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Facebook friend got her wife fuck-1

Facebook friend got her wife fuck-1

I kissed the wife of a man who became a friend on Facebook… He had also put a photo of his wife. When I praised his wife, he got angry. but later …
Hello friends… My name is Nihal Singhania. This is my first sex story, so if I get something wrong, forgive me. I will tell you something about myself first. I am a 22 year old young boy of five fit seven inches. I have a fair complexion and my body is fine too. The size of my cock is 6 inches. A lot of girls came into my life before my first fuck, but I did not have sex with anyone. Because initially I was very shy… due to which I could not do anything with them.
But since my first fuck, I have become an open mansion. Now I am obsessed with whichever big tit or ass I see. Whether she is a girl or a sister-in-law.
This story is of my first chudai, which happened just a year ago.
I always used to put pictures of sexy bhabhi or girls on my profile of Facebook.
One day I received a message that said that you and I get a lot of choice, can we be friends.
I checked the profile of the man, his name was Rakesh (changed name). There were some pictures of him and his wife in his profile. I started rubbing my cock on seeing his wife. Because his wife was looking very hot.
I befriended him and we started talking. He told that he and his wife work in a company. Both of them are thirty five years old.
Slowly I turned the matter towards his wife. I asked her if your wife does not look 35 at all.
He started laughing and said - how much does it look?
I fell silent.
He told his wife's name as Kavya (name changed). In the next message I told her that your wife is very beautiful.
He asked - just beautiful?
I said - it is cool stuff, my cock stood up on seeing it.
His message came from there - how dare you say this about my wife?
Friends, at that time my ass broke really due to fear that it should not complain to anyone, so I immediately messaged him sorry.
His message came from there - okay, but do not say that again.
After that he went offline, but I saved the picture of his wife. That night, while looking at Kavya's photo, I killed her name. I really felt like fucking him.
The next morning, Rakesh's message of good morning came. When we started talking, he asked what did you like about my wife?
I wrote - should I tell the truth?
She agreed, so I said that I like most girls' cunts and your wife's cunts are really cool.
He said that yes, it is true, I am obsessed with his aunts.
When I dared to ask her figure, she told that the figure of her wife is 36-30-38.
Friends, I got mad at hearing this and said - I have no faith in your point.
He immediately sent me four pictures of his wife.
I went crazy for his wife. I told him that you are very lucky man… you have got such a sexy wife.
He asked- what will you do if you get this?
I understood that he wants to fuck his wife. I directly said that I will do anything to have sex with it.
After reading my message, he started laughing. He said - where do you live?
I told that I live in Patna.
He told that both he and his wife will be coming to Patna after a few weeks. If his wife agrees, he will also introduce me to her.
I was really happy to hear him and since then we both started talking dirty and erotic about his wife, Kavya. He used to give me pictures of Kavya daily, but he never gave me a nude photo of him.
Finally that time has come. He messaged me that I and Kavya will reach Patna today and after the work is over, they will meet you at seven o'clock, you should come to the station by seven o'clock.
I shaved that day, did a little more exercise, massaged the cocks and got ready to reach the station. On the way, I also took some flowers for Kavya.
After reaching the station, he told that he is waiting for me in a cab near Hanuman temple.
When I went there, he was standing outside and his wife was sitting inside. He hugged me.
Then he said to his wife- Kavya, see your lover.
After that, his wife came out. Oops … So big milk…
You must have understood what she would be like. Really friends, imagine what a beautiful white girl who has 36 fingers and ass 38, what would she look like.
Kavya was wearing a silver-colored sleeveless and backlit, deep-necked blouse, with a small design of her half-tipped and white-colored bra inside.
What do you think after listening to what she must have looked like.
That was not enough, she wore a cool transparent black net sari tied above her navel. He had blond cheeks, a deep navel and pink lips, long black open hair.
If I start telling her beauty, then the whole story will go on in that.
I could not believe my luck that I was meeting such an amazing sexy woman.
He said to me - Where are you lost? Do you have to stay here overnight?
Kavya smiled at me with a laugh, Rakesh started laughing with him.
I told him sorry and gave him flowers with smile.
He said - wow. … Beautiful ..
I also saw the opportunity and
said - no more than you .. Kavya said - Good sir… you are flirting with me, you got too much advance.
Both of us were just looking into each other's eyes that only then Rakesh said - Yer nihal… flowers for Kavya and for me?
I said - you have such a beautiful wife for you and what will you know about the child?
After this, the three of us started laughing.
I said - Come on, sit somewhere and eat something, I am very hungry.
After that the three of us sat in the cab.
I started to sit in the front seat, so Rakesh said - man you too… what are you doing, you sit back, I sit forward.
I also happily sat back.
The cab left and I and Kavya started talking backwards.
Kavya asked- Nihal, you are very good in appearance, you must have beaten a lot of girlfriends, right?
I said no man… I have not even proposed a girl till today.
Kavya said - OK sir… so do you have direct sex?
He killed me by saying this.
I said - no no, when I am not having a girlfriend… how will I have sex?
Soon after, Kavya held my hand and said - what kind of girl do you want?
I understood that this sister-in-law is very current goods. I also quickly put my hands on her thighs and said that now what is the use? Now you are married.
She started laughing and said- You are absolutely crazy and lucky too. Maybe today your luck will give you something.
Similar things were going on that the cab stopped outside a nice restaurant. The three of us landed… After that, Kavya sat in before going inside. This time I sat with him without saying anything to anyone.
