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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Friend visit

Friend visit

Hello friends, my name is Kush, this is my first intimate sex story of a friend's sister-in-law… If I see something wrong, forgive me.

Five years ago today, my family and my friend went on a trip, till then I was not married.

She had a whole family with my friend and was accompanied by her niece and her sister-in-law. The friend's sister-in-law's name was Nalini and niece's Pinky. Nalini was 23 years old and Pinky was 19 years old.

Initially I had no idea that they would both be traveling with us. Our journey started by rail. Initially everything was normal. We reached where we wanted to go, slept with the room at night.

Woke up in the morning and saw God and came back to his place of stay. After having lunch, we took some rest, later we all went out for a walk.

We had to go to the surrounding area to roam and spend two days there. So we all decided and took a bus.

The journey of the bus started. I was sitting on the last seat. She stood as Nalini could not find a place. After some time she came and sat on my knees. Till then I did not have any wrong idea in my mind.

The bus kept moving, it kept moving. His touch changed my spirit. Meanwhile, my cock stood on its own and started to touch it. Nalini had also known this. I asked her to get up, but she did not get up, maybe she was also enjoying cocks. We both started having fun without saying anything. If the stop comes, then they would get down and go back and sit in their place. Whenever she sat, she would sit in the position to get a touch of cocks by sticking even more.

This is how the two day journey ended. There was a village outside, because of Nalini's family members, nothing could happen there nor could anything happen. All that happened was that he and I had conveyed the desire to get along with each other without speaking.

Then we started going back home. There was a night train from there. None of our seats were confirmed. Then we sat in the train without reservation like this. We all sat thinking that we will meet TTE and do some juggling.

But our luck was bad or it was good for me. I came to know this later.

It happened that everyone in the train adjusted to different places. Later, after meeting TTE, I got a seat confirmed. About 2 hours had passed on this matter. Putting all the goods near that seat, everyone spread. Only the friend's wife, my sister-in-law and her sister Nalini sat on that seat.

In all this, at 12 o'clock in the night, I did not know. Then after juggling everyone and putting everyone to sleep, I thought of going to the luggage and set out to the other side.

After reaching there, I saw that the sister-in-law had fallen asleep and Nalini was sitting upstairs alone, because the last seat was there and the two people above had slept.

Then I sat there making a place there.

By now Nalini and I had a good friendship, so she did not stop me to sit. Then some of our talks started here and there. From college to personal things happened.

So far there was nothing wrong in my heart, but a shock came as if something happened so that his hand hit my hands. Then both of us looked at each other, so she was blushing.

I had not left his hand yet. I started caressing her hand. She did not say anything. What was there.

By now it was almost 2 o'clock in the night. There was no question of anyone seeing. Still I proceeded cautiously and caressed her leg. She did not say anything. This gave me courage. I rubbed her feet.

Then he took the initiative - do you have a girlfriend?
I did not immediately say, which was true.

Then, while traveling like this, the journey was going on in hot summer. Now I dared to put my hand on her chest, then the voice of 'Ooh… ah .. ’came from her mouth. I looked at her, then she smiled. I reluctantly grabbed his hand and put it on my cock. She started caressing my cock.

After caressing the cocks for 10 minutes like this, I indicated to him that let's go to the restroom.

I moved forward by pointing to her and she too came after 2-3 minutes. As soon as I came in, I closed the toilet door and broke it. Wherever he wanted, he started caressing.

He wore night pants and a T-shirt. I put my hand inside her T-shirt and started mmmming mummies. She was a chudasi, she became very hot.

Then I put my hand in his pants and fingering him in the pussy. She also spread her legs… so that my fingers can move properly in her pussy. Her pussy was wet all over.

After that I put her panties down and sat down and put my mouth in her pussy. The touch of my tongue made her enjoy it. I put my tongue inside her pussy and started giving it fun. She was pressing 'Uh… oh…' with her hands above her face. Along with licking her pussy, I was rubbing her juicy mummos with my hands with my hands up.

Within a few minutes, she collapsed while picking up her ass. Then I made him sit down and I stood up. I waved my 7 inch cock in the air. He took cocks in hand and started caressing her.

I insisted - take it in the mouth.
So she did not start shaking her head.
Then I insisted a little - do the test… it will be fun.

