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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Games same role new-5

Games same role new-5

Till now, till the fourth part of this sex story, the
same role
, you read that my friend's husband Kantilal was going wildly.
Now further:

I started banging my legs on the bed and started to splash with pain. I started banging my head. I felt so much pain in my stomach that it broke my uterus. I had not even been able to care that he had made three lumps in the same breath by pushing his penis to the end of my vagina and stopped on me.

I was not able to even try to flirt with the pain… because she was holding me with all her strength. My breath stopped as if I could not even make a sound out of my mouth. I started turning my legs from knees to thighs like paste.

He kept watching me in agony and after a long time when I opened my eyes, he was watching me smiling. There was pain in my stomach near the navel, but now it was reduced.

I told him angrily- Move over me… You are a very heartless person.
But he pressed my hands more vigorously and slowly said while exhaling the penis inside - Sarika is fun in pain, now you will find this pain to be fun yourself.

I was angry and while trying to remove her from above, someone said - what is anyone fucking so ruthlessly, what did I refuse you… I was allowing you to do sex on my own.
But he was not even letting me move and said - well forgive, now I will do it comfortably. What to do, you are so sexy that it was difficult to stop myself.

After saying this, he started pushing the penis in and out while slowly pushing me. But I was still trying to remove it from myself. He was going to hit me and I was insisting on removing him from him without saying anything.

About 5 minutes, the fight continued between us. Then he released my hands and put his head near my head and caught me by the shoulders. Now I could not remove it any more. His bumps were now starting to weaken my mind and as he kissed my throat and started increasing the number of bumps, I also started losing him in his joy.

As the rage progressed, so did my warmth, and I started to hold him in my arms in that fun. In a few moments, I fell in love with her penis being rubbed into my vagina. I myself opened my entire thighs and started giving him plenty of space to comfortably push me.

Kantilal was now breathing rapidly. He was sure tired now, but there was no let up in bumps. On the other hand, I also did not lack any excitement. I was also supporting him ah ah oh oh.

Then I wrapped her legs with my legs and grabbed her back with my hands and pulled her towards me.

Kantilal stuck my lips to my lips as soon as I found him in this erotic state. With my legs straight and my hands resting on the bed, I was beaten so fast that in an instant I sobbed, groaned and caught him and started bouncing from below.

In less than a minute, he hit countless strikes and I fell loose, but his attacks did not stop. I was panting and his breath started bloating.

I said- Wait a while, Mr. Kantilal.

While listening to me, he kept his penis inside my vagina and lay on me.
He said - will you support me till the end?
I will try to bid, you have already lost all my strength.
He said - nothing will happen, just keep trying, it has to be done for a long time and we have to stay here for two more days.
I said - I do not know if I will be able to get up from bed now… Two days is a long way away. You have already sucked all my energy. My thighs are starting to spread.
Then he said - no problem. So many tricks have been learned in life, when will they work.

After saying this, he got up from me and sat on the bed on his knees. His penis was tingling badly and my vagina looked foamy and sticky drenched in the juice.

Due to her rise, my thighs got a big relief and my vagina, thighs and pussy also got relief. The bed was also wet.

Kantilal took me by holding my hand and said- Come now, come on me.
I said - there is no strength left in me.
He said - moving slowly and bending from thighs to knees, it will give relief. I will also force it from below.

I still did not believe… but he forcefully made me climb on top of me and spread my legs on both sides and made my penis enter my vagina and told me to be erect.

I was on top of her in a 90 degree angle. He had penetrated the penis but I could not feel it. So he himself started giving me a slight thrust from below and, holding my waist, started shaking me with his hand.

There was about to be an hour of sexual intercourse and Kantilal was among those men who could stop their semen according to themselves. There was meant to be a gap in the intercourse, now that Kantilal had intercourse for as long as possible, the longer he can have sex again without any intercourse. I was just the opposite, I was going to fall more quickly.

The same thing happened, gradually her strokes started increasing and the process of sexual intercourse also increased.

