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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Games same role Latest -6

Games same role Latest -6

In the fifth part of this sex story full of sexuality, in the
same role Nayi-5
, till now you had read that my friend's husband had trampled me till 3 in the night, due to which I was very tired. Rama gave me some modern clothes to get ready when I got drunk in the morning. But I thought I had to wear a sari.
Now further:

My friend Rama said - I was wrong Sarika in reality, when the secret is revealed today people will be really shocked.
When both of us were ready, we went to bed to talk about the plan ahead.

Reaching there, when Rama saw the bed, when she was surprised, she laughed very loudly - what is this, Sarika, she is telling the story of the night.
I felt a little embarrassed.

But Rama said - Kanti seems to have squeezed you completely. I can say for sure you must have enjoyed it. Well… Now we will come to clean the room, we both go down.
Rama was right that Kantilal had squeezed me, but the joy came as much.

I went shy with her. It was already noon, but no one was aware yet. Only me and Rama were there. We both went to the room in front of the swimming pool with a cabin and ordered food.

The scene there was different. For a moment I felt that all the people here have come to have fun like us. Because all the men and women around the pool were all half naked. Women were only in bras and panties… and men were only in underpants or half pants.

But when noticed, some people were also with the family. Then I slowly came to understand that these people are quite open and upper class people. We are not like orthodox thinking.

Well… whatever… I was feeling good here because everything looked like the life I wanted. The difference was that this type of lifestyle is not possible for people of the general category like us.

We both started talking about the plan ahead with our friends eating. Rama said that today and tomorrow i.e. on December 31 and January 1, everybody is going to have a lot of fun. Everyone will put forward their own thinking, it will be seen whose tricks are the best. He told that by the evening, the wives of other people will also come and then arrangements have been made to celebrate our new year in a separate room.

Then she told me that I can rest in the room for some time, then when she will call me, then go to the said room.
After eating, we went back to the room after taking a walk here and there. I fell asleep sitting on the couch due to the fatigue of the night. Rama did not bother me and let me sleep.

I woke up around 6 in the evening, so I was alone in the room. After washing my hands, I came again as that neat and clean woman. I already knew what was going to happen tonight, so I was just waiting.

At around 7 pm I received a call from Rama. He asked me to come in the room. I started moving towards that room. But I do not know why my heart started beating loudly.

I had a feeling that something different is going to happen today, the rest was not something that I was going to do for the first time. Perhaps I was worried about the 3 women whom I had never met before. But now what had to happen, it had to happen. Thinking this, I reached the room.

When the doorbell rang, Rama opened the door and said loudly while holding me in front of everyone, Friends - this is the present gift from my side… This is my most special friend Sarika.

On the other hand, Ravi, Rajasekhar and Kamal Nath were left staring at the eyes.
Then Rajasekhar said - is this friend your friend?
Rama responded with a laugh - Yes, I was not surprised… all of my tricks… this is the friend you all were waiting impatiently.

While addressing the other three women, Rama said - you all do not want to know why the faces of the three husbands became like this?
On this, a woman said - Yes, tell me… I was also shocked to see the faces of all of them, what was so unique. We all knew that Sarika was going to come here.

Till then another lady asked- Do you all know Sarika already?
Then Kantilal replied- Yes, since last night, all three have identified Sarika well.

Then Ravi said - When you knew Rama, why did you do so much drama?
Rama said- Oh friend, what a lot of fun and what… I wanted to surprise everyone.

On this, Kamal Nath said- She is alright Rama… but why did you let your friend sleep with that pussy politician?
Rama did not say how do you fool everyone and then what happened… Which that donkey leader looted something. He was hungry for body, went to sleep. And then you too had allowed her to sleep with your wife… no matter what… from such petty people. He tampered a little with the mind of all of us, we are still with each other and understand everyone's feelings, respect everyone.

On this, the third woman said while supporting Rama- Yes, Rama is right, sex is not such a big thing for us, we take sex to the next rung. It is important to support all of us. Take time to distance yourself from a similar idea and work.

After that they all started asking about the incident of last night. Rama then told everyone the incident of the previous night. All the women started laughing considering those three men as idiots.

