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Friday, May 15, 2020

Got the sister fuck her friend

Got the sister fuck her friend

In this hot Hindi sex story of mine, read how I came to know about my sister's lust and got my sister fuck her by a friend.

My dear friends who like an intimate sex story, I have brought a story.
In this Hindi sex story, there is a boy named Yash Grover. Yash is 20 years old.
Hear the same sex story ahead.

Friends, I am famous… my father is a very big businessman. He has a business of crores. In which case they often stay abroad. Mom is also his only partner. Both of them often lived outside the house in connection with their business.

I am doing MBA. My height is very cool, due to which many girls also die on me. My sister's friends also die on me.

Now first I tell about my elder sister. My sister's name is Priya Grover. Her height is 5 feet 7 inches, her tame mumme is 38 inches. The size of the raised ass is 38 inches. His stomach is not draining at all. He is a sex bumb in a way, whoever sees him, his cock would get erect. I claim that even if an old man sees him, I claim that the cocks of that old man will also be erected. Although I had never seen my sister from the point of view of sex.

There is no restriction at our house. How anyone can wear clothes

Once Priya was shopping with me, she went to the bra panty section. I was getting late, so I went to call him. I saw that she was buying a very hot bra panty. I was shocked to see this.

Priya did not hide her seeing me but started speaking to show the shop boy and hot panty bra.

After seeing the salesman, he smiled at me and looked at me. I did not say anything, just kept quiet. She bought a bra panty for herself with great comfort and came back with me after packing it.

When I came home and started eating food, I could not sleep. Suddenly I remembered Priya, how she was sitting in front of me with bra panty very comfortably. Suddenly I started thinking about her mummies and cocks that there are so many cool cocks and butts, I do not know how much the sister-in-law would be fucking. Just remembering her naked youth, I slept and slept.

In the morning when she came to the breakfast table, Priya was in shorts, which were of very thin clothes. Her red color panty and green bra were visible from it.

I talked to her - Priya, didn't you go to college today?
Priya- No brother… I am not feeling well, at night I fell in the bathroom, my back is aching.
I - oh how are you done sister… and you are telling now, why did not you tell earlier… you could not tell… I had to wake up at night.
Priya- Hey Babu… My darling, never mind… I had taken the pen killer pill… Now there is just a slight pain in the waist. If you give me a massage, it will be kind to you.
I- Hey sister, what is the matter… Please… I will do it now.

We both came in the room. She lay down on my bed. I was lost in the same valley after seeing her fists.

Then Didi shouted - now even start, man!

When I took off Didi's shorts, her red panty was getting inside the ass. Seeing this, my cock became erect. As soon as I put my hand on her waist, I had gone to heaven.

I started Didi's ass massage very well. Didi was also doing a little 'ah ah ahhh…'.

Didi said- there is magic in your hands, my pain is getting less… Give massage for two to three days, I will be fine.

I started massaging Didi's ass daily. Sister was cured in three days. But now I always have my ass in my mind whether I will ever have sex with Didi or not. Then I think she is my sister. Some of the social bonds were frightening me, some even felt afraid from inside.

One day I was having fun with friends in college, then my friend Rohan Bhardwaj, started talking to me. Rohan was my college friend. He had choked many prostitutes many times. His father was 20 times richer than my father. There was no shortage of money from his house.

Rohan told me that today I am going to fuck a new prostitute, the sister-in-law is sealed, I will inaugurate her pussy. There has been a deal to remove his nose in two lakhs. I will fuck her pussy overnight, you also move, you also put your cock in her mouth.

I refused… because I had Priya in my mind. I arrived home.

When I came home, I started sleeping with the face of Priya's name. But I was not able to sleep, so I started reading the simile sex story.

In this, clicked on the link of some Hindi sex story of Chudai in relationships, then came the sex story of siblings, father and daughter. I read two sex stories, then it was fun. Then I started online sex chat, in which my chat with a girl started. We both started chatting very openly. She was from my own city.

After sex chat with that girl for about a week, I told her to meet him that we will have sex. But he refused. She agreed to meet me after pleading for me.

I asked how would we recognize each other?
He said that I will come wearing a black T-shirt. You also come in a black T-shirt.
I said ok

We had kept that part of a rose garden in which no one used to go. I sat in the garden in the morning. I was chatting with him on the phone, suddenly someone from behind put his hand on my shoulder and said - come here sir.

As soon as I started looking back, my parrot flew away. Because she was my real sister Priya.

Priya too was surprised to see me. For two or three minutes, we did not talk among ourselves.

Then I started talking- Didi, you read a sex story on such a site… Don't you feel ashamed… You do sex chat overnight.
Priya- So do you also have sex chat overnight… How were you talking about licking my pussy at night. You were saying that you will put your 8 inch cock in my pussy, you will fuck all night, you will also kill ass. This is all a result of nature It is not your fault, nor mine. Brother, this is a natural activity. I also like to fuck, when I watch porn movies. Today my mind is doing even more. But here you go.

