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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Games same role Latest -4

Games same role Latest -4

In the third part of this erotic sex story, the
same role Nayi-3
, till now you have read that I was too tired to be associated with Ravi besides the leader and Kamal Nath. After this, when I woke up after some rest, Kantilal was eager to have sex with me.
Now further:

I had an earlier sex experience with Kantilal, so I knew that he would not make haste but would make me fully excited and make me orgasm.

Even after knowing all these things, I was becoming under her control, I do not know why. I had not met those 3 men before, perhaps I regretted the lack of it and I had some hope from Kantilal. For this reason, I was going to get caught in the trap of his arms.

I and Kantilal were now clinging to each other's chest and they started trying to provoke me softly. He started caressing my queens, arms, waist and butts looking into my eyes. He started looking at me as if he was waiting for me. It seemed to my body with his alcoholic touch, as if thousands of ants were crawling in my body, there was a sweet shudder in my body.

After much delay, he brought me closer to his lips, my lips, but I was like.

No matter how tolerant Kantilal was… but like other men, he too had a limit and now it was difficult to bear it. He also knew how to control me… because he had read me a lot at the time of my first meeting.

He himself stuck his lips to my lips and started kissing me. I kept trying to stop myself that maybe my cool and negative behavior would reduce his excitement, but he was not stopping but instead of sucking my lips with more excitement, I started pressing my breasts.

After stopping myself for a long time, my senses started getting weak and finally I lost in front of him. He had succeeded in provoking the spark of lust in me again.

Now I started feeling a new kind of passion, strength and arousal within me. I also caught him by kissing him and started sucking his lips alternately. When he used to suck my upper lip, I would suck his bottom lip and when he sucked my bottom lip… then I started sucking his upper lip. I was awakened to a new adventure.

In this way a long session of kissing took place. Sometimes we both sucked the tongue, sometimes the lips… and would love to caress the limbs by wrapping them in such a way as if we want to fit into each other.

Kantilal, while gently kissing me, took me up on him and again a round of long kisses and hugs began. He was brutally rubbing one of my breasts with one hand, then rubbing my bum with the other hand.

My excitement had increased so much that the pain that was being caused by her crush was also providing joy. Both of us now started kissing each other with full force. Sometimes I would put my tongue in his mouth and he would suck, sometimes he would put his tongue in my mouth and I would suck.

I started feeling a different smell in her breath, which was increasing my sexual desire. I was stretched on both her thighs and I was piercing her hard penis on my vagina from within the thighs.

Kissing, Kantilal opened the cord of my garment from behind and dragged it to the waist, which opened my breasts.

After kissing for a while, he turned and turned and turned me down. Now he had come over me. He started kissing me from the cheeks to the throat and started licking my throat and ears. I now feel that the ants that were crawling on my body till now, have started running.

In excitement, I held her hair tightly and started to get cramps and tried to fasten her with legs.

After kissing for a few moments, he started moving towards my breasts. He held both my breasts with one hand and kissed the nipples alternately and said - Do milk still come from them?
I answered yes.
He then said - can I drink your milk?

I replied - this is not going to happen for the first time… Even before you have drunk.
He again said - I liked to ask… because you have not met after a long time… and do you know that women also have the impression that only their children drink milk.
I told him- It is true that children drink their mother's milk.
He said- Yes, it is better to ask, but besides the child, the husband also has the right.
I said- you are neither my son… nor husband. Now do what you like… Why waste time talking.
He told me - no son, but tonight I am your husband.

And smiling and sucking my nipples with my mouth. As soon as the sharp atomizer of milk came out of my breasts, I had a unique experience, which had never happened before. I got upright and I caught Kantilal tightly. He started drinking milk from both my breasts in turn and I kept caressing his head like a child.

After feeding me a lot, now he started loving the navel while kissing my stomach.

