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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Desi Kahani village's virgin bur chodan ki

Desi Kahani village's virgin bur chodan ki

This desi story is of the village's virgin Bur Chodan. There is a canal in my village. In summer I used to go to Bath Canal. One day while taking a bath like this, I found a virgin girl.

Friends, my name is Sumit Bishnoi. I am from Hanumangarh, Rajasthan. Right now I am staying in Jaipur and preparing for railway paper. I have two brothers and a mother and father in my family. Mother is a housewife while Papa is a farmer. We have 30 bighas of land which is exactly near the canal.

I am 22 years old now. My height is five feet and ten inches. I am full of body I am also good at seeing The length of my cock is five and a half inches, but its thickness is considerable.

I am a regular reader of immigration. Many times I read its hot and desi Bur Chodan story and shake my cock too. So I thought that I should share an incident in my life with you. The story that I am going to tell you is about 2 years ago.

My house falls in the village where a canal comes from near my house. In summer, we often go to the canal for bathing in the early evening. In the afternoon, if the boys were not taking bath in the canal, then the girls of our neighborhood used to take bath in the afternoon because the boys were not there at that time.

Similarly, one day when I was getting bored sitting at home, I thought of taking a shower in the canal.
When the housemates were sleeping in the afternoon, I came to bathe on the canal.

I must have had about 10 minutes while taking a bath right now that the desi girl from our neighborhood came there to take a bath. The girl's name is Monica (Fantasy). The color is fair and the waist is thin. Her boobs were of the size of large oranges (now I am not even in my hands, they have become so big, which is my wonder) I do not know the size of her size.

When she came to the canal, I was swimming in the canal. She came to the canal and started bathing in her clothes only because the desi girls in the village used to take bath in the salwar kameez itself.
Seeing me floating in the water, he said to me - teach me to swim too.

I was a little surprised at his talk because both of us had never spoken so openly before this and that too in such a way. Never before had I seen him with a naked eye.

I agreed to teach him swimming at his behest. She came close to me and started to dive into the water.

I held him in my hands so that he did not sink down. My hands were on her waist and she was beating her arms and legs to swim. Meanwhile, my hand moved to his chest, so he did not say anything. My hand seemed to be on her boobs which were of a size of large size orange.

Now the sensuality started waking up in me, I saw the opportunity of the fucking of this desi cum young girl, so I started trying to touch and suppress her boobs deliberately by making excuses. But she was behaving as if nothing was happening. Therefore, my courage was also increasing.

Then I filled his hands well in his hands even then he did not say anything. Now my cock was fully tanned in my underwear. But he was under water. Even inside the water, I was feeling the heat of my cock.

When I asked Monica to stand, she stood in front of me. I started touching his ass with cocks on the pretext of teaching him. My cock was tanning. The touch of my cock in his wet ass was increasing the lust in me every moment.

Slowly I started to thoroughly lick my cock on her ass. But she was not saying anything.

This went on for some time. Neither she was saying anything nor I was saying anything. Then she started leaving me out of water. Chudas was filled inside me. I asked her to stop but she refused and went away.

I was also afraid that if I do not go and tell something at home, then my ass too was bursting.

After that I came to the house and remembering that incident with Monica, I killed Muth twice.

That day, I just kept thinking that somehow he would get his bur choden. Thinking the same, I did not even sleep that night. I had ejaculation even in the night.

The next day was Sunday and in our neighborhood we had TV at home and Sunday also used to come to film. The next day she came to my house to watch TV at my house at around 11 am. My family did not watch TV, so my mother and father slept in the other room.

Since it is very hot in Rajasthan, my family members used to wake up after three in the evening. There was nobody else in the TV room except him and me. I was also watching TV and with him in between. After some time I woke up to make sure that mother and father were sleeping. When I looked at my father slowly, both of them were sleeping.

After that I sat very close to him and slowly started to wiggle his waist with one hand. If he did not say anything, my courage increased. I took my hand from her waist to her hips. He looked at me once and looked forward again.

He probably liked it. Otherwise, no girl is allowed to touch the body in this way.

When I was convinced that she too had come preparing to get the burger done, I put her hand in her shirt. Pressed his cock. Even then he did not say anything.

