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Honeymoon with uncle's girl

Honeymoon with uncle's girl

My name is Naman, I am 22 years old and I live in Patel Nagar Delhi with my parents and elder sister. This is my first story in which I fuck my uncle's daughter. Let me tell you a story full of sex.

My maternal uncle works in a bank and lives in Noida. Mami is a housewife, she lives with her daughter, named Mrinalini, who turned 18 just a few days ago. He has a fair complexion and a thin body. My maternal uncle also has a son who is currently studying in London.

The incident which I am going to tell you is just 15 days back. When Mami called me Noida because she had to go to her maternal home for 2 days. Whenever she goes somewhere, I have to be near Mrinalini.

When I reached my maternal uncle's house, I found the maternal uncle at the door of the house. He told me that Mrinalini is taking a bath, you sit, she will come and make tea.
The maternal uncle went away after speaking so much.

I went inside and lay on the bed in the outside room. It was only 5 minutes that I saw Mrinalini in the inner room, which was wrapped only with a towel. My room's light was off but the light in his room was on. What happened after that was beyond my imagination.

Mrinalini suddenly removed the towel from her body. Seeing my sister completely naked, my eyes were torn because I had never seen a girl in such naked condition in my life.

Its length is 5 feet 6 inches. Can't tell his figure right but his Tits are 32 ″ and he is much thinner than belly. And yes, her ass was looking very life which would be around 34 or 36.

She was unaware that someone was watching her without clothes. From there I showed that her pussy looked very beautiful. Seeing it, it was known that she had just come to clean her hair. My cock was getting uncontrollable after seeing her nipple, ass and pussy. She was probably looking for her bra and underwear.

It was only 2 to 3 minutes that he suspected something like someone at home. He did not know about me. He hurriedly wrapped the towel and came to the room in which I lay.
As soon as he switched on the light, he surprised me and said - Brother, when did you come? And how did you come in?
I told her - when Mami ji was here, she had come.

He then asked another question - did you see anything?
Being unaware, I asked- do you mean anything?
She panicked - I was inside the room without clothes?
I said- Yes, I saw all that… but what do I do… because a nymph was in front of me in this state, I could not even remove my eyes even if I wanted to.

Hearing all this, she panicked and sat on the couch there. Seeing his face, it was known that his heartbeat was not under his control.
She sat quietly for a while.
Then I asked - what happened?
So my sister said - it should not have happened.
Then I said - it is not your fault. Then what is there to fear?

Then do not know what came to his mind, he lifted both his legs and placed them on the front desk. She was right in front of me, due to which I could see her pussy clean-2.
I told her - what is she doing?
Never before had we had such a conversation. That's why I was trying to recover.

She said - you have seen everything, then what is the use of hiding it? Look around you

Seeing her blonde-2 and naked thigh, seeing my pussy together, my cock swung into action again. My anxiety was growing, my hand started caressing it automatically.
Seeing all this she said - what did you start doing?
I said - in front of which a nymph is sitting half naked, how can he handle his senses?
Then he said - this nymph can also be completely naked now because you have seen everything. But first I have to see what you are stroking with your hand.

What else did I want… Quickly I took off my pants, then took off my underwear and put my cock in front of him. He looked at her and said surprised - is it so big?
I said- Yes, it is so big.
She said - can I touch it?

As soon as I said yes, she stood up from the couch, took out the towel and came to me and grabbed my tool with both her hands.
My eyes closed in a trance.

Then I felt a strange fragrance in my nose which was the smell of my sister's naked body. Mrinalini was rubbing my cock. I also put my hand on her waist, then slowly brought her down and turned her hand on her ass, it felt as if the butter was moving.

After that I started to move my tongue on her bare thigh.
She said - Brother, please do not let me go.
Where I was about to stop, moving forward, I put my tongue on her pussy.

She could not tolerate this much and started sucking my cock with her mouth. Whereas he had never done so before. She was standing nearby and sucking my cock while I was lying down licking her pussy.

For a long time, we both continued to have fun with each other in this condition. Then I felt that my atomizer was going to miss, so I told her but in which world she was not known.

