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Saturday, May 16, 2020

How soon after baby delivery should you start having sex?

How soon after baby delivery should you start having sex?

I received a mail from a reader in which he wants to know how soon after the delivery of the baby should he start having sex?

So the following answer is based on general information and intellectual knowledge. I am not a doctor or a specialist. If you want to get deeper information about this then contact your doctor.

No definite answer can be given to this question. The answer to this question depends on many things.
In short, when a woman becomes physically fit after having a baby, then the husband and wife should start sex.

During the nine months of pregnancy, the woman has to face a variety of problems. There is physical pressure on her as well as mental… mental stress is very high at the time of first delivery because the woman is afraid of the pain in the delivery. Even physically he is not well. For two to three months, the vomiting occurs in Vagaira itself. After that the stomach bulge starts to appear, the weight also increases. Food and drink also has to be taken care of.

After childbirth, ie after having a child, there is a weakness in the woman naturally and work with the child also increases, responsibilities also… day time is spent in taking care of the baby, fulfilling her needs and also at night. Often, one has to wake up because the newly born child is not able to get rest, due to lack of sleep, he starts getting irritable. So do not show rashness in having sex.

Anyway, most of the time a child is born by Caesarean method, there should be no emphasis on stitches for at least three months. So in Caesarean case, you should stay away from sex for at least three months.

In normal delivery, it is normal to tear a little bit, it also takes stitches, so in this case, it is mandatory to remove at least three months without sex.
Even if the delivery is very normal, she will have difficulty in mating with a pregnant woman due to pain in the uterus, enlargement of the vagina, swelling of the vagina, pain. So even in normal condition, at least two months should not have sex.

In India, it is common practice that for forty days after delivery, the woman is given complete rest. She is under the supervision of another woman in her house. And after forty days, when she goes to maiden, the woman automatically stays away from sex after delivery.

After delivery, before starting sexual intercourse, the woman should start sex with the permission of the gynecologist or doctor, after getting her examined. Even after obtaining permission from the doctor, sex should be done only when the woman herself is mentally prepared.

If the husband does something forcefully, then the wife may feel remorseful towards the husband. She will feel that her husband loves her body and not her. Therefore, it is the right opinion for all husband and wife to exercise restraint for three months after delivery, after that, start sex only when everything is normal… that too in limited quantity like once a week…

A few months after delivery, a woman's menstruation begins but it remains irregular, so the means of contraception should be used to avoid pregnancy again. Since the child drinks mother's milk, it is better if you do not use medicine i.e. contraceptive pill.

Condoms are the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancy at this time.

Many times a woman does not have the desire to have sex even for several months after delivery, in such a situation, the husband should try to awaken his wife's mind with great tolerance, understanding and love, do not force her. needed.

Sex love is a matter of love, not force, passion, passion, manliness!

The husband should understand his wife's problems. Also, the wife should also understand the need of her husband. The husband and wife should maintain a wonderful relationship with mutual coordination.

Request from readers: If you want to give your opinion on this subject, please write your thoughts in the discus comments below.
Thank you.

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