I was not stopped now. I touched her desi bur from the top of her salwar. He removed my hand for once. I was a bit hesitant that I am not hurrying, but friends were having a very bad situation.

I was not stopping. I tried again and turned my hand again on his bur so my hand touched his bur. I came to know that she was not even wearing panties from below. I started trying to insert the hand inside his salwar, but he tightly tied his salwar's pulse, so I was finding it very difficult to get my hand inside.

After a lot of effort, my hand got inside her salwar. I busted her bur so her bur was hot for fuck. A slight wetness was also lost from it. Then I opened the pulse of his salwar. I put my finger straight in his bur, he closed his eyes.

Now the whole atmosphere of Chudai was ready. I told him that he should be sitting like this. I was also afraid that my mother and father might not get up in the middle, so I went to see them to check again. Both of them were still fast asleep.

When I came back, I saw that he had lowered his salwar to his knees. I started caressing her as soon as I sat near her. My hand was rubbing his bur. With the other hand I was pressing her boobs.

My cock was now starting to ache in my pants. I opened my cock chain and took it out and holding his hand, gave my cock in his hand.
He left the cocks.

I gently said hold the cock in your hand but he refused.

Then I forcefully placed his hand on my cock and started rubbing his hand on my cock. After some time, the grip of his hand tightened on my cock. She herself started to hold my cock in her hand and back and forth.

I started kissing him.

Now the bus was not stopping and I put her on the couch right there. I rubbed her bur by hand and put my cock on her bur's mouth and lay down on it. When my cock started making inroads into her homegrown burr, she started banging her neck around in pain.

Her bur was still a virgin. When I applied a little more, his eyes started watering. But I was not stopping. I gave a jerk and removed the cocks in his bur.

She hugged me. Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Ohh… Lund had gone into her bur. When I looked down, a little blood was coming out of his bur. I started sucking her lips and started moving the cocks lightly in her bur. She was still yearning. But after some time, she started becoming normal.

For the first time, his virgin Burr was being cuddled and with the blood that came out of it, his Kamaras were also found. Because of that mixture of blood and water was formed, there was no problem in entering my cock now.

Since I was also very excited, a lot of sticky material had come out of my cock too. There was equal smoothness from both the sides and the chudai was going on like butter. Now I started to fuck her burp easily. In between, I was picking up her shirt and rubbing her boobs too.

Due to the mash, his native teat became red like tomatoes. Taking the cocks in bur, now he was also enjoying sex. Slowly erotic voices were coming out of her mouth and my cock was going in her burr by gossiping. His bur had become very wet.

For ten minutes I continued to fuck her. Then I picked him up and asked him to bow in doggy style. But she started refusing After that I again took him under me and started to fuck him in the same way.

After five minutes she started to hold me tightly in her arms and her bursts started to tighten on my cock. Perhaps she was falling at that time. With the release of his water, there was a sound of choking in the fuck and after a few bumps, my cock also released semen.

We both fell silent. But my mind was not filled yet. I lay on her and kept sucking her lips. My ass was naked and she was lying under me. Sucking her lips, my cock stood again after ten minutes.

When I asked to fuck again, she started to refuse. I tried to convince her a lot but she did not listen. Then we both got up. But my cock was still taut.

I asked him to suck cocks but he also refused to suck cocks. Then, seeing my sad face, he held my cock in his hand and started licking my cock.
Going into his soft hands, my cock was tensed again and I started having fun. She kept licking my cock and I kept pressing her cock. He kept kissing and biting.

After five minutes, my cock hit the semen at the same time. His hand swelled with my semen. I gave him a dirty little cloth and he cleaned his hand. Then I also wiped my cocks and put on pants.

But she started saying that she is still in pain.
Then I slowly got up and gave him a pain pill. After eating the pill, she went to her home.

After that, almost everyday, we started finding opportunities for sex. Then whenever there was a chance, I used to beat him. Today, so much time has passed on that incident and she still gets me to fuck her. I also fuck her fiercely. I have made her boobs very large by pressing.

In the next desi story, I will tell you how I inaugurated Monika's younger sister by burping her. You should comment and tell me how you liked my story of Chudai.

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