Then lava erupted from my land. Something went in his mouth. Then as soon as he removed his mouth, his face became dirty with my semen.
She grinned silently - Brother, what is this?
I told him - this is semen.
So bid - why didn't you tell earlier?
I told him - but you did not listen.

She said - Okay, now you have to drink my water.
I said - no, till today I did not even drink, let it be today, will see later.

First she came to wash her face. When she was going out completely naked, my land started coming in fun again after seeing her ass.

Now she came back and sat on top of my cock and put her tongue in my mouth. This was the first kiss of both of us. I started sucking her tongue.

After kissing for a while, I started to wiggle her pussy.

After licking both the cucumbers with Bari-2, she got up and turned around and took my lund in the mouth again. Now her fair, thick ass and hairless pussy was just a little away from my mouth. So I also jumped and took her pussy in full mouth.

If both remained in this condition for about 10 minutes, then I said - this time take the whole juice in the mouth. I will also take your juice in the mouth.
She refused at first and then agreed.

Soon I started getting jerks and something started flowing from her pussy too. Both drank each other's water and separated.
I told him- someone can come so do the rest of the work at night.
So she agreed and we both washed our faces and put on clothes.

During the day when she was cooking in the kitchen, I put my cock on her ass.
She said - Brother, don't let me do whatever you wish at night, but let us work now.
I did a lip kiss and went to watch TV.

He cooked food at night and both of them sat together and had food.

After that both of them lay on the same bed. Winters had started, so both took a blanket. But suddenly she got up and went to another room. When she came back from there, she was wearing a sexy red gown.
When my cousin sister lay down with me, I said - Today is our honeymoon.
So he hid Sharma's face in his hands.

When I removed her gown, she saw that she was wearing a black netted bra and panty, in which she looked very sexy and hot.

After that he removed my clothes on his own. I did not wear underwear at the bottom, due to which I got completely naked as soon as the pants came out.

He took my cock directly in his mouth, his pink lips plastered me. I threw away her bra and panties and told her - come on top of me.
So we both came in 69.

A strange smell was coming from her pussy which was driving me even more crazy. After being in this condition for a long time, Mrinalini was asked to get up and asked her to sit on her land. She lay on my stomach. My land was swinging with fun touching her pussy. He put his lips on my lips and we both started sucking each other's lips and tongue.

After 4 to 5 minutes I picked her up and said- Come on down, I will inaugurate your little pussy today.
My sister lay down on the bed. Mrinalini was scared, speaking- Brother, I have heard that when the first time fucking happens, it hurts a lot.
So I comforted him - I will do it comfortably, you go and get some cream.

After that Mrinalini applied a lot of cream on my land, I applied it on her pussy. Lying down, I came up and told Mrinalini, "You will feel pain, but please do not shout."
Now I got up one of his legs and set my land on her pussy. When he hit the first push, he did not go in and slipped to the side. After several attempts, finally the front part of Alore went inside but Mrinalini woke up painfully.

I stayed because she is a very delicate girl. When I got some rest, a push and a hit, then my half-lund got ripped inside her pussy but could not stand the shock and started crying.
Then she said - Ummh… Ahhh… Yes… Oh… Brother, please take it out, it is very painful, do the rest tomorrow.

I stopped and started sucking her nipples in turn. In which his pain was reduced due to meditation. Now when I hit one last push, my whole land got covered in her little pussy. But she fainted like that. After which I got scared.

But soon she came to her senses and started pushing me to remove herself from me. Where I was going to believe, I would ever suck her lips, sometimes I would suck her small tits.
After about 5 minutes I felt that she is shaking her ass. I understood that Mrinalini is no longer in pain.

When I started hitting 2 strikes slowly, she too started to hang out with me in fun. After fucking for a long time, when I felt that she was about to leave, then she removed it from her pussy and gave it to her mouth. Then I missed my water which he drank completely.
Now it was her turn, she also got up and sat on top of my mouth. I understood her feelings and inserted my tongue in her pussy, in which she too got stuck loosely.

That night we had 3 times in our honeymoon. Once I wanted to give Mrinalini's land in the ass, but she did not agree - Brother, I will face the pain of pussy today, next time I will get you to inaugurate the ass.

After that we both slept.

The next day again, I played this same sex game, which I will tell in the next story.

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