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Heart has arrived on wife's friend

Heart has arrived on wife's friend

Friends, you must have known me, I am an old writer of conscience. I have written about 200 stories on immigration. Today I am going to tell you the story sent by one of my readers on this new site. These readers had sent the story in their own way, but I have made this story a bit more interesting by just asking them.
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Friends, my name is Ratna Lal, I am 50 years old at this time. I am my wife and my son… this is my family.

Not long ago, my wife had a friend. That woman lives in the second street of our neighborhood. The reason for the friendship is that both my wife and the woman are named Rupa. The woman Rupa has two daughters, elder daughter Divya is 20 years old, and younger daughter Ramya is 18 years old. The little girl is like a thin skinny girl. The older girl Divya is also thin but she is fair,
beautiful to look at and is still doing BA.

Rupa's husband used to live here earlier and both his wife used to do their little work and then the conditions of the house were not very good.
Then Rupa's husband got the opportunity to go abroad, then he went abroad to earn money.

By the way, we used to come to each other's house. But when Rupa's husband went abroad, I started feeling special. Although she did not stay anywhere in color, or in physical form, against my wife, but a foreign woman is a foreign woman. Even if it is not good, then only her mummé, her gond, her hustle attracts you towards her.

In my mind too many times I got the idea that if I look at Rupa with a little grope, my husband is not close to it, then at night it will change on the bed. If the talk is made in any way, then you will get a chance to face it out.

Although I used to go to her house less, I used to stay busy in my work business but sometimes I used to come or sometimes I would come.

Now she had a good friendship with my wife, she used to call my wife as sister and call me brother-in-law. But I never joked with him by saying that I was a sister-in-law, I used to be a little reserved. Yes, I used to laugh with his daughters.

After the husband went abroad, he also took my help in many things at home, but I never did anything by moving ahead myself. My wife was our link between me and Rupa.
My wife used to do all the work.

But one thing that I was noticing was that Rupa's behavior was now changing. Whenever she had a chance, she would joke around calling me brother-in-law. I often feel that she was expressing with her eyes her words, that the brother-in-law should dare and hold me, I will not do you.

But how could I catch him in front of my wife.

She also understood that no relationship could be formed between us until we met alone. But we were not getting any chance to meet alone.

Our friendship or say that love hidden in the heart was going on like this. Both of us were yearning in our hearts. I was suffering less, she was suffering more. She had said many times - brother in law, you have a car, teach me to drive a car. Brother-in-law, someday both of them go to watch a movie. I wish it was raining, and we both brother-in-law should roam far in the car.

All these things she had said in front of my wife in these things and such thoughts came to my heart that maybe she is looking for an excuse to meet me alone.

Then one day he stole another big statement.
It happened that while we went to the market, she also got there, along with her two daughters. So we formally invited them to dinner.
He quickly agreed

We went to a sweet shop, their restaurant was made upstairs. Everything was vegetarian. We sat and ate food there.

Now his elder daughter sat with me while Rupa, his younger daughter, and my wife sat in front of me.
Divya loved me very much anyway.

Both of us were sitting and eating food quietly, that Rupa said- Look how both of them are eating the same style, as if Divya is your daughter.
I said yes, I have a daughter.
Now what else would I say.
But then Rupa said - how can you be, have we ever met?

I become so numb. Not met does not mean sex. I thought - hey brother, he is in the affair of Chudwane, and I am just being killed in shame.
But at that time, I just raised my hand and pretended to bless that Divya is a daughter born of my blessings.
So Divya said - Moussa ji, if you don't mind, I should call you father.
Now I could not do this little sweet request of that daughter, I said - Yes, son, I will be happy, I have no daughter, you become my daughter.

Divya would always call me Dad after that day. But the younger daughter sometimes called her father and sometimes warts. My relationship with her was fine because she kept quiet more.

Then one day Divya asked me for my phone number, after that she would call me sometimes, she would also message me in the morning and evening and I used to send her very good messages like any father and daughter do.

One day, my wife and I went to his house, then it was Sunday and all those people were washing their hair.
Then Divya brought oil and all three mother and daughter started applying oil on each other's head.

I also sat and just said - oh wow, Divya, you apply oil very well!
She said - Father, should I put yours too?
I said yes, put it.

When they were finished, Divya came to me with a bottle of oil. I was sitting on her diwan, she came after me and took oil from the bowl and started applying it to my hair.
"Ahhh ... hahh ... ahah ..." What a pleasure it was when a daughter applied oil to her father's head with her soft hands.

Rupa said- Oh brother-in-law, shall I put your oil?
I understood a tension in her talk but I said - no thank you, the daughter is applying very well.

After that we had dinner at his house and when he returned, Rupa first said hello to me and then proceeded to embrace me. But while hugging he rubbed his mother well from my armpit and looked at me and smiled mischievously.
She was clearly telling me to come hold me but I was walking loose.

I thought that if I get another chance now, I will talk to Rupa.

Then one day I got a chance, she was coming to our house, my wife was in the kitchen. I asked- Hey Rupa, you had taken my mobile number, but have you ever called me?
She said - you talk less like that, do you know whether you talk on the phone or not.
I said - oh no, I was rather waiting that hello hi, hello, good morning, I love you, message me.
Listening to me, she laughed, said - I will do it now.

And the very next day in the morning, he got the message of 'Good Morning'. In response, I too sent him a message on Good Morning. And in the day itself, both of us sent 40 messages to each other.

The more I walked in the open, the more open it was, and by breaking all the dignity of our brother-in-law's relationship, both of us even gave each other open express love. She even said that if you didn't say, I was going to say it myself.

Now that love has been expressed, what else remains. She was completely set with me. Laddoos of happiness were bursting in my mind that my friend Kamaal Hai, even at the age of 50 years, took sweety.

After that we would often talk on the phone, within two or three days, things became clear like glass. Both of them told each other that the day we meet, we will meet alone, and on the same day we will cross all limits.

I thought, now we have to go to Mashuq, then go with full preparation. On Wednesday, I had already taken a day off from my work.
But on Tuesday I also did some other work. I ate half a pill ***. When you say by eating this bullet, then your cock gets erected at your behest, and that too hard, hard like a stone. Just be sure that this tablet increases uric acid. But the effect lasts for 2-3 days.

On Wednesday morning, I swallowed a gram-sized tablet with poppy tea. Now white pill to keep the cocks erect and not to fall black for long.

We were scheduled to meet at 11 o'clock. But before 10 o'clock I was ready in every way. At around quarter to 11, I called Roopa and asked- Yes, how are you, sister-in-law?
She said - Very good, you tell.
I asked- I was thinking, if you had darshan in the morning, the whole day would have been wonderful.
She said from there - so come, who has stopped, you have your own house.

I reached her home flying. Opened the gate and went inside, inside the house she was doing something in the kitchen. I looked around, there was no sound of anyone else in the house. But still I went to the kitchen, said hello to her, asked her, how was the condition of the children.

Then asked - where are the children.
She said - big college, small school. I am alone at home.
Meaning, he told himself what I wanted to ask.

She was making tea on gas, I went and stood behind her. The heart was trying to fill it in the arms from behind, but still there was a fear in the heart. But still I dared to fill it in my arms.

He was absolutely shocked - Hey brother-in-law, what are you doing?
When she did not get angry, my courage also increased, I quickly put a couple kisses on her neck and tightly clung to her and said - Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… My face is not patient now!
And I kissed her neck, shoulders, turned her face, and kissed her cheek.

She smiled and said - You are shameless, the younger sister is like a daughter.

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