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Husband's friend wakes me up

Husband's friend wakes me up

I was alone at home. How did my husband's friend arouse my sex by showing his fat cock. Read in this free Hindi sex story!

Friends, my name is Sapna. My previous stories were published on Intimate Sex Stories. I got a very good response. I want to thank all of you for this love of you guys.

For many days I was receiving mails in which the readers were complaining that my stories have not been published for a long time. I want to tell you that I was not getting the time to write a story, so I was not able to write a new story. Then I made up my mind to tell you this story.

Now I am putting my sex story in front of you today. This is four years after my marriage. This incident happened in my life is one of the worst pimples of my pussy fuck.

My husband does a private job. They have to work long hours, so they come home late at night. Many times they have to go out of the city due to their work.

But it is a matter of those days when I was not so eager about sex. She also had a friend in my husband's office. His name was Vikas. Since my husband had gone out of the city, my husband had told him that if I need anything, I should tell Vikas. Vikas used to come to my house many times and I knew him well.

That day, when my husband went out of the house to another city, Vikas got a call that if you have any need, just call me once. I will come.
I said - okay. If I need anything, I will let you know.
I had talked with development many times, so there was nothing like that in our midst.

It is a matter of a day when my mother-in-law was not in my house. I had gone in the bathroom for a bath at that time. I forgot to close the main gate from outside.

When only Telia came out of the bathroom after taking a bath and saw that Vikas had already come. I once got nervous after seeing them and then hiding my body, started saying - when did you come?
He said - I came just a little while ago. When I came, the main gate of the house was open and there was no one at home. I have voiced you many times but you probably could not hear my voice due to being in the bathroom.
I said- Yes, I did not hear anything inside.

That day I made tea for development and then after talking for a while, he left.

But after that day, I started to notice one thing that Vikas was now staring at my body. I often saw my hips and my boobs staring at them. Many times they used to try to touch my boobs too.

But I was not showing any interest in them. I knew what was going on in my mind. But I never let it be known that I am understanding the meaning behind his antics that he is trying to fuck me by waking up my sex.
To be honest, I really had no interest in him, so I used to ignore his antics.

Three or four days passed like this. One day when there was no one at home, I needed an item from the market. I called Vikas and got that stuff.

When they came in to give the goods, I put my hand forward to take the goods from their hands. But I do not know how my hand was touched by his cock hanging inside Vikas's zip. Or perhaps Vikas had deliberately touched my hand with his cock.

Putting his hand on my cock ran into my body like a current and I pulled my hand back. Then again I took the goods carefully.

When I came back keeping the stuff in the kitchen, I looked at his cock with low eyes, then his cock was starting to stand up, the shape of his cock started appearing separately in his pants.

I was not wanting to see the size of his cock. The size of his cock looked quite big. Seeing the cocks strung inside the pants, I started having something. My sex was starting to wake up.

Then I asked them to sit. I went to the kitchen to make tea. When I came back, he was sitting on the couch. His legs were spread and cocks were visible from one side in the same way. They were asking for my permission for sex.

When I saw his cock twice, then there was a bounce in his cock. I got a little nervous. Development of cocks seemed quite big and thick.

Then I sat on the couch facing him and started drinking tea. After that I remembered that I forgot to bring some food items for them. I got up again and went to the kitchen and opened the biscuit and started keeping it on a plate.

Then he came from behind and tried to take me in his arms while touching his cock on my pussy.
I said - what are you doing?

But he kept on moving forward. He had buried his trunk cock all over my ass. His cock was close to the crack of my ass as if I was about to tear my clothes to enter inside.

Then he started kissing my neck and started pressing my nipples. Now I also started to think I placed my ass on his cock. Then he turned me to his side and both of our lips were close to each other's lips.

After that we both started sucking each other's lips vigorously. He continued to suck me in the kitchen for a while and kept pressing my boobs.

Then after that he picked me up and took me to the bedded room. He took me to the bed and slammed it and started opening his clothes. He took off the shirt. Then he came on top of me and started filling my boobs in his mouth again. Then she removed my top and opened my bra and bare me from above.

