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Saturday, May 16, 2020

Facebook couple's sex surprise

Facebook couple's sex surprise

Hi friends, I am going to tell you another true story from Kapil Rohini (Delhi). This is the matter of 2017. By that time, my marriage had been 5 years. Then I came to know on Facebook that a lot of people have created fake (fake) accounts with couple to couple sex, cuckold and various nude photos. I also created a couple account in the name of Rohini Sameer and a request for many couples came.

A few days after creating the account, I started chatting with people there. Couple's sexy and naked pics also started sharing among themselves. I also started imagining swapping the wife because of this. Time passed like this.

I got a call one day. A man requested me to meet casually (as usual). He asked me to meet on Sunday. After talking, a time was fixed to meet at the Metro station in Sector 12, Dwarka.

This was my first experience, so I reached to meet him on time. The man arrived at the station within five minutes. He made me sit in his car. She started talking to him.
His name was Rajesh. Age was around 42 years. He was very happy to meet me and was also impressed. After talking for a while, he took me to his flat. His flat was nearby.

On reaching his house, when we rang the door, his wife opened the door. Her wife was a slim fit with a 5.6 inch long height. Seeing his figure, my mouth started watering.

Seeing his wife's thick feet, I started thinking that I should play with him first. I measured it from top to bottom. His complexion was also very fair. The name was Doctor Kiran but it looked like a very heroin. Even at the age of 38, it seemed to be below 30. Whereas Rajesh's age used to look much more. He looked 52 years old despite being 42 years old.
Her wife wore a stylish-looking jeans and jacket.

Hi Hallo After being there, the three of us sat in the hall there. Kiran went to the kitchen and brought a cold drink. They both sat next to me.

Then he asked me to show some pics of my wife. I showed him some nude photos of both of us.
Both of them were very happy. Said to me- Sameer you are very cute and a good person. We liked your pics very much.

Then Kiran said something to Rajesh's ear and she went to another room. Here Rajesh told me clearly - Sameer thing is that though we are both paid (money taker) couple, my wife takes sex with money. Takes 3000 rupees per shot. This is his rate. But I am not able to join him.

I was a little surprised to hear that. One, he did not tell me anything about it earlier. When the chat was happening, he did not mention about the money.

But at the same time I also felt strange that both of them used to talk about sex for couples in the chat and now it was saying that he could not join the sex.

Seeing a sense of curiosity on my face, he also understood that I do not understand what he said. Then I asked him the reason for this.

Rajesh told that his wife may have sex with money but she herself is not capable of sex. His cock could not stand. Rajesh said that I am not able to please my wife, so she takes money and enjoys sex. This gives satisfaction to my wife and also earns some of our income. With that money, she maintains herself. Buys sexy bra and panty. The cost of massage, etc. goes away. She also maintains her figure by going to the gym.

I said- Sir, I did not know that you guys do all these things with money. I cannot do all this work by giving money nor do I have so much money to give.
He said - I know Sameer and first I tell you sorry for not telling all this. But when my wife saw your photo on WhatsApp, she could not believe that you are a young man of 34 years. He felt that you will be a young man of about 20-22 years. She was not even ready to believe that you were married. You found her so cute that she considered you unmarried. But you should not worry about money. Kiran is ready to have sex with you for free. That is why she got up and went to the room already. She is waiting for you inside. You go and enjoy yourself.

I said - Sir, I feel so strange. How will i do it alone It would have been better if you were together.

He laughed listening to me and then agreed to go with me. We both went inside the room. When she went inside, Kiran was lying on the bed. We closed the room door. Kiran pulled me towards me as soon as I went. I was standing next to the bed that he opened my zip. Putting my hand in my underwear, he took out my half-asleep cocks and started sucking me right in the mouth.

As soon as the cocks went into his wife's mouth, I started having fun and all my inhibitions went away. Rajesh pulled a chair near him and sat on it in front of us. Kiran was sucking my cock and my cock was fully tanned in her mouth. My cock was full in his wife's mouth.

