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Games same role new-11

Games same role new-11

With lust, my condition had now become such that I was holding Rajshekhar's arms vigorously and in the middle, I was raising my pussy by myself and was inviting me to fuck him.

In the previous part of this group sex story till date, in the
same role Nayi-10
, you read that Rama and Ravi did not tolerate their excitement and both of them had a great bond without presenting the role of the characters.
Now further:

Now Rajasekhar Nirmala and I were saved. If seen, all three of us looked excited. Rama and Ravi were still looking refreshed.

Then Rama said- Come now, whose turn it is… come to bed.

At first Nirmala and Rajasekhar went to bed and began to show that as people who are bored with a kind of daily routine only have ceremonial sexual intercourse.

While Rajasekhar had a desire for change, Nirmala expected satisfaction. For this reason, the sex life of both of them had become very boring. In this context, both finally reached a conclusion.

At first, both of them showed as if there was some work before sleeping, they had done it. Rajasekhar shook his penis and asked Nirmala to suck his penis. But Nirmala refused. Then as soon as he was lying down, Rajasekhar climbed on top of Nirmala and started sexual intercourse. Rajasekhar's penis was already standing on seeing the work of the day, so he started directly banging.

Nirmala - Nowadays I do not feel like you do not force.
Rajasekhar- I feel like… but there is no other option but you.
Nirmala - You are not able to do it as before… that is why I do not feel like it.
Rajasekhar- So are you a virgin who gives as much fun as before.

According to the story, there was a fight between them. Rajasekhar started threatening him that I will leave you.

Nirmala's character was that of a woman who was aged. She was scared of this threat. He pretended to have a quick fall of lies. After this, Rajasekhar turned to gold, meaning to himself.

At that time, Nirmala started talking to him how to make such a life happy. On this Rajasekhar suggested that we do something new, only then some way can be found.

Nirmala looked at him with questioning eyes, then Rajasekhar told a solution why not a third person should come with both of us, which will romanticize this boring sexual life. Rajasekhar gave her the choice of both man and woman as the third man, where three people would have sex together.

When Nirmala agreed, Rajasekhar started luring her. His eyes were on me, that is why he asked Nirmala to join me in this game.

Nirmala was her husband's maid in this role, she had to agree. Then he persuaded me to have intercourse, because I am also a woman and I too had work desires. She took me with her to her husband's bed and then the game of the three of us started.

There is a little dialogue first and then the work begins.

Nirmala- Look, Sarika, you too are alone and we too are bored, so why don't you remove this deficiency and let us make it romantic.
Rajasekhar: Yes Sarika, and this will only remain in the three of us, no one will know anything.
Me- Is this kind of relationship right, we are related among ourselves.
Rajasekhar- The relationship is right for us, we only have to live our remaining life with fun and till no one knows how it can go wrong. I and Nirmala agree and are not even forcing you.
Nirmala-maan too go Sarika, you too have been dry for many years, Rajasekhar will satisfy you by fucking you. You will remember what a real man is like.

Saying this, Nirmala took off Rajasekhar's pants and while shaking hold of his penis, said- Look how strong and tall it is, its cocks, you will start releasing water as soon as you enter your pussy.

After saying this, Nirmala started sucking her penis in her mouth and after sucking for some time, again she said - You too suck a little, look ... Sarika.

When I started pretending to be ashamed, Nirmala said - First of all you have to prepare Sarika.
Saying this, he started taking my clothes off and naked me. Then I was asked to lie down on the bed.

I lay on the bed with my back straight. Nirmala took off her clothes too and she herself became completely naked. He also naked Rajasekhar. Then he came on top of me and said - First of all it is necessary to create your mood, only then you will enjoy.

Saying this, she started kissing my lips and caressing her breasts. This thing started to surprise me. Because I did not know that Nirmala was actively adept in working with women.

His kissing and caressing style convinced me that he was also gay. After playing with my body for some time, Nirmala spread my thighs and spread them, and waving her hands on her vagina, she said- Look at Rajasekhar, how sweet is Chutika's, she is looking very thirsty, it is your responsibility to prepare it and love. Fuck it too.

In this game, I did not think that Nirmala would show so much indecency, but now the game had started, then all was right.

Nirmala sat near my waist and spread my thighs and kissed me with both hands while stretching my vagina and said- What an intoxicating smell and taste of your pussy is also very fun. Rajsekhar just lick and see.

Hearing about Nirmala, Rajasekhar came in front of me and bent down and stuck his tongue on my vagina and said - it really tastes great.
Nirmala said on this - let's not delay now… prepare it quickly.

Rajasekhar started licking my vagina, I was already very excited and now I started to think that I will release water. I started feeling like a jiggle in excitement and sometimes Nirmala's breasts, sometimes she started pressing her pussy.

Seeing me doing this, Nirmala hugged me and started kissing my lips. I was kissing gay for the first time, although many women had tasted my breast and vagina earlier, but today it was the first time in which I was kissing.

She was kissing me like a man rubbing my breasts and I was so excited that she forgot that she is not a man.

Slowly she started moving towards my breasts and as soon as she sucked one breast of mine and after watching me stunned, I sucked the other breast. Then she smiled looking at me.

I was able to understand that only then he took out his tongue and showed me that he has milk in his mouth.