He kept moving his tongue in my navel for a long time. After this, he pulled my clothes out from under my legs and made me completely naked. It was shining brightly in that light and my whole body looked very smooth. With the removal of vaginal hair, it all seemed even more cool. My vaginal hair was also trimmed in such a way that any male would be attracted. Taking out my clothes, he grabbed my legs and spread them and looking at my vagina with great fervor, started turning one hand. I was trembling as soon as she touched it, but she put her hand on one of my thighs and pressed it on the bed.

Spreading the petals of my vagina with your fingers, he said - Wow, how cute, beautiful and sensual is your pussy… And see, this is the way to heaven.

I laughed to hear his words, but the mind was getting very excited. He bent down and kissed my vagina, then started kissing around thigh, thighs, waist and legs.

I was so excited that I felt like giving up my water. My condition too was such that now or then… I will quit spraying my juice on my own. It seemed like a challenge to stop myself. But it had just begun.

Kantilal had already indicated that he would hardly let me sleep tonight. He overturned me now and I fell flat. He reached my bum kissing my legs and kept kissing me like a hungry wolf, from my back and back again to the fists. I was shrinking myself and lying straight, and I had gathered my body.

Kantilal started kissing and biting my fists in such a way that my sobs were not stopping. Today Kantilal was doing things like driving me crazy.

He now started spreading my pussy with both hands and putting his mouth in the middle of my vagina started grope with tongue.

I was lying flat and my vagina was towards the bed and it was difficult to get my vagina so easily between my big and fat muscular pussy. He was not able to reach my vagina even after trying his best. But he was not among those who gave up. He kept fumbling with his tongue a little and slowly pulling me, started lifting my butts. I also helped and I bend my knees from behind.

Now my vagina opened up in front of him. He immediately glued his mouth to my vagina and started licking it like my vagina was a food item. My vagina was now very sticky.

Then he started trying to insert his tongue inside my vagina. Here, I started getting intoxicated and could not understand what to do and who to release. Eventually I started to grope the pillow. He started trying to penetrate his tongue as much as possible, with the help of my pussy.

I just started talking to her while pleading with her - please leave Kantilal ji… otherwise I will fall, oh mother I will die.

But he was not listening to my one. The more I refuse it, the more vigor and strength it exerts. Now my restlessness increased so much that I overturned and straightened up and started staring at me like a hungry lion.

I said - now come inside me quickly… otherwise I will fall like this.
On that he said - Yes, fall. That is what I also want, I want you to fall so often today that the whole bed becomes wet. I want to see you falling like I saw last time.

Now I had to adopt my own women's tricks. I spoke in a very sensual and breathtaking way - please know that I don't even bother. Put your babu in me… I have to fall on your babu.
But today he wanted something else. He also said to me in my own style - what is the hurry, so much sweetness… still the whole night remains.
After saying this, he started spreading my thighs and then he bent down and stuck his mouth with my vagina.

My condition had become so bad now that I started trying to remove her head from my vagina. But he stuck both my hands and fingers in fingers with his hands and held me tightly. I wanted to stick my thighs too, but her head was in the middle and now I started getting very much distraught. He was licking my vagina like a food item. It seemed as if there was a fire in my vagina, equal water was seeping and now or then it seemed that water would be left.

If Kantilal used to cut my vaginal rash vigorously there, I would keep doing hi. Sometimes he would grab both the petals of the vagina with the lips, sometimes he would penetrate his tongue in the hole of the vagina.

I was no longer going on. I told him last time - please leave me… Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh… I am falling.

As soon as I said this, I started shoving my fists. Then a sharp atomizer like 8 -10 drops came out of my vagina 3 times and I started to squeeze my whole body in full swing.

But I could not do anything in front of Kantilal's strength and he caught me with great vigor and started licking my vagina. I had fallen and started feeling lighter.
I loose my body and said to him - please Kantilal ji, now stop… I will take a little rest.
But he said - It has just started… How to leave so soon.

