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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Emotion at first sight

Emotion at first sight

This is the story, at the first sight of the beloved wife with my life, her feelings on my friend got carried away. The person who made the woman has given a very amazing personality. Nobody knew the mind of the woman.
Friends, my name is Sunny Arora and I am from Dehradun. This is my first story, so ignore the mistake made in the writing and pay attention to the story. It has been two years since my marriage and I am currently working as a manager in a multinational company.
My wife's name is Urvashi and she is the mistress of a very beautiful body. I consider myself lucky that I got a wife like Urvashi.
Now, I will tell you the story ahead, not overly bored.
One day, coming from the office, someone called me from behind - Sunny… how are you?
I looked back and saw a handsome, about 6.2 feet inch tall young man standing in front of my eyes and smiling at me. At first glance, I felt familiar with that face but could not remember where I saw it. For some moment I tried to remember that face where I saw this face. But even after trying hard, I could not remember.
Then he said - Oh I did not recognize? I am Mihir, Mihir Verma… studied with you in school.
I- Oh yes… Recognized. You have changed completely man!
I was surprised to see that that straight-looking boy would become so beautiful and so young that I could never imagine. But there was no other option but to believe what was in front of my eyes.
Well I asked - you went to London, didn't you study?
He said yes, I have returned a few days ago.
I said - Let's talk later. My house is nearby. Let's go and drink a cup of tea.
On reaching home, I introduced Mihir to my wife Urvashi. Mihir was very happy upon seeing my wife at first sight. Laughter and jokes continued.
After drinking tea, I requested Mihir to eat the evening meal at my house, then Mihir immediately accepted.
Mihir said that he liked meeting us.
My wife Urvashi also said that it was great to meet her.
In the evening Urvashi made a very tasty meal. We all sat down to eat and sat up till late at night. In the meantime, I notice that Urvashi and Raaz were talking a little more.
After Mihir's departure, Urvashi and I went to our bedroom.
In the morning, I went to office. After going to office, I came to know that I have to go to Singapore for four days from office work. I came back home and told my wife that if I was going to Singapore, my wife felt very bad.
He said- 4 days alone? I will be bored without you
After explaining a lot, my wife said - Ok, if there is such an important work, then go away, but these four days will be cut from me with difficulty.
Then we loved wholeheartedly and the next day morning I went to Singapore.
The story that I came to know later, I will tell you now.
Urvashi was feeling very lonely after I left that Mihir suddenly came to our house in the afternoon. He came to know that today I have gone out somewhere.
Urvashi asked her to sit and said - go to drink tea.
Mihir kept watching Urvashi from behind in the kitchen.
After some time Urvashi came back from inside the kitchen carrying two cups of tea in the tray. When Urvashi bowed down to give tea, Mihir was enchanted to see the clavage of Urvashi's blouse under the saree. When both of their eyes collided with each other, their necks were bowed down in shame. In fact, Urvashi started liking Mihir at first sight.
Perhaps Mihir's mind was not going to be known. But I was not present at home, so despite not wanting to go to Mihir started asking for permission and he said that if anything is needed, Urvashi should tell her. Saying so, Mihir gave my wife Urvashi her phone number and in return took the phone number of my wife too.
It was night when Urvashi started to feel lonely and she was thinking whether she should talk to Mihir or not? Apart from her husband, for the first time she was thinking about a non-male. Urvashi lay on the bed and started thinking about Mihir, then Mihir's message came. He called Urvashi as Hello in the message itself.
It was written in the message- Hello sister-in-law! Thanks for the tea.
Urvashi replied - Never mind.
In this way, the conversation between the two started by a message. For a long time both of them kept talking with each other.
Then when it was late at night, Urvashi invited Mihir to come to my house the next morning.
The next day Mihir arrived at my house around 10 o'clock. Mihir had said on the first night that he would arrive at breakfast and would come to my house to have breakfast. Here Urvashi also got a partner due to Mihir's presence and she was looking forward to Mihir's presence.
That day they both had breakfast together. During breakfast, both of them had a lot of talk.
After having breakfast, Mihir said that tomorrow will be his office holiday and that he will be bored at home, then he told Urvashi that tomorrow he will come to her at home.
Urvashi also had nothing to do with this. Do not know why he was liked to be close to Mihir.
The next morning, my wife Urvashi wore a sleeveless blouse and a black sari over her. Her fair complexion was getting more bright in that sari. He had his wet hair wrapped in a towel. Her navel looked very beautiful under a dark blouse.
