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Hot story of family sex-2

Hot story of family sex-2

In the hot story of sex in relationships, read how my mother demanded oral sex from me, then I did. Then we completed many fantasies among ourselves. Have fun!

You read in the first part of this hot sex story,
Family Sex Hot Story-1
: After
Amma's Chudai

Amma said- tell me one thing son… will you do that?
I said - yes Amma… I will do anything for you.
Amma said- son, I want to get the experience in which woman licks man's cocks and man licks woman's pussy. She wants to do
I said - just such a thing… it is called a 69 position.

Then I climbed on Amma. I put my cock in Amma's mouth and I started licking Amma's pussy. A lot of time went by, I fell again. Amma licked, licked and licked my whole cock. I drank by licking their pussy water.

Then both of us lay bare like that, talking lovingly.

Now anyway, it was 4 o'clock in the morning, Amma said, "Come on, let's have sex in the morning, let's do it in the bathroom."

The bathroom of our house was small. All the lights of the house were off, the bathroom was also closed… it was dark.

Amma said- Now I give you real enjoyment of sex.
I said how?
Amma- I become a bitch by sitting on my knees… You too climb on top of me like a dog and give my cock in my ass.

I did the same thing. First put on the shower and put soap in the cocks and licked Amma's ass.

Amma shouted at first and started speaking - Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… she has died… come… and loudly… Enjoying… and rammed my cock into my ass… Son, kill my Amma's ass today… Enjoying me… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh son… and kill my ass hard… make my ass loose son… and fuck loudly.
I said - yes Amma, today I will remain in your ass.

I was thumping loudly. Cocks were being inserted into Amma's ass.

Then I said - Amma a question?
Amma said- say yes son.
I said - Amma, you have not had sex for so many years? Tell the truth and have you paid to anyone?
Amma said- No son, I did not fuck anyone… I swear by your thick young cocks and my thirsty pussy… I have never kissed anyone.

I said - Then how did you quench your thirst for sex?
Amma said- When I used to be home alone, then I used to masturbate for hours by putting finger in my pussy or putting carrot radish cucumber etc. Please do not talk now, do not stop cocks. Hitting my ass… ah and hitting hard.

I flexed and hit hard and said - Amma, I want to see how you masturbate.
Amma said - yes son, I will show everyone… but tomorrow… now you do not stop and kill my gum's ass… I am very thirsty for sex. My thirsty pussy and ass has been hungry for many years. From today, you erase my pussy and ass hunger. I will show you a good show of masturbation tomorrow. Please do not say anything now and kill your mother's ass.

I started thrusting cocks into Amma's ass. Amma's ass was big but it was very tight. I was feeling cool. Amma's ass was holding my cock.

Then I threw the last one. My cock penetrated completely. Amma also shouted loudly. My cock started releasing water in Amma's ass.
Amma's ass was filled with my juices.

Then both of us stood up, took a shower and came to bed and clung bare to each other and slept.

The second day everything was normal. I would kiss Amma, press her mamma in between.

The other day I was in bed. A mattress was spread on the ground. Amma closed all the windows of the house and put curtains on. Amma came to the throne laying on the ground. I was still in bed. I saw that Amma did not wear a sari today. He wore a T-shirt. It was a long T-shirt. The T-shirt was tightened. His mother was also emerging from that. His mother was very big. He was in a T-shirt, did not look like a blouse, but still looked cool.

Then he said - today some music was played.

I put a sexy music. In which a woman was Sisia. Then I saw that Amma also started lying in front of me, her mamme started shaking… she started shaking her waist. She started shaking her mummies. She started pressing her own mamma with her hands. His T-shirt was big, he had thighs. Then they spread their legs. I saw and understood that they did not wear tights or shorts below.

Then he lightly showed off his T-shirt and put his T-shirt on top of his mother. She started pressing her mums and putting her finger in the pussy. She bounced from below her ass, put her finger in her pussy… and started pressing Mama.

While doing this, she started looking at me with an erotic look.

Then he lifted the T-shirt further. Putting your finger in your pussy… began to masturbate vigorously by moving the ass back and forth.

Seeing that, my cock got excited too. I also started getting naked and moving my cock.

In a short time, Amma took out a carrot and started putting it in her pussy.

I also started shaking my cock very hard. While doing this, we were looking at each other with sensual eyes.

