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First time siblings fuck in holi

First time siblings fuck in holi

I am telling you about 3 years ago which happened to me. This is a story of siblings.

My name is Seema Sahu and I read free sex stories of intimacy regularly. I am 23 years old and as far as my size is concerned, it is 32-30-36. I am very fair complexion. Now let me tell you about my family. My mother, father, brother and I are in my house. I am studying in the final year of B.Com.

Our house has 2 rooms and a bathroom. Along with this, the kitchen remains. My mother and father sleep in one room and I and my brother sleep in the other. My brother is 20 years old. She is in 12th standard.
It is about the month of March, Holi was about to come. We celebrate Holi with great pomp in the colony.

It was a day before Holi. Everybody came to the house after burning Holika and washing their hands and going to sleep. Mother and father had gone to sleep in their room and I was also going to wash my face and go to my bathroom. The bathroom door was open slightly.

The door opened as soon as I pushed the door. Inside I saw that my brother was standing in the pose of soaking his cock in his hand, but instead of soothing it, he was going to move his cock forward and backward.

His eyes were closed. He was fast shaking his cock with his hand. He did not know about my arrival.

I looked at that view for a moment and came back to my room. My heart was beating hard. I saw cocks in this way for the first time. I had never seen any man's cock before this. So my condition was getting worse.

After some time my brother came out of the bathroom and came to bed and slept.

That night I did not sleep. I could see my brother's cock standing in front of my eyes again and again. I had never seen my brother before that, but today after seeing his cock, there was a different feeling in my mind. Then thinking about the cocks of my brother, I fell asleep.

The next day I went to play Holi with my brother in the street. My friends boyfriends also came with me. He was engaged in playing Holi with them. He was putting color in his top by making excuses. Many times he even painted them in the middle of the legs.

After playing Holi for a long time, I came back to my house. Now I had to go to the bathroom to take a bath. I went to the bathroom and started going inside. After that I came out without wearing clothes. I did not know that my brother has also come in the room.

When I got out, my brother was lying on his bed. I saw that he was watching my naked body carefully.
Then when she saw that I was watching her, she closed her eyes and started pretending to sleep. Then I went aside and put my clothes on.

After having dinner, I also fell asleep fast. I was very tired that day after playing Holi. Then around 12 o'clock in the night, I was feeling something on my stomach. When I opened my eyes, my brother's hand was moving on my bare stomach.

I thought that my top might have gone up while sleeping. I lay down like that and kept pretending to sleep. I did not allow my brother to feel that I have woken up from sleep and I am feeling his action.

I kept lying down without removing my brother's hand. I also felt something good. Then slowly my brother started to lift my top with his hand. I was not even wearing a bra from below. My habit was that I would not sleep while wearing a bra at night. My Tits became naked as soon as the top was up. Now sex was starting to arise in me also. My brother's hand came to my feet and started pressing them. Now I started having a little bit of fun.

He was also teasing my nipples while pressing my boobs. Now I started getting hot. Now my brother's courage started growing. After teasing my nipples for some time, my brother put his hand in my lower. He started caressing my pussy from the top of my panty.

Now I got hot and a slight sigh came out of my mouth. Brother saw that I was awake, then started removing his hand but I held his hand and got it placed on my pussy.

Now he had no fear. He also understood that I am also enjoying his antics. He started caressing his sister's pussy now. I could not stop after that. I caught my brother's cock in my hand while frolicking with his hand.

His cock was completely erect. I grabbed his cock and looked at it. For the first time I had caught the cock of a man in my hand. I enjoyed it very much. I did not even have a boyfriend, so I was very curious about cocks.

I was taking my brother's cock in my hand and stroking it on top of his lower. In the meantime, my brother took out my lower and lowered it. Now I was getting naked even from below. Only my panty was left on my pussy. My pussy had started getting like water. Then my brother also removed my panty. After that she pulled my panties and even bare my legs.

