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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Game same role new-8

Game same role new-8

In the previous part of this Hindi chudai story till now, in the
same role Nayi-7
, you had read that four men were engaged in sex of five women in the whole room. I too was getting Rajshekhar's connection. After some time, he fell.

Now further read in my Hindi Chudai story that I had become so hot that I shook my fists and hinted to hit my friend's husband.

In the same state, the head rested on the ground and closed its eyes, waiting that the penis would enter inside again.

After a short wait, she rubbed supra from the face of my vagina, and then with a stroke of a penis, she hit my baby clitoris.

Like before, I thought the gender of this time was a bit different, by this I understood that this is not Rajasekhar.

I turned my head and saw red, red eyes… and there was an appetite for aggressive lust in those eyes. It was Kantilal. Perhaps Kantilal's mind was still not filled with me. Now I had this Kantilal's penis in my vagina, which now wanted to remove my screams.

Seeing Kantilal, I wanted to raise my head, but he grabbed my hair and bent over me, started gnashing teeth on my shoulders and kept me in the same position while biting his penis in my cervix.

I was so hot so far that even the pain caused by the pressure of her betel nut seemed to me to be happy. I started shaking my cocks and giving him a hint of a blow. Kantilal also started to show his manhood accepting my challenge.

He held my hair with the power of one hand, gave one finger of the other hand to suck me in my mouth. He would lightly bury his teeth on my back and take out the penis slightly and would hit it hard.

I was enjoying this style very much. He would only jerk back half an inch by pulling the penis out, which would hurt my baby girl. It seemed to me as if he had measured the distance of my uterus. I also started feeling that sweet pain, due to which I raised my butts and high for Kantilal so that he would get maximum face of my vagina.

I was filled with distraction and started sucking her finger with light teeth and biting her thighs behind her hand while sucking.

About 5 minutes he hit me like a jerk and I kept enjoying the sobbing groan.

Then he took out his penis and picked me up and turned around and asked me to climb on top of him.

During this time, the remaining people too had changed their partners. Ravi was now having sex with Rajeshwari and Kamal Nath was engaged to Kavita. Rama and Nirmala were with Rajasekhar.

I saw that till I climbed over Kantilal, Rajasekhar was pushing Rama upright and hitting him from above and then started making sexual intercourse with Nirmala. It did not take long for me to climb over Kantilal and take his penis in my vagina. As per the instructions of Kantilal, I sat upright on the penis and started pushing my pussy on the front and having sexual intercourse.

I was now starting to find his penis very fun and now it seemed impossible to stop myself.

Now I wanted to get down soon and Kantilal might have had doubts. As I was pushing, he would lift his back. He held my breasts in such a way as to squeeze all the juice out of them.

I had only a few moments to push and now I was about to fall, so I had put all my strength.

Then Kamal Nath left the poem and came to us, seeing it, I stopped. Without saying anything, Kantilal left me and Kamal Nath extended his hand towards me.

I put my hand in his hand and he picked me up and then grabbed my pussy with my other hand and pulled it towards me. By sticking lips to my lips, he started kissing me. I felt his prickling penis prickling on my stomach. My excitement was not diminishing any moment… Rather, all four of them had put ghee in the fire of my lust.

After kissing me for some time, Kamal Nath asked me to lean on one corner of the couch. I bowed down. Then he came after me and grabbed the nut of his penis by hand and got it buried in my vagina. I felt his supra too hot. Then he hit my shoulders with a strong push from behind. I woke up for a moment, but after that Kamal Nath started pushing me in a rhythm.

Some 5 minutes he pushed me in such a fast that I could not stop myself and started pushing hard by holding the couch with full force. My vagina started to be sprayed with juices and spread on the couch.

I was falling so fast that my vagina was pushing forward on the corner of the couch, due to which Kamal Nath was repeatedly pushing me while grabbing my waist and pulling back.

I started to calm down completely and Kamal Nath probably slowed down my pace due to this.

Leaving my body loose, I started panting on the couch. However, Kamal Nath kept on pushing me. After a while he separated from me.

When I got up and looked back, he was smiling while shaking his penis with his hand. I also saw him smiling and then sat on the couch. The rest were still engaged in sexual intercourse.

It was now about 12 o'clock, but no one was aware of the arrival of the new year. There was hardly any time left.

