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Friday, May 15, 2020

Heart ain -2 on wife's friend

Heart ain -2 on wife's friend

Friends, I am a very old writer of the insider story.
In the first part of my sex story,
wife's friend Pe Dil Aaya Gaya-1
, you read that my heart came on my wife's friend. She used to die on me, so it became our thing. I was with him in his house.
Now further:

I did a little more profanity and also grabbed both her mummies and said by pressing - the sister is half housemate.
When she pressed her mother, she screamed lightly, but this scream was full of joy.

Two thirsty bodies, no one in the house.

I rotated her further and held her tightly in my arms again and kissed her lips. As soon as the lips met the lips, he turned his back and stopped the gas and then he also held me tight in his arms.

The more I sucked her lips, the more she was sucking me as well, rather she was biting, chewing my bottom lip. Of course it was a little painful for me but it was also a lot of fun.

A thirsty woman was eager to get wet in Kamaras rain.

I also rubbed her back in my fists as if I am pressing her mamma. Then lifted one of his legs and put it on the nearby tripod, and then I bothered his bum and thigh very hard and hit his bum with a lot of hands.

It seemed from her behavior that she would just suck me off. But now it was time to move forward. I picked her up on my lap and took her to the hall.

On the recently laid diwan, I rolled it and lay down on it myself. He himself spread his hands upwards behind his head. When I lay on her, she spread her legs and held my body in her thighs.

This was the complete dedication of a woman; Hands back… so that I can do anything with her face to her breasts. Legs fully open… so that I can do anything with her thighs, her fists.

I held both her mums in my hands. She was smiling dimly looking at me like a calm flowing river. I pressed her mmm, shook, lifted her top and saw her big cleavage out of her shirt's neck.

A magnificent cleavage, which I licked with my tongue, and then cut it out of my teeth with a sharp mark, and made a mark of my teeth on her mummé.
She said - Oh, it hurts brother-in-law, what did it do, look!

I said - that's why my life has been cut… so that whenever you bathe the day after tomorrow, when you see this sign, you will remember me.
She said - Then why make a mark, make a mark on the whole body.

I smiled after listening to her, she also laughed.

I lifted his shirt up and removed it. Wore a light pink bra. The pink bra looked good on the wheat color of the body. I opened her hooks and removed the bra too. Two thick, round mummies with two raised nipples of dark brown color.

I held her bare mummie and pressed into her hands, she lay down again. I leaned over him too, but to play with his mother.
She started caressing my head hair and I started sucking her mums. While sucking, I bit him on his mummies here and there; If the mark of Kata is made out loud, but that too every time the captive of God rubs Siskaris, he never refuses.

I made 5-6 deep bite marks on both her mums.

Then I kissed on her stomach, also tickled her waist. She laughs a lot when she gets tickled. I opened the pulse of his salwar and pulled it open his salwar and then removed it.
She was lying naked in front of me. For so many days, months, I used to think about it like that; Today came the day when I saw her completely naked.

She said - what are you looking at brother-in-law?
I said- When I saw you for the first time, I thought that if ever I get a chance, I would like to see you naked. Today I got that chance.
She said- Let me tell you, when I saw you for the first time, then this thought also came in my heart; To have sex with you. But you are such a fool that you are bound by the pulse of your wife.

I said, oh man, look, now the thing is that I do not feel more beautiful than my wife. So I do not see anyone else. It is not that I did not understand your gestures. But what would you do, every time the wife was with you, how would you tell your heart?
She said - then say now; Now your wife is also not with you.

I opened my shirt, took off my pant, vest tights, and got completely naked in front of Rupa.
"Here, my darling!" I told Rupa - Today I handed over everything to you.

She got up and stood up and hugged me. The bare bodies of both of us have clung to each other like. For how long we clung to each other's body, clinging to the realization that the person whom I used to see after so many months, was completely naked today.

My full cocks were stuck between the stomach of both of us.

I said - Roopa my darling, my cock will suck?
She said- Before today, only my husband has seen me naked, after he left I have surrendered my body and mind to you. You just don't cheat me. Everything is yours, who will say, I will do it, I am your slave, I am Golli, I am a servant. Whatever i understand Your head is on my head!

She used to say that she sat down and grabbed my cock in her hand and after removing her foreskin, she took out the top of my cock and took it in her mouth. Now my wife is a little tantrums
, Rupa's sucking my cock right away tickled me inside.

Enjoyed when his lips tightened my cock in his lap.

I sat on the diwan itself and she sat on the floor in front of me, holding both my fists in my hands and filling my cock in my mouth, she was busy sucking it.
Although my cock is not very big, it is only 6 inches, it is a common simple cock. But a thirsty and a half inch cock can also cool a thirsty woman.