Due to such a lifestyle, nobody was surprised at all, nor was there any resentment that they had intercourse with me. Rather, it was a compliment to Rama by bringing this interesting game. My acting was also praised that till now they have not let me know that I am a normal woman, no prostitute.

Then we had a long debate about getting together. I found his words correct to an extent, because no one was forcing anyone here. Everyone was concerned about each other's feelings. Sexual intercourse was not only the path to physical satisfaction… but also a means to relieve mental stress.

I was a domestic woman, only used to watch household chores. But they used to share their work in mutual work with all men. Work stress really creates tension, so take a different time, if you have some fun and nobody has any problem, then what is wrong.

Now let me introduce the remaining 3 women. The way Rama introduced me all.

The first woman was Nirmala, who was Kamal Nath's wife. He will be around 45-46 years old, must have been 5 feet tall. The color would be fair and heavy body, breasts of about 38 sizes and hips estimated to be 44. She looked good in kurti and pajamas. She looked like a decent intelligent woman.

The same other woman, Rajeshwari, was the wife of Rajasekhar and she was also almost similar to Nirmala. His age will also be around the same. She was wearing a sari and she looked like a decent woman.

The third woman was Kavita, the youngest of us all. She was around 35-36 and she was wearing jeans and a shirt. Her body was full and her shapely breasts in that shirt and her butts in jeans looked quite big. She was also very fair and she was looking more modern than all of us.

Here, let me tell that Kavita was Ravi's second wife and was much younger than Ravi in ​​age. Both of them had a love marriage. This marriage took place after Ravi's divorce. They had a love affair before, Kavita was a virgin before marriage and Ravi was married. The two worked together, then started their own business after marriage.

Now I will tell the story ahead By 8 o'clock in the evening, we were all well acquainted with each other. The waiter wanted all the food and drink, and all the things we needed, we got them ordered and asked him not to bother us anymore. We will all spend our time in welcoming the new year.

All the drinkers were there, but till date I had never tasted alcohol. Kavita gave me something in a small bottle and said if you cannot drink alcohol, then at least drink fruitbears.
I did not even know what beer is… but after listening to the fruit, I understood that the fruit would be juice. I also liked to drink, like drinking pineapple juice.

We all started eating and waiting for 12 o'clock.

Then Kavita said- Let all the men be on one side and change the clothes of your choice for the party.
All the men went to another room and Kavita closed the door.

She started telling all of us - You will have to wear the clothes that I will give to you. Today all these men will go mad after seeing us. Kavita took out a bag and took out 5 pairs of the same kind of clothes from it.

Rajeshwari was very happy to see those clothes and said- Dude, I also thought to wear the same clothes tonight.

Kavita - So what are you thinking… wear it instantly… the elastic ones will fit everyone… No one will be sure of a loss… But it can be tight. Hee hee hee ..
Rajeshwari - Seeing the tight, our men will get even more tight… ha ha ha ..

Kavita and Rajeshwari took off their clothes quickly and stood in front of us in bra and panties and started telling us - what invitation will you all send, then you will wear. Hurry up party

I saw Kavita and Rajeshwari wore matching bra panties and both of them looked more attractive and sensual in the same.
When Kavita put on her clothes, I was shocked. It was the uniform of a school. The shirt was so tight that the breasts were visible, breaking the buttons and coming out. Her skirt was so short that only the butts looked covered.

When she sat in front ready, her panty was clearly visible.

The same situation was with Rajeshwari. After that Rama gave me clothes and wore them myself.

Nirmala wore and started getting irritable and said - it is better to wear it that I will remain naked and anyway, if those people will give us naked then what is the use of wearing it.
On this, Rama explained to him that this is just for the party. If you have any thoughts in your mind then tell me.

Nirmala said with a dry heart - OK.
She started speaking to me - why are you not wearing it?

By the way, Nirmala was looking a little tighter in these clothes and the skirt was too short for her, due to which half of her butts were visible.

I had never worn such clothes while going to school in my life, so I felt more strange.

