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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Hot Story of Family Sex-1

Hot Story of Family Sex-1

Read in the family sex story of how my family and I were Amma. If we lived in a one-room house, I would often see Amma naked then…

Hi, my name is Sameer. I am now 24 years old. This story is the story of my and my mother's sex. This story began four years ago. Amma's name is Pratibha. My father passed away many years ago.

We are very rich, we have different properties. The house we used to live in was now going to be a building, so the contractor gave us a house to stay in a different place for some time. After the building was built, we were going to live in our house again.

This new house was given by the contractor. But it was too short to stay. There was a room and kitchen in it. But okay… both of us were me and my mother.

At that time, I was 20 years old and Amma was 42 years old. My Amma is nothing special in that way, but she was not bad either. She is a bit fat. His ass was too big. His mother was also very big. She always wore a sari, she used to sleep in the night wearing a sari.

Amma Sari was always covered by pallu. When she went out, Pallu would always keep it in front.

Some days passed like this. When she used to do household work, then I used to watch every movement of her. When she came out after taking a bath, the sari used to change in the kitchen.

One day in the afternoon it happened that I was sleeping with a sheet.
Amma said- Son, I am going to Sheela aunty for a while, you go to sleep, I come now.
I said yes to the bed in my sleep.

I covered the sheet with my mouth. Then I heard some sound of bangles. There was a hole in my sheet, I saw from that hole, then Amma was changing the sari in front of me. I acted gold and I kept watching from the hole of the sheet.

Amma must have thought that he is sleeping. He took out his pallu, dropped the sari down. As soon as Amma removed her pallu, her great mamme appeared to me, who were half out of the blouse.

I noticed that his mamme was actually very big, due to which one button of the blouse was not attached.

Now slowly Amma removed the saree. His dilated ass was much larger than his mummies.

Seeing that my cock got up. Then he opened the blouse, and saw that his bra was too small. From which his Mmme was coming out as if he could jump out at any time. It seemed.

I was watching everyone from the sheet hole.

Then she wore a second sari, another blouse. While wearing that blouse, he put the button from the bottom and did not put the top button. Actually, he could not even look. The blouse was very tight.

Amma took her pallu forward and went to open the door. After he left, I could not live and I killed Muth in the name of Amma.

Few days passed like this. I always started to see them changing saris from sheet holes on the pretext of sleep.

The rest, whenever I had a chance, I kept watching them. At night she slept on the ground and I on the bed.

When we used to keep the bathroom light on, light would come on.

One day I slept in bed, my sudden sleep woke up. I saw Amma was asleep, but she had taken her sari up and had her hand on her pussy. She slept with a finger on her pussy. Seeing this, my cock woke up again and I again put my hand in the sheet.

Now it always started happening. Changing her sari and putting her finger in the night to sleep… I always began to see gold acting.

I could not sleep one night. I was taking turns.
That's when Amma's voice came - what happened son, can't sleep? Come, sleep today under my arm.
I immediately fell asleep on the side of Amma. They put their hands on me. We slept that night clinging to each other.

Then it started happening like this every day. At night we clung to sleep. I used to sleep with my mother in the middle of Amma's mother. Many times, Amma's hand used to be attached to my cock as well, and sometimes my cock used to be used in Amma's ass as well. This used to happen when she slept with her back to me.

Amma was free to talk, she used to talk freely.

One day it happened, at bedtime, I put my hand on Amma's stomach and inserted one finger in Amma's navel. She was a little fat. His stomach was slightly larger. So he opened the navel.

I was having fun fingering her navel. He too had no opposition. Now it started happening every day. I slept with a finger in Amma's navel.

Three to four days passed like this.

Then one day I could not stay.

I said gently in Amma's ear- Amma, I get naked.

She did not say anything.

I thought she must have slept. I once again said- Amma, I am naked. I want to sleep naked
Suddenly a voice came from Amma's mouth - hmm… turn off the bathroom light.

I immediately closed the bathroom light and slept naked and slept beside Amma. After a while, I inserted my finger again into Amma's navel.

At the same time, Amma grabbed my hand and penetrated her saree and panty and inserted my finger in her pussy.

What was it then, I also took his hand and gave my cock in his hand.

Now I slept with a finger in Amma's pussy and Amma slept while holding my cock.

In a while, I slowly said slowly to Amma's ear - my groove is full. The pipe is full.
Amma also said lightly- Yes, my body is filled to the brim. Put your pipe pump, drain it.

What was there. I climbed over Amma. He grabbed my cock and kept it on his pussy. I immediately started stumbling.

As if Amma was relieved, she was speaking- Oh ah… entered my pipe and entered inside, insert it to the end of my stepwell. Put your cock in the chamber and rammed… your son put your fat pipe.
I said - yes Amma, I will stay by completing your work of bore-bell today.
She started fucking me.

I said - can I speak you by name now?
Amma said - yes… why not… but I would like to hear Amma, you understand my name is Amma, you call me Amma.

I started to thrust harder and started pushing the whole cock.

I said - Hi Amma… your mother is so big as melons… I will squeeze them all. I will give you my pipe even in the big step of the big ass with your big butts. I will keep you completely cocky.
Amma said- Yes, my fat fruits suck a lot of bite… give them full squeeze. Slay my ass and make him completely loose… Ah and will you make me cocky, I will make you full cock… son, what do you think, you will be able to quench my thirst once by fucking me. This is just the beginning… Yes son, Chod and Chod completely penetrated your pipe in my pussy…

I kept on fucking harder. Voices started coming from his mouth. I was enjoying I increased the speed further.

I said - Amma, I used to see you sleeping with a finger in my pussy.
Amma said - Good and you used to beat your mouth in a sheet. I used to shake cocks when I used to change my saree. Even then you used to see me through the hole of the sheet.
I said- Oh, did you know that Amma?

Amma said - yes or no? I already understood when I saw it for the first time. I always sleep by putting my finger in the pussy. But you got to see, so I no longer took the sheet. You got to see this scene, so the bathroom light was on. That was a hint for you that now give me Chod.

I increased my shock.

Amma also started bouncing her ass from below. Now I gave the last blow.
Amma also shouted - Ummh… Ahhh… Yes… Oh… She died…

All my water started entering Amma's pussy. Amma's pussy was also full and semen started flowing out.

Then both of us kept calm and hung on to each other.

I kissed Amma's lips. They also liplocked their lips. We both talked openly for a long time. I was talking like a boyfriend. Amma also had fun with me.

Then Amma got up and went to the bathroom and came clean. I also went to the bathroom after cleaning the cocks and came back to bed again. We lay on the bed again and started talking lovingly.

Amma said- tell me one thing son… will you do that?
I said - yes Amma… I will do anything for you.
Amma said- son, I want to get the experience in which woman licks man's cocks and man licks woman's pussy. She wants to do
I said - just such a thing… it is called a 69 position.

The hot story of family sex will continue.

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