Gradually we both started going naked. I started removing my clothes and Kiran started removing her clothes. I come in underwear and that pink color bra and panties. Seeing that, sex broke inside me. The woman looked very sexy in that bra and panties. His body was very velvety and smooth. I could not believe that Rajesh's cocks could not stand even after seeing this.

I opened Kiran's bra-panties. Her fat boobs sucked very hard and started pressing. I was enjoying it very much. I sucked her boobs with great pleasure and sucked her nipples in the mouth. His feet were very cool.

Then I removed her panty too. I was surprised to see her pussy. I had seen a lot of pussy before this too, but her pussy was really amazing. Seeing her pussy, I slammed her on the bed and opened her legs and started licking her pussy. Hot water started coming out of her pussy. I licked her pussy for a long time and drank her hot water.

He started sucking my cock and we both started enjoying each other in the 69 position. Mmm… mum… she was sucking my cock with gossip with the sound of gossip. He liked my cock very much. My cock was also hardened, and now I could not wait more to kill her pussy.

Then after sucking and licking he picked up a condom and opened it and put it on my cock. I put cocks in her pussy.

Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… After putting the cocks in her pussy, I became very sure that her husband has not really enjoyed this paradise. Her pussy looked very tight even at such an age. She was really keeping herself maintained. After going to the cocks in her pussy, such feeling was coming as if I have inserted cocks in the pussy of a 20 or 22 year old girl.

After inserting the cocks in the pussy, I started fucking her. We both got into sex. Rajesh's cocks did not know whether I could not stand, but my cocks were enjoying like heaven. I started to cocks in her pussy. She also started taking my cock with fun. As my attacks were getting faster, I could clearly see Anand on his face.

His pussy was really amazing. I could not fuck her for much longer. I fuck him whole heartedly for 4-5 minutes and I fell down again. We both enjoyed it very much. Both of us lay clinging to each other while lying nude like this. They kept kissing and chatting.

Kiran told me- Sameer, I have done many chudai. Have sex with many people. I have taken many cocks, but I remembered the days of my youth by having sex with you. Then I used to have fun with the boys in my school. Today I feel happy with both body and mind. After a long time I feel like this. Thanks for coming here and having sex with me.

After that we both got up. Then I and Rajesh entered the room outside and Kiran went to the washroom to take a bath.

Rajesh said - A couple of our friends are going to come, they will fuck Kiran, so she has gone to take a bath. After being fresh, she is preparing to take cocks again.

After some time, Kiran also came out. She looked very fresh and young.

After coming to me, Kiran started telling me - whenever you have your mind, you can come here in my flat and feel free to meet me. We will never charge you.
When I looked at Rajesh, he too shook his wife, shaking his neck.
Then we both started smiling. Kiran too smiled upon seeing us.

While going back, Kiran gave me a strong lip kiss, took me in my white arms and then hugged me, while going I kissed one of her boobs and then called her bye. Rajesh and I came out of the house.

Rajesh also thanked me for coming. Then he left me in his car to the Metro station and then I came to my house.

Even today when I remember those moments, I feel very happy and feel happy. I have not told this thing to my wife yet. I will probably never tell him this. Anyway, after a few days my phone went bad and I had taken another phone. I could not get the number of Rajesh and Kiran again and again I did not even try.

When I opened that Facebook ID and checked, all the chats were disappeared from there. I did not get any response from that ID there either. So I could not be contacted again and neither did I go to meet again there, because Rajesh had told me that he lives in Karol Bagh and Dwarka Society flat only has to come on weekends only.

He used to come there just for fun. So I did not try too much. But it was fun to fuck Kiran. Well sometimes I miss those husband-wife quite a lot. They were really nice people. Now I think that wherever they are, they will be happy. His wife will still get her as much fun. Many times I shake my cocks just by thinking about it.

So friends, this incident actually happened to me in my life. How did you like my real story? I have given my mail id below.

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