I was lying completely naked in front of my brother and was enjoying it while holding his cock in my hand and stroking it vigorously.

After removing my panty, my brother started rubbing my hand on my pussy. I put my brother's lower hand. He also understood that I want to take out his cock and take it in my hand. He lowered his lower and shrugged his underwear as well.

My brother's cock was all full. I filled his hot cock in my hand. After that she started caressing my pussy and I started caressing her by holding her cock. Now my mouth was starting to come out of the erotic.

My brother's cock was very thick and long. He put his weapon in my mouth. I started sucking his cock with my mouth. I tasted cocks for the first time. I did not like that, but after some time, I started having fun sucking cocks again.

My brother started fingering my pussy. He was finger in my pussy. His cock was in my mouth. His cock was going up my throat. Then I felt my knee, then I started removing it from myself. After that he straightened up. He took a finger out of my pussy.

Then he started licking my pussy. When the brother's hot tongue hit my sister's pussy, I enjoyed it. Now I started to understand why my friends had made their boyfriends. They will also make their pussy cool with their tongue.

After that, my brother licked my pussy for some time and then he spread my legs. I was watching all his actions.

He put the cocks on my pussy and then by putting the cocks on my pussy, he started rubbing it on my pussy. For the first time I felt the touch of a man's cock on my hot pussy. If I touched cocks with pussy, there was a fire in my body. I started lying on the bed.

My brother was rubbing his penis on my pussy. My pussy was very hot. Now I felt like myself putting his cock inside my pussy. Now my brother was not going away. He spit on my pussy. Then he set his cock on top of my pussy and started pushing, then I screamed 'Ummh… Ahhh… Hah… Oh… ’
But at the same time he put his hand on my mouth.

Tears came out of my eyes. His cock had made my pussy very painful. Mother and father were sleeping in the next room. That's why I couldn't even scream. Then he lay on me like this for a while. After that, he gently shook the cocks in my pussy, then I got pain again.

When I lifted my neck and saw blood coming out of my pussy. I was scared to see the blood coming out of my pussy. Then brother told not to panic, the seal of your pussy is broken. Then he started drinking my cock again.

I lay down comfortably. For two or three minutes he continued to drink my nipples and after that he started licking my cock.

Now I started feeling a little better. Then he started accelerating his pace. His fat cock was stuck in my pussy, but for the first time I was having a lot of fun with the cock.

After that he started banging my pussy with speed. Now I started to have a lot of fun and I started enjoying my pussy fuck with my brother's cock.

After some time, I wrapped my legs on his waist to take my brother's cock in my pussy. Brother's cock started going deep in my pussy. Now I started enjoying a lot. My pussy was stumbling with her cocks, so it seemed that I would keep fucking with the cocks in my pussy.

Today I was getting to know how all my friends are so happy by fucking with their friends. When Lund goes into pussy, it gives a lot of fun. I was aware of this thing today. My brother used to fuck my pussy for thirty minutes. His cock spread my pussy.

After that I felt as if I would die. I held my brother tightly in my arms and my whole body began to twitch. A little spill came from my pussy and I slowly started to calm down.

After that, due to my brother's speed, my pussy started getting digested. His speed was becoming even faster than before. Now my pussy was starting to ache. I tried to remove it but it was not stopping.

Then after two minutes, his pace started slowing down. My brother left his semen in my pussy. After dropping the entire semen in my pussy, he also became calm.

On that night, brother fuck my pussy twice. Brother was not going to run with me in the morning because of his big cock and big cock. I was able to walk very hard. Since that day, brother started fucking my pussy.

Until I got married, my brother kept fucking me.

After getting the first fuck of pussy with my brother, I also felt tempted to take cocks. After that, I took kisses of kisses in my pussy and before marriage, which cocks I and I will tell you all through my next stories. How did you like the story of my siblings' sex, let me know by mail.
Your Seema Sahu

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