After saying this, he started licking my vagina again. I was lethargic, so she left my hand. He was having fun by inserting his middle finger into my vagina and fasting it in and out of it and started sucking and biting my vagina.

I kept pleading with him for a long time, but he was not in the mood to hear anything.

With her continuous licking, my vagina started to stir again in a short time and I widened my thighs myself and started letting her play with my vagina. In a while, he started licking my vagina and rubbing my breasts. I was enjoying it very much and I was helping her hands myself.

Suddenly, he brought the palms to my mouth and put one finger in my mouth. I started sucking her finger like a penis. Now one of his fingers was moving in my vagina and the other in my mouth. He seemed very sensual and full of excitement.

It must have been 5 to 7 minutes now that I was ready to fall again. My bad habit is that I may fall late, but after that it does not take much effort to push a man to the extreme extent.

For a while his tongue was on my vagina and what happened that I started trembling. Then a stream of water came out in the same way and this time there was a bit more. Kantilal's face got wet and the bed was also wet.

Now I too started feeling very wet under my pussy, so I wanted to move away from there. But Kantilal was not taking the name of removing his mouth from my vagina. Somehow after much pleading, he left me and lay down beside me and pulled me towards me and took him from his chest.

He gestured me to suck his penis. According to her saying, I pulled her undergarments and removed it. His penis was stretching. I thought it is already ready, what suck it. But I knew that Kantilal would not fall so soon. So I grabbed her penis and lowered it with my hand, then the supra came out openly. Even today, his penis was as strong and good in thickness and length as before.

At first, I bent down and wet the betel nut with a spit and started moving the tongue on the spade. Because the betel nut is the most sensitive part of men. I was able to wiggle my tongue and shake it with my hand.

It was now in my mind that how could Kantilal get so excited that he started having direct sexual intercourse so that he can fall asleep too and I can rest too. So I slowly started shaking her penis and taking it in the mouth. In a while, I started sucking her fast and started shaking faster with my hand.

Kantilal was filled with joy and he also started groaning with fun. The more I was sucking, the more her excitement was increasing.

My leg was towards Kantilal's stomach, so he excitedly pulled me and spread my thighs and brought my vagina over his mouth. He started licking my vagina again. Here I was also hot and she was also excited.

Here I was sucking his penis and he was licking my vagina. He was licking a finger in my vagina and I was shaking his penis with one hand, rubbing his eggs with the other hand.

I was starting to enjoy a lot and I was sucking her penis with full enthusiasm. In a short while I was ready to fall again. There was a water fountain somewhere inside my vagina. I was still working with my mind and wanted to provoke Kantilal so much that he would be ready for sexual intercourse or fall. So I started caressing the second most sensitive part of men.

Now I started caressing the veins of the area between her eggs and anus. This made Kantilal so excited that my vagina started licking like chewing.

What was it then? I filled her penis in her mouth and grabbed the eggs and calmed down like a fetish and started jerking off while jerking my pussy and part of my waist. Water coming out of my vagina passed through Kantilal's mouth to the chest. I started getting loose and I stopped sucking her penis.

This is what Kantilal wanted. As soon as I calmed down, I lowered myself from above me and then lying me upright, grabbed my legs and pulled me towards me and spread me all over. His penis was now hardened like a stone.

I pleaded with him - please Kantilal ji, wait a little.
But where was he going to listen to anyone. He came between my thighs and said - stop what you know… now it will be more fun.

I started feeling very weak this time and I did not have the strength to stop him lightly.

He came on top of me and kissing my lips, took down one hand and started giving his penis towards the door of my vagina. I felt his supine hole in the hole of my vagina, then my breath stopped. At the same time, he pushed his penis lightly and inserted it into my vagina.

Then he held my hands with hands and spread them on both sides of the bed and pressed them. He slowly moved the penis into my vagina. My vagina was already so wet that I was not having any problem. But I had a feeling that something painful was going to happen. His penis was half penetrated when he pulled the penis back to Supadhe and with full force he pushed it so that I screamed.

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