My feet got free in the air. He broke on them and licked me down and started sucking them vigorously. Then he also removed my pajamas and removed my panties and started fingering my pussy.

Now I was completely warmed up. I started caressing her cock by holding it on top of her pants.

For a long time, both of us kept caressing each other's organs in this way. Then he came on his knees and started to open his pants. When he took the pants down, his cock seemed too big in his underwear. The next moment he also lowered his tail.

Seeing the cocks of my husband's friend, my eyes got shocked. My husband was very big and his fat was too big. One more special thing was his cock. He was also quite fair. My husband's cock was much darker than his.

Then he shook his cock with his hand and then gave it to my hand. When I took his cock in his hand, it was quite a heavy cock. I started taking him back and forth in my hand. He started taking Siskaris fast.

Then he put his cock in my mouth. His cock was not being handled with my mouth. I felt suffocated I tried to remove him but he did not stop and kept pushing into my mouth. After licking the cocks for several minutes, he made his water come out in my mouth.
I drank all the water from his fat cock.

After the semen came out, he lifted my panty and cleaned his cock with it. I started sucking the cock of my husband's friend under lust again. I kept sucking the sleeping cocks out of fun and after five minutes I made his cocks erect again.
I wanted to fuck him with his cock now. I saw such a big cock in naked films.

When Vikas's cock was fully erected, he pushed me back on the bed and took my legs in his hand. He put his cock on my pussy and then gave a push. I lost my life Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… I took such a thick cock for the first time in my pussy.

He went on ramming his cock. I started to get a lot of pain but without delay he started fucking me. He started fucking my pussy while abusing. I also loved hearing abuses from his mouth. Now I too started enjoying Chudai.

For several minutes, he fucked my pussy in this pose and then made me stand up. He lifted one of my legs and started fucking again. He started fucking me once again.

He said, sister-in-law, I had been wanting to fuck your pussy for a long time. Today I will fuck your pussy so much that I will not leave you even worthy to walk.

After saying this, he started to bang badly. My pussy started bursting. I started having pain in the pussy but it did not stop. My eyes started getting water from the pain caused by his bumps. But still I was supporting her because even though I was in pain, I was also getting a lot of fun.

After rubbing my pussy for several minutes, she turned me upside down and then my ass put a pillow down. After licking me upside down on the bed, he spit on my ass and started rubbing cocks on my ass hole and then suddenly licked my cock in my ass.

I became half dead. I felt a lot of pain, but he started squeezing my nipples hard and my attention went in pressing. In a while my pain began to subside and then he started to fuck my ass by moving his cock back and forth in my ass. Now I was laughing instead of crying with pain.

He said - Sister-in-law, I will change your laughter into crying. Your pussy is not so tight now but your ass is giving great fun. I was also enjoying taking his fat cock in the ass. I was thinking that I would keep taking his cock in my ass like this.

He started to speak - Randi wants to fuck you every day.
I said - then why were you waiting for so many days.
He said - I was just waiting for the right opportunity.
I said - whenever you feel like you can fuck my pussy.
He said - I will fuck your ass every day, sister-in-law. I will leave you after making a very big scandal.

While saying this, he had started to insert his cock completely into my ass. After that, he straightened me again and inserted his cock in my pussy. Now they started pushing into my ass in double vigor. Then after fucking my pussy for several minutes, he left his goods in my pussy.
My pussy was torn like that.

We both lay bare like this and then fell asleep. I was not really going to get up in the evening. He had played my pussy and ass.
After that it was time for my mother-in-law and father-in-law to come, then development went away.

Till my husband came home, I kept getting pussy and ass fucking with Vikas's cock. In the presence of my mother-in-law and father-in-law, I also got a fuck one night. But that night, I got a fuck only once because he was afraid of getting up. In this way, Vikas loosened my pussy and ass by fucking him.

This was my sex story full of sex. You must tell me about the story. I will wait for your message.

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