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First touch of college girl body

First touch of college girl body

Hello friends, this is my first story about two college girls. Both girls were teenagers, about 19 years old… I am presenting to you all, hope you all like my sex story a lot.

I live in a big city in Uttar Pradesh. Here I do not want to give the name of my city, forgive me for that. I have been working as a Sales Manager in a reputed chocolate company for the last ten years.

I did not clench my penis until I was 20 years old. Yes, I knew how to fist but I had heard that fist has a side effect on the nerves of the penis, so I did not want to get used to the fist.

Then it was a matter of one day that I was watching a movie on TV with her in my friend's room. There were sex scenes in the film and my friend started shaking his cocks in front of me by removing the cocks from his pants. He also asked me to shake you too but I refused. Then he went to the bathroom and came there with his semen removed.

Many days passed for that incident. One day I was alone at home, so I do not even know that I should masturbate once and see how much fun it is. Sex will happen after marriage.
Then I turned on the TV and started looking for programs with some sexy content. I got nothing for a long time. Then I started shaking my cock just after seeing the chicks of heroin seen in the songs of films.
That day when I moved the cocks for the first time, I really enjoyed it.

Then just started the train-pel of my cock. Enjoyed and I kept moving my hand over the cocks. Then when I reached the climax, the semen came out of my cock so fast that it went straight to the TV screen. That day, when I extracted semen with a fistful of cocks, I cannot tell how much I enjoyed it. In this way, I had tasted the fun of semen for the first time in my life.

After that, I started getting addicted to it. I started seeing only her pussy in every girl. Whenever a young girl was in front, first of all she used to look at her hips. After that, her pussy was lost in thoughts. Now I used to yearn for fuck. Studied in all this, as soon as the mother was cuddled.

I had become so hopeful that during the remaining days of college, I only killed Tafri. I never went to class nor could I focus in studies. Used to go to college just to give exams.

In the process of telling my story, I forgot to tell you about my body. I was very smart looking. My color is also fair and in those days my personality was also very good. When I landed in Ayyashi's world, many girls used to float on me.

I also want to tell you a truth that I never proposed a girl on my behalf. Whoever had itching in the pussy, he used to come to me and surrender his pussy to me. I was also quite honest in this matter. I never shared the privacy of a girl with anyone after having sex with her. Whenever someone wanted, she would call me and get her work done.

The size of my penis is also 6 inches and the thickness is 3 inches. I am not telling too much, I am telling you as it is. I had no complaint with my cock because any sister-in-law or aunt could be satisfied with this size penis. Anyway, I have experienced this myself in my life that a lot depends on the action of having sex more than the size of the penis.
No matter how big or thick the cocks, if someone does not know the art of sex, then he will not be able to give much satisfaction to his partner.

I had played more than 20 girls and sisters in my life. She is still convincing to me and keeps on remembering me. This story is also from those days. Yukta was a girl in college. I have changed the name here. My friend told that that girl has talked about me many times through other girls. I had never paid any attention to him. Then my friend told that Yukta's friend was set with him. It was Yukta's friend who told my friend about Yukta's mind.

My friend had paid the price for his wall. Now in my mind, a storm had started for Yukta's pussy. Then I and my friend planned to watch a movie together. Her girlfriend Shobha was also going to come along. Actually, the movie was an excuse. Here Chudai Chudai was about to happen. I was a bit desperate to fuck her pussy.

That was going to be my first experience with a young college girl. That's why I was getting a little nervous that day too. Then I thought that what will happen will be seen. Going there, saw that Shobha and her friend Yukta were coming.

After reaching the pass, Shobha introduced me to Yukta. She was a very beautiful girl. When he shook hands, he did not feel like leaving his hand. I kept looking at him. There were Tits of size of 32 and the ass was very cool and completely out. The color is such that it has just come out after taking bath in milk.

I was thinking that I would just hold it here and give it to Chod. If Yukta kept looking at him for a long time, only Yukta distracted me.
Bid - Where are you lost? Don't walk

My friend had left with her girlfriend Shobha. Then I made Yukta sit on the bike and both of us also followed him. On the way, I was applying brakes again and again. I could feel the touch of her pussy on my back. She was sitting very close to me. Maybe he was enjoying it too.

After all, we reached the four cinema halls. We deliberately chose a nonsense movie. So there were only a few people in the cinema hall. They too were all couples. You should also understand that all of them had probably come to see that movie so that they could just enjoy it on the pretext of the movie. There was no one on our front and back seats.

As soon as the movie started, the activity of us also started. Both Shobha and my friend were engaged in kissing each other. Looking at them, both of us were also thinking about each other how to start.

Finally I took one of his hands in my hand and started caressing it slowly. She also understood and looking at me, she smiled a little and put her head on my shoulder. I also kissed him with love on his cheeks, this was the first kiss of my life.

Then slowly both of our breath started hitting each other and I took the initiative to take the hand from behind his head and put it on his shoulders. She also lifted her head a little while supporting me and held the head in my hand and clung to me, then I lifted her face upwards with the other hand and placed my lips on her pink lips.

Now I was in another world, his labs were so soft that I just kept sucking him. After 5 minutes she too started to support me, suddenly a voice came - Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… I looked back up, then my friend was sucking her nipples out loud by taking out Shubhi's Tits.