On the other hand, Kantilal was beating Rama and hitting him. On one side, Rajasekhar was pushing on Rajeshwari in full swing. At the same time, Nirmala was jumping on Ravi in ​​a hurry and it seemed that she was going to fall. Kamal Nath saw Kavita empty and moved her steps towards him, Kavita smiled at him and got herself ready to spread her thighs.

Here Rama suddenly shouted - Ah Jaanu and Chodo me loud and loud… I am falling… Ahhhh ohhh and faster and faster ..

Kantilal also heard the call of his wife and started giving loud shocks.

Now where was Rama to stay… she started falling leaving the fountain. On the other hand, Nirmala too started falling apart after a stroke. She fell down on Ravi in ​​a few moments.

Looking at all those women, it seemed that all of them had fallen many times before… because towels and sofas were wet and stained around.

We were all sweaty even in the cold. Kamal Nath again started mating Kavita and within a short time Kavita grabbed her by her hands. He lifted his legs up and gripped Kamal Nath's waist. Kamal Nath Danadan was being pushed and Kavita was groaning there, trying to lift her fists.

Kavita also started falling and now Kamal Nath also put his full strength. She thrashed something loudly and then penetrated her entire penis to the root of Kavita's body. The voices of 'Hmmm… hmmm… ’started coming out of his mouth. On the other hand, Kavita also started 'Ah ... EEA ... IE ... IE ..' and started losing her fists continuously. The edges of her vagina were filled with foam.

As Kamal Nath's penis began to loosen, semen started leaking like white cream. Both quieted down in a while and kept lying down.

Here Rama was pleading with Kantilal to stop, but Kantilal was not listening to her in a very aggressive sexual intercourse. Rama also tried to push him, but Kantilal held both his legs on his shoulders, grabbed both his hands and started pushing.

Rama started screaming - No Jaanu… Jaanu Please… Stop Na Jaanu Ahhhh… Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Yah… Ohhhh…
but Kantilal was not taking the name of stopping.

Then Ravi removed Nirmala from her top and came to Kantilal and asked him to get up. Kantilal stopped a little and got up from Rama and went to Nirmala.

Rama said to Ravi - I will not be friends right now.
Ravi climbed over her, saying to her that the queen is still a day tomorrow… how tired she is so soon.

Rama was not going to walk anymore. Ravi had unheard of her words, had entered his penis into her vagina and was also starting to lightly hit her.

On the other hand, Kantilal picked up Nirmala and, by hanging a leg down on the couch next to me, bent over on the stomach and started hitting his penis from behind.

Nirmala groaned and started hurling Kantilal - Kantilal Harami… what is going on with my pussy… who is being such a fucker, the bastard is not easy to kill. Brother-in-law, let me fuck you… but you would not be comfortable with your brother-in-law.

Kantilal also hit 3-4 loud slits in her fists and started banging harder than ever.
He said - When your water comes out, sister-in-law, how do you speak and fuck loudly ... What is your pussy bursting now?

Nirmala again said - you have been like this… as if I am running away. Don't kill easily… Will you tear it now?
Kantilal held his breath and said, "Just bend like that ... I am going to leave."

Then Kantilal closed his eyes, lifted his head up and with a loud shock, implanted the entire penis in Nirmala's vagina and left the atomizer.

Holding Nirmala's fists, he kept pushing his penis until the last drop of semen dripped from his penis. Nirmala kept saying hi here and then moaning and bidding - it was fun… huh?

Kantilal released his breath and took his penis out of his vagina with a loose body and sat on the couch.

Rajeshwari and Rajasekhar were trying to push each other to the extreme with full force and Rama was half-heartedly trying to give Ravi a climax.

After intercourse for a while, Ravi might not be able to find the rhythm. So he got up from Rama and came towards me.

He told me - come help me.

Holding my hand, he asked me to lie down. I lay down without saying anything and as soon as I lay, Ravi widened my thighs and came in between me. He placed one of my legs on his shoulder and immediately brought his penis towards my vagina. Seeing her, I also put a spit in my hand and rubbed it on the face of my vagina and got ready for fuck.

Ravi's condition was telling that he now wants extreme happiness as soon as possible. He started banging my penis as soon as it entered my vagina. He started kissing my leg and rubbing my breast with one hand and grabbed my other thigh with one hand. I could see his rhythm getting formed and seeing him, I too started feeling something again.