When I took off my sari, blouse and petticoat to wear that dress… then Nirmala said - Your body is very strong.
I thanked him with my smile and put him on clothes. There were really very strange clothes, but we all looked like young girls… like some English film girls.

We all could see thighs and some butts. The shirt above looked like it would be torn all the time.

We all got ready and walked into the hall, so we saw all four men sitting ready and ready. His hulia was the most laughable of us. Everyone was wearing thin lanyard underpants and had only a tie around the neck.
While we all started laughing after seeing them, those people were surprised to see us and started being erotic too.

Everyone was staring at us from time to time.

Then Kamal Nath said- I will start today's game.

He brought 5 small plastic pots from inside, which were filled with sand.

He gave those pots in the hands of all five women and said - So today's game is that all women will urinate from their feet and sit on top of their pots, after which the secret of this game will be revealed.

I felt very strange… but the rest of the women looked curious and whispered among themselves and started preparing to urinate.

Everyone had already drunk a lot of water and alcohol, due to this we all had to work hard. We all moved our panties to our knees and sat on top of the pots in a row.

When all of us were going to urinate, Kamal Nath said - everyone's urine should be in one edge and should fall in the same place in the middle of the sand, it should not go anywhere.

We all started urinating as per her directions and within 2-3 minutes everyone got up and came back to the couch wearing her panties.
Now the curiosity to know that secret was in everyone, due to which we had done all this.

Kamal Nath took a scale to measure one and put it in each pot and measured it.

After a while, he declared a result for all of us.

He told- Rajeshwari 0.80 inch, Sarika 0.86 inch, Rama 0.90 inch, Nirmala 0.77 inch… and finally Kavita 1.75 inch.

We all could not understand what he meant. Because of this, everyone started asking him what he meant. Then he told that this depth is that which is made from the sharp edge of urine in the sand.

We all asked what he found out.
Then he told that this shows which woman has more power.
Nirmala asked him how he was?
So he told that the vagina and muscles of the vagina are more powerful, it can urinate with more pressure and make a deeper impression in the sand.

He had to say directly that Kavita's vagina was the tightest among the five of us.

We all felt very bad about why this kind of discrimination was created when all of us came here with one mind. Everyone started getting angry, but Kamal Nath apologized to everyone and controlled the situation by calling it a kind of game only.

Anyway, Kavita was the youngest among all women, so it is natural that her veins and muscles will be a little stronger and stronger than the rest of us.

It was already 9:30 pm and now the second stage of the game was revealed.

Kavita, while arguing for the previous game, said that if her vagina is the most tight, then the gender of the same man will go first in it tonight, which will be stronger than the four.

Now after this, the rest of the men started thinking how to prove their merit.

After a while of contemplation and brainstorming, a result was reached. But where there is a turn of women, women are ahead in taking the exam.

Men were challenged to cross two stops. While Nirmala seemed the most mature, her mind was also filled with evil. He chose the first stop.

Nirmala filled the empty beer bottles kept there and then tied them with a rope. Now all the men had to do was to tie the bottle to the penis and roam the entire room for about 5 minutes.

Everyone got ready to take off their underpants and then Ravi started first. He passed this exam.

After this, Kantilal, who passed. Then Rajasekhar and he also passed.
But when Kamal Nath finally came, he gave up at the last moment. The weight of the bottle did not suffer from it. He started with a game but when Kamal Nath's turn came… he failed in the first stage.

The examination for Kamal Nath was over. Now the remaining three men had to go for the next examination.

Now they have been given the task that all men have to stimulate their penis and then urinate in the same condition. Whose penis will start loosening after passing urine, it will lose.

This was Rajeshwari's mind. We all knew that it is impossible to do so. Nevertheless we gave them this work. All the men were ready and we women were not going to support them in this.

Everyone started shaking their own hand with their penis. The dress we all were in. Due to this, all those men were already very excited, due to this, they did not have to work very hard to tighten their penis.

Then the competition game started. All three put a lot of pressure, but it was not possible for anyone to urinate in such a state. Whenever anyone insisted, his penis would start getting gross.

After trying for half an hour, finally everyone gave up and everyone sat down.

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