I saw him openly talking pussy fuck, so I said - so why not have sex with each other?
But Priya flatly refused and said- this cannot happen in siblings. Yes, we can talk freely.

I asked- how many boys are you still kissing?
Priya told- I am still a virgin. I have never had sex till date, but I feel very much. But I can't do it with my brother.

Then a thought came in my mind that why should I not take Priya Chudwa from Rohan and recover money from her instead of virgin pussy. Anyway, the father refused to take a sports bike and said that he should earn himself and buy the ship.

From there, both of us came back home.

I went to Didi's room and told Didi with great love - Didi, I have a way… in which your pussy will also enjoy sex and we can earn money too.
Priya quote- how?
When I told about Rohan, Didi asked - will there be any risk?

Now I just persuaded Didi to somehow fuck Rohan.

Going to college the next day, I was deliberately watching Didi's pick in front of Rohan.

Rohan said on seeing Priya's pick- Wow, what is this, friend… I have not seen such a cracker girl till date… Who is this girl?
I said - is a top model.
Rohan said- get it done, I will make you happy too.
I said - it will take five lakh rupees because it is a virgin.
He said - Nobody, man… Just you give it to the virgin pussy.
I agreed

Then back home, I told Didi.

Didi said- I will not go to the hotel, everyone will know that I am a call girl, call her at home.
I said - okay but he does not know that we are both siblings.
Priya said- You do not take tension… I will handle them all.

I took money from Rohan and brought it to my house. Rohan asked where he is headed.

I said - you just walk… I have called him in my house.

We both came home. I gave a missed call to Sister, then Sister came down from the room above.

At this time she was wearing a very sexy dress. What can I tell, seeing him, my cock was also erected.

Rohan hugs Priya and kisses her on the lips.

Didi smiled and beat me. She said to Rohan- You go inside the room, I come now.
Rohan went into the room.

Priya said in my ear- Today your 22 year old sister is going to be fuck, pussy seal is going to break, watch my fuck and have fun.
After saying this, Priya went inside the room.

Rohan caught Didi by jerking her back as soon as she came into the room and started sucking her lips tremendously. He started suppressing sister's mother. Sometimes he used to press sister's pussy and take kisses.

Due to his antics, my cock had come in full force. He removed Priya's T-shirt and jeans. Also, she tore Priya Didi's very sexy looking panty. Didi's hairless smooth pussy came in front of her. He started sucking sister's pussy.

He was very mad. Sometimes he used to put tongue in sister's pussy, sometimes lick the rash. I saw that Priya didi's pussy had turned red in a while.

Then Rohan caught his cock in Priya's hand and said that she should suck it up.

Priya refused to suck cocks, so she slapped Priya's mouth. I got very angry, but now if I had taken money, what could I do, Priya had to suck Rohan's cocks. But after two minutes, I felt that Priya was sucking Rohan's cocks very well. She started taking cocks till her throat.

Rohan was also enjoying the cock chusai, he was engaged in oral sex by holding Priya's hair.

After some time Rohan placed his ten inch cock on Priya's pussy lips and pushed her.
Her two inch cock went into Priya's pussy, due to which Priya screamed in a very loud voice - Ui mother died… Save me Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh…
She had tears in her eyes.

Then Rohan hit the second blow, then half of his cock went into the pussy.

Priya didi fainted due to shaking of cocks. Rohan was also scared and he thought it okay to stop putting cocks. On the other hand, a glass of water was placed on the nearby table. Rohan started splashing water on Priya's face.

After some time Priya regained consciousness, then Rohan started again. After some time Priya stopped hurting.

Rohan kept fucking Priya didi for half an hour. Now Priya was starting to enjoy. Once she fell, then her pussy was lubricated. Due to this, Rohan's cock was getting out in Priya Didi's pussy very fast.

After some time Priya didi came over Rohan. It was clear from this that now he was also enjoying a lot. She sat sitting on Rohan's cock. Rohan lifted the waist from below and gave a full load to Priya's pussy.

After some time Priya started bouncing on Rohan's cock. Priya didi's jumping ass was looking very cool from behind me.

After fucking Didi's pussy twice for an hour, Rohan went away wearing his clothes. But he had played Priya's pussy band. My sister's fuck was very strong.

Priya was not even getting picked up. I went and picked him up and took him to the bathroom. Taking it to the bathroom, I cleaned her pussy and applied oil. Then by bringing it to the room, I gave Didi a Painkiller pill so that there is not much pain.

Priya hugged me and said- Thanks brother… to make me a girl from a woman.
I said - it's okay.
She started saying - I enjoyed it very much with Rohan. Today's entire earnings are yours. You keep all the money.

I once looked into her eyes, then she understood me.
He said - I still see it wrong to fuck my brother.
I said - waiting for all corrects the wrong. I will wait
Didi hugged me.

Then I said - if you want to get another cock, then talk?
Priya laughed and said- I will tell after two days.

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