I was stroking her head, rubbing her body with my foot. Thick fat-filled waist, abdomen, thighs. When you move, waves arise in your body.

After kissing me for some time, I also started trying to lick him and see him licking him. I told him - Rupa, come up on the bed and lie down.
She woke up and lay on the bed.

But when I started lying on her upside down, she stopped me and said - no no, don't lick me. I will not be able to last more than a minute or two. You pour in, and start.
I saw his pudding, two or three sharp streams of water had flowed to his thighs. Meaning she was so hot, so thirsty that even without touching, she was close to falling.

I opened his legs and put my cock on his cock, and as soon as my cock got into his cock, he buried his nails in my shoulders - oh… my boss!
His eyes closed, lips open.

I grabbed her lips with my lips and swung my tongue in her mouth. There was no need to say anything, she started sucking my tongue, and started running her waist from below.

It was not even a minute before that he held me tight in his arms, lifted his waist up in the air and said to me - Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… Out loud… and loud Chodu jijaji me!
I started fucking my wife's friend, ie, mouth sister-in-law at a very fast pace.

And the very next moment she would grab my waist with her thighs, sometimes leave it. He did this many times. I also felt as if there was a lot of water flowing from his hips.

I cut on his cheek, but lightly… so that there is no mark.

At first his yearning was fast, but then slowly his yearning became quiet. I started fucking again when the thighs of his thighs were loose. But she was very calm, satisfied, lying down under me. He lifted his legs in the air, which opened his whistle completely. I started to fuck her.

Now I had come with all the preparation because I had to fuck her a lot in order to attack her.

After about 5-6 minutes of sex, she said - I want to become a mare.
What could I have objected to, I retreated and she became a mare in front of me.

When I put my cock in her Afuddi, she started shaking herself back and forth.
I said- Oh wow, you are very good.
She said - Oh my master, just keep watching, how do I take care of you.
I said - so who stopped… do it!

After some time she became a mare and she proceeded further, my cock got out of the same hunk. He knocked me down and came over me. Grabbed my cock and took it on my whim and took it inside myself. Putting both her hands beside my head, she bent over me.

When I saw her swinging mother, she held her hand and gave her mother in my mouth - drink my master!
She said.

I said, oh man… what is this owner? Call me by my name
She said - You are my boss… I will do as you say.

I alternately sucked her mummies.

One thing is, when a thirsty woman has sex herself, she gives fun to the man, which the man cannot even take it by himself. I was feeling as if I am in heaven and some very intelligent woman is teaching me to have sex.
Because my wife could not even give me so much fun in the last 26 years, even though I had done all this asana with her.

Chudwana with this form was more fun. Sitting on top of him, I felt very tight or maybe he only knew how to tighten the Fuddi so that the man would enjoy it more.

After a while I said - come down Rupa!
She got up from me and lay down on the bed. I came on top of him, he himself grabbed my cock and kept it on his cock. This time our competition was very strong. She had fallen once, then the second time she also took a lot of time.

I had come here only to eat and drink, so I had to play long time. Both of them were full of enthusiasm, she was also leaving water on the water with her hair, my cock was getting full. This time I fuck her so hard that I was bathed with sweat. When she was running her waist from below, sweat was clearly visible on her face, shoulders, chest, abdomen and thighs.

Our fuck was going on as if there was a competition between the two, who would fall first. But she was normal, so she started pouring water again after getting more excited.
She shouted loudly from below, she said loudly - Chod Saale… and Chod… and Chod… ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….

Seeing her yearning, I was so happy, as if I had sex for the first time today. And then he lifted his waist completely up, and swung his body like a command. I also cut her mummies out loud in my mouth. So loud that my teeth went into her mummies.

He screamed with pain, but the pleasure of his ejaculation was heavy on his pain. She just fell unconscious in my arms.

I put her on the bed properly and quickly got my work done. There was no response from his side now. I dropped my merchandise on her stomach. She just kept looking at me lying down.

After fucking him, I also lay next to him.

How long we lay in each other's eyes; Didn't talk. Slowly we both breathed in breath.
She hugged me, tears welled up in her eyes.
I asked - what happened?
But she said nothing, just kept crying.

After much crying and after much persuasion, she fell silent. After that I took her to the bathroom and there we both bathed together, then got dressed.

Then he made tea and we both drank.

After that I came to my house. Today it has been about 6 months and during this time I have found him only 3-4 times. But in these 6 months, I have become so mixed in his family that I feel as if I am truly the father of Divya. She too became my daughter. I am going to her college with her, market with her, watching movies everywhere.

But then one day my life took a new turn.
What was that… I will tell in my next story.

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