I started behaving like arousing him and Ravi's speed started increasing. In just five minutes of sexual intercourse, he had killed me so much that my vagina became sticky again. I knew that it would not take much time for me to fall again, but whether or not Ravi would stay for that long, I could not say.

Rajeshwari started rambling on my side- Now just… I will not, my thighs are starting to ache.
Rajasekhar said- Just stop for a bit… my juice is about to come out.

He started applying full force. Here, I and Ravi were also supporting each other with full vigor. Ravi had caught the full rhythm, with his tricks and strength to strike, I understood that now it is going to fall.

I also prepared myself that I should fall with him… but Ravi had already started eating tremors. He dropped my leg from his shoulder and lay down on me and started to growl while holding my shoulders firmly.

His entire penis began to clash with my baby girl and I started screaming… Ahhhh…. Just then, at that high speed, the hot lava bit on my baby girl. Ravi gasped and growled and after pushing 5-6 with force, emptied the entire semen mass inside my vagina and lay down on me sluggishly.

Rajeshwari was not able to support Rajasekhar on the side, due to which Rajasekhar's loss could not be formed.

Ravi's penis was relaxed, so I asked him to move away from me. My mind was still excited, so I asked for a towel from Nirmala and cleaned the semen from my vagina and said to Rajasekhar - come with me, Rajeshwari is very tired maybe.

After listening to me, Rajasekhar got up from Rajeshwari and without losing time, both of us came into the state of sexual intercourse. I sat on her thighs and came on her lap and after spitting again in the vagina, entering the penis into her vagina and caught Rajasekhar.

Rajasekhar also supported my fawns and started assisting me in hitting down.

The rest of the people cleaned the armpits and started sitting on the couch and watching us fuck.

Rajeshwari had disturbed the excitement of Rajasekhar, he was not showing the same enthusiasm as before. I knew that as long as the man is not in rhythm, there will not be much joy in loss.

For this reason, I started kissing her by applying her lips to her lips to fill her passion. Nails on his back started to crack and the alcoholic sobs started filling up.

In a short time, Rajasekhar was filled with enthusiasm and started pushing himself from below along with me.

I was now nearing the climax and wanted Rajasekhar's full contribution, so I said to him - I am going to fall… I am going to fuck very loud… Ahhhh… Ahhhhh ..

On hearing me, Rajasekhar immediately laid me down on the ground without taking out his penis and started to rain like strong bumps. I could not wait anymore. I grabbed her head and put it on my breast and asked her to suck and started to moan - Ahhhhh… Ahhhhh… and… loud… Chodo… Me… Fast… Push… Hit… My… Water… Out… getting… CEE… Ahhhh. .

At the same time, I started losing blows to my pussy. My vagina was starting to release water and I was getting more excited. He also pushed me deeply with all the responsibility that I needed. I was just about to calm down that he too started dropping his atiferous bumps. He kept thrashing me till he dropped the last drop.

We both caught each other and lay in the same position for a while. Until we were completely let loose. A lot of our energy was gone and we separated and sat on the ground there.

I cleaned my vagina with towels and wiped sweat. Everybody now looked normal again after a little dulling.

Rama again prepared glasses of wine for everyone and gave me my drink.

On the other hand, Kantilal applied a sip and placed the glass on the table and went inside. In a short while, he brought a big cake and a big green bottle in a trolley. Nirmala told me that she is a type of alcohol which people drink on special occasions. She told me her champagne.

Well whatever it was… I was not going to drink it. For the first time in my life, there was an occasion with me that where I was not only naked with people in a festival… but we were all naked and nobody felt strange.

At the start of the year, only 10 minutes were left. The cake was quite big and covered with cream. Kavita put up a song of her choice and started to hold her husband with her.

Both of them started dancing and jiggling around each other. Kantilal told everyone that now only a few moments are left… everybody come to the cake.

Rama turned off the light and lighted the light.

Then we all surrounded the cake and stood up. Rajasekhar grabbed that bottle and when only 10 seconds were left, then the countdown started.

Just 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Dhum… Mmm… the sound came and Rajasekhar opened the bottle.

We all started greeting each other by hugging or kissing each other.

Rama told me that I am a special guest here… so I should cut the cake.

According to her saying, I cut the cake and fed Rama first. Till date I had not done anything like this on my birthday or wedding anniversary. But today, with the help of all these friends, I got this fortune too.

All of you readers are invited on this Hindi Chudai story.

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