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Game same role new -1

Game same role new -1

Hello readers, I got love from you all, I am very happy that my stories are interesting to you. In the same way, you all keep appreciating me and I will keep you all entertained with my stories.

Let me tell you another interesting story of my biography.

After satisfying Sukhbir, I too was relaxed and my mind also seemed happy. Only 5 days were left for the new year to come and as everyone wants the new year to be memorable, I also wanted to.

My plan started about 20 days ago because I knew that my husband would not be coming home for 3 days. Because of which I could do my mind without any rest. Actually all this plan was from a friend of mine, which I had found on adult site and her husband or some other couple. I had told about that plan earlier in my story. By the way, let me say that I have many such adult friends, who are perfect in every way in life and believe in enjoying Kamakrida in a different way.

This plan was for Kanti Lal and Rama, about whom I have already told you all before. My story about him was in
the never ending fire of lust

A few days ago, he told me that in the new year, some couples from the same adult site are planning to celebrate and enjoy the new year together. At the same time, he also invited me and I too had the curiosity to celebrate the new year, so I said yes. According to him, another couple whom I had met earlier. They were also on his list. Because of this I had no problem.

Here my husband was planning to take care of some government officials to withdraw his money and he was going to stay in Ramgarh for 3-4 days. Because of this, I had full time to be able to enjoy the New Year with confidence.

Patidev left on the 29th and said that it might take him a week to come, he also said that he will tell me before coming.
It became a golden opportunity for me.

The same morning I got a call from Rama. He said that the place to meet is Kolkata and asked me to come on the same day.
I told her - I have never been alone so far before, I am scared and there is a long way.

He told me that I should leave by plane, but till today I had roamed only by bus and auto. He had traveled very little in the train also and the airplane costs a lot of money, that was a different problem.

But Rama denied all these things and then disconnected the phone.

After half an hour, he got a call again and he said - you ready tomorrow, I am coming to pick you up.
I was thinking for a few moments, but she said that she is coming by plane, I only have to go to the airport.

Rama and her husband are people with money, so it was a minor matter for them to travel by plane. Because of them, I too was going to get an opportunity to travel in airplanes today. I took two pairs of clothes as Rama said and reached the airport.

By the afternoon, Rama too had reached here and after an hour had a ticket to return. It was a pleasure to meet Rama because she was meeting me after a long time and I was very open to her.

Rama was looking very beautiful today and even then… Why was she a woman going to the parlor 3 days a week. He loved to keep himself attractive all the time.

He told me a lot of things and I asked him - have all the people gathered together? Right now it is 2 days to arrive in the new year.
He told me - no fun can be done without the other people? When everyone comes, when they get time… Till then we spend some time together.
I agreed with her.

He told me - you have met after a long time, so I have thought of a new thing for you.
When I asked him about 'Nai Baat Kiya Hai ..', he said - Come along, then everything will be known.

We both reached Kolkata and she took me to a big hotel. This hotel was quite big and luxurious. When I went to the room with Rama, my eyes were wide open. For a moment I felt that this is not a hotel but a palace. It was actually a resort and they had taken a different type of room, which is very expensive for any hotel.

It was a house named after the room, a sleeping room inside it, which was quite big. His bed was so big that 4 people from a family could sleep comfortably. Bathrooms are also so big, that we were not home to common people. Everything from every comfort facility was there. There was another room, in which food could be breakfast, etc. There were also big instruments and big TV for music. When I sat on the bed, it felt like ... I am sitting on a velvet mattress. I asked her about her husband, then she told that he would come in the evening, went to a meeting.

Then he told me that I should get ready by taking a shower.

I got ready after taking a bath and tell the truth, I had not got such a comfortable bath before today. I sat in that tub and had a leisurely shower. Before this, I had only such a shower across the river and the ponds.

Rama and I ate something after I was ready.
Then Rama said- Let me prepare you now.
I asked him what to do?

But he told me to keep quiet. Then we both went to a parlor sitting in a car. I felt that Rama would want to do something herself, but after talking to some girls there, she sent me to a room.

There were two girls inside, they asked me to take my clothes off and lie down in one place. I quickly came out and told all the things to Rama.
She again told me to do as she does… get everything done quietly.

When I tried to say something, he insisted and sent me back inside. There those girls only put me in bra and panty, then started their work.

He started with the first massage, then bought a variety of creams on the body. After that they removed unwanted hair from my whole body. Then came the turn of my vagina, then I started to refuse them in shame.

Then Rama came in and said- Okay… just trim the hair there and shave it.

I could not understand what he said, but after the work was over he understood that he meant to lightly trim the hair. After that I realized that after removing those hairs in a way, it was like looking attractive.

Neither of those girls had taken out my panties, but had given the shape of panties to the hair. Now there was not a single hair outside the panties. Then my lip painting started and after about an hour my entire complexion had changed. In truth I was looking very beautiful and attractive and now I could match my love with love.

After leaving from there, Rama took me to a clothes shop and forcefully got me new clothes of my size. I did not wear the kind of clothes he had given me, nor had I ever worn them before. The whole question was revolving in my mind the whole time, why is Rama spending so much money on me… He will have a personal interest.

On reaching the hotel, I also asked him what was the matter… and for what I was so punished?
She started telling me her point, according to that she was asking me to play a game. This is a kind of game, which nowadays many people play online or to the satisfaction of each other. Actually, this game is such that in which people perform sexual acts while pretending in their imaginary role.