In a few moments of bumps, I started getting hot again and my waist started moving and started pushing the vagina on my penis. I pressed my hand on the bed and started pushing hard.

Kantilal started filling Siskariya with joy and with full force, sometimes my breasts and sometimes the pussy lumps. I understood his excitement and the period of sexual intercourse was too much, so now Kantilal started feeling a little easier to fall.

The weakness of men is that they become uncontrollable upon seeing the woman's excitement. Now was the right opportunity for me and the way her penis was still running, I was realizing that her goal is near.

I too could not hold myself longer, so I started banging so that I could fall.

But in an instant, Kantilal pushed me and dropped me on top of me and got down from the bed very fast.

Using his masculine strength, he pulled me off my legs and removed me from the bed. He did not say anything to me, but instead of holding his neck, he bowed me on the bed while doing his arbitrary things.

I could not understand anything in front of her emphasis and like a weak woman, she lay down on her stomach on the bed.

My stomach to the head was on the bed and the legs rested on the ground. Kantilal quickly spread my legs and immediately inserted my penis into the vagina. He did all this in such a hurry that it was not easy for me to understand, nor to manage myself.

With such haste, I understood that Kantilal was very much agitated and now his attacks were a big challenge for me.

I had guessed that the shock that he would beat me in order of loss would be unbearable… but I was under his control and I had no choice but to tolerate it.

As soon as he penetrated his penis, within a moment he killed 20-25. But those attacks were not very deep, so I found joy in the place of trouble.

This made me feel that there is no fear and I was worried. After these bumps, Kantilal stopped for two seconds and started panting. Taking care of my restlessness, I started looking at the path lying in bed waiting for the next moment.

Both of us had been sweating by now and my thighs started hurting a lot. There was a lot of sadness inside the vagina too, but at that time every pain was ready to bear before the craving for extreme pleasure. Kantilal's penis was taking hiccups inside my vagina. He now grabbed my shoulder with his left hand and held my waist with his right hand. Then in a note, he started banging.

This time his attacks were so powerful and fast that my Siskaris turned into groans. Every push of his was going to such a depth, as if my navel would pierce. Within two minutes I started trying to stick my thighs and the vagina started pressing on the edges of the bed. I filled the sheet in the fist and started making sounds with its bumps.

'Ummh… Ahhh… Huh… Oh… died… Ahh… Ohhhh ..'

I started falling for good.

My legs were shivering and I was trying to stick my thighs as if I was trying to hide my vagina. But it was not possible for me, because Kantilal had spread my legs with both his legs and kept pushing my legs with his knees while pushing me.

There was a burst of juice from my vagina and I started to feel the juice flowing from my thighs to my feet.

I had a complete fight in the next 20 to 30 bumps. But Kantilal was not taking the name of stopping. He was pushing me with the same speed, strength and depth.

I started getting loose and started to beg - leave Kantilal ji… I will die, I cannot bear anymore.

But Kantilal will not get lice in his ears. He continued to move towards his goal. After about 5 minutes he hit me with a very loud push and I screamed - ohhhhh… m. … Aaaaaah…
I felt like my betel nut entered my daughter's mouth. He hit a sharp atomizer with that jerk. Then I hit 1-2-3-4, fell down on my back and started panting fast.

I was very relieved by his loss, but his weight was on me. I still felt his penis taut and was taking hiccups while staying. I could feel the blood running in the veins of his penis in my vagina.

For a long time, he kept me and kept calm. Her penis also became normal by shrinking and slipping out of my vagina.

As soon as the penis came out, its thick semen slowly leaking out from the end of my vagina started coming out of the vagina.

I started feeling very weak. During rest, there is so much strength in the body that I can shrink my vagina muscles according to my mind. But there was no more strength left in my body, nor was I able to push.

After ejaculation, the semen used to come out due to shrinking and loosening the vagina, but now nothing was happening to me. The hole of my vagina was feeling like a tit open, due to which I was feeling the flow of cold air.