This time she agreed. He filled my cock in his mouth and started giving me fun. He gave up after sucking for a minute, I did not say anything to him.

Then she started caressing the cocks with her hands. In a few seconds my juice was released.

Then we came out quietly and sat in our place.

Before this nothing could happen in the train. We came back to our city after traveling for 2 days.

After coming back, I got into my work. A week later I received a call from Pinky. She dropped a bomb on me that she had known Nalini and all the games that happened to me.
I was scared to hear that.

Pinky got a call again on her second day. At first I did not pick up, then fearfully raised the call, then there was Nalini in front.

She told me that she is the one who told Pinky everything and she would not tell anyone anything. Then I lost my life. Then after talking about something normal, he stopped the call.

Nalini said when I got a call again at about 4 o'clock on the same day, I want to meet you, can you meet me?
I recognized his insistence and immediately said yes.

Then both of us decided to meet in a mall at 6 pm.

I started looking for him near the gate of the mall before time. She was seen coming from the front two minutes later. What was she looking like in a pink one-piece dress? I got lost in seeing him.

She came close to me. Seeing this condition, I laughed a lot at first. I also laughed a little shyly.

After talking for a minute or two, we both came inside. Sitting at a coffee stall, I ordered a coffee. Then they sat in front of each other and started talking. All the normal things were happening right now.

I only mentioned that night, so what was she blushing… Ah… I still remember.

By then the coffee arrived, I said to him while drinking coffee - what next?
She understood, but did not say anything.
I again said - let's go to have some fun.

She did not say anything, I understood that she is ready… If you have not enjoyed today, you will never get it.

I gave coffee money and hinted to hold it. When she woke up, I left her hand. I walked forward, she started following me. We both set out on our destination.

She was pretending that someone would see.
I said - no one will see, if you go right.

I took out my car and made it sit inside.
Then she bid - here is my activa.
I said - there is nothing to worry about. We will be back in 2 hours.

She agreed We set out on the highway. In the course of some 20 minutes, I gave him a lot of pain. She was very hot. We arrived at a hotel. First I went alone and booked a room and called him and called him inside.

As soon as I entered the room, I caught him tightly. She was already a big cock. For this reason, he too caught me tightly. In this hurry, we both fell on the bed nearby.

I sucked him down and sucked him hard.
She said - clothes will be spoiled.

I have understood. We removed each other's clothes. First I opened the hook of her bra and pressed her nipples into my lips and started sucking the nipple while mmmm.

She was pressing my head on her milk while holding me uncontrolled.

After some time I set my front down. Sucked her pussy a lot.

In a short period of time she ejaculated while saying ‘Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh…’.

Then I wanted to give my 7 inch cocks in her mouth, then the sister-in-law could not. When I insisted a little, I agreed and started sucking my Aloda. We both soon turned 69.

He stopped sucking and said- Hurry… I am not in control anymore.
I also thought that time is short, settle down.

I straightened it and made a position of fuck. When the betel nut was set and pushed, I slipped. I set the cocks back in the pussy slices and gave a loud blow.

She shouted loudly. I pressed his mouth with my hands and remained calm. Now she calmed down a bit, so I started my work. Although his seal was already broken, but due to more time passing, the pussy was still very tight. He told me about breaking his seal, but I will tell that story later.

Continuing my work, I slowly loosened it. After two minutes, she started having fun with my cock. There was a big bang between us. I was rubbing her pussy while sucking her pussy. Her stiffness was telling me that Laundia is now on the verge of loss.

He was holding me tight at this time. I was fucking her loudly. In the meantime, she got out and became exhausted. I was still fucking in full swing. His heat had lubricated my cock, due to which my tremors were started at even more speed. Meanwhile, she got charged again and started picking up her ass and enjoying the cocks.

After ten minutes of fucking, I was on the verge of loss. It was also to be the second time. I asked him - where to remove?
So she said - Take it out… I will take the medicine.

As soon as he spoke like this, my blood started accumulating. I got into it only with 10-15 shocks.

After the fuck we both rested for 10 minutes. Then we both went to the bathroom and cleaned you. Then he put on his clothes and came out of the hotel.

This is my first interview story, how did you feel….

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