At the bottom of the navel, she wore a thin body, which was giving her youth a moon. The sweet fragrance of his body was smelling the whole house.
Then Mihir knocked on the door. Urvashi removed the towel from her wet hair and spread the door on both her shoulders and opened the door.
Mihir stood in front. He had a fresh bouquet of flowers in his hand.
Urvashi looked at Mihir and gave her a sweet smile and asked her to come inside.
While sitting inside, Mihir extended the bouquet towards Urvashi and said- A beautiful gift from a beautiful woman to me!
Urvashi blushed after hearing her praise on Mihir's mouth. Both started having breakfast. While having breakfast, Mihir tried to touch Urvashi's hands with an excuse. He was also successful in that effort. Urvashi felt a bit in his body with Mihir's touch. He felt so much for the first time the touch of a non-male.
Then she started showing the whole house to my friend Mihir. Till now Mihir had not seen my entire house. Urvashi was climbing up in front of Mihir's eyes. Mihir's mind started to get confused after seeing my wife's muttering fists. He was being convinced of the texture of my wife's body.
The scent of Urvashi's body was stirring up her excitement from above. In between, my beautiful wife was turning her hands in her wet open hair, so Mihir's condition was going on. They both reached the upstairs room.
We had kept that room in spare for the guests. There were only two chairs and a bed in that room. Whenever a guest came, we used to put him in the same room. Urvashi went inside and opened the window of the room. As soon as she opened the window and turned backwards, Mihir was standing behind and Urvashi's Uros collided with Mihir's chest.
She was shocked. Seeing a thirst, a lust in the eyes of Mihir, Urvashi took her eyes down and started to retreat but there was a wall behind. She was imprisoned between Mihir's wide chest and the wall. His heartbeat had increased completely.
Mihir daringly held Urvashi's hand. Surprisingly, Urvashi did not even resist her dramatically. Seeing this, Mihir's courage got stronger. He put his hand in my wife's velvet waist and pulled her towards his body.
My wife's body was completely stuck with Mihir's strong body. Both of them breathed fast. The sound of his breath was so strong that it could be easily heard in the room as there was no luggage in the room and the room was almost empty.
When the fingers of Mihir's strong hands started moving on the velvet waist of my wife, Urvashi started melting. He extended his lips towards my wife's neck and made a velvety kiss with his red lips on my wife's white neck. A spark arose in Urvashi's body.
His Uros were rapidly rising up and down, becoming indicative of his increasing excitement. Here, Mihir now turned to her cheeks and made a kiss on her cheeks. Urvashi's body was now broken. She was on her way to entrust herself to Mihir's arms.
Then Mihir placed his lips on Urvashi's lips. Urvashi immediately accepted the invitation and allowed Mihir's lips to meet her lips and opened her lips and asked Mihir's tongue to accept the hospitality of her tongue. Mihir proceeded like a good guest and grabbed Urvashi's tongue, as if both of them wanted to get inside each other.
Mihir and Urvashi's tongue were trying to merge into each other in response. Mihir's hands started walking on Urvashi's blouse. Mihir lost his control and did not bother to open the blouse, but tore Urvashi's blouse in one stroke. Urvashi wore a pink bra below.
Uros, the size of my wife's 34, looked desperate to come out of her bra. Now Mihir opened her bra and two white pigeons of Urvashi were fluttering in the hands of my 6 fit tall young friend.
As soon as he came in hand, he started kissing my wife's hips wildly. Taking my wife's pink colored nipples in her mouth, started drinking them as if she is a newborn. Urvashi started caressing Mihir's hair as if she had been enjoying the coolness of every drop of her lover's love on her uros for years.
Now Mihir's tongue started moving towards Urvashi's navel. When he kissed Urvashi's navel, a warm sigh came out of Urvashi's mouth. While coming down from his stomach, Mihir started to wave his wife's muscular thighs as if he was taking a measure of her thighs.
After pulling her hands on her thighs a couple of times, she pulled her sari in a petticoat and pulled it out, and while opening the sari's folds, she separated my wife's sari from her body. Half naked, like the white milk of my wife, they are saying that milk is just going to drip from them.
He fondled his milk with his hand and by then Mihir had opened the pulse of my wife's petticoat. When the petticoat fell down, Mihir's senses fell on seeing her pink panties stuck in my wife's white thighs. There was a storm of lust in her eyes that she kissed my wife's vagina with love on top of panties.
