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Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Chudai Story: Game Same Role Latest-9

Chudai Story: Game Same Role Latest-9

In the last part of this chudai story till now, in the
same role of Nayi-8
, you read that all of us were now ready to cut the cake in the arrival of the new year. Rama provided me the privilege of cutting the cake, so I cut the cake.

Now read further in this hot chudai story that I cut the cake in the joy of the new year, then my friend put the cake on my pussy. Her husband ate my teat and ate the cake. After that all the men…

I also fed cakes to Rajeshwari, Kavita and Nirmala next to Rama and they also fed me. After that when I went to feed the cake to Kantilal, he refused me.

I wondered what happened. But then Rama said - these men will not eat like this.
He lifted the cream in the cake and applied it on both my breasts.

Kantilal pressed his eyes and said - Yes, the cake will taste delicious now.
He licked the cream from both my breasts and ate it. The rest of the men also applied cream in the same way and ate cream from my and other women's breasts.

After this, everyone started dancing with each other in music and started eating and drinking. This fun of ours lasted for about an hour. Although I did not know how to dance, what would have happened that day in front of men and the rest of the women were also the same.

Those people also forcefully danced with me a lot. Perhaps it is called the orgy of lust .. where we were all naked.

It was very late and I started feeling sleepy, but all the people there were intoxicated. No one was worried about the night.

Meanwhile, Kavita took some cream from the same cake and applied it on Ravi's penis and licked it and ate it.

This brought a game in the minds of other people. Kantilal asked everyone to go to the room with the inner bed and called down and ordered something. When we all went inside, Kantilal remained outside wearing a gown.

After ten minutes someone came and gave it away. Then Kantilal asked all of us to come out.

When we all came out, Rama said to whom to begin.

Kantilal said - Start with women.

On this Rama told me that the starting will be with you only.

He asked me to sit on the couch and instructed me to open my vagina by spreading my thighs.

The cream that Kantilal had ordered was cream.

Rama applied some cream in my vagina and said- who will come first.

Rajasekhar said yes on this and came to me and sat on his knees. He caught my thighs and took out his tongue and licked all the cream in one go and cleaned it.

He got up after eating the whole cream, so Rama applied the cream in my vagina again. After that Ravi licked. Similarly, Kamal Nath and finally Kantilal licked the cream from my vagina.

Then after me Rama sat in my place. The same game ran again. Then came the turn of Rajeshwari, Kavita and Nirmala. Now after this came the turn of men. Firstly, Kamal Nath was ready and he called me, but I refused, then everybody started insisting on me.

But I said that I do not know all this.
Then Nirmala went ahead and said- What's in it, man .. Lund is to be sucked in the mouth and cream is to be licked.

Nirmala sat down while speaking. He lifted the penis with a finger from below and opened the entire mouth and filled it in his mouth and started sucking the cream by pressing his mouth. He cleaned the entire cream from the penis.

After that, he told me - just see how to do it.

Kamal Nath again applied the cream and called me. I went forward a little shy and I cleaned her penis by sucking cream like Nirmala.

After me Rama, Rajeshwari and Kavita tasted cream from her penis. Then with the sex of Kantilal, Ravi and Rajasekhar, we all tasted the cream alternately.

Now we all started thinking of doing something new again .. Because the way the internal atmosphere was now created, no one was feeling tired or sleepy.

There was a lot of noise outside the hotel too. At the opening of the new year, song music and firecrackers were making noise all around.

All the men looked more excited than before and as it seemed to me that these people would be ready for sexual intercourse again.

I started getting headaches thinking that it was already 1 o'clock and if all four of them would like to have sex again, then the condition of all the women would be worse.

I am saying this because it often takes a long time for men to fall back once they have fallen. The second thing was that if single men and women have sexual intercourse, then they are focused on one thing and there is no obstacle in reaching the climax. But we were all together, it was not possible to concentrate in each other. Because of which there would be fluctuations in excitement, the peak could not be reached easily. Because even if one concentrates, maybe another or third one dissolves it from us.

And this had to happen because human beings cannot live in a group without talking, without disturbing anyone. It was a problem for us because more friction causes pain in the vagina and it is difficult to keep the thighs too wide for long.

Barhrahal One good thing for all of us was that we were 5 women compared to 4, so due to this one would get a chance to get some rest.

My thinking turned out to be right and Rajasekhar had not yet had a single sexual intercourse with me, so his eyes were already on me. He used to roam behind me the whole time and whenever he got a chance, he would not stop touching, teasing me.

One thing that surprised me was that even after such a long time we did not see any tension in anyone's penis even after seeing 5 women naked, touching and teasing. All were normal.