Shobha was a little shy after seeing me and Yukta and covered her cunts with a little sardine and said to my friend - do it slowly, Yukta and your friend are watching.
My friend said- he knows everything.

Seeing Shobha in this condition, my land had already stood, this Yukta also realized it.

Then I put my right hand on Yukta's Tits. After that I started pressing Yukta's Tits with the same hand. She too had become very hot. He did not oppose me at all. Rather he was having fun.

Yukta's tits were soft like cotton. Mild erotic sounds were also coming from his mouth. Then I put my hand inside, while pulling the shirt slightly above his neck. Enjoyed when my hand hit her skin. A very hot cotton ball.

I immediately put her shirt up and took out a teat and put my lips in it. A small voice came from his mouth and he pressed my head on his nipple and started caressing my hair with his fingers.
I can never forget that day. We were not conscious at all that we are in a public place in the cinema hall.

Both of them lost their senses in the enthusiasm of youth. But I wanted Shobha to see how I am drinking the tits of her friend Yukta. Even I was thinking about sucking Shobha's Tits. Later, I played the game of pussy and cocks with Shobha but I will tell you that sometime later.

After that, I gently held one hand of Yukta and placed it on my land and gently pressed it. Yukta was sitting as ready. He immediately grabbed my land and started caressing it with his soft hand.

As soon as Yukta's soft hand touched the cock, I could not stay away and I opened my cock chain and pulled it out. The top hat was moved backward. My cock was eating loud jerks.
Every boy and girl knows very well that when the first sex happens, and when someone touches your sexual parts for the first time, that first addiction is very strange. There is rustling in body and body. The brain stops working. Heartbeats start running 2 times faster.

At that time, only one thought prevails in the minds of girls, how soon they can uproot these londas and put them in their pussy. And the boys think that by putting the lund in the pussy, make it her Bhosda, so much fucking, so much fucking that her pussy blows away, but regret is not possible.

Most girls achieve Vijay Shree in this.

But sometimes the mother also gets cuddled, if the lump is thick and the pussy hole is small then it does not take time to break the ass there. The girl shouts that just do it, leave it. Have mercy. The same happened with Yukta later.

As soon as Yukta grabbed Lund's head and followed it back and forward and back again. It kept doing this again and again. I was very much excited and was afraid of getting the semen of cocks. So I immediately stopped him and said only to caress him.

Then slowly I put my hand in his laggy, there was no block in it. My hand had reached directly over her pussy. Her panties had become very wet. I put the panty in the side and put a finger in her pussy.

As soon as the finger entered my pussy, the voice of… yes… came from the mouth of Yukta and she started jerking her waist. I also kept her pussy fucking with the finger.

She started running her fingers in my hair, biting my ears like crazy and then tightening my hand from the thighs below her waist while making a loud sigh and then kept falling for 2 minutes.
I kept pressing her pussy in the meantime. She kept falling back and forth on my cock.

All his goods were filled with my fingers in my whole hand. Here, my land also came on its ebb and I also left a loud squeak. That atomizer was so loud that it went to the very top of the front seat. If someone was sitting on the seat next to us, then only shampoo was to be applied in his head that day. After a squirrel went up in the air, the rest of the goods were passed through Yukta's hand and stuffed in his fingers.

During this time both of us had forgotten that someone is secretly watching both of us. She was nothing but a beauty and was laughing at me and Yukta. For the last 10 minutes she was looking at all our Karstani.

Shobha also wanted to play with my land. He told me this later, and why should it be so… When a handsome smart little boy is sitting in front of the eyes with the pink supara of his white cocks, how long did it take for the pussy to get wet.

When I saw that Shobha was watching us carefully, I immediately passed the smile on seeing Shobha and kept her land outside like this and gently told Yukta - Shobha has also seen our entire live show.

Yukta said - she is very big cock. I don't care about that, it is shameless but you are not less shameless.

In between these things, I slowly took Yukta's mobile number and saved it in my mobile and gently shot Shobha. She understood what both I and she wanted. Then all four of us left before the show was over. We came out and ate fast food in a nice restaurant. While eating food, we all looked at each other and were smiling. Shobha was getting very much frank on seeing me.

One thing I notice is that Yukta was probably very much in love with me. I was feeling love in his words. Yukta was also very beautiful. After that both of our friends dragged them both to the auto rickshaw stand but Yukta was not turning away from me.
I spoke to him and gave him a flying kiss. She also gave me a flying kiss in reply and went by speaking.

Both of them went away, but I became a little mad with this incomplete fuck.

In the night, I turned around thinking about Yukta and Shobha's Tits and Pussy. Throwing semen out of the cocks twice and leaving me was cold. Then it was two o'clock in the night lying down.

Suddenly the phone's message rang, and I saw that two messages came to me in the phone.
One wrote - I loved meeting you. This was the message of beauty.
In the second, it was written - I love you. (I started loving you) This was Yukta's message.

Friends, in the next stories after this, I will tell you how I fuck Yukta and Shobha together. Both of them were fuck with their consent. But for that you guys will have to wait for my next story. I will write my next story as soon as I get time.

At the moment, tell me about this college girl story and how you liked it. Did you enjoy it or not. I have given my mail id below.

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