I said to Rakesh - you sit in the front chair.
After that Rakesh started ordering, so he asked me, so I said that you order what you want.
Kavya also said the same, because I was sitting on the other side of the table holding her hand.
Then came the food, the three of us were eating while talking and in between I was also having fun with Kavya. Because I came to know that Rakesh has no problem with this.
Meanwhile, I deliberately dropped my mobile down and when I leaned down to lift it, I lightened Kavya's sari lightly from under the table and licked her legs lightly.
Kavya got shocked by this and came out of her mouth- Uffff…
Rakesh asked- What happened, darling? Are you okay?
Kavya said - Yes, nothing, the tongue was cut off.
Then when I got out, Kavya secretly scolded me. After eating Rakesh gave the bill and the three of us came out.
Rakesh said - Come on friend Nihal… stop with me today.
I said, man, what will I say at home… Can't stop, Sorry!
After this, Kavya grabbed my hand and said - Stop it, no Nihal.
After this, no man of the world could refuse me.
I said - Okay, come on.
After that the three of us arrived at his hotel. Rakesh spoke for a liquor at the reception itself, which was very expensive.
After coming up, we sat on all three beds.
Rakesh said that I come from the bathroom, then after that both of you also get fresh.
As soon as he went to the bathroom, I pulled Kavya and dropped it on top of me and attached it to my chest loudly.
Kavya started trying to remove me and said - what are you doing, man. My husband will get angry if he sees it.
I said- Rakesh has gone fresh now, I will till the time he comes.
At that time, Kavya was on my chest, her fingers were buried on my chest. I was feeling his chicks. After that I laid her on the bed and climbed on her own.
Now my face was very close to his face. Our eyes were mixed, our lips were trembling and we could both feel each other's warm breaths.
After that I gently pressed Kavya's ruddy red lips into the captivity of my lips and started kissing her.
Both of us were immersed in each other when Rakesh's voice came - Kavya, give me my towel.
As soon as we heard Rakesh's voice, both of us came to our senses and Kavya said - Move, let me go.
I said - instead of a towel, you open your sari… will wipe with it.
I started kissing him again.
Kavya pushed me and said - Hut crook… First let me give towel.
She got up and went to give towel.
Kavya uttered a voice - Rakesh, take this towel.
By then, I stood up behind Kavya and before Kavya spoke, Rakesh opened the door and said- Thank you… I just came, then you too freshen up.
While he was talking to his wife, I was standing behind Kavya and secretly rubbing my cock on his ass.
But poor Kavya could not speak anything. I loudly cut the ant on her pussy, then she arose ahhhh.
Rakesh asked- what happened?
Kavya said - nothing, just tired.
After that Rakesh closed the door. Here Kavya started showing me anger - what were you doing? If Rakesh could have seen it?
I said - what would I see? He also knows that no one can stop seeing his wife.
Speaking so much, I glued him to the wall, grabbed both his hands up and started sucking his lips. She too was giving me full support. We were drinking each other's youth juice. I just wanted to eat her lips.
Now I left his hand and as soon as I left my hand, he put both his hands in my neck and pulled me closer to him. She started kissing me out loud.
As soon as my hands were free, I first placed them on her stomach, put a finger in her navel, rubbed her waist and then my hands started coming up slowly.
Now I removed the pallu of her sari, in the same way, I started seeing her raised round, soft and white balls and my mind started to deteriorate. I immediately grabbed her nipples with my two hands and pressed them very hard.
Got out of his mouth - Ahhhh…
I asked - what happened?
He said - man, do it slowly, not with love… I was in pain.
I again rubbed her fingers and said - Sister, she has been fucking her husband for so many days and still hurts you… pretends.
I again crushed her mother.
She again sighed and said- Ahhhh… Rakesh never rubs my pussy so loudly… so I was pained, bastard.
I said - so today you learn to bear some pain.
I started licking her nipples from the top of her blouse, so that her entire blouse got wet with my spit and she started taking hot hot breaths.
Due to her hot and deep breaths, her pussy was getting further down faster, which made my cock tight. I now put my mouth on his stomach and started licking him.
'Ahhh… Uff nihal… Ahhh ummmmm fun… Ahhhhh you are really amazing, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I put my tongue in her navel and started licking loudly, after which her sobs grew more and more.
Now I was about to open her blouse when I thought that someone was watching us. When I looked back, Rakesh was standing and watching both of us.
As soon as Kavya saw Rakesh, she immediately got up and stood up and said while correcting her saree, Sorry Rakesh… Please do not misunderstand me, it all just gets excited. I'm really sorry.
So Rakesh went to her and started looking at her with anger, Kavya felt that now she was trapped very badly.
But then Rakesh started laughing and said - Why are you so scared man? If I were to be angry, I would not have been watching this game of both of you for the last five minutes. I was having a lot of fun and this was my and Nihal's plan in advance. He said that I want to fuck my wife.
Then he looked at me and said - What friend Nihal… at least I would have stayed until I came, let me enjoy it too.
Rakesh started laughing again.
I said - man, what should I do Rakesh, your wife is so cool that I did not even have control at all. I was just about to bare it.
Hearing this, Rakesh said- So now do it naked… I have not refused.
He used to say that I again broke down on Kavya and attached it to the wall and removed her pallu and opened her blouse and kissed her.
Kavya was also supporting me openly and Rakesh was sitting in the chair in front of us and was watching us having fun.
Now I opened only two buttons on Kavya's blouse, that is when the doorbell rang.
To know what happened next, wait for the next part of this sex story.
Let me know how you feel about my wife's sex story. Send mail to my email to contact me or to talk about my story… Thank you.

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