I then understood that she must have been shocked because hardly milk comes from a woman's breasts at this age.

She also felt happy and started sucking my milk again and again from my breasts. Rajasekhar on the other hand was being played with my tongue on my vagina and I was getting out of my bus.

He used to lick a finger in my vagina continuously with the tongue, due to which water started seeping from my vagina, falling on his mouth and bed.

Suddenly I felt a tingle in my body… I could not stop myself and fell down trembling. In order of loss, I had caught Nirmala with full force.

As soon as my grip was loosened, Nirmala said- See, you have already started falling, what will happen if you get cocks from cocks.

After saying this she left me and went to Rajasekhar.

She said - your ready to fuck ... now you also get ready. He asked Rajasekhar to lie on his back and started sucking his penis.
Then Rajasekhar told me - till Nirmala prepares me, give me your milk.

According to her saying, I lay beside her and put my breast in her mouth. Frankly, it was a great joy when she started sucking my breast. There was magic in his mouth. As she gave pleasure to my vagina, was now giving it to my breasts. While he was sucking my breasts, I was also stroking my thick thighs and pussy with both hands.

After playing with my body for a long time, he said - Come Nirmala, you too get ready, both of you have to fuck me in turn.

Rajasekhar wanted me to lick Nirmala's vagina, but it was not going to happen to me.

Then she asked me to suck her penis and made Nirmala sit on her mouth and started licking her vagina herself. As soon as I held Rajasekhar's penis in my hand, I felt as if I had caught a thick hot bar. When I shook him up and down, his supra opened and it looked like embers were about to spew. His betel nut was very red and hard.

I myself was very excited too, I did not take long and wet the spit on my betel nut. Then she started sucking him in the mouth. On one side Nirmala was getting ready, on the other side I was preparing Rajasekhar.

By the way, all these were ready for that drama, so the three of us were already there. Because so many people are having sex in front of you and nothing has happened to you, this can only happen with eunuchs.

In a short time, Rajasekhar removed Nirmala from her top and took me to the bed on the back of sexual intercourse.

Then Nirmala said- now Sarika is going to quench the thirst of your years, Rajshekhar is fucking it with love.
Rajasekhar said- Absolutely my life, I will spoil its sweet wet pussy.

After saying this he spread my thighs and bent over me. His penis started touching my vagina. Then Nirmala grabbed Rajasekhar's penis and inserted him a little in my vagina.

Then she dabbed in Rajshekhar's filths and said - Let's start fucking now.

As soon as Nirmala said, Rajasekhar started giving me a little push and within 4-5 bumps, his penis started coming and going in the depths of my vagina.

After every hit, his betel nut started coming back after touching my child. My joy is no longer there, I was groaning with fun on one side, and on the other side my thighs were getting more open.

The sticky liquid from my vagina started coming out with leaking penis. Now I had opened my thighs so much that Rajasekhar had no problem in penetrating his penis from my vagina.

Within a few moments, my condition had become so bad that I was holding Rajshekhar's arms vigorously, and in between I was raising my pussy and giving him an invitation to fuck me.

I could have fallen any moment now, and after about 10 minutes of bumps, a moment came that I could not control myself and started to release water with great hesitation.

Nirmala was repeatedly sucking my breasts in between. As soon as I fell loose, Nirmala said - Looked at my husband's manhood, I did not fall, and I do not know how many times you will fall.

Rajasekhar was still pushing me and gasping. But when I was loose, it too had stopped. Rajasekhar now started kissing Nirmala's lips with his lips and pulled his penis out of my vagina. Nirmala kissing Rajasekhar dropped her on one side of the bed and climbed on top of her.

Rajasekhar started rubbing her big ass with both hands and Nirmala kissed her and grabbed her penis with one hand and sat down with her vagina. Rajasekhar's penis slipped from the head and passed into Nirmala's vagina. Rajasekhar's entire penis was up to the root in Nirmala's vagina. After that she woke up straight and started to push both hands on Ravi's chest.

Rajasekhar was full of fun and with sexuality, she started rubbing her breasts. In a few moments, the room began to resonate with the painful and erotic groans of Nirmala. Nirmala like I had told earlier that even at this age she was a very active and sensual woman. Now his form was visible. The way she was shaking her luscious curvy thistles, it can be guessed that Rajasekhar could hardly hold himself back longer.
Even seeing the face of the wily Rajasekhar, it seemed that he was enjoying a lot. But I think Rajasekhar was not going to fall so quickly and it happened. Nirmala was pushing in this style because she herself had become very excited and hot and within a short time she started pushing and screaming the nipples of both the breasts of Rajasekhar's chest in a fist.

Rajasekhar must have been in pain, but the biggest achievement for a man would be that the woman bowed down to his manly strength. Rajasekhar bypassing that pain, started to help Nirmala by holding her waist and lifting her pussy from below. As a result, Nirmala started losing pace. Viscous liquid started coming out of his vagina and spread on the bed through Rajasekhar's testicles and thighs.

After the loss, Nirmala fell down on Rajasekhar, but Ravi kept pushing lightly from below. Due to being loose, Nirmala's body was overshadowed, due to which Rajasekhar was not able to exert full force. So he moved it to the shore.

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