sex story? You all must give feedback on my story. Do tell me by mail because it will help me a lot in writing the next story. I will wait for your valuable mail.
I will tell you the story of my next sex too soon.

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