After some time, I saw Kantilal go to Kavitha and touch her. Similarly Rajasekhar also came to me and started talking to me and praising me. Almost everyone was busy with each other.

Then Rajeshwari said - Hey Sarika, yesterday, who you had played the role of Randi, show us that too man.
On this, Nirmala said jokingly to him- Do you also want to become a prostitute?
Rajeshwari replied - If someone does act, will she really get mortified? I just want to see Sarika's acting.

Rama then immediately said- Hey, why did everyone get cold in the party .. Roleplay had to happen but no one is thinking about it.
Kavita also said- Yes, these people had played this game yesterday without us, today we will have to play with everyone.

Now it was to decide whether the game should be played. Everyone started thinking and putting forward their point, but no one was looking funny.

Then one thing came to my mind, then I put it in front of everyone. I actually remembered that in my childhood, we used to play Gudda dolls and wedding marriages and sometimes all the children of the neighborhood used to play wedding marriages. I liked this idea very much and everyone agreed.

Now from here we started making the story and everyone's characters were chosen. Kavita was the girl who was married. Kantilal became a husband for her. Rajasekhar and Nirmala became the parents of the boy .. and Kamal Nath and Rajeshwari became the brothers' brothers and sisters of the girl.

Rama and Ravi became the uncles and aunts of the girl and if I remained alone, I became the mother of the girl.

The basic mantra of this game was that people in different ages and relationships have sexual intercourse in different ways.

The goal of sexual intercourse is either to have children .. or to achieve physical pleasure.

So this game was such that we all had to define sexual intercourse by staying in the character.

The story was made and everyone was explained about his character. Now the game had to start.

We all wore the same clothes that we wore in the morning.

It is assumed that the wedding bridegroom was yet to be the bride's wedding scene. That is, Kavita and Kantilal were to show intercourse scenes for the first time, in which virginity of virgin poetry and Kantilal was to be dissolved.

The bed was ready and Kavita and Kantilal also came to bed ready.

All the rest of us sat there on the couch.

Kavita was sitting on the bed like a new bride. Then Kantilal arrived. Kavita had a sense of embarrassment and nervousness just like a new bride. At the same time, Kantilal also looked eager to get physical pleasure for the first time. Kantilal sat next to Kavita and lifted her face with her hands and started looking at her. Kavita endured with shame and caught Kantilal.

Now Kantilal started kissing her lips, due to which Kavita wanted to get away from him with more shame. But as in real life, Kantilal was also not letting him get rid of his arms. Then Kantilal started intensifying his efforts to subdue the poem.

Kavita could not stop him for a long time and then he surrendered himself to Kantilal .. because it was his right as a husband.

Kantilal started kissing her naked and within few moments Kavita was on the bare bed. Kantilal also took off his clothes and then started playing with his whole body of poetry. Kantilal kissed Kavita from head to toe, then kissed her from front to back and spread her legs after sucking her breasts to the fullest, broke on her vagina.

Kantilal tried to penetrate his tongue as far as possible by spreading Kavita's vagina with his hands. Her vagina started to get sticky looking wet.

Kavita was also hot now, but due to her character she was only swearing. After some time Kantilal got up and gave his penis in Kavita's mouth and asked her to suck it.

Kavita started blushing and sucking her cock like she was doing all this for the first time in her life.

Kavita had made Kantilal's penis very hard and now Kantilal started worrying about having his penis mixed with her vagina.

He littered Kavita and spread her legs and went in the middle. Kantilal bent his knees and put Kavita's thighs on his thighs and lay down on Kavita and started kissing her lips.

Kavita held Kantilal's waist, when Kantilal lowered his left hand and grabbed his penis and started entering Kavita's vagina.

The vagina was filled with the smoothness of the poem, due to which the supra of the penis went inside without any pressure. Kavita groans just as a virgin girl groans when for the first time she feels a man's genitalia inside her.

Everything was a play, but both of them had killed in this drama. Kantilal made his balance and came to the right position and in a single offense removed his entire penis in Kavita's vagina.

Poetry and loud shouts of Ummh… Ahhh… Hahh… Oh… and listening to his scream, we all started feeling excited. We all reacted positively to their performance, smiling and looking at each other.

The honeymoon game was going on in front of the bed and crossed its next stop and headed towards the climax.

After that one offense, Kantilal started backing his fists. Gradually, his penis started coming out inside the vagina. In a few moments, Kavita and Kantilal went into each other and started to support each other.

When Kantilal started to increase the speed of the bumps, poems of poetry also started increasing.

Both had merged in sexual intercourse in a very erotic way. Because both of them were enjoying each other very much. All of us were also watching this playful activity with great pleasure. A very captivating scene was going on ... as if someone's heart felt like a honeymoon.