Kantilal's semen was so thick that it had come out to the vagina door, but like a big drizzle, it kept sticking out of my vagina.

In a while Kantilal got up from me and lay down on the bed and I was lying like that. I was not going to move, so Kantilal caught me and put me on the bed. The entire bed was already wet with water and now semen stains were also found.

I was very tired and it seemed as if my vaginal veins had become numb. As if my legs were paralyzed. The whole body was blood stained.

Kantilal's friends had only intercourse with me till now, but Kantilal had squeezed me completely. I do not know what was going to happen next morning, but now I stopped thinking and fell asleep. It was past three in the night and Kantilal trampled my whole body for about one and a half hours.

The next morning I woke up at 10 o'clock, so there was no Kantilal in the room. I was still completely naked. I wore a gown in front of me and went to the bathroom. There I defecated and took off the gown and saw myself in the mirror. There was a big mirror, so I could see myself in it from top to bottom. Seeing my circumstances, the story of night came in front of me every moment. The night that was not hurt, I was also sad. Kantilal's semen was dried and sticked around my vagina and hair like papad. There were light tooth marks on the breasts and it was painful to touch.

After some time I washed my bath and got clean and came out. She went out of bed, then was stunned. I started feeling afraid that anyone who comes to clean the room will understand.

Then Rama came into the room and hugged me and said - will you be surprised by acting tomorrow?

Then he asked me - how was your night?
I replied - well done.
Rama- Kanti let you sleep or not?
I - yes gave me gold, but before that I squeezed it.

Rama started laughing and saying - oh this is real fun. What is the fun of sex until someone is exhausted. By the way, Kanti likes you a lot, so maybe tomorrow has become more aggressive.
Me- Whatever, your husband is very powerful.
Rama- Yes, I know and I like it very much. When I see his manhood, I feel proud. Yesterday I wanted to see you both, but I was not destined. But today or tomorrow I might get a chance to see. I take pride in my husband's manhood.

I did not say anything.

He further said - I will take a shower, last night we also had two rounds.

She went to the bath bath and I started dressing. When she came out, she was in only one towel and looked very intoxicated. Even then why not… So much that was kept. She used to go to the parlor 3 times a week. On top of that, eating and drinking was also good and exercising.

There was no one other than both of us in the room, so he started drying his hair as soon as he came in front of the mirror and then after removing the clothes from the cupboard, took out the towel in front of the mirror and got naked.

I am also a woman and there was nothing new, so she probably did not feel uncomfortable. She became naked. I saw her, there was a slight change in Rama as before, now her breasts were not as curvy as before but were swinging, her nipples also looked quite long. Butts were bigger than before, but the stomach was flat because of exercise. It was so because of age, but she was still very sensual and attractive. Then she was still young at heart.

He started his dressing. Put expensive lotion and makeup and got ready to wear jeans and shirt. She looked like a 30-year-old woman in jeans and shirt.

I was still in the gown and confused what to wear. But as soon as Rama was ready, she helped me in clearing my confusion, but it was all at her will… not by my own will.

He first asked me to wear a T-shirt and skirt, but he was not checking me.

So she gave me a leggings and top. They were the same as my size, but I never wore such clothes… So I was feeling very tight. Although I did not look too bad in that dress. But if looked at according to age, then they did not look right. But even older women wear these in the cities than me. The other evil was that my bulge in clothes was clearly visible. My butts looked stiff and quite big and the top was such that the neck was very open and one third of my breasts were visible.

As far as I knew I did not have to go out of that hotel, so I did not hesitate much. But when I looked at my stomach carefully, I really felt very embarrassed that my stomach was looking so big and the other one was showing my vagina in that leggings.

That is why I said to Rama - this dress does not look good. Let me dress in my own way.

He started getting angry with me on this. Then I explained to him that when everyone has to be shocked, then listen to me a little.

This time she agreed and then in my own way, wearing my saree, got ready like a domestic and cultured woman. Seeing me as this, Rama got herself surprised.

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