Then they put radish in their pussy and started going out inside. I also started to look at them with erotic eyes by shaking my cock and loudly and she also started looking at me with sexuality.

Now he pulled out even bigger cucumber and started putting it in his pussy. This cucumber was very big, she was putting that cucumber in the pussy with great grace. In a while, such a long and thick cucumber was now completely penetrated in their pussy.

Amma took out the cucumber again and put it inside her pussy again… Together I started looking at her with an erotic look.

This continued for a long time. Amma was putting the whole cucumber inside her pussy. I was also surprised to see how such a big cucumber is going inside Amma's pussy.

I started shaking my cock more vigorously. I was not able to bear my excitement anymore, so I quickly got out of bed and came to the cushion laying in the ground.

Looking at each other with a sensual look, I was shaking my hard cock and Amma was pushing it in a cucumber pussy. It was as if the competition for masturbation was happening in both of us.

The louder I used to shake the cocks, the more she was pushing the cucumber in my pussy.

Now we started masturbating while looking at each other in sensuous eyes.

Then he took out the cucumber vigorously, with this, water started coming out of his pussy. Then my cock also started throwing semen. Water from his pussy and semen from my cock left the atomizer.

Then we kissed each other while looking at each other with sensual senses and wrapped and hugged each other and lay down.

Amma said- son, for a month from today we will fuck a lot. You fuck me a lot Just think that this is our one month honeymoon. I want you to keep this whole month for me.
I also said - yes Amma, we will do a lot of fucking in this month.

In that month Amma also wore a bridal sari and I also brought a wedding necklace. In the new marriage of husband and wife, as they have honeymoon, we did chudai anyway. In that month I assassinated Amma a lot.

Then after a month, our sex decreased slightly. Now we would fuck 3 times a week, but on Saturday night sex would go on all night.

Amma would let me kill my ass 2 times a week. We started living like husband wife and girlfriend boyfriend.

After a few days, I heard Amma talking with someone on the phone.

Amma was speaking to someone- Oh no problem… you come for a week… I set everything. Don't you worry, do what I say. I set everything.
She was calling someone, that too for a week. I was a bit disappointed to know this.

Then Amma sat down with me after a while keeping the phone.

He said - son have to talk. It is a little strange… but you do not speak.
I said - what is it, Amma?
Amma said- her elder BG aunt is going to stay in our house for a week for a few days.
I said - Amma why are you calling the old lady?

Amma said- tell me one thing, she too needs sex, for many years her husband is ill, she is also thirsty for cocks.
I said - she is big, isn't she?
Amma said- Yes she is 59 years old, but she is also a cock.

I said - well how?
Amma said- when she was our father-in-law, she used to have sex with him. Your father has also once or twice… and one of his brothers has also fuck him. He is an idiot of a number, you will also enjoy it. Listen to one thing, she will excite you equally, you remain normal. The second thing is to give them such sex that they cry. They have troubled me a lot. She was the elder daughter-in-law of the house at that time. She lived like Sethani and used to get me a lot of housework done.
After listening to Amma's mouth, I also said - okay.

Big BG came home in a few days. Till now everything was normal.

Then it happened that one day Amma said - I am going out for a while… I come through the market.
On his way, he pointed to BG and said- it is yet to be bathed… You both take a bath and have breakfast.

Amma went by pointing at me as she went.

Then BG said- Take a bath.
I said - okay.

I went to the bathroom, I deliberately kept the door a little open while taking a bath and started hitting my mouth. I knew BG was watching.

Then she brought another bucket - hey take some more water.

I got up and stood naked in front of him. She got mad after seeing me naked my cock. She was standing and looking at my cock.

Then I grabbed his hand and into the bathroom. He took out his pallu and started suppressing his mother.

By pulling her sari up, I pulled out her shorts and directly inserted my cock into her pussy.

Our sex lasted for a long time. BG said- Enjoyed son…

After this we both had sex continuously for a week. I killed him fiercely. She then went to her village.

He got a call again in a few days. This time he sent his daughter. Then I beat his daughter and had sex with her too. Now his daughter is my wife.

Today, I fuck my Amma, my mother-in-law and my daughter, who is my wife.

Whenever Mother-in-law comes to mean BG, I definitely kiss her, but my wife does not know this even today.

This is how our family sex is going.
How did my hot sex story get into relationships?

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