Kantilal started panting while beating, but was not allowing any decrease in the strength and speed of the bumps.

At the same time, Kavita was also giving her full support and in no way diminished Kantilal's enthusiasm, for this, she was repeatedly kissing his lips, cheeks, throat and chest, encouraging him.

They have more erotic sobs and moaning sounds than the sensual body of women and they were coming out of the mouth of the poem at every stroke.

The entire bed was shaking due to loud bumps. Then Kantilal picked up the poem quickly and fell out of his own back without excluding the penis. Kantilal had changed the posture of sexual intercourse and now Kavita started riding Kantilal.

Kavita, without wasting time, quickly put her hands on Kantilal's chest and started rubbing her vagina on the penis while pushing the weight on her knees and pushing her madamas.

Kantilal got so excited that he immediately got up and started sucking Kavita's breasts all over her mouth and started pressing her pussy with both hands.

Kavita was also beginning to suffer loss and screams started coming out of her mouth. Kantilal understood that the poem has started falling, so he too started giving shocks from below.

In a few moments, Kavita sobbed, screaming, started to suck Kantilal's penis with the juice of her vagina, and then started licking Kantilal's throat while hitting a few jerks.

But Kantilal was still excited. He dropped the poem down on the bed. Took himself to the edge and straightened one leg, put the other on his shoulder. Just like scissors, Kantilal stuck his legs with poetry. Then started banging in unison. Kavita was completely lethargic, but due to the bumps, she too started to moan in unison.

Kavita continued to be attacked for about five minutes. Then Kantilal held Kavita's thighs with both hands, which were on her shoulder. After doing this, Kantilal started giving shocks with double strength. Killing 15 to 20 lashes, he began to leave his love juice in Kavita's vagina.

By the last drop, he finished his extreme pleasure with mild shaking and fell on top of the poem.

We all got excited after seeing him. It seemed to me as if all the men were waiting eagerly for their turn.

The scene of the honeymoon was over and Kavita Kantilal separated from each other and got up from the bed in a dull state on the couch.

Now it was the turn of the boy's brother and the girl's sister .. whose love started during marriage. Now that both of them were relatives, it seems to come home. Because of this, they get a chance to take their love one step further one day.

Now it was the turn of Kamal Nath and Rajeshwari. Both of them went to bed and as the new young boy and girl have to tip and tease, both started doing the same.

Kamal Nath started talking and said- You know .. What do your sister and brother-in-law do at night?
Rajeshwari replied - What do I know?
Kamal Nath- Why doesn't your sister tell you?
Rajeshwari - No .. Does anyone tell this thing to anyone?
Kamal Nath- What is the matter?
Rajeshwari - exactly what you are asking.
Kamal Nath- How do you know what I am asking? This means you know what happens between them at night.
Rajeshwari blushing - No, I do not know.

Kamal Nath- So let me tell .. what do my brother and your sister do at night.
Rajeshwari - What do they do?
Kamal Nath- My brother, fuck your sister for hours.
Rajeshwari becoming unknown - Chodate .. Meaning?
Kamal Nath- You do not know what is the meaning of fucking?
Rajeshwari - No, I do not know what is fucking .. And have you seen them ever?
Kamal Nath - Yes, I have seen it .. With the key hole in the door .. And when my brother fuck your sister, your sister enjoys it. She says that and fuck loudly.

Rajeshwari- Well, you do all this at home?
Kamal Nath- You know everything .. Only you become naive .. Tell the truth, do you know the meaning of Chodane or not?
Rajeshwari - Don't know.
Kamal Nath- I don't know .. so let me tell you what it means to fuck. Listen when a boy puts his cock in the girl's pussy and goes out inside.

Rajeshwari-Chi: .. how dirty you are.
Kamal Nath- Hey, what's wrong with it, it's a fun thing. Let me tell you today .. how much fun it is.
Rajeshwari - Do you really enjoy it?
Kamal Nath- Yes dude, it is very fun, your sister takes my brother's cocks with fun.

Rajeshwari - No I do not, those married people do.
Kamal Nath - I will marry you too.
Rajeshwari - But it happens after marriage.
Kamal Nath - do it after marriage or before it is the same thing.

In this way, Kamal Nath i.e. the boy's brother convinced Rajeshwari (the girl's sister). This was their conversation for a while. I think both of them had already made preparations. I liked this drama very much and it was true to a great extent .. because it happens in many places. Something similar had happened to one of my friends, but she was not unaware of sexual intercourse and neither was her brother-in-law's brother .. Because both were married and had children.

Now today in front of me, the story of both of them starts from here.

I welcome your mail on this chudai story.

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