Urvashi gathered like a kiss on the vagina and gave a loving kiss on Mihir's forehead, bowing down. Do not know why Urvashi was so much in love for Mihir! She was loving him like a new-born girlfriend pours love on her lover.
Mihir kissed the fair thighs of my nymph's wife standing in front of her eyes from around her vagina, then my wife started caressing her hair as if saying that love me more. Mihir could not believe his eyes. Urvashi was not only beautiful from outside but her body was less than the sculpted marble inside.
After kissing on the thighs, Mihir got up and started to open the button of his shirt. The curiosity of Urvashi's eyesight was increasing with every button opening of Mihir's shirt. When Mihir unmasked his chest, Urvashi's lips remained open. She wrapped Mihir's chest and tightly filled it in her arms.
My wife's naked breasts now became more juicy, feeling the warmth of her chest adjoining my friend's wide manly chest. Mihir kissed my wife's neck and held her buttocks in her hand and pressed her towards the bed.
Going near the bed, she gently placed Urvashi on the bed and once again started sucking Urvashi's lips with her lips. Meanwhile, Mihir's hands had reached his belt. When Urvashi was aware of this, she removed Mihir's hands and started to unbutton her belt with her jeans.
She was too eager to see Mihir naked. When he opened the belt, Mihir opened the button of the jeans. Urvashi grabbed the chain and pulled it down and Mihir simultaneously lowered her pants with her thighs. In his long-cut underwear, his cock gave him a shock and kept him wet from the front.
The next moment Urvashi took off her underwear. Mihir's seven inch long cock swinged before my wife's eyes. Mihir's cock was attached to him. Urvashi felt so lush in seeing Mihir's cocks that he absorbed Mihir's cocks even inside his lips without delay of a moment.
Mihir pulled his cock back from her mouth before she started sucking his cock. He pushed Urvashi backwards and a vagina hidden under my wife's panties with legs dangled in front of Mihir's mouth.
Mihir grabbed her panty and pulled it down and as soon as the panty was removed, seeing her wife's pussy hidden in silky hair, her mouth started dripping from her mouth. He spread Urvashi's thighs and put his hot lips on my wife's vagina, then Urvashi's mouth burst.
When my friend's lips started moving on my wife's vagina, she started trying to cover the bed sheet with her hands on her face like a serpent. It was not even a minute to Mihir that Urvashi, showing her impatience, lifted Mihir's mouth with her hands and sucked her lips vigorously.
Now Mihir also came on top of the bed and both of them started enjoying each other's sexual juices in 69 position. After licking my wife's pussy for some time, Mihir widened her legs. After that, banged his cock on Urvashi's pussy twice and then set her pink supera on her vagina face.
While pressing my wife's tits, she put the weight of her body on the body of my naked wife. My friend got her cock inserted in her vagina. At the time of entering the penis, some sounds of pain came out of Urvashi's mouth but Mihir was also not a raw player. He prepared by giving full time for penetrating my wife's vagina by stopping her work velocity.
When Urvashi's pain subsided, she started applying mild strokes to her vagina. Anand started opening up on Urvashi's pink lips. He grabbed Mihir and drew towards him and took his chest with his hands and started caressing her back with his soft hands.
When there was a meeting of the hot cocks in the warm vagina from below and the tight chest of young laundries on the soft cocks from above, both of them had no place to enjoy. The speed of the bumps started slowly and spontaneously increased and within a few minutes that empty room resonated with the drunkards of both of them.
In this fifteen-minute activity, both gave each other full juice and pleasure. When this game reached the final stage, both of their bodies had become sweaty. Coming to the last point of fuck, Mihir hit four blows in Urvashi's pussy so hard that Urvashi started screaming and throwing her water towards Mihir's cock.
Now Mihir also lost his control after two bumps and continued to calm down while ejaculating in my wife's vagina. It seemed as if a storm had just passed and after that there was peace everywhere. Both were clinging to each other as if it was their first and last meeting.
Along with satisfaction, feelings of intimacy were on both faces. There was a romantic pleasure in both the expressions. Whose vision was on seeing Mihir in Urvashi's eyes and on seeing Urvashi in Mihir's eyes.
As far as I know, both of them consumed each other's body every night until I returned from Singapore. But what else happened between that and what happened after my arrival, I will tell you through my upcoming stories.
At the first glance, throw light on the meaningfulness of the story by giving your reaction to the story of love and lust. I have also given my mail id below for your suggestions. Thank you for taking the time.

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