For example, they are people's fantasy or fantasy. Like someone enjoys playing sports, imagining teachers and students, mother and step-son, brother-in-law and many other characters. In this, people choose to play their character, they follow themselves in sexual intercourse.

I had played this game with some of my friends in online chatting once before. But it was never done in real life. Chatting is different… because that imagination is just imagination. But in reality, doing imagination has to be mutually diagnosed. That is why I refused him.

But Rama was not ready to listen to me. Eventually, I had to bow to her insistence. Then I asked him - what do I have to do?
Then he told me his real selfishness.

The thing was that Rama and her husband had come… but they had not only come to enjoy the new year, but also for their business. His real interest was that a local leader was interfering in his business. His work could have come out, if he made him happy. Everyone knows how a man is happy.

Rama told me that I should play the role of a prostitute, imagining a fantasy. But she also wanted to let that leader know that I am not really a prostitute until the end.

Initially I kept refusing, but later I had to say yes. Rama told me that that leader will not stay here overnight, but will go after eating and not necessarily do anything with me, but still I can entertain him.

Knowing all this, my heart was beating loudly and I was persuading God that a man like that leader should come and go without doing anything.

Now there was 2-3 hours left for his arrival and Rama now started to explain and teach my character. While teaching, he started preparing me and put me in a sensual robe.

It was a narrow and thin sari… but completely different from ordinary saris. The blouse had no arms and the chest part was highly open. The blouse was a bit tight, due to which my breasts were emerging and coming out. The depth between my breasts was clearly visible from this blouse. 70 percent of the breasts were visible. The back part of the blouse was also a thin stripe. Could not wear a bra in that blouse… because the blouse was such that the bra would look clean.

By tying the sari to my waist, she gave the front part a panic under the navel. The front part in the way the sari was tied, was only 3 inches above my vagina and the upper part of the waist looked like it was above my bum. She wrapped the sari's pallu and placed it on my shoulders in such a way that the breast, belly and back part remained mostly open. After this, he wrapped a thin chain on my waist and then made me completely ready.

When I saw myself in the mirror, for a moment I got myself thinking whether it is me or some other woman.

I was looking fair and young from what happened in a parlor. The second way I dressed was very erotic. To be honest, I was also looking at my body.

Till now I was persuading the above person to go without doing anything, but after seeing my form, I was convinced that whatever he was, he would not leave me in this form.

I took the name of God and then sat in wait. My heart was beating hard, but I had to keep myself under control and pretend in front of her, as if I am really a prostitute and having sex is my daily job.

All the preparations were done, then Rama gave me a cream and said- Apply it inside your vagina.
I asked him - what is this?
So he told- This is a kind of cream, which prevents lubrication and also prevents pregnancy.

He further told what the man should be like… may wish to have direct sexual intercourse and may not even use condoms. Not everyone is as neat and clean as we are.
He told me - because of this cream you will be safe and if you are not wet then there will be no problem during sexual intercourse.

After listening to her, I lifted my sari up and slid the panty down and rubbed the cream twice from the inside of the vagina to the petals.

Rama had made full preparations. On the table, everything from alcohol to food was ready.

It was now 7 o'clock

Then the room bell rang and I stood in the square. Then Rama explained to me and asked me to control myself.

I handled myself and then sat down as normal. As soon as the door opened, 5 men came in and started talking on the couch stating their identity with Rama.

I thought there would be only two men, one Rama's husband, the other that leader. But there were 5 people here.

When I looked at Rama, Rama asked me to calm down in a gesture.

A person was a leader, I understood from his gesture. The second was Rama's husband Kantilal, whom I knew. He had sexual intercourse with me. The remaining 3 men, who were between 50-55. I did not understand who they were. But all of them were talking about their business paying attention to me.

After some time, Rama said - Sarika, make a peg for Netaji.
Rama had already taught me to do all these things and talk. I got up and went to Netaji smiling in a heady style and started making pegs for him.

All five men were looking at me as if they had never seen any woman before. Netaji will be around 60 years old, but his eyes were full of lust and his eyes were roaming over my breasts and navel.

As soon as I bent down and started pouring the wine from the bottle, Netaji touched my waist by turning his hand on my pussy.
Then one of those 3 men said - Wah Rama sister-in-law… from where did you bring such goods?
Rama replied- This woman is very special and comes only for special people on special tasks.

Everyone started laughing at his talk. According to my character, I smiled while showing pride and gave Netaji a glass of wine in a breathtaking manner.

Netaji took the glass from my hand and then grabbed me with one hand and made me sit on his thighs. Like a prostitute, I too got ready to entertain Netaji by putting his hand on his neck.

When Netaji started drinking the wine with his mouth, I saw Rama through the thief eyes. Rama also indicated to me that my acting was good.

While continuing their talk, those people started drinking alcohol and Netaji began to enjoy my body by caressing and grooving.

By now there were 3 pegs and when I made the fourth peg, Netaji said - Ram ji, is there no secluded room? Tired of talking about work. I want to lie down a little comfortably.
Rama replied - Yes, lie down on the bed.
Then Netaji said to me - bring these pegs inside.

After saying this, the leader went inside and here Rama asked me to take him inside the peg and in gesture gestures begged me to join hands and take care of everything.

I knew how people talk to prostitutes. Because of this, I had prepared myself. That means I was ready to listen to dirty things.

Your mail is invited on this sex story of mine.

Sarika Kanwal

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